Friday 30 November 2018

Top 10 Songs Chosen By Jonzip McNeil (The Zips)


  A Top 10 today selected by Jonzip Mcneil, lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist with veteran Glasgow band The Zips. Along with Brian Jackson, Joe Jaconelli and Phil Mullen, Jon founded the band back in 1978 and during their initial run before splitting in 1981 they became regulars on the John Peel show...I'm sure some of you still own their Take Me Down and Radioactivity singles. With punk audiences being tempted away by new romantics and ska the band went their seperate ways but European bootleg interest in their back catalogue led to them reforming in 2001 and they've been pretty prolific ever since. The current line up sees Jon and Phil augmented by by Fred Ex and Buddy Poor.

  They've released 4 albums and numerous singles & eps. Earlier this year they celebrated their 40th anniversary with a new single and I featured it here :

  For more info on the band check here :

  When choosing their Top 10's some subjects pick a bunch of songs that people may not have heard before in the hope of getting those songs out to a wider audience. Jon has gone down the route of "here's 10 absolute classics.."   As you can see, he's still loves the songs that he grew up with and he's still quite partial to The Clash.  Just to add a little spice to the selection I've tried to choose videos that are either live or tv appearances...

  1)  THE CLASH - Complete Control

  2)  THE CLASH - Safe European Home

  3)  THE CLASH - Stay Free

  4)  THE CLASH - Clampdown

  5)  THE CLASH - Rock The Casbah

  6)  SEX PISTOLS - Anarchy In The UK

  7)  THE JAM - In The City

  8)  THE DAMNED - Neat Neat Neat

  9)  THE STRANGLERS - No More Heroes

 10)  THE SKIDS - Into The Valley

Thursday 29 November 2018

The Suburban Homes - Magazine Version


  The Surburban Homes are the Swell Maps/Desperate Bicycles influenced diy lo-fi punk band that have seen most of their previous releases featured on here and have always gone down very well when I've played them on the show. It seems as though I'm mistaken but I could have sworn the last time I played them I was told they were splitting up. As today's update will prove, this hasn't been the case though looking on Bandcamp it appears as though they've relocated from West Sussex to Gijon, Spain.

  Even though they're one of my favourite bands and I've loved all their releases, I still know next to nothing about them (I'm not even sure if they're actually a band or a solo project so if anyone does have some info please post it in the comments). A lack of knowledge can be forgiven when I can link to the music. The new reord is titled EP 3 and you can find it on 7" vinyl on Neck Chop Records here : (UK) (US)

  Digitally it's on Bandcamp (along with their previous releases) :

  Originally it was scheduled as their second ever release but problems with In The Red Records saw it put back several times before eventually being pulled. It's now seen the light of day. The band would one day like to release a Spiral Scratch for the modern era and whilst they doubt this is it, it's still a bloody good critique on our "crappy society." This is the lead track, it rails against the current trend to package everything up in shiny plastic. Glossy sells. "Rock n Roll is dead but they'll give you a cozy alternative....a false sense of rebellion" This is Magazine Version...

Wednesday 28 November 2018

City Miles - Thirty Degrees

  A band that I've been watching closely since the release of their first ever song ( are City Miles. It was obvious from that initial offering that they were going to be something special and on the evidence of the new song they've released from upcoming debut album, Social Upheaval, they're going to follow through on that early promise. You can check out their small but impressive back catalogue here :

  There's not much info to share about the band, they're a UK oi band that wear balaclavas. I've no idea of their identities but they were so good even from that first release that I'd be amazed if they haven't been playing in bands for years. They manage to combine gritty oi with catchy melodies and should appeal to all fans of the genre. Check them out here :

  The album's upcoming from Rebellion and personally I'm already frothing at the mouth with anticipation. This song deals with a problem that isn't just confined to the UK. It's not just global warming that's causing temperatures to rise. There's a battle raging on the streets even though on the surface everything may seem hunky dory This is Thirty Degrees...

Tuesday 27 November 2018

the SUCK - The Death Machine

 the SUCK are an East Coast 5 piece who play Ramones/Head/Vapids/Neck/Sack inspired street rock and who impressed a lot of people at the beginning of this year with their debut S/T ep ( Now they're preparing to impress a lot more with the release, on Moms Basement Records, of their debut album. It'll be titled In-Cog-Nit-O and the couple of new songs I've heard by the band recently suggest it'll be pretty damn good.

 Aside from the song that you'll find at the bottom of this update, they recently released a digital single. Titled Party Towm, USA, it came out as the 3rd of the monthly singles series on Something To Do Records and you can check it out here :

 For more info on the band go here :

 This is The Death Machine...

Monday 26 November 2018

Brain Eaters - Shake It


  Named after a trashy Robert Heinlein inspired 1958 b movie, Brain Eaters are a garage punk 4 piece from Paris who's line up features Prof Boubou (vocals), Megadom (drums), Heavy JC (guitar) and Muskrat (bass). For over 10 years they've been playing their own brand of raunch n roll inspired by surf and garage trash plus a viewing diet of sci fi, mexican wrestlers and sexploitation b movies.

  With a couple of albums already under their belt (Monsters, Sex And Rock 'N' Roll 2007 and Brain-O-Matic 2013 ), they returned earlier this year with another 10 killer tunes in the form of the Bad Girls Motorcycle Gang From Tokyo lp. It's available from Fuck-U-Records :  and Bandcamp :

  For more info check out Facebook :

  This is the video for one of the new songs, it's called Shake It...

Sunday 25 November 2018

Question The Mark - Nightmare on Misery St


  One label currently well worth keeping an eye on is Sunderland based Little Rocket Records. Owned by Graeme Philliskirk (Leatherface, Medication) it's been responsible for some great releases (

  Their latest is the new ep from Cardiff power punks Question The Mark. A must for those of you that like Hot Water Music, Jawbreaker, Banner Pilot, Radon etc, the band play the gruff sounding type of melodic punk that unsurprisingly wowed the crowds in Florida when they appeared recently at The Fest. They've been together since 2009 and feature a line up of Tim Davies (guitar/vocals), Rob Pascoe (guitar/backing vocals), Rich James (bass/backing vocals) and Lewis Green (drums). They've a bunch of UK gigs lined up to support the ep and you can check details here :

  There's 3 songs on the new ep, all of an equally high standard (so check them out here : They've released a video for the title track so that's the one I'm highlighting today, this is Nightmare On Misery Street...

Saturday 24 November 2018

The Ratchets - Stray Emotions

  The Ratchets are a four piece from New Jersey who've been releasing their Clash inspired music for over a decade and who've recently unleashed killer new album First Light. It's on coloured vinyl and cd via Pirates Press and you can listen to it on Bandcamp :

  They've also just re released their debut album Glory Bound (which was the first ever lp on Pirates Press) plus a vinyl version of their Heart Of Town ep and Odds & Ends which is a 13 track album of rarities, demos and covers from the vault. All those releases can be found here :

  The band line up with Jed Engine (guitar/vocals), Zak Kaplan (guitar/vocals), Dan Desimoni (bass) and Kevin Conroy (drums) and their sound is fairly laid back punk n roll with excellent vocals that you'll find yourselves singing along with. As in the case of the song I played on a recent Just Some Punk Songs show (Dotard At The Dial), the message might be political, they might be angry but their songs are more considered and melodic than many of their contemporaries. The new album even has a decent cover of the Tom Robinson Band cover 2-4-6-8 Motorway. You can get more info, including a number of upcoming tour dates, here :

  The song I've chosen to highlight today gives you a good idea of what they're about. Well written with a catchy chorus and great riffs, this is Stray Emotions...

Friday 23 November 2018

Italia 90 - New Factory

  Italia 90 are a post-punk band from London who've just released a limited edition (100 copies) cassette. Titled 11 you probably won't be surprised to learn it's their second, following on the heels of their debut from last year. You can find them both available for free download here :

  Their sound has been getting compared to the likes of Wire, Gang Of Four etc, they're "politically pissed off" and they're getting noticed outside of the punk scene as well as in. This is a band that are poised to take off. Get more info on them here :

  As well as gracing the new cassette, this was also a single on Box Records. Taking aim at the drudgery of white collar work and the illusory freedom it offers it's called New Factory...

Thursday 22 November 2018

Westbound Sign - You


  With the title of their new 5 track ep being Love Songs For The Queers and their influences including the likes of Pinhead Gunpowder, Riverdales, Lillingtons, Groovie Ghoulies, Green Day, Screeching Weasel etc you might come to the conclusion that Westbound Sign were a pop punk band and do you know what, you'd be pretty much right. They call themselves bubblegum punk but I'm not going to quibble.

  They're a 3 piece from Lawrence, Kansas and line up with Bryce (vocals/guitar), Joey (bass/backing vocals) and Jordan (drums). Check out Facebook for more info...

  The ep is available name your price on Bandcamp and you can find it here :

  This is the lead track, it's an all too common tale of unrequited love and it's called You...

You, I always see your face 
How can something so beautiful be part of the human race? 
'Cause you, you always catch my glance 
Day dreaming of the day that you'll take me by the hand 

Thinking about you all the time 
Yeah, you're always on my mind 

You, I see you walking down the hallway 
It's the hundredth time today, just wishing that you would come my way 
Now you, you're pressing up against me 
But then I wake up it's just another fucking dream 

Thinking about you all the time 
Yeah, you're always on my mind 
Finding the courage to come up to you 
Finding the time to say I love you

Wednesday 21 November 2018

Dirty Work - Hogtown Hooligans


  When I'm broadcasting the Just Some Punk Songs show and the regulars are commenting away in the chatroom, my mate Atti will often chirp up, "have you got any oi coming up Mick?" If he asks next Tuesday I'll be able to reply "Dirty Work are on soon mate, you'll enjoy them..."

  From Toronto, Dirty Work are a trio that play working class street punk/oi and who will bring lots of pleasure to people like Atti. They line up with Zack (lead guitar/vocals), Mac (bass/backing vocals) and Sal (drums/vocals). They've just released their new album, it's titled In The West End and it's available from United Rebels (Canada) and Angry Young And Poor (USA)

  You can also find it on Bandcamp :

  Featuring 11 original compositions plus a blistering cover of The Strike's Gang Warfare it's definitely an album you'll want to check out. The band will be playing plenty of gigs in support of it, including US dates in 2019. You can get more info here : 

  Here's a rowdy song you can singalong with, it's titled Hogtown Hooligans...

Everywhere i go, people scoff at where i live. They say its too fast, they say its shit. They tell me it stinks and they spit on the ground. But the only home I've ever known, is hogtown. Hogtown hooligan! Hogtown hooligan! You gotta fight to survive. Hogtown hooligan! Hogtown hooligan! Working 9 to 5. Hogtown hooligan! Hogtown hooligan! Your living to die. Hogtown hooligan! Hogtown hooligan! This city is mine. Its another delay on the subway line, another bloody night with man unkind, the bottom of a bottle that you find, hogtown youll always be mine. Wake up hungover but you still got work. And the suits on the train treat ya like your some kinda jerk. They say your tools are in the way, why do you even bother. Well ill choke you with your necktie you white collar fucker. Hogtown hooligan! Hogtown hooligan! You gotta fight to survive. Hogtown hooligan! Hogtown hooligan! This city will eat you alive. Hogtown hooligan! Hogtown hooligan! Your living to die. Hogtown hooligan! Hogtown hooligan! This city is mine. Its another delay on the subway line, another bloody night with man unkind, the bottom of a bottle that you find, hogtown youll always be mine. Friday night and its off to the bar, raise your glass this weeks been hard. Dont let them drag you underground. Cuz thats how it is in the streets of hogtown. Hogtown hooligan! Hogtown hooligan! You gotta fight to survive. Hogtown hooligan! Hogtown hooligan! City will eat you alive. Hogtown hooligan! Hogtown hooligan! Your living to die. Hogtown hooligan! Hogtown hooligan! This city is mine. Its another delay on the subway line, another bloody night with man unkind, the bottom of a bottle that you find, Hogtown you'll always be mine.

Tuesday 20 November 2018

The Mugwumps - Don't Give Up


  Forming in 2002 and hailing from Innsbruck, The Mugwumps are Chris (guitar/vocals), Hank (bass) and Andy (drums). I posted a bit of info about them back in 2015 when I featured a song from their excellent Mutation In The Family album ( Now they're back with a new long player.

  Out on Monster Zero Records, the new album (their 4th) is titled Clown War Four, it's available on vinyl (, cd ( and digitally (

  You probably know what to expect from the band by now.... quality Ramones influenced pop punk and that's exactly what you get. There's a bunch of love songs but also a few (like the title track) that are more politically influenced  The album is a blast so check it out. You can find more info on them here :

  This is one of the slower songs, a plea for those of us that are facing difficulties in our lives to keep on going. It's called Don't Give Up...

Monday 19 November 2018

Damn Broads - 86 Golden Street (Review By Jamie Bey)


  So yesterday, whilst playing a song on the Just Some Punk Songs show by Torrington, Connnecticut punk trio Damn Broads, there was a comment in the chatroom from NOT The Punk Rock Show host Jamie Bey that he thought would make a great review and that he dared me to post on the blog. I've already featured a song from the Ratz side of this excellent split ep but any excuse to get this song on here is fine with me. To see a slightly more in depth write up of the flip side of this collaboration click here :

  You can find the ep here :

  For Jamie's succinct review of one of the Damn Broad's tracks check out the next paragraph.....

 "Shouty Boing Boing Pogotastic"

  This is 86 Golden Street... 

Sunday 18 November 2018

Sick Of It All - Bull's Anthem

  We're underdogs we stand
  As long as there's a chance
  As long as we are still breathing....

  Later today I'll be broadcasting another Just Some Punk Songs show so for this update I'll feature one of the new punk releases that'll be getting a play. (Show details here if anyone's interested in an hour of new punk music :

  I'm sure you all know Sick Of It All. The New York hardcore veterans formed in 1986 and feature Lou Koller (vocals), Pete Koller (guitars), Craig Setari (bass) and Armand Majidi (drums). Their back catalogue is as extensive as it is impressive and on the evidence of their latest long player they're showing no sign of easing their foot off the accelerator. The album's titled Wake The Sleeping Dragon and it's out now on Century Media. Calling themselves a band that "thrives from frustration" there's plenty of fucked up stuff going on in the world right now to give them more than enough material to garner their lyrics from.

  They'll be rounding off 2018 with a couple of US dates before heading back over to Europe in January. You can find details here :

  So today's song. As previously mentioned it'll be played on my show later and I'm sure it'll go down well with the animal lovers in the chatroom. It's an outsider anthem, a rousing animal cruelty singalong. They're sharing in the bull's success as the matador falls, this is Bull's Anthem...

Saturday 17 November 2018

Werecats - Dog


  Harmony ridded pop punk from the mean streets of south London today. Werecats are catchy and look as though butter wouldn't melt in their mouths, it's all good wholesome family entertainment yeah? Kind of, but scratch the surface and you'll maybe find something a little darker. An example being today's song which is about man's best friend, the cute old family dog. But what's that? "blood in my mouth, rabbit's teeth are now buried, deep inside it's throat..." Hmmm hidden depths indeed.

  Featuring members of The Pukes, The Murderburgers, The Blankheads and Soon The Darkness, Werecats are a female fronted 4 piece who've recently released their debut album. Titled Destined For The Outside, it's a joy. The video you'll find below is great but in my opinion the album contains several other songs that are even better. Opener, Astbury is a particularly upbeat favourite, next song, Builder is another winner whilst Strawberries is a juicy pick and Mr Boring is more infectious than measles. If you haven't yet heard it then click here now...

  You can get more info on them here ;

  So to the video, bright and bouncy but with bite, this is Dog...

Friday 16 November 2018

Good Luck, Ugly! - Coming Home (Tell the Saints)

(S&L Vasquez Photography)
  Good Luck, Ugly! are from Orange County, California. They formed in 2008 and list amongst their influences the likes of Blink 182, Less Than Jake (coincidentally a band that Facebook has just reminded me I saw in Leeds 10 years ago today), MXPX, The Aquabats and Operation Ivy. They're a 3 piece featuring founder member Mike Alvarez (guitar/vocals) plus Chris Benner (bass) and Eric Mattson (drums).

  They're preparing to release a new album, Side Hugs & Back Stabs and they've released a teaser single from it called Coming Home (Tell The Saints). Go onto Bandcamp and listen to it and then compare it to their 2016 "The Mostly Regrettable" ep and you'll see how much their sound has evolved over the last few years. The single is an upbeat, ska infused song that'll no doubt get the audiences at their forthcoming gigs skanking on the dancefloor. You can check out those live dates here : whilst this is the Bandcamp link :

  This would probably have been a regular feature on MTV back in the days when ska punk was more fashionable. Coming Home (Tell The Saints)....

Tell the saints that we are coming home 
Tell the saints that we are coming home 
Fought the battle war is won 
The day has come our task is done 
Tell the saints that we are coming home 
We are coming 

I dream of a place far away 
With no more tears and no more pain 
Tell me is this real 
Can you tell me am I breathing? 
We fight until our last breath 
No giving up, no giving in 
The world wiill try to take us 
But we know that you are winning 

Take me far away 
Take me far away 

Tomorrow is not what I fear 
But I get scared, I get scared 
Knowing what will come 
Tell me that it's paralyzing 
But you will pull me from the ship 
Guide me home, take me home 
I know that you'll be there 
In all of my darkest days

Thursday 15 November 2018

Color Killer - Michael Doesn't Like Me (Review By J Prozac)


  Color killer are an up and coming young punk band that are making quite a name for themselves due to A) their age and more importantly B) their talent. When I was their age I'd not even heard of punk rock (though to be fair I think even Malcolm Mclaren was only just noticing it register on his radar). To be able to get up on stage and put on a show that wows mature audiences and to be able to release as an accomplished an album as Generation Z suggests that an extremely bright future is ahead of them. I became aware of the band due to Jay from The Prozacs posting about them on his Facebook feed. He's been a big help to the guys so it was a given that I'd ask him to do the honours of writing this Just Some Punk Songs update.

  You can check out the album here : and find more info here :

  And now over to Jay....

They have a combined age that is about as old as I am... and each member weighs less than the gear they play through...but boy can these pint sized punkers bring the noise and attitude. Let me introduce Massachusetts (USA) based pop punk band Color Killer! The band formed in mid 2017 around then 8 year old Lincoln Zinzola, who was already getting noticed in the world of YouTube and Facebook videos playing guitar/vocal covers of bands like Green Day & Blink 182 and busking in the streets of Boston. Over the past year, Lincoln (9), Matt (10), Nate (12) and Dylan (12) with the help and support from thier families, area musicians, teachers and local band friends like The Prozacs, After The Blackout and Marko & The Bruisers, have covered much ground. These kids have performed dozens of shows, including a slot on Vans Warped Tour, events for the Boston Redsox, playing the famed Gilman Street, playing with Mighty Mighty Bosstones, making regular guest appearances with my band The Prozacs, playing on live radio and more. They have managed to meet and/or gain attention from people like Billy Joe Armstrong of Green Day, Dicky Barrett of Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Joe Queer, Mike Herrera of MXPX, Teenage Bottlerocket, i Heart Radio, AP Magazine and more. On top of all that, they've been followed around for months by the award winning Ironbound Films for an upcoming documentary titled "Color Killer Save Punk." Oh...yeah, they also wrote (with help from myself & Dirty Walter of After The Blackouts) recorded and released thier debut album "Generation Z"...which was mixed and mastered by Jaimie McMann, who's credits include several Fat Wreck Chords releases. So these kids are the real deal. I can tell you from first hand experience. They work hard, practice often, respect the bands, promotors and venues they work with, whine like babies when they're cold or tired, get grounded when they act like brats and can be sloppy little punks. Yup...a regular bunch of Elementary/Middle school kids! 3 of them live on the same street. They have a tune on their album about a school bully that lives on the same street. It's called Michael Doesn't Like Me. Check it out! Hell, check out the whole album! I'm excited to see what these kids are doing when they've all hit puberty!

This is Michael Doesn't Like Me...

Wednesday 14 November 2018

Medication - St Jesus Malverde

  Thanks to Graeme Philliskirk (bassist with Medication and boss of Little Rocket Records) for allowing me to upload today's song to Youtube so I could share it with you today. The song is by Sunderland (and Canadian) band Medication and it was the last track that the late Dickie Hammond played on. It wasn't included on the band's Warm Places album ( and was unreleased though that's all changed now as it's included (as a tribute to Dickie) on the excellent vinyl only compilation, Pulsebeat. Put together by ex Dr And The Crippens bassist Wayne Elliott, the comp is only available on limited edition coloured vinyl and it features 17 killer songs from bands that have featured on Wayne's Global Punk Network show. Wayne will be playing a selection of songs from the comp on his show later today (details and link here if you want to listen :

  As well as the exclusive track from Medication, the comp also features the likes of Just Some Punk Songs' favourites The Domestics, Pizzatramp, Accidente, Natterers, Holiday, Epic Problem and many more. It's jointly released by some of the UK's top labels (TNS, Kibou, Little Rocket Records, Boss Tunage, Urinal Vinyl, Brassneck, Pumpkin) and you can get it here :

  Alongside ex Leatherface members Dickie Hammond and Graeme Philliskirk, Medication also featured Hugo Mudie, Fred Jaques and Julien Blais (all from Montreal band The Sainte Catherines). The track you'll find below is named after Jesus Malverde, a Robin Hood type figure and a folklore hero in the Mexican state of Sinaloa. You can read more about him here :ús_Malverde

  Showcasing how strong an album Warm Places is (if they could afford to leave this off), this is St Jesus Malverde...

Tuesday 13 November 2018

The Dumbheads - Children Of The Corn


  The Dumbheads are no strangers to Just Some Punk Songs, from Belgorad, Russian Federation, I featured a song from their 2015 Heartbroken Idiots album and there were a couple of Top 10s selected by band members featuring the sort of bands they like (giving you an idea of the type of things that have influenced their sound they listed the likes of Teenage Head, China Drum, The Riverdales, Spoilers, Teenage Bottlerocket, Atlas Losing Grip, The Misfits etc...).

 Now they're back with a new ep titled Children Of The Corn and you can find it name your price on Bandcamp :

  Supposedly there'll be yet another ep out in a week or so with an album to follow at the end of the year. You can watch out for those by checking their Facebook page :

  This ep was released to coincide with All Hallows Eve and features 3 high octane songs that "stylistically don't fit on the upcoming album."  This is the sound of The Dumbheads rocking out, though they still retain the catchiness that they've become known for. This is the title track, inspired by the Stephen King book (and ensuing movie) about he who walks behind the rows, this is Children Of The Corn...

Monday 12 November 2018

BRUCE - Captain, We've Lost Bruce (Review By Dirk Ceustermans)


  Sometimes, in an attempt to give myself a break from the daily grind of churning out these updates (and to give you the chance to read something a little different from my cut and paste introductions) I'll ask other people if they fancy doing a review. Occasionally, but not often, someone will just mail me one, "Hi Mick, here's another one!"  This is one of those and as a bonus it's a great song from a band I'd heard before in passing but don't really know anything about. This is a review by Dirk Ceustermans who you may remember is from Belgium and hosts top Global Punk Network show MediaMofos.

  BRUCE are from Aarschot in Belgium and you can find more info on them here :  They've a new album coming out in January and Dirk will be reviewing the first single from it so I'll pass you over to him...

Bruce - Captain, We've Lost Bruce (Belgium, Released November 1st, 2018)

Free download at:

  I first heard of Bruce when I went to see them at a gig down in the celler of a local punk pub back in 1997 or 98. 
They had just released a CD called the Vaticano Trail, of which I won (oh yes!) a copy because I could shout the band they were doing a cover from at that performance. I think it was D.O.A., but that's a bit of a blur. I played that CD to death as I recall it being on autocue in my car rides to various other gigs.
Well these guys have been around since then and even longer, possibly, always appealing live with songs that are so simple and straightforward in a way that it's lethal bite (usually a noisy wah wah solo) overtakes you without any warning.
They rightfully claim to be massively inspired by Aussie punkrock, add a good dose of garagey punk and perhaps a little drop of Wipers to that and you have the basics of the characteristics of Bruce.

  A few days ago I was notified by Peter, their drummer that a new song was published on bandcamp, so he wrote me to ask for a spin on my Global Punk Radio show.
He furthermore informed me that this track is a preview for the upcoming new release in January 2019.
"Some people call this ditty a Ramones meets Cosmic Psychos, but listen for yourself and make your own judgement". Well i hardly make comparisons, but if i must, I can relate this band to the Ramones (the simplicity) and the Cosmic Psychos (the wahwah noise). Again a fine moment of Bruce's typical style is what we can conclude with.
While waiting in anticipation for the new release in January, I recommend to also check their 2016 release "My latest popstar crush" ( which I find brilliant.

  This is Captain, We've Lost Bruce...

straight to the blitz in my messerschmitt left right left right left right drop another deadly hit captain I have bad news captain we’ve lost bruce well-dressed soldiers do what they’re told left right left right left right pull death the reward captain what’s your excuse captain we’ve lost bruce captain what’s the plan you know I’m your man tell me which way to choose captain we’ve lost bruce

Sunday 11 November 2018

Top 10 Songs Chosen By Joe Atom (The Atoms)

  A top 10 for you today chosen by Joe Atom, vocalist and guitarist with Derby band The Atoms. 

  Great songs and plenty of commentary. I asked Joe to compile a Top 10 at 15 minutes past midnight on Friday, just as he was about to head off to bed. Being suitably enthused he made a late night of it, armed himself with alcohol ("I was going to go to bed shortly but now Im gonna get the Johnny Walker and give this my best........Jesus its nearly 5am") and came up with the following. Thanks Joe...

1) Angry Samoans - Lights Out

No other song could kick this off for me. Its thee perfect punk song. Dont argue with me cos if you do? You are wrong. Some things are opinion but this is cold hard fact. Short, fast, catchy and a kind of jingle telling the vapid, bland hipsters of their time to grab a fork and stick it into your brain via your eye socket, as it's the cool thing to do. Not enough songs about that I'd say.

2) Lightyear - Life Jacket, Water Wings

I spent years getting messed up, naked and pissing in each others mouths and ruining peoples house partys with these guys in the late 90s / early 2000s. Tho I hate pretty much all Ska-punk / Ska-core these guys did so much more with the second album. Always liked Chas' way of blending up this mix of reflective sadness and this gutteral, manic 'so fuck you!' lyrics and delivery. Chuck into that about 100 refrences to Derby and it gets me every time. This song gets me cos despite what it means to the band, to me its about reflecting on the best time of your life without the realisation that you're still in that moment. Jesus, Im feeling Emo tonight.

3) King Khan And BBQ Show - I'll Be Loving You

A few years back I nearly lost my love for music. Sure I liked playing gigs and playing my same old hit-list but my inspiration and passion was gone. It had been years since I heard a new band that I just went mad for. A bunch of good bands I was happy to listen to but nothing that gave me that 'holy shit!' factor I got all the time when I was in my teens. Then I heard this song and it was like a huge slap in the face. Picked up everything they did and all Mark Sultans solo stuff. He has the second best voice I've eaver heard. Some days thee best. It's a true rock and roll haunting voice without it sounding like some bland, trad covers band. They've made songs loads better than this but this is special to me as it jump started my passion for music. Plus when I realised that they are a 2 peace and one of them sIngs lead vocals, plays guitar AND drums at the same time? I'd sell my soul to pretty much anything for half of that talent.

4) PANIC - Her Familys On Drugs

I think I was given Gremlin Generation by paying £2 to get into a early Lightyear show? Ether way, before my massive erection for Ramones, before my HUMONGOUS lob-on for Dickies, Queers, Screeching Weasel, Undertones and Buzzcocks I got this album. My pocket money barely got me to the music shop let alone a free website with all the music in the world on it so when I got an album, even if I didnt like it at first, it was pretty much the new music I was stuck with for a few weeks for better or worse, and at first I could hardly stand this album. I was a kid. A bloody idiot. I had no appreciation for a stripped back 3 piece. I wanted everything to be changing every 2 seconds like Bob by Nofx or all that 'new fangled' oompah, ska-punk, shooting idiots in a barrel bullshit. But £4 a week couldn't get me that good, mainstream, easy listening Californian junk. It got me cheap booze and a free cd at a dive bar gig. And over a few boring as fuck weeks of selling out of date crisps to school mates and the ocasianal punch in the face from some posh, football twat I grew to love this album. I partly blame it for the mess I'm in today.

5) Captain Kaiser - 12 Years A Captain

To understand what I'm about to say you need to understand a lot of the time I'm an emotional mess of a person. A kind of shitty hermit that is at his best alone at home with my amazingly understanding girlfriend and my like minded dog and cats. So when I tell you that when I see a band that I really like I ether want to dance like a twat or watch them so intensely that I have to stop myself from crying like a little bitch. I hide it from EVERYONE but its true. SO we're in Belgium and Ricky from Priceduifkas tells us his friends are opening up for a gig we're playing. No big deal. About 15 people in a room but we're just happy we fixed the van and made it in time. Then these guys start and FUCK ME the singer grabs you. Its so easy for bands to fake emotions to fit a sound they want and to pretend they are something they aren't but I feel I can see through that so easy. Sasha has this draw that makes him look like he's about to break down at any moment and I hung onto every word I could make out. Easily the best new band Ive seen in years.

6) FYP - All Grown Up

Another massively under rated band from punk history. Went on to be the equally amazing Toys That Kill but finding Toilet Kids Bread at the same time I discoverd Crass was great. From feeling all this 'political rage' (blah) and taking everything so seriously to a song like this that still makes me want to bounce off the wall and lyirically means a million times more than Chomski's discography. *the booze is REALLY starting to kick in and the video after FYP is Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps. Its making me all emo. Im fighting it off and it wont make the cut but you know. Its a good song god damn it!

7) The Bellfuries - Letter To My Maybe Baby (demo) NOT ALBUM VERSION

THIS GUY has the best voice in the world. Probably ever. His lyrics are perfect. Ive been lucky enough to see them live a few times and we cover a Bellfuries' song (Looser). Like King Khan and BBQ Show this band really made me fall in love with music again. If you dont know this band then please just go listen to all of it.

8) KISS - Room Service

IF NO PART OF YOU HAS A PLACE IN YOUR HEART FOR KISS THEN YOU NEED TO TAKE YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR BORING ARSE. My only regret in life is not getting into KISS sooner. Whenever you feel anxiety or simply like you need a new Propagandhi record or your so called friends won't think your 'woke' enough? Get youtube out, type in 'heavens on fire' and watch the video. Watch some live 75 / 78 KISS and remind your self why you loved music in the first place. THEN check put the sweet Animalized live gig on youtube. Its like the greatest party on earth if the greatest party on earth was having 4 huge dicks slap you in the face for about 2 hours. WHICH IT IS. And this barely heard banger is just as dumb and down right awsome as any pop-punk song.

9) Billy Bragg - Like Soldiers Do

When I first heard this I thought it was just a song about war. After years of working in factorys in small villages this song came on my playlist and I realised its about small town racism and how people just follow the same dogmatic bullshit handed down from the bored, hateful nutters that came before them.

10) Priceduifkes - I.K.A.W.

Loved them for years. The best thing from Belgium INCLUDING the beer. To me it's a gut punching unity song AND a Star Wars song so it wins for me.

Saturday 10 November 2018

Reaction - Days of Eldorado


  When Airdrie veterans Reaction last featured on here (claiming they wanted to be your Dee Dee Ramone I mentioned that it had taken them the best part of 40 years to release their debut album. Happily, album number 2 hasn't taken anywhere near as long. It's titled Keep It Weird, Keep It Wired and it's available from NYC label Tarbeach Records (and if you're lucky and get in quick the first 50 copies come with a free pink vinyl 7" of the song you'll find at the bottom of this update).

  Lining up with Ian Carson (vocals), John Bryson (drums), Scot Van Den Akker (bass) and Joe Whyte (guitar), the band have evolved from their punk roots and have added a few more ingredients to the mix (think Sonic Youth, Wire, early R.E.M. and a dash of power pop). They're still recognisably a punk band though, just one that's a little more interesting than most. The songs (12 of them) include opener Welcome To Rust Town which features a great turn on backing vocals by Monica Queen (who's probably best known for her appearance on Belle And Sebastian's Lazy Line Painter Jane single. There's a song named after feminist author Valerie Solanis (author of the SCUM Manifesto and the woman who in 1968 shot Andy Warhol) which also namechecks the likes of Jack Kerouac, Johnny Thunders and Mohammed Ali (I'll be playing this one on Tuesday's Just Some Punk Songs show : ).

  Dumb Dumb Dumb is a homage to legendary Scottish label Postcard Records whilst Saints Of Tamla Hill is named after a local 70's street gang. Won't Go Back to Jail is a snotty garage influenced rocker whilst the song you'll find below is co written with an old friend of the band, Pete Lacey, and reminisces about lost youth and lost weekends.

  You can get more info on the band, including details of gigs next week with Duncan Reid & The Big Heads, here :

  If you like your punk music to be intelligent and inventive, you should definitely check out Keep It Weird, Keep It Wired. This song is called Days Of Eldorado...

Friday 9 November 2018

Girls In Synthesis - Fan The Flames (Review By Stefan Ball)

  I played the title track from London band Girls In Synthesis' on a recent Just Some Punk Songs show (it went down a storm with the chatroom folk) and was readying to post it on here when I noticed Who Killed Nancy Johnson? ( frontman Stefan Ball was going to see them in Oxford so I asked him if he'd like to combine a gig/ep review. Happily he was up for it and so I'll pass you over to him...

Fan the Flames by Girls in Synthesis
Self-released - released 10th November 2018
£4 digital on Bandcamp; 7" limited edition vinyl already sold out in presales

  I saw Girls in Synthesis for the first time last night, at The Library pub in Oxford. The Library's gig room is a postage-stamp basement with a black and white tiled floor. The ceiling is low. There's no stage, just a space at the back for the band, who are hemmed in nose-to-nose with the audience. It gets intense in there, dark and loud, and with the right band playing it's a killer venue.

  Girls in Synthesis were the right band. Their music is dense, hypnotic, claustrophobic, unnerving. The lyrics are political, existential, delivered with venom. And the gig itself, as a performance, was wonderful - so well put together. They made the venue darker by turning off the main "ordinary room" lighting at the band end so that they and we were lit by nothing but a couple of red bulbs. They started with the two mic stands - one for Jim on guitar, one for John on bass - set up side on and crossed, so that they were singing and shouting right in each other's faces. Songs ran together with a few spoken lines or noises to link them - they didn't stop to tune up or chat once - and at any moment there was sudden movement - Jim doing a kind of demented Chuck Berry duckwalk, John laid out full length and face down at our feet still playing, mic stands planted like flags in the audience. 

  "Fan the Flames", title track of their new EP, is a perfect example of their sound. It starts with feedback and ends with an echo over more feedback - noise is a big thing for this band. When the guitar comes in the sound is melodic at first, almost smooth, but under it is a brutal bass line, and drummer Nicole pounds out a simple furious beat that sounds as unforgiving as a steam hammer. 

  John sings the verses, Jim takes over on the choruses - "they fan the flames, they watch them grow, they drop the shit, on those below". And as those lines suggest, this is a political song. But it isn't just about "them" and how bad "they" are - it's more about the way the system we live in "causes grief and hate", because "it's power that corrupts" and "perfect are we none, we fall - we all fall". We can become "them" - the exploited becoming exploiters. 

  Comparisons to other artists? - being an old man I naturally think first of Wire, Gang of Four, even the more bass-driven and harder songs on The Stranglers' first few albums. Certainly they're anchored in that late-1970s early 1980s group of UK bands that were angry, angular, political and fiercely intelligent. Everything from the structure of this song to the way the lyrics work to the way the two voices interact sounds absolutely like they meant it, and planned it. 

  Buy the record, go see them. 

  This is Fan The Flames...

Thursday 8 November 2018

NOi!SE - Mass Apathy (ft. Skinhead Rob)


  A 4 piece streetpunk band from Seattle, Noi!se are no strangers to Just Some Punk Songs and they return today with a new single. It features guest vocals from Skinhead Rob (Transplants) and all proceeds will go to charity.

  Lining up with Matt Henson (vocals/bass), Nate Leinfelder (vocals/rhythm guitar), Jesse O'Donnell (lead guitar) and Kenny Dirkes (drums) the band have a number of gigs lined up with the likes of The Generators, Street Dogs and Slapshot and you can check out details here :

  The single is a topical commentary on the issue of gun violence, especially the amount of school shooting in the United States (even as I'm writing this there's yet another mass shooting being reported). The goal of this release is to get people standing up and demanding changes to policies that endanger the lives and futures of America's children. It'll be available on Black Friday (23rd Nov) on 12" via Pirate's Press Records. You can vote to nominate which charities benefit : 

  The A side is on Bandcamp :

  "How many more fucking children have to die?" ask the band. Powerful stuff and speaking as a Brit I find it absolutely absurd that the American government are so much under the thumb of the gun lobby that their answer to the problem seems to be "let's have even more guns!". Absolutely batshit crazy, though it seems the majority don't care enough to effect change. This is Mass Apathy...

All told, it’s just a scam
They’re selling values from the back of a van
We line up for a front row seat to the sham
Synthetic sympathy and internet blame
We bury kids and we say “it’s a shame”
Concern lasts less than murderers minutes of fame
Innocent lives just fodder for a meme
Totality imminent, there’s no in between
Reason has disappeared behind computer screens
Have you ever walked through the ICU past beds of kids the bullets tore through
A comatose friend with a bullet in his head and very low chance that he would live
It can all change in the blink of an eye, try to duck when the bullets fly by
All the time, senseless crimes and you're arguing like senseless minds
Here we go, one more round.
Another shot, another down.
How many more fuckin children have to die?
There're just kids, not enemies.
Ignorance, the worst disease.
Cock 'em back, let 'em fuckin fly.

Wednesday 7 November 2018

Jagger Holly - It Ain't Over (Til I'm Sober)

(photo : Nick Rorick)

  One of the most popular pop punk releases from 2016 was DJ Free Europe, the debut from Jagger Holly. It earned plenty of positive press (if you missed it, check it out here : and I'm sure new album The Last Of The International Playboys will stoke up similar levels of enthusiasm if the song you'll find at the bottom of this update is anything to go by.

  Featuring members from both America and Europe, the line up consists of the gloriously monikered Jagger J. Holly (vocals/bass), Lennon Lee Roth (guitar/vocals) and Ringo Moon (drums). The album will be available on vinyl from Moms Basement Records (U.S. Blood Red vinyl), Monster Zero (Europe. Cyan Blue vinyl) and on cd from Outloud! Records.

  As an added bonus, if you order the cd from Outloud! you can message them and tell them you want the free Downstrokes compilation. A celebration of Johnny Ramones' 70th birthday, it features Jagger Holly's version of I Wanna Be Well along with loads of other cool Ramones covers by the likes of J Prozac, Kobanes, DeeCRACKS, The Robinsons etc :

  The first single from the new album is a classic sounding rock n roller called It Ain't Over (Til I'm Sober)....