Saturday 31 October 2020

Bantam - Vismarkt


  Bantam are from Essen, Germany. They've just released a debut 9 track cassette titled Tamtam mit Bantam (Hoopla With Bantam) and it's wonderful. It's shouty lo fi punk that if you didn't know better you'd swear came out 40 years ago. 

  I'm not sure what the hell they're singing about (titles include Sauna, Summertime Madness, Mindset plus several German words that translate to Family, Vacation, The Last People etc) and I've not been able to dig up anymore info on them so let me just point you in the direction of the name your price download : 

  This is my favourite song, dual female & male vocals are shouting stuff about a fish market (presumably). It's called Vismarkt...    

Friday 30 October 2020

Gaz Masters - Jimmy Corkhill's Eyes


  So, Who's Gaz Masters? 

  If you don't know, don't worry because until a couple of days ago neither did I. 

  But then I heard a track called Weird Pink Clouds In The Sky and immediately stuck it on the playlist for next week's Just Some Punk Songs UK special. And then yesterday, I heard another track from him (it transpires that in order to help him get through this latest spell in Covid induced lockdown he's writing music again and releasing a track a week). So far we've had 3, all are winners.   

  He's from Liverpool and he sounded too good for this to be his first project so I messaged him to ask if he'd been in a band before. He replied thus; 

  "Yeah been in bands before but just not for many moons, just started writing again at the beginning of lock down, and set my self up a little home studio , and ran with it really! Just been loving getting songs out there again, hoping once Covid fucks off to get on stage with them too, got a few lads who have took an interest! Just appreciate the listen more than anything at the beginning of the journey! Hoping as the weeks go to pick up people along the way! Got a few guests coming up as well of local artists who wanted to get involved so should be some good shit on the horizon too." 

  Well I'm impressed so far and will be keeping an eye (and an ear) on what comes next. If you want to do the same give him a like 

  The latest song was inspired by a chance meeting with local soap star Jimmy Corkhill. Gaz came across the former Brookside hardman whilst working in a stationary shop and he gave him tips on painting tools and utensils. It questions what goes on behind a person's eyes. Musically it reminds me of latter period Mega City 4 or maybe Crocodile God. It's indie rock meets punk and it comes highly recommended. All 3 songs are available name your price :  

  This is Jimmy Corkhill's Eyes... 

He came to me so gracefully, "'scuse me sir do you have A3?"
I never dreamed he'd paint away, this hard mans dreams drawn out this day
I long to see what's in that mind, what sort of madness might we find?
Take a day, to look inside, to see through the lens of Corkhill's eyes

I long to see, through Jimmy Corkhill's eyes (x3)

I used to think he's full of hate, but now I learn this monster paints
And does his art reflect his rage, we only guess what fills the page
Oh how I wish that I could see, to solve the mystery in me
We'd take a day, to look inside, to see through the lens of Corkhill's eyes

I long to see, through Jimmy Corkhill's eyes (x6)

Thursday 29 October 2020

UkePunk - Overspill


  UkePunk ( are the Ramsbottom 4 piece who formed back in 2009 and who've spent the last decade or so releasing music about the important things in life such as motorways, right wing tabloids, wannabe James Bonds, traffic wardens and celebrity lexicographers. They line up with Paulus Device (Uke), Andy Moore (Bass), Luke Taylor (Percussion) and Glenn Jackson (Keys). 

  They're releasing a new album in the new year, their 3rd, and it'll be titled Overspill. For a limited period, the title track is available on Bandcamp as a name your price download 

  It shows a more serious side of a band that are known for their wry sense of observational humour. With a cry of Fuck The Tories, they comment thus; "Anyone who grew up on a council estate or relocated from our major cities will understand the sentiment of this song. We were and are the overspill generation." It's about climbing trees, jumpers for goalposts, knock down ginger and scrumping. It's about humble beginnings and being proud of your roots. 

  It's called Overspill... 

Wednesday 28 October 2020

The Speed Babes - We R Doing Alcohol


  The Speed Babes ( are a 3 piece from Chicago featuring Jesse Ewan, Mike Mazzola and Dave Rentauskas. Despite having been around since 2015, I've only recently stumbled across them but I'm liking what I hear.

  They've just released a new album titled UK? It's a dozen tracks of mostly short, garage punk influenced fuzzy pop songs. It's fun, it's catchy if a little off-kilter. It deals with important stuff like driving round in cars, drinking beer, skipping school, finding girls at the mall and snazzy modern phones. You can find it here : 

  This is We R Doing Alcohol... 

don't you know i'm gonna be there?
on the sidewalk?
you don't believe me?
we r doing alcohol
don't you know i'm all up in there?
on the sidewalk?
you don't believe me?
we are doing alcohol
don't you know i've always been there?
on the sidewalk?
you don't believe me?
we are doing alcohol!
you don't believe me?

Tuesday 27 October 2020

C2H60 - We Don't Care


  C2H60 is the name of the formula for ethanol (which you may know is the intoxicating ingredient of many alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine, and distilled spirits). It's also the name of a 100% diy hardcore punk band from Varberg, Sweden (

  They formed in 2017 and line up with Fredrik Olsson (vocals), Victor S (bass), Andreas Petersson (electric guitar) and Jonatan Bengtsson (drums). Earlier this month they released their debut ep, it's titled We Don't Care and though the physical version is still pending you can check it out on Spotify : 
  It features 6 fast and furious tracks about misanthropy, warfare & drinking. It's a 10 minute blitzkrieg of shouting, banging and bashing in which the energy levels don't dip and the pummelling doesn't ease off. As far as debuts go it's very promising indeed. 

  This is the title track, it's called We Don't Care... 

Monday 26 October 2020

Nancy - Chewin' Bubblegum


  Nancy are Brooklyn duo Joe Sussman and Nat Brower and they featured on here way back in 2014 ( They've been pretty quiet in recent years (though Joe did feature in 2017 with another of his bands, The Muff Divers ( but have just returned with an excellent new album titled Goes Country. Given that title and then hearing the opening track, Going Country, you'd be forgiven for thinking they'd relocated to Nashville and recorded a country and western album but happily that ain't the case as we quickly discover when the next song, Take A Pikksha, blows us away (anyone else getting a Status Quo vibe!).  

  Recorded and mixed by the band themselves at Ketchup And Mustard Industries and mastered by the legendary Geza X, the album sounds great. Whacked out garage punk with helium induced vocals lead to comparisons with The Dickies or maybe The Spits. Highlights are aplenty and include tracks such as the aforementioned Take A Pikksha, Luvletter and It's Never 2 Late (2 Be You). You can get the cassette here :          and the digital download here (it's available name your price) : 

  This is Chewin' Bubblegum... 

Sunday 25 October 2020

Ralphie's Red Ryders - My Decoder Ring


  Ralphie's Red Ryders ( are the new band from Holman, Indiana who I introduced back in March ( I mentioned that they'd have a debut album out in November on Outloud! Records and Radiant Radish Records and as we're only a week away from the cd release and there's a new video available I thought now would be a good time to tell you how good the album is. 

  It features the talents of Ralphie (guitar, vocals) Flick (bass, vocals) and Schwartz (drums, vocals). If those names seem familiar, it's quite possible you've seen a 1983 movie called A Christmas Story which is supposedly very popular in The States but I can't say I've ever had the pleasure. As I'm not a fan of Christmas movies I can't honestly say I'd want that dubious pleasure! But if someone who think's Christmas movies are to be avoided at all costs loves this album then quite possibly you will too. 

  It's fun. A fuzzy warm nostalgia fest boasting  a dozen power pop cuts. Just imagine if The Ramones and the Beach Boys hosted a joint Xmas party. It's exactly what the tag bubblegum pop was thought up for. I'm sure fans of the movie will notice those tracks are inspired by the movie and I'm sure they'll know exactly who The Bumpus Hounds are or where Higbee's is (supposedly it's the greatest toy shop). If, like me, you have no idea what Tinker Toys are or why Randy can't put his arms down, it doesn't matter in the slightest. You'll still have a blast. 


    Before I get tempted to write the words Vista and Blue, I'll quickly post the video. 

  A secret decoder ring (or secret decoder) is a device which allows one to decode a simple substitution cipher. As inexpensive toys, they have been often used as promotional items by retailers, radio and television programs from the 1930s through to the current day. The most well-known example started in 1934 with the Ovaltine company's sponsored radio program Little Orphan Annie. The show's fan club, "Radio Orphan Annie's Secret Society", distributed a member's handbook that included a simple substitution cipher with a resulting numeric cipher text. This was followed the next year with a membership pin that included a cipher disk - enciphering the letters A-Z to numbers 1-26. In A Christmas Story, Ralphie becomes a member of the Radio Orphan Annie's Secret Society fan club and decodes a secret message sent from Annie to her fans only to be disappointed it reads "Be sure to drink your Ovaltine." 

  This is My Decoder Ring... 

Saturday 24 October 2020

houseghost - Hazel


  I mentioned yesterday that Ralph J Rivera had great taste in music and that when he starts getting excited about a new release you should take notice. Today you're getting a song by another band that's been causing his heart to beat just that little bit faster. From Dayton, Ohio, they're a 3 piece called houseghost ( and they're fronted by brother and sister Nick and Kayla Hamby. They formed in 2018 and play very catchy "spooky punk" combining horror tinged lyrics with some of the most infectious melodies I've heard since The Bat Bites unleashed their S/T album ( 

  They've just released a Self Titled album on Rad Girlfriend Records which the label describes as being along the lines of The Misfits meets Sleater - Kinney. It's 13 spooktacular tracks that'll wow any pop punk/power pop fan that likes their music to have both hooks and bite. You can get it on vinyl here : and digital download here : 

  I'll play a different song on this week's Just Some Punk Songs show ( but today I'll share the recent video they released. This is the hauntingly good Hazel... 


Thursday 22 October 2020

Vice Squad - Battle Of Britain (Guest Review By Ralph J Rivera)


  When you see someone as knowledgeable about music as Ralph J Rivera casting superlatives around about a new release you generally sit up and take notice. And then if you have a blog, you send him a message asking if he'll tell everyone else how good it is. 

  Over to Ralph... 

  So when Mister Mick Fletcher asks you if you wanna review the new album by one of your all-time favourite bands - You just don't say no! I have literally been in love with Ms. Beki Bond since 1981! I had an awesome picture of her with blue spiked hair hanging in my bedroom for years.

I hopefully don't need to go into the history of this original UK82 band for you guys. They put out a couple of amazing albums and a string of hit 45's that you should know by now. "Last Rockers" is to this day one of the greatest Punk songs ever written and not only have I covered it in pretty much every band I was in but also MR. Rikk Agnew so that's all you need to know about their past.

Around 2000 Beki rejoined the band she founded as a teenager and has been blazing a trail of new releases and most recently a string of EP's that all led up to THIS! 2020 finally sees the release of "The Battle Of Britain". An album that's been teased and hyped since 2019. SO IS IT ANY GOOD?

Let me say this - As a lifelong fan I can honestly say this is THE BEST RECORD Vice Squad has ever released in their career! How many UK82 bands can you think of that can claim that? All the EP hit songs are here PLUS 7 new jams never heard before. My only disappointment was they didn't include the 2020 version of "Beautiful Toy" which is my favourite new Vice Squad song. But I've rambled on enough. If you know this band,,used to listen to them or even never heard them before - HIT THAT DOWNLOAD LINK and wrap your head around some of the best Punk Rock out these days with a singer that just goes BEYOND greatness!

  This is the title track, Battle Of Britain... 

Wednesday 21 October 2020

Kids Of Skids - Trapped


  Hardcore Sydney Punk Band, obscene, loud, fast and aggressive. “Music your Mum doesn’t want you to listen to!"

  A good summing up of Kids Of Skids ( They featured on here earlier this year with their debut single, Army Store ( and since then they've spent their time in a state of frustration and despair about the global pandemic that's keeping them cooped up inside. Being stuck in isolation with not even any gigs to relieve the tedium is driving them mad. You can hear the anger in Phe Palazzi's voice as she vents her spleen on the band's new single. It seems as though the only time you can go out nowadays is to protest about shitty leaders or murderous cops. 

  The single's available from Riot Records and Golden Robot Records and you can find it here : 

  This is Trapped... 

Tuesday 20 October 2020

FUZZILLA - Swastika Police


  Based in Ottawa, Canada, Fuzzilla ( are "a dizzying mixture of hardcore, Japanese 8-bit, post-punk, and electronica." My eye was initially caught by the title of their new ep, ...This Bird Kills Fascists. The titles of it's 4 tracks are equally impressive; Smashing Statues On A Saturday Night, Swastika Police, Fuzzilla Eats A Pedophile (Turk's Theme) and Yemeni Parade. You can snap it up as a name your price download here : 

  There's a description of the ep as being for fans of Japanese dance music played on a coconut. There's another that says it's a loud party-industrial racket...Mario Kart meets death metal & hardcore. You can make your own comparisons. 

  This track reminds me somewhat of Heaven 17's (We Don't Need This) Fascist Groove Thang. It's a whole heap of funked up fun with a serious message. It's called Swastika Police... 

Just cuz you're the target audience doesn't mean you’re not poor
So you don’t belong in their clubs man
You’re about a million dollars short

Walking talking fascist contrition
Days of glory psycho addiction
‘merica the nazi edition
Egging on the slaughter

Hard for violence, cuz you’re a weakling
Kneel before your KGB precinct
Think you’re strong for lifting the elites
Slaving for your father

Work all day just to trash a parade, well you do what you want, but you still think what they say
And it’s fun to be mad about the “fags and the blacks”
Cuz the masters of the universe have got you by your ass

Another swastika
Another fascist mob

And just cuz you wear rainbows doesn’t mean you’re not a cunt
I saw you waving your guns, looking like a police fuck

Walking stomping mental affliction
Boots of leather metal addiction
Ain’t got time for benediction
You were born to follow

Silence, progress you're contradicting
Anarchy is do what you’re thinking
Fascism means fear what you’re thinking
Pill too big to swallow

Do unto other what you do unto you
But you’re burning poor people tell me what's that gonna do
It’s fun to make karen lose a job over backlash
Cuz the masters of the universe have got you by your ass

Another swastika
Another fascist mob
And still the bombs they fall

Monday 19 October 2020

Rum Lad - Tory Boy


  I think as good a way as any to follow up yesterday's update (which featured Rats From A Sinking Ship) would be to post a song by Rum Lad (, especially as it went down a storm when I played it on this week's Just Some Punk Songs show. 

  Citing influences such as Slaves, Idles and Sleaford Mods and having been brought up on a Nottingham council estate around the time of the 80's miner's strike, it's no great surprise that his songs are about real life, honesty, tragedy, romance & council estates. It's also no surprise he's not the biggest fan of the Conservative Party. Like Rats From A Sinking Ship, he's an observationalist who writes about what is going on around him. The picture he paints isn't always pretty but it's from the heart. 

  Real name Richie Tyler Young, he's recently released a debut album titled Vandalism and if you like your punk music to be shouty, opinionated and socially aware then you're advised to give it a listen : 

  The vinyl version is going to be out in January and there's also a 4 track ep on the way too. 

  This song is about those who drive around in flash cars, wear pinstripe suits and are all take, take, take. Polished politicians seeking photo opportunities... Rum Lad's got your number and he's telling you to fuck off. It's called Tory Boy...  

Sunday 18 October 2020

Rats From A Sinking Ship - Wuhan Calling


  Looney Lefties, Rats From A Sinking Ship ( return today with a track from their excellent new album Glamorous Terrorists. The Ilkeston rap punk outfit features a core duo of Lusty on vocals and Jamie Price on guitars and for this new album they welcome Kev Frost on drums (he's a genre veteran having been in numerous bands such as Sick On The Bus, The Backstreet Abortions, The Varukers etc). 

  The album will be out in time for Halloween and whilst it's too early yet to feature my favourite track from it (Dedicated Follower Of Fascism), I've had permission to give it a play on next Sunday's Just Some Punk Songs show so don't miss it. As for the rest of the album, it's unmistakably Rats From A Sinking Ship lp; Lusty spits out his sharply observational punk rhymes over a menacing rap/metal soundtrack. Aim is taken at worthy targets and hits dead centre. I did comment to Jamie that this time around I was picking up somewhat of a Bob Vylan vibe from the album to which he replied "Oh. Yeah I like their stuff. We'd actually demoed everything just before I heard We Live Here. I saw the similarities but it's just coincidence or synchronicity or whatever you'd call it. We keep trying to do something we've not tried before." 

  Other highlights include Out In The Woods Where She Finds Peace in which the first part of the track comes across like a hauntingly atmospheric piece of poetry backed with something approaching a delicate Nick Cave type soundtrack and Lewis Collins As Bodie which is one for the nostalgia freaks conjuring up memories of everything from The A Team, Grange Hill, R White's Lemonade, The Two Ronnies and J R Hartley! Closing track Death To The Ex is particularly hard hitting (and the most like Bob Vylan). It's an album not to be missed. 

  This is the video they've just released. It takes it's inspiration from a classic and updates it to comment on 2020's biggest issue (that's if you don't think climate change is an even bigger issue as that's the one that'll make this year seem like happy days!). It's titled Wuhan Calling... 


The Freakees - Boredom


  Earlier this month I posted a song by Diode ( and mentioned that they featured members of a number of other bands, including The Freakees. To be honest I've no idea which one it is, presumably one of these : dante freakee (vox/synth), kt freakee (bass/guitar), gob-e freakee (guitar/bass), ian freakee (drums) or dukee freakee (guitar). Anyway, today you're getting a rip roaring cover of a Buzzcocks classic from The Freakees. 

  They're a lo-fi garage punk band from Los Angeles who over the course of the last 2 or 3 years have doled up a regular helping of noisy whacked out shouty goodness. You can tuck in "name your price" on Bandcamp : 

  Their latest tasty treat arrives in time for Halloween with the tag line "enjoy the scariest record in the world, by the scariest band in the world, in the scariest year in the world!". It's aptly titled Happy Halloween! and it serves up 6 tasty courses of trashy egg punk. 4 are original tracks and 2 are covers. As well as the aforementioned Buzzcocks classic there's also a pretty fucked up rendition of The Ramones' Chain Saw. 

  A fairly faithful rendition despite vocalist Dante sounding as though he's having a breakdown, this is one I'm recommending to all friends of mine. It's called Boredom...   

Saturday 17 October 2020

Dirt Royal - Lose Our Way


  Forming in 2013, Brighton trio Dirt Royal ( play an infectiously melodic mix of punk and mod which combines social commentary with a dash of satire. They released their debut album, This Is Now, back in 2014 and I've featured them on here a couple of times including this post from 2018 in which I mentioned their new album, Great Expectations, was on it's way ( 

  Well it's been a while (over 2 years) but finally it's about to see the light of day. It's due out on the 23rd of this month and it'll be available via Time For Action Records on vinyl (200 black/100 yellow) and digital download. It's described thus; "Instantly catchy and addictive buzzsaw UK three-chord-punky PowerPop on exactly 12 cuts. The two vocalists sing with equal measures of punk snottiness and sugary sweetness, including their unique call and response which makes the album to a true gem. But it evokes also the sound and spirit of early The Buzzcocks, The Clash and the Kinks."  

  I'm lucky enough to have heard it and can confirm if you like your punk rock to be filled with hooks then you'll love it. They might be from Brighton but for some reason they remind me of some of the 60's Mersey Beat bands or maybe a power pop infused version of Pardon Us. They write scuffed up pop songs that get lodged in your brain. You can order it here : 

  They've just released a video for one of the tracks. Usually a band will choose the standout song to promote their album and whilst this does a perfectly fine job of demonstrating what you can expect it's by no means "the standout" as everything else on Great Expectations is equally as good. 

  It's called Lose Our Way... 

Thursday 15 October 2020

Stiff Richards - Kids Out On The Grass


  You've possibly noticed the highly anticipated new album from Melbourne's Stiff Richards is now out. You've also possibly already given it a listen. If so, I'm sure you're impressed. It's the follow up to 2019's excellent Dig and it doesn't disappoint. 

  Lining up with Wolfgang Buckley (vocals), Arron Mawson (guitar), Tim Garrard (guitar), Raf Heale (bass) and Lochie Cavigan (drums), the band have come up with another 9 rip roaring garage punk bangers which have left the fans wowed and hotly debating which is the stand out track; "This is a killer album. Talk my favourite so far"... "Glass is such an unreal song. Wow." 

  It's not easy to choose a favourite as the album is consistently good throughout but feel free to have a go (and let me know in the comments). It's available on vinyl (black or smokey red) and digitally from Legless Records so check it out :

  My highlight? After a couple of listens, I'm gonna go with this. Kids Out On The Grass... 

Wednesday 14 October 2020

Straw Man Army - Age Of Exile


  I'm going to start today's update with a short tale from my school days. It's not particularly interesting so feel free to skip to the next paragraph (or indeed to the music if you don't usually read my song intros). I was on my way home from school one day and as I often did, I popped into my local indie record shop and whilst I was there the Crass song Nagasaki Nightmare came over the speakers. My mate from school who was with me smugly declared, "I liked Crass but this one's shit, it's not proper punk." No idea what he was complaining about at as it was a brilliant punk song and still remains a favourite to this day (an opinion which the record store owner backed up by chirping in "I wouldn't listen to him, he wouldn't know a decent punk record if it bit him on the arse!"). 

  Anyway, the reason for than trip down memory lane? Today's song reminds me of Crass and with it's intro, it's not a million miles away in structure from Nagasaki Nightmare. It's from Owen and Sean who are better known as New York band Straw Man Army. Are they a Crass soundalike band? No not at all, they're not really anything like them (except maybe in spirit). But they are collecting loads of well deserved compliments for their Age Of Exile album. 

  The band say this about Age Of Exile; "This is one small attempt to make something of the bewildering history of these 'united states,' and the long age of exile that follows in the wake of this colonial project. An attempt to become better students of the land we occupy, and the long resistance of its stewards to cultural and ecological decimation. A vehicle for histories that won't sit still." 

  I'll just add that it's an album that utilises a considered pace and inventive instrumentation to compliment thoughtful and intelligent lyrics. An album you can sit down with and let it seep it's way into your consciousness. I'd recommend you check it out. It's available from D4MT LABS INC with all profits going to the Red Nation in solidarity with their efforts at building a future worth living ( 

  You can get the digital version here : 

  This is the title track, it's called Age Of Exile... 

Tuesday 13 October 2020

Sister Disaster - Fools


  So there I was, wondering what I could post for today's update and up pops Lorna from Rabies Babies with "...would you like me to send you a copy of the Girlz Disorder comp. The label sent us a few CDs extra and I thought it'd be good to send them to people who might enjoy hearing it and maybe play some tracks on your show sometime. The UK bands on the comp are us, Ramonas and Menstrual Cramps, who I know you will have heard of, and the rest of the bands are all female from all over the world, all proper punk. I'd never heard of any of them but they are all really great bands." 

  The 3 UK bands certainly are really great so I was more than happy to check out the rest of the comp. I didn't even wait for the cd, I went straight to Bandcamp and like a hungry kid at the Woolworth's Pick And Mix counter I gorged myself on some of the tasty treats on offer. The comp boasts "24 100% female punk / hardcore bands from 15 countries" and includes songs from places like Brazil, Poland, Peru, Colombia, Lithuania, Indonesia, Singapore, Mexico etc... The standard is high throughout and you're guaranteed to discover something new that you like. It's available via French label Mass Prod and you can find it here : 

  I'll play a couple of different tracks on next week's Just Some Punk Songs show but the song I'm posting below is by Finnish band Sister Disaster ( They're from Jyväskylä, line up with Hanna (bass), Sanna (guitar), Kaa (vocals/guitar) and Riikka (drums) and in 2018 they released an album titled Away which you can download "name your price" on Bandcamp : 

  This song is called Fools...

Monday 12 October 2020

Lay It On The Line - Nil Desperandum


  Lay It On The Line ( are a melodic hardcore punk band from South London who were formed in 2012 by Phinius Gage bassist/vocalist Mike Scott along with his brother Matt and Not Katies guitarist Dave Smith. They've undergone numerous line up changes since but are currently settled as a 5 piece. They've recently released a 2nd album titled A Candle In Hell and you can snap it up as a name your price download from Bandcamp : 

  I've got to be honest and admit that I 'm not always a massive fan of this type of punk music, especially if it veers to far towards the dreaded metal genre! But these guys manage to get it right and with Mike's vocals complimented by the very impressive tones of Alice Hour (she also fronts Darlington punks In Evil Hour, it stands out in a crowded field. It's everything you want from a punk album, energy, aggression, well written lyrics and a band that definitely know how to play their instruments. 

  This is a track I played on this week's Just Some Punk Songs show (and which got the chatroom folk buzzing), it's called Nil Desperandum... 

Sunday 11 October 2020

Kerosene Kream - Muzzle Me


  Kerosene Kream ( are a 5 piece Swedish band from Stockholm featuring members of Polyester, Caligulas Mamma and Sticky Baby : Edvin (vocals/guitar), Hilda (vocals), Adam (drums), Fredrik (bass) and Theo (synth). They released a split album last year with Caligulas Mamma ( It spawned this rather cool video for the song Dog SS 

  Earlier this month they resurfaced with a new ep titled Look Mum which features 4 tracks, one of them a recorded version of a track from the split (Where Is My Dog) plus 3 new ones. It's quirky synth infused fun and you can get it on vinyl from Push My Buttons : or as a digital download here :

  I think this is probably my favourite track, it continues with the canine theme and it's called Muzzle Me... 

The William Loveday Intention - My Love For You


  Well I know he's prolific, but even by his standards 4 new albums over the winter is pretty good going. That's the plan for a new project featuring Wild Billy Childish. They're called The William Loveday Intention and you can expect guest appearances by James Taylor (The Prisoners, JTQ), Dave Tattersall (The Wave Pictures) and Huddie Hamper (The Shadracks) amongst others. Album number 1, People Think They Know Me But They Don't Know Me is due this month on vinyl via Damaged Goods Records 

  Blazing a trail for the lp is a single featuring a track from the album with an exclusive release. A La Mort Surbite (sitting in Jacques Brel's Seat), is a homage to a Belgian boozer and features Billy on vocals. On the flip side we have J.W. Loveday (aka Billy's wife and long time collaborator Nurse Julie) on vocals. Very much inspired by many a spaghetti western soundtrack, it's a sultry, atmospheric ballad which suggests the upcoming albums could be varied in style and very good indeed. 

  Album Number 2, Will There Ever Be A Day That You're Hung Like a Thief? is scheduled for my birthday (13th November) and is available for pre order

  This is My Love For You... 

Saturday 10 October 2020

The New Brutarians - The New America


  The New Brutarians ( are a lo-fi rock n roll duo from Saint Petersburg, Florida, featuring Adam Turkel (guitar/piano/vocals) and Christina Wright (drums/bass). Amongst a lengthy list of influences are Alex Chilton, Nikki Sudden, Lou Reed, Gun Club, The Only Ones, Dogs D'amour, Rolling Stones bootlegs, Modern Lovers, Leonard Cohen & Johnny Thunders. 

  They formed in 2018 and have just released a new song in time for the upcoming US presidential election. It's a protest song that they only finished off recording a couple of nights ago at Gino Bambino's studio and the Gino And The Goons ( frontman plays bass on the track. It's a tale of a president who's fiddling whilst Rome burns around him. Who emboldens the fascist right whilst at the same time presiding over the highest Corvid death toll in the world. You can get it here :

  This is The New America... 

In poison air
the breaths hang thick
the president can suck my dick
light like a feather
we’re heaving bricks
no one’s buying these magic tricks

we don’t need a new election
we need the slate wiped black
these pigs fiddle their cum stained pockets
while kneeling on our backs

welcome to the new America
a for profit prison
welcome to the new America
built on fear and friction

we’re open come in enjoy
undocumented golf green keepers
their beige bambinos rot in cages
dreams of your minimum wages
lies lies lies vs scientific fact
200,000 dead
lets blame a bat
lies lies lies
being pushed as fact
well I, I, I, am pushing back

welcome to the new America
run by a titian tit
welcome to the new America
are you gonna stand for it?
welcome to the new amerikkka

Thursday 8 October 2020

Alien Nosejob - Sound Of Sirens


  I'm guessing most people have been like myself and spent 2020 doing pretty much the square root of fuck all. It's not been easy carrying on as normal during various pandemic lockdowns and restrictions but it doesn't seem to have stopped Jake Robertson from distilling his creative juices and issuing them in the form of a couple of albums. His name doesn't ring a bell? He's been in numerous bands (Ausmuteants, Drug Sweat, Hierophants, Leather Towel, No Limit, School Damage, Swab, The Frowning Clouds, The Snoozefests...) but most recently he's been busy with solo project Alien Nosejob. 

  From Clunes, Australia, there's already been January's Suddenly Everything Is Twice As Loud album (a track from it featured here : and now less than a year later he's followed it up with Once Again The Present Becomes The Past. Originally planned as a concept record about Australia’s first and largest air raid, the 1942 Bombing Of Darwin, it's gradually morphed into a body of work that suggests how "history is forever repeating itself. It continues to happen. It will happen again."  

  An example of history repeating itself is how Alien Nosejob have released another killer punk album. Aside from a few quiet moments (a couple of brief piano pieces and the haunting synth tracks The Day After and Dead Pelican), we're treated to some pretty pacey, whacked out garage punk. The synths in these are much faster and aggressive whilst I think it's fair to describe the vocals as manic. 

It's available on Anti Fade Records in Australia and Iron Lung Records (USA). For vinyl or digital download check here : or here :

  The song I'm highlighting below almost leaves you with the feeling of being amidst the rubble of a city undergoing an air raid attack. It's pretty full on and pummelling. It's called Sound Of Sirens... 

Froggy & The Ringes - 'Froggy & The Ringes (Soft 'G') Theme'


  Today I'm bringing you the freshwater sound of the UK's best pond rock band. 

  Froggy & The Ringes ( are legends of the genre, their singles and albums are highly sought after but almost impossible to find. Froggy writes the lyrics and is the vocalist whilst the music is composed by bassist Ranchard Ringe. They're more than ably supported by Sir Ring-O-Lot (keyboards), Ringe-O-Starr (drums) and Claudio Winkelf-Ringe (lead guitar). 

  Today sees the release of an impressive video from their upcoming Soft G ep. Somewhat ridiculously, given their popularity, the 7" version is limited to a paltry 300 on black vinyl plus a hundred of the special edition version which come with F&TR plectrum and unique frog art slide. You can pre-order from Friday 30th October and the official release date is Thursday 5th November. They will go quickly so don't get caught on the hop! They'll be available via Kibou Records (Label & Distro), Amok Records, Cimex records, No Front Teeth Records and Toxic Wotsit Records & Gigs. 

  So what's the ep like? 

  As with most pond rock, it's very energetic, think along the lines of hardcore and garage punk colliding. It's inventive, catchy and a bit bonkers. Imagine a madman accosting you in the street and demanding to know where you get your trousers from. Imagine him constantly pecking your head about how no is listening. Imagine him fronting a band called Cheap Beer and entering the stage like an extremely riled up Mark E Smith bellowing "We Are Cheap Beer...I think we might be Carling" It'll all make some sort of sense when you hear the ep!  

  This is the title track. It's the band's theme tune. It's called Froggy & The Ringes (Soft 'G') Theme... 

Tuesday 6 October 2020

Diode - Late Stage Solution


  Does anyone know anything about Diode? Then you probably know more than me. All I can find out is that they feature members of Freakees, Shark Toys, Rearranged Face, Wild Wing, Vaguess, Fernando and the Teenage Narcs etc and line up with Kiana (vocals), Theo (synth bass), Bill (guitar) and Vinny (drums/synth). 

  But most importantly, I know that they've a Self Titled ep out on Los Angeles diy label, Refry Records. You can, and should check it out. It's available name your price here : 

  It's a fun listen, lo-fi garage warblings with plenty of synth thrown into the mix. If the listeners to the latest Just Some Punk Songs Show are anything to go by, I'm predicting you'll find it extremely palatable. 

  This is my favourite song, it's called Late Stage Solution...

Monday 5 October 2020

Rolex - I Hate The Beach


  Rolex are a hardcore punk band from Los Angeles who line up thus;  Khidhar (Vocals),  Miles Gretsky (Drums), Nate Brady (Guitar) and Noe Silva (Bass). They released a 6 track demo in 2017 and have followed it up with a bunch of singles titled R, O, L, E & X (can you see what they've done there!). You can grab them all name your price here : 

  Last month saw them release their debut 7" on 11 PM Records and it boasts 10 tracks, all previously released on the 5 cassingles but now compiled together on vinyl in re-recorded form. It makes for an unmissable package. They've been described as vicious and untamed and compared with the likes of JFA, Die Kruzen, Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers and The Minutemen. You can get the "actual gold" vinyl version here : and the digital version here : 

  This is probably my favourite track, it's a bruising beast of a song with hints of pummelling surf, it's called I Hate The Beach...  

Sunday 4 October 2020

Silicone Values - Utopian Futures


  Silicone Values are a lo-fi post punk band from Bristol that I came across a few months ago when I played their very fine single, I Hate Fascist Rock And Roll, on the Just Some Punk Songs show and stuck it on Youtube ready to post on here. As often happens, I didn't get round to writing about it and it's still languishing in the "to do" pile. Or it was till they released a follow up single which I'll feature instead. 

  I don't know much about the band other than they're a D.I.Y. collective headed by Brin Davies. The debut single saw him collaborating with various members of The Moles, Yamasuki667 & Kobayushi Tape Counter.  I also know they're now two for two when it comes to great releases. 

  Of the 2 tracks on offer on this sophomore release (this time we get various members of White Owl and The Anomalies "dipping in and making a bit of a noise") Nuclear Sun is about growing up during the Cold War dreaming about the coming apocalypse, total nuclear destruction and radiation poisoning. "Every Night I Dreamt about the end of the bloody world, every night I dreamt about the end of everything and everyone. Every night I dreamt about getting the shit kicked out of me." Grim and worrying times, thankfully there's nothing around nowadays to keep us awake fearing for our health! 

  The other track, the one featured below, is a little more up tempo though still in the same dystopian vein (I don't want to live in society"...  I can't even stand another day"). The single is accompanied with the quote "We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be" which is taken from the Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. novel Mother Night. He's an author famed for his wryly satirical novels which frequently used postmodern techniques as well as elements of fantasy and science fiction to highlight the horrors and ironies of 20th-century civilization. Much of his work is marked by an essentially fatalistic worldview that nonetheless embraces modern humanist beliefs. A pretty good summation of the themes on the single. His first novel, Player Piano, "spins the chilling tale of engineer Paul Proteus, who must find a way to live in a world dominated by a supercomputer and run completely by machines. Paul’s rebellion is vintage Vonnegut—wildly funny, deadly serious, and terrifyingly close to reality." It was also published under the title Utopia 14 and I'm pretty sure it's an inspiration for Utopian Futures.  

  This is Utopian Futures... 

Witches With Dicks - Dogshit Summer


(Photo : Blowfish)

  What seems like many years ago (and I suppose it was as it was 2007), Boston band Witches With Dicks released a wonderful album titled Manual ( It was definitely one of the best releases of that year and anyone unfamiliar with it should check it out. Songs like Your Job Does Not Rock Balls, One Whopper For The Copper and Fuck All Lindsays were perfect examples of how to make energetic rough and ready, gruff voiced punk rock music. Also around the same time they released a single which included an impressive cover of The Lemonheads' classic Second Chance. 

  So a great new band to enthuse about! But I think by then they'd already pretty much split up. 

  And then in 2016 came an 8 track ep that demonstrated that though they'd been away for almost a decade they hadn't lost their touch. It was called Not Just A Passing Season and you can find it here :

  Fast forward to the present day and they return again with another ep. 6 short and snappy tracks of the scrappy kind of punk we expect from them, it features their best song since Manual. The ep's titled Straight To Hell and all money raised from it is going to help out band member and New England punk icon Jeff Poot (aka Jeff Mardanes) who's been hospitalised due to a sudden brain bleed.                  ( It's available from Dead Broke Rekerds on vinyl (limited to 300 copies) and as a digital download 

  Starting up with an intro which could possibly qualify as the shortest Ramones cover ever this is a catchy as hell anthem that even though it first surfaced in February pretty much sums up the last few months. It's called Dogshit Summer...  

Saturday 3 October 2020

The Humdrum Express - Denim in the Dugout


  As I sit here typing, it's early on a Saturday morning, the skies are grey, rain is pouring, winter is slowly approaching. But that means it's football season and later today will be the first few of the 4th round of fixtures in the English Premier League. One of those will feature my team, Leeds United, who have made a promising start to the new season but who will be up against it in front of a large tv audience when they entertain a wounded and very dangerous Manchester City side. It should be a very entertaining game. But will either of the 2 managers, Marcelo Bielsa or Pep Guardiola be wearing Denim in the dugout? 

  Probably not. 

  But it is a trend that singer/songwriter Ian Passey has noticed sneaking into the beautiful game. Better known as his alter ego, The Humdrum Express (, he's featured on here previously with his offbeat observationalism (songs about leopard print onesies and James Bond lookalikes) but during 2020 the Corvid pandemic and ensuing live venue lockdown has seen him struggling to whip up the enthusiasm for writing. This changed on the last day of the 2019-20 Championship season when he bore witness to the sight of Barnsley manager Gerhard Struber's euphoric celebrations as his side avoided relegation to League One. Whilst wearing skinny jeans. Not your typical managerial regalia but enough to inspire a song. 

  So after enlisting the aid of Carl Bayliss on drums, Ian has just released the fruit of his reinvigorated mind and you can find it here : 

  This is Denim In The Dugout... 

He used to wear a suit until he axed it
Found a casual substitute - stonewashed, relaxed fit
From Brazil to Bulgaria
On the touchline and technical area
Football managers are wearing jeans

They shelved sports wear; heard ripped slim fit looked hotter
When sported by Sean Dyche and Graham Potter
An assistant coach in shorts in December
Is an image I’d rather not remember, now
Football managers are wearing jeans

Brendan Rodgers often goes out shopping
The fashion league is one he dreams of topping
A recent acid-wash acquisition
Turned heads of those held back by tradition
Football managers are wearing jeans

Away fans crudely chanted “What’s he got on?”
“Dark blue, distressed, snug fit hard wearing cotton”
There’s outfit help for those in need
From Kenny Jacket and Neil Harris-Tweed

Neil Warnock’s flares flap in the breeze
Steve Bruce cuts a dash in dungarees
No foul committed, the ref says “play on”
Garry Monk’s transferred to spray-ons
Football managers are wearing jeans

2-0 down half time at Grimsby Town
His wardrobe and his team get a dressing down
Roy Hodgson still looks sharp in a suit, but
Wait till you see Bielsa in boot cut!

Excitement mounting on cup final day
Double denim droves down Wembley Way
A united apparel from dugout to crowd
Rossi and Parfitt would be so proud
Football managers are wearing jeans

Football managers are wearing jeans – It’s a real game changer!
Football managers are wearing jeans - A tactical jean-ius!
Football managers are wearing jeans - A victory over two legs!
Football managers!

Thursday 1 October 2020

Shiners Club (feat. Shannon Bizzy) - Troublemaker


  Shiners Club ( are a hardcore punk band from Orange County, California. The members are genre veterans having featured in numerous bands such as Done Dying, 411, Carry Nation, Outspoken, No For An Answer, Kill The Messenger, Mean Season, Slapshot, Speak 714 and many more. The line up is  Dan O'Mahony (vocals), John Coyle (guitar), Colin Buis (bass) and Doug MacKinnon (drums). 

  They released an album in 2018 titled Can't Have Nice Things ("12 songs of pure angst, aggression, and want delivered with the velocity of an errant howitzer shell") : and followed it up a year later with the Wires In The Water ep ( 

  They've spent 2020 working on new material and recently posted a couple of the new songs to Spotify, Apple Music/itunes and Bandcamp. They're both excellent and deserving of your attention. Toss & Turn is a short blast of aggressive hardcore about insomnia caused by worry and features guest vocals from Timmy Chunks (Token Entry, Redemption 87, Lets Rage etc). The song I'm highlighting below also boasts guest vocals, this time from Shannon Bizzy (The Young Royals). Brooding and intense with dual male/female vocals which compliment each other well it whets the appetite nicely for the upcoming "bigger body of work". 

  This is Troublemaker... 

Speed Week - Phishing


  Hey Hey it's Speed Week that are on Just Some Punk Songs today... 

  Hailing from Melbourne (yep, yet another killer Aussie band), Speed Week ( are a band that jumped onto my radar a year ago when I heard a pretty damn awesome song by them called Into The Pit ( 

  They returned last week with a new ep. It's titled Hey Hey It's Speed Week and it landed just too late for me to feature a track in the recent Australian punk special show that I put together ( 

  So what's it like? 

  It's fair dinkum cobber. If I was making a comparison I'd say it treads similar ground to another JSPS favourite, Vintage Crop. It's mid paced, catchy garage punk mixed with post-punk featuring a vocalist that half sings, half chats his way through proceedings. You can find it here : 

  This is my pick from the ep, it's a cautionary warning about the rise of cyber crime and those who make their living scamming online. It's called Phishing...