Saturday 30 April 2016

Attila the Stockbroker - Farageland

  "Working folk get conned
  they think ukip are all right
  but nigel and his friends would piss on them
  from a great height"

You'll probably know of Attila The Stockbroker but for those few who haven't had the pleasure, he was born John Baine in 1957, is from Southwick (near Brighton, England) and since the late 70's has been writing and performing his surreal brand of folk and punk inspired poetry.

  In 1994 he formed Barnstormer and regularly tours Europe with them. He still also plays many live solo shows and last year Cherry Red published his autobiography, Arguments Yard (35 Years of Ranting Verse and Thrash Mandola).

  Recently he had one of his songs, Farageland, featured on the 0161 Festival Comp 2016 and you can get it here :

    "Scapegoating immigrants, divide and rule. No thank you Farage....." This is the live version of Farageland as filmed by Day In The City in 2014.....

Friday 29 April 2016

Genetic Control - Suburban Life

  From Montreal, Genetic Control are a Canadian hardcore punk band who were originally together between 1983-86 (they got back together in 1998). They released a 4 track ep, First Impressions, on Generic Records in 1984. There was also a song, Suburban Life, included on a Psyche-Industry Records compilation, Primitive Air Raid Montreal '84. A 26 track album entitled Brave New World was released in 2005 by Sinik's Chicken Shrimp. It featured the ep plus live material.

  Influenced by the likes of Minor Threat and Bad Brains, they originally featured members from a couple of bands, guitarist Rob Porter and drummer Mike Brisebois from Drunken Disturbance and bassist Douglas Crevier, guitarist Rob Huppee & vocalist Mike Price from Out Of Step. There's been several line up changes down the years though as far as I'm aware Price, Huppee and Crevier still feature alongside Lewis Levesque (drums) and Bobby Casino (guitar).

  Their best song, this is Suburban Life.....

Thursday 28 April 2016

Top 10 Canadian Punk Songs Chosen By Chris Levesque

  Past updates on this blog have seen several people choose top 10 lists of their favourite songs (or songs that they think should be included) from specific countries. If I remember correctly I think so far Estonia, France and Belgium have featured. Today you can add Canada to the list.

  Chris Levesque lives in Calgary, Alberta and he's a guitarist with The Difficult Brown, a hard hitting punk band who's music you can check out here :

  Chris introduces his selection thus, "10 kick ass Canadian bands for ya. Some old, some new, some known, others not so much."

  Thanks Chris.......

 1. Nutboy - humchucker

2. Chixdiggit - where's your mom

3. Ativans - Jimmy's lunchbox

4. Another Joe - eat at Bernie's

5. Dayglo abortions - proud to be Canadian

6. The matadors - 9 shots of bourbon

7. Copsickle - smoke Meth kill cops

8. Conniving cadavers - she's already dead

9. Old wives - bitchin 

10. Isotopes - total juice head

Wednesday 27 April 2016

Cracked Up - Cracked Up

  Do you remember the good old days of punk rock. The golden era of the late 70's when ballsy female fronted bands like X Ray Spex, Siouxsie And The Banshees, Penetration etc were putting out exciting new music? Well take a listen to this new song by Cracked Up and relive those glory days.

  Forming in Amsterdam in 2013, Cracked Up are an in your face punk band that are "never conformist, always fighting, screaming, nasty, uncomfortable...." They introduced themselves in 2014 with a demo ep (snap it up on bandcamp "name your price") and they've followed it up with a new ep which is called Room (201)6 and which can be found here : Highly recommended, it's one of the best new releases this year.

  Lining up Lianne (bass), Alex (drums), Lucia (vocals) and Yasmine (guitar), this is definitely a band to watch out for. I played this song on the Just Some Punk Songs show and it picked up several very favourite comments, from the new ep, this is Cracked Up....

Funny feeling in my head 
This will surely drive me mad 
Forgot about last night 
Was I good or in a fight? 
Lucky today isn't real 
Give me a chance 
No fucking deal 

Watch out 
she's loud 
she don't care 
No pricks allowed 

Angry about each little shit 
This is going to be a damned fit 
There's motherfucking flames 
from my head on through my veins 
Pissed off with the human race 
Put the bastards in their place! 

Watch out 
She's loud 
She don't care 
No cunts allowed 

Weird intruders in my brain, 
This is driving me insane 
Is this what I've come to be? 
Is it her or is it me? 
Need to stop before next morning comes 
Need to move on 

Watch out 
She's loud 
she don't care 

She's cracked up somewhere!

Tuesday 26 April 2016

Top 10 Songs Chosen By Aaron Stingray (The Anderson Stingrays)


  A while back I posted a song by Rochester, New York, Ramones influenced pop punkers The Anderson Stingrays. Today, frontman Aaron Stingray has kindly shared his favourite 10 songs. If you want to check out The Anderson Stingrays' music, you can find it on Bandcamp :

  Thanks Aaron......

 1)  JOEY RAMONE - What A Wonderful World

 2)  THE RAMONES - I Wanna Be Sedated

 3)  THE QUEERS- I Wanna Be Happy

 4)  GARY U.S. BONDS - New Orleans

 5)  THE STOOGES - Search And Destroy

 6)  NEW YORK DOLLS - Lookin' For A Kiss

 7)  THE CHESTERFIELD KINGS - I Don't Understand

 8)  THE BEATLES - Please Mr Postman

9)  ROLLING STONES - Stupid Girl

10)  T REX - Get It On

Monday 25 April 2016

Tomy & The Cougars - No sex

  Tomy & The Cougars are a fun, quirky garage pop punk band from Marseille, France who's influences include the likes of The Irritones, Les Jolies and Departure Kids and who their label, Surfin' Ki Records, compare to The Briefs, The Buzzcocks and The Undertones.

  Feb 2013 saw their debut release, Heartbreak M.F. and they followed it up a year later with a 3 track single called No Way Out. Now they're back with more catchy, up tempo music, this time in the form of a 6 track ep called This Is Porn. You can check all those releases out here :

  One of several highlights from the new ep, this is No Sex.....  


Sunday 24 April 2016

The Fallout - Fight For The Sun

  You may remember that I recently posted an update featuring REDS covering a Rebel Spell song which they dedicated to the memory of Todd Serious (if you missed the song then you should check it out). Today's update also features a Rebel Spell song, a version of a song which will feature on a forthcoming compilation called Rebels Sing : A Tribute To Todd Serious And The Rebel Spell.

  The Fallout have featured previously with a killer track called Talkin' Punk Rock Civil War ( ) and I'm more than happy to have them back again today. From Toronto, they're one of Canada's greatest bands and you can check out their music here : According to their Bandcamp page, they're recording new material!

  I really like this one, it's called Fight For The Sun and it originally featured on The Rebel Spell's Last Run album (you can check out that version here :


You might believe this is a real nice place where everyone is free and more or less safe
But did ya know around the world they’ve locked up about 10 million people?
You might not have known but that just changed don’t confuse this for justice just cruel and insane
But to those among us that know and are raising hell to free them

Fight for the sun my bold friends, fight for the sun this night will end. I promise...
Fight for the sun my bold friends, fight for the sun this night will end Fight for the sun fight for the sun fight for the sun it’s coming

We might look different but we’re all the same in that we all need to move and feel love to stay sane
But our cruel species withholds these rights from 25 Billion creatures
How many years cutting day and night would it take to sever that much chain?
You need to help what will it take to get you all to see this!?

I wait they wait when is it coming? Don’t wait, they wait you must bring the sun.

Let’s go bass man walk me home now
It’s only music but I’ve got you listening
Crank the volume bring the rage up
Harder drummer let them hear it
I need some voices a thousand voices
I need you all and one more thing
guitar guitar guitar guitar 

Saturday 23 April 2016

Random Scandal - Job's Fucked

  Random Scandal are an Anti-Fascist street punk band from Scotland who line up : Scoot Fawdoonskie (vocals), Barron Williams (guitar/vocals), Allan Restrick (bass/vocals) and Neil Smith (drums/vocals).

  They've just released their self titled, 13 track debut album and if you want a copy (£5 + p&p) you can find out more on their Facebook page :

  They also appear on the 0161 Festival Compilation 2016 (the festival takes place in Manchester between 29th April - 1st May) alongside bands such as Blaggers I.T.A. Hagar The Womb, The Oppressed, Eastfield and many more. You can get it "name your price" here :

   From the new album, this is Job's Fucked.....

Friday 22 April 2016

The 99ers - Pop Punk Girl


  In the 2 or 3 months I've been broadcasting the Just Some Punk Songs show, one of the bands that always seem to receive very positive comments are Minneapolis pop punkers The 99ers. They've appeared in this blog previously with a song from their Spark album ( and now they're back with the video for their new single.

  This time around Stephen Brookfield and Emily Bee share vocal and guitar duties whilst Doug Heeschen plays bass (and sings) and Christopher Schoonover is on drums. You can check out both the new single plus their earlier releases here :

  Unfortunately this will probably be one of the last releases by Ramone To The Bone Records (best wishes to Marc Ramohn who's done so much to promote Ramones influenced music down the years) but, if so, it's a worthy goodbye to a great label, it's called Pop Punk Girl.....  


Thursday 21 April 2016

The Broadways - 15 Minutes


  An oldie from 1998 today from Chicago band The Broadways. They formed in 1996 following the demise of Slapstick and featured Brendan Kelly (vocals/bass), Dan Hanaway (guitar/vocals), Chris McCaughan (guitar/vocals) and Rob DePaola (drums).

  They were best known for the album Broken Star, which was released on Asian Man Records in 1998 and which was unapologetically raw and concerned itself lyrically with social and political issues. Later that year they split, Kelly and McCaughan formed The Lawrence Arms whilst Hanaway and DePaola formed The Honor System.

  A post break up compilation of both previously unreleased and old material entitled Broken Van came out on Asian Man in 2000 and there were a couple of reunion shows. Kelly also featured in The Falcon and Brendan Kelly And The Wandering Birds.

  Today's song is my favourite from The Broadways, it was the opening track on Broken Star and it's a frustrated but ultimately doomed plea to stop commercialising everything. This is 15 Minutes.....

all down the streets the signs read cheaper and better technology
this capitalist vision is my nightmare, put up a sign in my face
what the fuck happened to this place?
i think we made a wrong turn now look at the lovely concrete
i drove to my stupid job today, got stopped at an intersection
15 minutes of my life just rolled away
i looked at the guy next to me he didn't seem so happy
no ones happy but everyone's too busy to see
let's go shopping today
drive our fancy cars to the fancy malls and for lunch we'll have big macs
i wish i could turn the clock back to when i was ten
when i wasn't scared of everything
and everything wasn't so fucking crowded
and i wonder if my kids will ever see a horizon
untouched by billboards and shopping malls
and i wonder if this crazy world thinks i'm the one who's crazy
what if i'm the one who's crazy?
what if i'm the one who's crazy?
i'm not crazy just frustrated

Wednesday 20 April 2016

REDS - Can't Fool Me (Rebel Spell Cover)

   REDS are from Vancouver, British Columbia, and they've recently released a cover of the Rebel Spell song Can't Fool Me. The original version of the song appeared on Rebel Spell's 2007 Four Songs About Freedom ep.

  REDS line up Paul Tryl (vocals), Johnny Malatestinic (guitar/vocals), Ken Firman (bass/vocals) and Scotty Munro (drums) and they have the 14 track diy demo from hell available "name your price" here :

  This video for Can't Fool Me is dedicated to all the friends, family and fans of Rebel Spell vocalist Todd Serious who you may recall tragically died last year in a climbing accident.....

This place is a trap. 
The outside has been choked off and the brilliance of it is we can’t seem to tell. 
Put bars up around me, I’ll see them right now, trap me with words, I’ll swear I built it myself 

Manufactured consent through passive means. 
A pervasive and constant lullaby 
about choice but this can’t be true cause there’s only one side. 
You’re gonna have to do better cause I won‘t lose my mind 

They say love these walls cause without them we’d fall. 
But this thinking’s so small we only live despite them all. 
Your cages won’t save us; they’re no help at all. 
We know you’re fucking wrong 

Please save me she says and looks to the sky but the sky doesn’t answer and the girl doesn’t fly. 
But she crosses herself sits back on the floor and rocks while she cries still believing the stories 

There is nothing worth saving that can’t be taken away 
this tyranny is fuckin smooth the old methods are gone. 
You think your voice is getting through cause you can vote or wave a sign 
but you’re gonna have to do better if you intend to keep your mind. 

They say love these walls cause without them we’d fall 
but this thinking is so small we only live despite them all. 
Your cages won’t save us, they’re no help at all, 
we know you’re fucking wrong 
We can see it cruel 
we resent it. 
Relentless, invasive you can’t fool me. 

I’m confused by rules they’re never precise enough for me 
and it doesn’t matter how far you take them they’re never gonna be. 
I need a place where everyone can see but I’m not kidding myself I know it’s just a dream. 
Right now is all I’ve got so I won’t be caught. 
You can fuck yourself you can’t fool me

Tuesday 19 April 2016

Evacuate - Victims


  Evacuate are a hard hitting, politically and socially aware punk rock band from San Diego who've been around for 8 years and who earlier this year released an impressive new album called Blood Money. You can find it, along with their previous releases, here :

  Influenced by the likes of The Sex Pistols, Chelsea, UK Subs, Broken Bones and Negative Approach, they feature vocalist Mike Virus (ex Virus and Cheap Sex), guitarist Karlos Evacuate (ex Lab Rats), guitarist Tony, bassist Kevin Kane and drummer Paul "Riff-Raff" Cuellar.

  Fast, loud and in your face, this is a damning indictment of police brutality called Victims......

Monday 18 April 2016

Jerry's Kids - I Don't Belong

  Jerry's Kids were one of the greatest American hardcore punk bands. Forming in 1981, they were also one of the earliest and most influential. They burst onto the scene with half a dozen blistering tracks that opened the seminal compilation album, This Is Boston, Not L.A.

  Their classic release was the 1983 album Is This My World? It was a frenetic aural assault which saw bassist Rick Jones take over vocal duties from brother Bryan and the recruitment of Gang Green's guitarist Chris Doherty. You'll find the lead track from the album below.

  They split up in 1984 but reformed a couple of years later releasing an album called Kill, Kill, Kill and a single called Spymaster. Several reunion shows followed but no new material.

  Short, fast and loud, this is I Don't Belong.....

I got a feeling
It's in my head
I got a feeling
Do you hear what I said?


I got a feeling
It's in my brain
I got a feeling
I've got nothing to gain

Sunday 17 April 2016

The Party Kills - No You Don't Have OCD, You're Just Uptight About Stati...


  The Party Kills are a new band from West Yorkshire who feature members of punk stalwarts The Dauntless Elite ("The Dauntless Elite - a guitar + a tamborine = The Party Kills"). They've just put their debut release on Bandcamp, it's a 2 track calling card that bodes well for future material. You can snap it up "name your price" here :

  The line up is Joe Alderdice (vocals), Lee Wall (guitar/vocals), Stephen Hastwell (drums) and Andrew Jackson (bass) and if you're already a fan of The Dauntless Elite you won't find them straying a million miles away from familiar territory with this new project.

  If you're anywhere near Leeds this coming Tuesday (19th April), you can see them supporting Tender Defender (who feature 3 members of Latterman) at Leeds' Wharf Chambers.

  This is the short and snappy No You Don't Have OCD, You're Just Uptight About Stationery.....

Saturday 16 April 2016

The Jasons - New Wave Girl

photo : Evan Meyer

  Hailing from Egg Harbour Township, New Jersey, The Jasons are a fun horror punk band featuring 4 hockey masked dudes who go by the names Jason V (lead vocals/lead guitar), Jason 3D (bass/backing vocals), Jason Hell (drums/backing vocals) and Jason R (lead guitar/backing vocals). As you'll no doubt have figured out, they're influenced by Friday the 13th as well as all your favourite old school pop punk bands (Ramones, Screeching Weasel, Queers, Teenage Bottlerocket, etc etc etc). They also wouldn't turn down an invitation to share a stage with Kiss.

  They've been stalking, slashing, killing and eating pizza for a couple of years now and you can check out their releases, including their latest album, Get Fucked, here :

  A killer song about Violet Anne Morainie,  who suffered a grizzly death in Friday The 13th : A New Beginning,  this is New Wave Girl.......

Friday 15 April 2016

Moose Blood - Bukowski

Photo: Nicole Busch

"They're the best English band at the moment in my opinion. Big

 claim I know but I can listen to their songs for a week solid and

 still not be bored of them."

  So said Eric Evans of Just Some Punk Songs' favourites Modern Tribes. He was referring to Moose Blood, an emo band from Canterbury, England who have signed to Hopeless Records and will soon be releasing a new single called Honey. There's a new album set to follow later this year.

  Forming in 2012 they released an album in 2014 on No Sleep Records called I'll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time and it's from that record that today's song (recommended by Eric) is taken.

  The band (Eddy Brewerton, Mark Osborne, Glenn Harvey and Kyle Todd) are currently on a tour of the UK that has seen all dates sell out in advance. They'll also be playing The Truck Festival in Oxfordshire in July (alongside The Manic Street Preachers and a host of others). The new single will debut this Sunday so watch out for that but this is the song I mentioned earlier, it's called Bukowski.....

Bukowski's growing old
this coffee's getting cold
I guess I'll never know
why you closed the window
Start reading Hemingway
start drinking cups of Earl Grey
then I guess maybe one day..
I'll be yours forever
I'm the best book you'll never read
you make me feel like Jimmy Dean
you make me feel like Morrissey
when you undress from your best dress..

To keep warm, I'll bring a sweater
you can have mine, it looks better
and honestly, you can take it home.

To keep warm, I'll bring a sweater
you can have mine, it looks better
and honestly, you can take it home.
You can take it home.

We'll take blankets to stay safe
I'll do my best to stay out of your way
then I guess maybe one day,
I'll be yours forever
I'll introduce you to Clarity
teach you the words to The Sound Of Settling
make you watch High Fidelity
on a Sunday, maybe one day...

To keep warm, I'll bring a sweater
you can have mine, it looks better
and honestly, you can take it home.

To keep warm, I'll bring a sweater
you can have mine, it looks better
and honestly, you can take it home,
you can take it home.

To keep warm, I'll bring a sweater
you can have mine, it looks better
and honestly, you can take it home.

Thursday 14 April 2016

Violent Arrest - Five More Years

  Bristol hardcore heroes Violent Arrest are back with a song from a new 6 track ep called Authors Of Our Own Demise. On 7" orange vinyl, the ep is available with part 2 of Artcore Fanzine's Thirty Year Anniversary edition. You can find it here :

  Their earlier releases can be found here : &

  The song you'll find below is a scathing commentary on the current political climate in the UK following the Conservative Party's General Election victory. It's called Five More Years and you should play it loud.....

Wednesday 13 April 2016

Rough Kids - I Fear The Fall


  Rough Kids are from Los Angeles and they first appeared on this blog back in Feb 2014 with a song from their debut album, The State I'm In (

  Fast forward a couple of years and they're back with a new single, Lights Out ( which is on Japanese label Episode Sounds and a new, self titled, album which is on Sorry State Records (

  Sorry State promise that the album will be faster and more intense than the debut and compare it with the likes of Machine Gun Etiquette and Dawn Of The Dickies (77 punk sounds combined with classic pop song writing). If it comes anywhere near those two albums it'll be well worth grabbing hold of.

  Here's a taster, the infectious lead track, I Fear The Fall......

Tuesday 12 April 2016

Vista Blue - Sisters In Christ

  Vista Blue are back today with a song from their new ep, Songs About Stuff.

  The song you'll find below is the lead track from the ep, it was the band's first ever recording (from 2014) and it was done for the opening of a new record store in New Orleans called Sisters In Christ.

  Fast forward a couple of years and not only is it on the new ep but it's also been covered by Pears for a record store day 7" which will be out this weekend (Vista Blue's version will be on the flip side).

  You can get the Songs About Stuff ep "name your price" here :

  "Great records at a great price, Sisters In Christ........"

Monday 11 April 2016

PUP - If This Tour Doesn't Kill You, I Will

  Photo by Vanessa Heins


  Toronto band Pup return on May 27th with a new album called The Dream Is Over. Stefan Babcock (vocals/guitar), Zack Mykula (drums/backing vocals), Steve Sladkowski (guitar/backing vocals) and Nestor Chumak (bass/backing vocals) are "4 dudes who play loud music" as you'll possibly already know if you caught 2014's self titled debut album :

  With influences including Built To Spill, Weezer, The Bronx, The Weakerthans and Queens Of The Stone Age, it's not too surprising that though their music is loud, it's also catchy as hell. Almost constant touring during the last couple of years have help provide plenty of material for new songs, one such being the rather wonderful If This Tour Doesn't Kill You, I Will......

Sunday 10 April 2016

The Muff Wigs - Teenage ASBO

  The Muff Wigs are a five piece street punk band from Workington, England who feature Steve Akitt (vocals), Liam Reilly (vocals), Sean Askew (guitar), Dan Henderson (bass) and Andrew Potts (drums). They've been around for over a decade though an early incarnation of the band saw them as a 7 piece ska punk act. Nowadays they're a leaner, meaner proposition writing and singing about the issues that affect them and those around them in the north of England.

    So far they've released a couple of eps (In The Pit, Damaged) and the recent debut album (No More Excuses). You can check out their music on Soundcloud :

  From the new album, this is Teenage ASBO......

Saturday 9 April 2016

The Roughies - Don't Hate The Cops

  Political punk from the Bay area today from Oakland, California's The Roughies.

  Starting up in 2011 as an acoustic act, they added extra instruments in 2013. Also in 2013 they released their debut ep, What's Your Plan For The Wasteland? The song you'll find below is the title track of their 2nd ep, Don't HateThe Cops and it came out in 2015. You can find both releases "name your price" here :

  The line up features Patrick Kaufmann (lead vocals/guitar), Marshal "Bronco Bomba" (bass/vocals), Loren "The Wildfire" (drums) and Alex (lead guitar/vocals). Their influences range from The Dead Kennedys, NOFX and Against Me! through to bands like Mountain Goats and Gaslight Anthem. They've an album pencilled in for release this summer so listen out for that.

  Follow the law, they're just doing their jobs, Don't Hate The Cops......

Friday 8 April 2016

Cold Callers - Spying On Me

  Today's song is the B side of a single that came out last December on Wanda Records. It's by Cold Callers who are a new band featuring No Front Teeth Records' Marco Palumbo (Gaggers, Disco Lepers, Miscalculations) as well as members of Los Pepes.

  The A side is called Alright Girl but I think I prefer the flip, Spying On Me. Why don't you check it out and make your own minds up.....

Thursday 7 April 2016

Top 10 Songs Chosen By Mike Hudson (The Pagans)

  A big thanks to Pagans frontman and punk rock legend Mike Hudson for choosing his 10 favourite songs. There's some classics in this list which Mike says are in no particular order......

 1)  THE BUZZCOCKS - what do i get?

 2)  THE RAMONES - today your love tomorrow the world

 3)  JOHNNY THUNDERS - you can't put your arms around a memory

 4)  DEAD BOYS - sonic reducer

 5)  GG ALLIN - bite it you scum

 6)  CRIME - hot wire my heart


 8)  FANG - the money will roll right in

 9)  THE DICTATORS - california sun

10)  PERE UBU - final solution

Wednesday 6 April 2016

The Pagans, What's This Shit Called Love?


  You'll probably already be familiar with Cleveland, Ohio's The Pagans but as Mike Hudson, ever present vocalist from the band has kindly compiled a top 10 list for the blog (check tomorrow's update for that), I think it's about time I posted a song by them. I was tempted to go with their contribution to the recent split ep with The Guillotines but as my Just Some Punk Songs live broadcast has a remit to play new punk music I'll save that song for next Tuesday's show. If you want to check it out though you'll find it here :

  Another recent release you might want to lend an ear to is 2014's Hollywood Eye : I think you'll agree that even after nearly 40 years, this is a band that are still releasing great music.

  The song I'm going with today was released way back in 1978 on the flip side of the Street Where Nobody Lives single and is called What's This Shit Called Love? I'd say they don't make them like this anymore but Mike still is. Check back tomorrow to find out what his favourite 10 songs are...

Tuesday 5 April 2016

Hooligan Crooners - Frankly (hooligan mix)

  Old school punk rock today from a band that's based in Dole (France) and Den Haag (Netherlands).

  Hooligan Crooners feature a line up of Nan Hools, Clement Passant, Kouett Bugman and Barry "Bools" Hools and they've recently released an 8 track ep on PWA Records entitled Hell Yeah!! It's Hooligan Crooners. There's 4 original self mixed songs and then there's remixes of those songs, including one (of the song you'll find below) by Matt Dangerfield of punk legends The Boys. You can check out the ep here :

  They've a second ep recorded and it's pencilled in for a September release, they plan to tour around Europe around that time.

  This is Frankly........

Monday 4 April 2016

Modern Terror - Messiah On Main Street

  Modern Terror are a pissed off Canadian punk rock power trio from Roberts Creek, British Columbia. The line up is Jeff Doran (guitar/vocals), Jamie Swann (bass/vocals) and Brett Hopkins (drums). You might know Brett Hopkins better as "Limo", long time roadie, stage manager, engineer, keyboard player etc for NOFX (a role he's now relinquished leaving him more time for family and this new band).

  There's a record on it's way which I think will be called Sudden Death and I assume it'll feature many of the songs posted here :

  This is Messiah On Main Street.....

Sunday 3 April 2016

The Spook School - Speak When You're Spoken To

  The Spook School are a band from Edinburgh who like to have a good time whilst playing noisy pop music. Do they belong on a punk blog? Hell yeah, if great bands like Martha, Spoonboy, No Ditching etc belong on here then The Spook School's jangle pop gems will fit in nicely.

  Influenced by the likes of David Bowie, The Buzzcocks, The Shop Assistants etc, they formed in 2012 and comprise of brothers Nye and Adam Todd plus Anna Cory and Niall McCamley.

  Their debut album, Dress Up, was released in 2013 on Fortuna POP! and is an exploration of gender, sexuality and queer issues whilst the follow up, Try To Be Hopeful came out last year. You can check them out, along with their various singles, here :

  With a UK tour booked for the summer, as well as a return visit to the USA (following their recent appearance at Austin, Texas' SXSW), their star will only continue to rise. This is their latest video, it's for their song Speak When You're Spoken To........


Saturday 2 April 2016

Stinkbomb - Stinkbomb Saves The Galaxy

  Back to save the galaxy from any intergalactic dictators that just might want to torture your ass, today's update sees the return of St Louis punk trio Stinkbomb.

  Swiftly following their split with fellow Braindead Records' favourites Life On Mars, they've just released a new album titled Number Two. Unapologetically crude toilet humour is on the menu here; sex, drugs and rock n roll are very much the order of the day. It's all done with a couldn't give a fuck attitude and a twinkle in the eye. These guys, Joey Remote (bass/vocals), Krikit (guitar/vocals) and Aspen (drums) have no desire to change the world. They're out to play loud and fast and to have some fun.

  As with all Braindead releases, the album is "name your price" and you can find it here :

  This is Stinkbomb Saves The Galaxy......

When there’s evil going down up in outer-space there’s one band you can call to put ‘em in their place! 

We got lasers blastin’ 
We got swords slashin’ 
With our mighty power 
Save the day at the zero hour 
Up on Ralnax 6 
An evil warlord sits 
Genocide on the neighboring systems 
But now we’re here and we’re gonna get him! 

We heard the call 
“Stinkbomb! Please save us all!” 
And so we come ridin’ in. 

On the main viewscreen 
We see the enemy fleet 
So we raise our shields 
Open hailing frequencies 

Turn back now or pay the price 
Bet your life, you can bet it twice 
With our weapons locked 
Your reign ends here, you are blocked 
Meet me on the surface 
Man-to-man combat will decide this 
We’ll see who’s the best 
With an epic battle to the death! 

We heard the call 
“Stinkbomb! Please save us all!” 
And so we come flyin’ in. 

Our enemy stands twelve feet tall with arms as big as trees 
But I shoot him with a laser-blast, Krikit cuts off his knees 
Then Aspen puts a grenade in his mouth and his head explodes 

The galaxy is saved 
And we are headed home 
We gotta play the show 
It’s time to rock n’ roll tonight 
So have fun, it’s alright 
If it weren’t for us you’d be yelling, screaming, getting tortured, all for the amusement of an intergalactic dictator… 
...But we killed him so relax.