Wednesday 31 October 2018

Constant Mongrel - 600 pounds


  Here's a song I've been meaning to post for a while and as I've seen a few reviews recently I can do a quickie update with it safe in the knowledge that if you want to know more it shouldn't be difficult to find something.

  From Melbourne, Constant Mongrel are Hugh, Amy, Andrew and Tom. You can find them on Facebook : and check out their music on Bandcamp :

  Their most recent release was out in September via Anti Fade Records and its an album titled Living In Excellence. 11 track of post punk excellence that comes highly recommended. This is the opening song, it deals with the rise of the right wing and the growing spread of racism as well as the singer's money troubles. It's called 600 Pounds...

Tuesday 30 October 2018

Vanity - It's That Way for a Reason


  This week's Just Some Punk Songs show will be featuring the usual selection of killer new releases (and a few not yet released songs that various bands have sent me to share with you). It starts later today at 8pm (UK time) and you can find more details here : One of the new releases I'll be playing is the song I'm posting on here today.

  Vanity are from New York and feature amongst their ranks Evan Radigan and Colman Durkee (who between them have been in bands such as The Rival Mob, Nuclear Spring, Creem, NYC Headhunters, Natural Law to name a few). Amongst their releases are debut album Vain In Life (2014) and Don't Be Shy (2016) plus the Yer Fucking Boring 7". They previously featured on here last year ( Their latest release is album number 3, Evening Reception, which came out earlier this month on Beach Impediment Records and is available name your price here :

  If vinyl is your thing then go here : 

  The album's tagged hardcore punk but it's not what I'd call hardcore. They might have been influenced by classic oi music but there's little sign of that on Evening Reception. I can imagine they'd have fit in well as contemporaries of the likes of Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr, Galaxie 500 etc even though they don't particularly sound like any of them. See if you agree. This is It's That Way For A Reason....

Monday 29 October 2018

The Domestics - Fuckin' Die / A Quiet Life / Shopping


  Something slightly different today, 3 (short) songs instead of 1.

  East Anglian hardcore punks The Domestics have teamed up with equally as raucous South Wales band Pizzatramp to release a split 5" vinyl ep that sets out to prove that short songs are the best. The ep is titled Discipline and it's out on November 3rd. You can preorder it from TNS Records and Kibou Records though I'd be quick as it's selling almost as fast as the bands play.

  Both bands will also shortly feature on an impressive limited edition vinyl only compilation album put together by former Dr And The Crippens' bassist Wayne Elliott and featuring 17 of the bands he's featured on his Pulsebeat show ( 7 of the best labels around (Boss Tunage, Brassneck, Kibou, Little Rocket, Pumpkin, TNS and Urinal Vinyl) will be joint releasing it and you can get a full tracklist (and pre order it) here :

  Both band's contributions to the Discipline ep are excellent and either could have been picked as today's Just Some Punk Songs update. The reason The Domestics are the headline act is.... well, you try and get Pizzatramp's song titles in the headline! I will however post the video for those 3 songs....


Pretty damn frantic, yeah?

  Things certainly don't slow down on The Domestics' side of the ep. Clocking in at around the 1 minute mark, this is Fuckin' Die, A Quiet Life and Shopping...

Sunday 28 October 2018

Problem Child - Platform 1


  One good thing about doing this blog is that occasionally bands that you like will send you their new record ahead of release. When this happens I'll play it, enjoy it but keep it to myself till it's released before banging on about it on here. This time around however I was told that whilst the album still isn't quite yet finished ("just a bit more work to do on Bomb Scare") I can use anything I want. A very generous and much appreciated offer from one of the UK's best new bands (as you'll hear for yourselves once the album drops) and one which I'll be taking up with a song here today and then another on Tuesday's show (

  For those that don't know, Problem Child are a working class punk trio from Stoke On Trent who feature ex Wolf Bites Boy drummer Paul Hankey along with excellent vocalist and rhythm guitarist John Banks and bassist Tom Mollatt. They've appeared on here twice before with Your Mother Would Be Proud and Nothing To Prove (both songs feature on the album). A debut album they can be proud of, it's due out next month and there's a free gig to launch it on 23rd November at Roebuck, Leek. Titanic Brewery. You can check details and get more info on the band here : 

  The album is full of mid paced anthems, the songs paint a picture of what it's like to live in a working class area of the UK (thematically akin to Boilermaker's excellent Shop Floor album from a few months ago). It's a street punk/oi album that isn't constricted by those tags and will appeal to a wider audience than just fans of those genres. They even include their version of The Headboys' 1979 hit The Shape Of Things To Come.

  This song is about the old football special trains of the 70's and the fans that travelled the country on them. Beer and mayhem usually ensued "...and we're all fucking mental" This is Platform 1...

Saturday 27 October 2018

Grime Time - Robot Attack


  When I read that Grime Time were trying to "fill the shoes of The Ramones, Screeching Weasel and other pop punk legends" I thought there's plenty trying to do that, let's see what you've got. To be honest, for a debut album they make a pretty good go of things.

  From Ukiah, Northern California, Grimetime feature a line up of Brian Klovski (vocals/guitar), Dustin Jordan (guitar), Mike Spencer (bass) and Jarred Skaggs (drums). You can get more info on them here :

  2 years in the making, the debut album is titled I Think We Could Do Better and is available on cd and digitally :

  A dozen original compositions plus a rocking cover of The Cascades' hit The Rhythm Of The Rain, it's definitely worth checking out and if the title is correct then album number 2 will be something special.

  I'm always initially attracted to a pop punk band's sci fi themed songs before any other so it was a fair bet I'd choose this one to highlight on here. A fast paced, catchy as hell tune with plenty of cool backing whoa whoas and chunky guitars (think Death By Television era Lillingtons), this is Robot Attack....

Friday 26 October 2018

Color TV - Stay In Bed


  From Minnesota and forming in 2014, Color Tv featured on here a couple of years ago when I said that their song Meat Wagon was one of the most popular that had been played up until that time on the Global Punk Network ( Since then they've released last November's Paroxeteens single and now they're keeping up the routine of a new release around this time every year with a debut S/T album. It's available on vinyl from Deranged Records or digitally here :

  Their line up is still the same as in my previous write up, I'm sure the new songs will go down just as well with the Global punk network listeners (I'll test that theory out on my show next Tuesday) and if you want more info on them check out Facebook...

  Recorded by Matt Castore and mastered by the legendary Geza X the album sounds great. Elements of post punk, power pop and garage all combine to produce 10 tunes that both rock and are catchy as hell. Prime example being this uptempo banger, Stay In Bed...

Thursday 25 October 2018

The Биты feat. Maria (Surfinbird) - I Believe in You and Me (Riverdales cover)

  The Биты (The Bity) are from Ukraine and


over the course of the last decade and a bit have


recorded an impressive amount of music.

Included in their back catalogue are numerous

 tribute albums where they cover songs by a

 wide range of artists including The Ramones,

 The Queers, AC/DC, Rolling Stones, Misfits,

Groovie Ghoulies, GG Allin etc. They've also

 released lots of their own compositions. Their

 most recent album pays tribute to The

 Riverdales, 9 covers including the song you'll

 find below. You can check out those releases

 here : 

  Maria Surfingbird is the bassist/vocalist with Russian band Surfinbird ( She's collaborated on the opening track of the Riverdales tribute and the results are a delight.

  Originally on the classic Riverdales 2003 album Phase 3, this is I Believe In You And Me...

Take all the time you want
Take all the time you need
If you follow your heart
I know what your answer will be

I know our love is true
It is plain to see

Oh, I believe in you and me

For those time you are in doubt
For what may lie ahead
When all you think about
Are the worries in your head

I know our love is true
It is plain to see

Oh, I believe in you and me

I always knew we could work it out
In spite of everybody's disbeliefs
That we ever made it here at all?
Well, I believe in you and me

As I get down on my knee
There's nothing bigger, all is great
And sometimes it doesn't hurt
To have a little faith

I went for what is true
I know it's meant to be

Oh, I believe in you and me
I believe in you and me
I believe in you and me 

Wednesday 24 October 2018

The Ratz (feat. Ines from Damn Broads) - Lisa

  The Ratz are the New Haven punk band that feature members of acts such as The Lost Riots, The Danglers, Elvis Mcman, The Black Noise Scam and Buzzbomb. The line up comprises Matt Mullarkey (bass/vocals), Jeffrey Thunders (vocals/guitar) and Elvis (drums). They've recently been joined by Ines Segarra who was lead guitarist with Damn Broads but on this release she's just guesting on vocals on the lead track.

  Both The Ratz and Damn Broads have contributed 3 songs each to a split ep, there's a limited number on 7" vinyl and you can find the Ratz' tracks digitally here :

  Very much influenced by the likes of Black Flag, Circle Jerks, The Stooges etc, The Ratz are an old school 3 chord punk band with simple but very effective songs and distinctive vocals. You can find more info on them here : 

  This is the song that features Ines, it's called Lisa...

Tuesday 23 October 2018

Vista Blue - The Hook

  Halloween is almost upon us which means there's a good chance Vista Blue will be releasing a suitably creepy ep. 2016 saw October Days (And October Nights!) feature songs about Camp Crystal Lake, Freddie Kruegar etc whilst last year's Scary Songs To Sing In The Dark was inspired by Alvin Schwartz's Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark book series and touched on various urban legends such as gators in the sewer and why you should always check the backseat of your car!

  This year they're back with more urban legends on their More Scary Songs To Sing In The Dark ep (can I suggest you download all 3 eps, add their song Jamie Lee and you'll have pretty much the perfect Halloween album). From the opening track, Babysitting (we all know what happens to babysitters in horror movies), to closer The Slithery Dee ( based on the children's poem " The Slithery Dee Oh where can he be? He ate all the others But he'll never eat --- (abrupt stop and a strange noise) ") the ep is a joy. We even get the added bonus of female backing vocals on Wait Till Martin Comes (something they should consider doing more often as it works really well). You can find the ep here : 

  The song you'll find below deals with the urban legend of the hook found in the car door. Dating from at least the mid 50's the basic premise of this tale has a young couple in lovers lane hearing a news bulletin reporting on a serial killer escaping from a nearby institution. They leave quickly and later discover a hook hanging from their door. As vocalist Mike wryly observed on Facebook, who thought it'd be a good idea to give a deranged killer a sharp hook in place of a missing hand and why would said killer try to open the door with his hook and not his good hand! Both fair points but they don't detract from a wonderful song. 

  Vista Blue are one of the catchiest bands around and this release is perfect for playing to your kids just before you take them out into the dark for a spot of trick or treating. 

  This is The Hook... 

Monday 22 October 2018

The Apparents - Working Never Ends


  The Apparents are a 5 piece punk band from Ayrshire, Scotland featuring Sterver (vocals), Geordie (guitars/backing vocals), Monty (guitars/backing vocals), Goose (bass) and James (drums). They're an angry, classic punk & oi band though they're aren't afraid to add a little humour to the mix. Earlier this year they released their debut ep, The Face May Change and they recently followed it up with the excellent album Singin' Songs And Righting Wrongs. You can check them out here : 

  The album features 15 punk rock anthems, the band touch on subjects such as Jeremy Hunt (a filthy little ....), the Royal Family (are they better than you and me, outdated monarchy, everyone's in poverty), the plight of the working class (fingers to the bone till the day you drop) and even holidays with the lads (we can't wait for a sunshine holiday, we're all off to Tenerefey). It's music we can all relate to, everyday life with all it's trials and tribulations.

  You can get more info on the band here :

  This is the opening track (which I played on last week's Just Some Punk Songs show :, it's called Working Never Ends....

Sunday 21 October 2018



  Fellow Global Punk Network host Steven Milton always plays plenty of awesome bands on his weekly Richter Scale's Amateur Hour show (saved shows here : and yesterday I saw him recommending a band from Toronto called WLMRT. Suitably impressed I'm basking in the reflective glow of his coolness and posting their latest video on here.

  Forming in 2015, WLMRT are described as sounding akin to "Teenage Jesus and the Jerks chugging cola with The Locust and Guerilla Toss. Think the rotting corpse of no-wave, all dolled up in neon, going pool-hopping in an ice storm." Or to simple souls like myself who are going off the evidence of the song you'll find at the bottom of this update they're a diy, synth heavy, off kilter riot of fun. If I was to chuck around a few comparisons I'd go with maybe Judy And The Jerks, Janitor Scum, Cold Meat etc.

  You can find previous releases mostly name your price here :  and get more info from Facebook :

  Their new ep, titled Lube 2, will be available digitally and on limited edition vinyl from Pleasence Records next month and you can preorder it here :       

  If all the new songs are as good as this it'll be one of the years best. This is C.U.T.V. 


Saturday 20 October 2018

Mr Lisp - Get Our Minds Right


  Today it's a band I hadn't heard of until I received a message on Google from Shane Hobensack who's a member of Mr. Lisp telling me that they're a punk band from Philadelphia, PA, who have a wide range of influences ranging from NOFX to Ween and would I like to review their new album, Get Our Minds Right. 

  I'm always wary about these kind of messages as obviously I want every song I share with you to be something I like and as everyone's taste is different then obviously I'm going to be sent stuff I don't like and I hate to say no to people. Also I'm not really a good enough writer to do proper reviews so I rely on pretty similiarly structured introductions with links to the music so you can hopefully think ah, Mick likes it so let's have a listen and make our own minds up what it's like. But Mr. Lisp are good and the title track to the album that you'll find below is very catchy so here you go...

   If you check out their Facebook page you'll notice there's not much band info available (heaven forbid anyone thinks that's the reason for the 2 paragraphs of waffle at the start of this review!)

  As well as Shane, the band is comprised of Chris Brill, Connor McGill and Jerry Galanti and you can find the album (plus a couple of eps) over on Bandcamp :

  As for a review, the best you're going to get is that I enjoyed it and recommend you go and see what you think. If you like it, tell your friends I'm sure all the bands on here are grateful for any word of mouth they get. Below is the obligatory Youtube link, it's the title track, Get Our Minds Right...

Friday 19 October 2018

Shogun And The Sheets - Hold On Kid

  If I remember rightly the last time I featured Sydney band Royal Headache I mentioned that I'd feared there wouldn't be a second album as there'd been rumours about them splitting up. Unfortunately those rumours eventually came to fruition and last year they went their seperate ways. They were great and the news, whilst no great surprise, was sadly received.

  So the release of a debut single from frontman Shogun and his new band The Sheets is definitely something to cheer about. As well as Shogun's destinctive vocals we also get Gabby (keys), Seb (guitar), Abel (bass) and Derro (drums). The single is available from What's Your Rupture? on vinyl and digitally here :

  You can find more info, including a very good interview with Shogun, here :

  The 2 songs on the album are unsurprisingly very good with Pissing Blood hinting at the direction the band will possibly take (a classy soulful slow burner) whilst the song you'll find below is a more up tempo affair all together and more reminiscent of his previous work. This is Hold On Kid...

Thursday 18 October 2018

Tommy And The Rockets - We're Going Surfin'

  Summer's over (or at least it is in Chorley). The nights are drawing in, there's a chill in the air and next week the clocks go back. Not to worry though, today Tommy And The Rockets will be brightening up the day with a track from their brand new split ep, Split The Waves.

  From Odense, Denmark, they've collaborated with Spanish band Bikini Wipeouts ( to bring us 4 sundrenched surftastic power pop tunes. Both bands contribute an original song and a cover (Tommy And The Rockets cover Summer Means Fun by The Fantastic Baggies whilst Bikini Wipeouts turn their hands to Brian Wilson's Hawaii). It's on Roctopus T.P. Records on ltd edition vinyl and you can check it out here : or here :

    Forget the cold and the rain, slap on some Factor 50 and go hit the ocean. This is We're Going Surfin'...

It's a clear blue sky
Not a cloud in sight
A sun you can't deny
Everything's alright

We've got the top pulled down
and we cruise around
yeah we're feeling great
the coolest cats in town

We're going surfin’ baby
gonna catch the perfect wave
We're going surfin’ baby
gonna rip around the bay

When the night draws in
we'll party on the beach
in the blistering heat
nothing is out of reach

And as the sun comes up
we're waxing boards again
go hit the ocean surf
we may even hang ten 

Wednesday 17 October 2018

Rotten Foxes - Hamburg Höllenfahrt (Review By Darren Bourne)

  Tadpole Records boss Darren Bourne returns today after kindly sending me his thoughts on a release from last year by a band from his home town. I'll pass you over to him....

 Rotten Foxes : Hamburg Höllenfahrt (from EP II) 

  The Rotten Foxes are 4 guys from Brighton that play Death Punk Rock, They are Rhys Top Boy Toye - Vocals,  Danny Camelot - Drums,  Jimi Dymond - Bass and The Mac Daddy - Guitar

  If you like Turbonegro, Denim, Punk Rock, Beer, Zeke, Rock N' Roll, Mullets & a good time then you may want to check these guys out, they have 2 EP's on their Bandcamp which are both pay what you want to download & a live gig from The Unicorn, Camden, UK. You can also pick up shirts & other Merch there. 

  They are a touring machine & seem to be playing all over the UK all the time & have also headed to Europe a few times so make sure you catch these guys live, it'll be one big party.  They have a U.K. stint lined up for late winter and their biggest Euro trip to date in April 2019, Plus a load of festivals in the works, so follow them on social media for more news

  They put on some killer shows in Brighton under the Apocalypse Dudes Presents banner, supporting other bands & giving Brighton some of the most fun gigs in the South of England, so if you're in town come & have a beer with them, but don't expect a early night. & if you want to look good for the night Jimi also has his own Barbershop so pop in for a trim before the show and sort out that Mullet.

  A new EP is in the works (currently being recorded) & it's going to be vinyl this time, looking for more labels to help out so drop them a message if you like what you hear, it's all about co-operation so the more labels the better, the world needs to hear the Rotten Foxes & every punk rocker needs to experience the live show as we all know that's where Punk Rock is at it's best                   

  Lee (The Mac Daddy) is also in new Brighton Punk / Rock N' Roll band Glitter Piss, but that's one for next time.....

  This is Hamburg Höllenfahrt... 

Tuesday 16 October 2018

Nasty Rumours - Straight To Your Heart

(pic by Alain Schenk from

  Later today you'll be able to listen to this week's Just Some Punk Songs show (details : unless you're reading this after it's been on then you'll have to listen on one of the various stations it airs on or wait till next Monday for it to be saved to Mixcloud. There's a great playlist featuring some of the best new punk releases around and it'll include a (different) song by the band I'm posting today.

  Nasty Rumours are from Bern, Switzerland and previously featured on here almost exactly 2 years ago

  Since then they've released a Singles album which (as the title suggests) gathered together their singles and now they've returned with brand new album, Straight To Your Heart. It's available on 12" red/black splatter vinyl from Wanda Records as well as digitally here :
Think Buzzcocks, The Boys, The Briefs, Cyanide Pills etc and it'll give you an idea of their '77 punk meets power pop sound. The album features 11 catchy tracks and comes highly recommended. As you'd expect, their Singles compilation was pretty damn awesome, jam packed as it was with songs that would have stormed the charts in a more just time and place. What is even more awesome though is that Straight To Your Heart comfortably matches it for top quality, highly addictive punk tunes. This is a band that doesn't release duds.

  They're currently touring round Europe and you can get details here :

  This is the title track, it's called Straight To Your Heart...

When I’m gone you feel so lonely 
You’re sinking fast when you’re not with me 
You look at my picture every day 
Hey love, I’m on my way 

I got a one way ticket straight to your heart

Monday 15 October 2018

The Bare Minimum - Safe Bet


  The Bare Minimum are a 4 piece punk band from Toronto with a line up of Cam Gray (vocals/guitar), Mick Hutchinson (guitar), Allen Davidson (bass) and Chris Nikolaidis (drums). They've been putting out music inspired by the likes of  Propagandhi, Belvedere, S.N.F.U. etc since 2011 and you can find free downloads of those releases here : 

  They recently announced that they'll have a new  ep out on 2nd November. 7 tracks in under 15 minutes, it'll be titled Where The Busses Don't Come and promises to be their rawest and most intent offering yet.

  You can get more info on the band here :

  Blazing a trail for the ep is this video for the opening track. This is Safe Bet...

Sunday 14 October 2018

Jaws - Thirst

  Jaws IV, also known as Jaws: The Revenge. The movie that bought a house for Michael Caine's mum. And now it's the title of the new ep by New Jersey hardcore thrash punk band Jaws. The movie is rated 2.9/10 on the Internet Movie Database and a typical user review complains "...the film's near non-existant carnage is devoid of any campy gruesomeness, resorting to extreme close-ups of the absurdly unconvincing attacks, generating less menace than watching a snail crawl." Happily the ep delivers much more bite.

  First featuring on here back in January with a track from debut ep Man Overboard (, Jaws are one of the heaviest bands to grace this blog. The 5 songs on the new ep rattle by in around 9 minutes. It's fast, furious and pretty brutal, these guys have the scent of blood in their nostrils and they're moving in for the kill. Rather than concerning itself with sharks though, the opening track despite featuring gushing blood and hopeless victims is about a much more hirsuit creature.

  You can get more info on the band here : whilst both eps are here :

  This is called Thirst...

Werewolves Chasing 
Blood is gushing
Legs are tired
need to find a safe place

Finding sanctuary
not an easy task
cutting it close
the end is pretty close

Eyes are rolling
hair is growing
fangs are showing
losing whats left of me

Chasing my victims
giving little hope
hearing their screams
as the blood runs through my throat

Thirst, Craving, Hunger, Thirst,
Thirst, Craving, Hunger, Losing whats left of me

i can't believe this happened to me
one drop of blood, it fucked me
someone take a gun and load it with a bullet
and end this useless fucking life

Thirst, Craving, Hunger, Losing whats left of me

Saturday 13 October 2018

Natterers - Not Long Left Now (Review By Stefan Ball)


  Another guest review for you today, this time around it's by Stefan Ball who's the vocalist with Reading band Who Killed Nancy Johnson?

  Stefan has reviewed the new album from highly rated Yorkshire hardcore punks Natterers. The album is called Head In Threatening Attitude and it's been picking up some rave reviews. Here's another...

Head in Threatening Attitude by Natterers

Boss Tuneage Records - released 5th October 2018

£6 digital on Bandcamp, £10 vinyl and £7.50 CD from; cassette from Raise the Curtain Records

  The first album from Yorkshire band Natterers is a bit of an event. It's been two years since the demo came out, and a year since the brilliant Toxic Care 7" EP. That's plenty of time for personnel changes and musical development. So, what's new?

  Quite a lot. On the personnel front, the album features a new rhythm section in Rob Bewick and Dave Allen - who between them have a long pedigree including playing together for Vorhees and separately in bands like Leatherface and Young Conservatives.  

  And on the musical side, Natterers reveal a greater complexity and depth. The six tracks on Toxic Care were all busy, frenetic, surf-laced, shouty and short. Head in Threatening Attitude has all that, of course - not least a re-recording of "Defiant (again)", which featured on the 2016 demo. But there's more light and shade in the pacing. "Dead Men Can't Catcall" in particular comes in on a kind of louche Cramps-style lurch that is - whisper it - slow. 

  More light and shade in the vocals, too. Emma can still yell with the best of them, but on tracks like "Not Long Left Now" she shows she can handle melody, while the weary anger and contempt in the delivery of the aforementioned "Dead Men Can't Catcall" fits the song and the message perfectly. 

  As for Thomas, whose guitar lines - a sort of Dick Dale on speed - are so much a part of the sound, he flourishes in the longer format. Surf remains his key influence, and he lets it rip on tracks like "Germs and Creeps" and the closing instrumental, "Theme Song". But he can do a mean Rezillos chord riff ("Not Long Left Now") and play classic punk guitar ("So Much More"), while the album opens with five power chords that Malcolm Young would have been proud of ("Power Tripping"). 

  Throughout the record, the band as a whole and the members of it always sound like themselves, even though each song is different in structure, attack and timing. "Long-awaited debut album" says the advertising. It's been worth the wait: Head in Threatening Attitude is a brilliant record.

  This is Not Long Left Now... 

Friday 12 October 2018

Slow Faction - Breitbart Boys (Guest Review By Dirk Ceustermans)

  So, Slow Faction. the much beloved London punk band that have featured on here numerous times and have been getting noticed around the world. I heard them played recently by Mike Rogers on his popular Japanese radio show and when I asked Dirk Ceustermans (my favourite Belgian and host of the MediaMofos show under his Zaphod Beeblebrox pseudonym) if he'd do another review for the blog it's wasn't a complete surprise when he wanted to wax lyrical about one of their latest releases. The band are noted for their excellent lyrics and 70's influenced sound. If you've somehow missed out on them so far, download their music from Bandcamp, it's name your price.

  Enough of me, here's Dirk....

Slow Faction - The Breitbart Boys
Demo track released September 2018 

Yes! Another Slow faction release on bandcamp! These boys are spewing out hits at a regular pace. This track has been put on Bandcamp in September, just a month after they 
published "The Blank Generations Demos" (August 2018, 3 tracks)
And while I'm typing this, they uploaded live tracks "Live in Brixton"

  The South London boys have done it again with this song: catchy as hell and lyrics that say something and make you think!
The riffs sparking off Clash/Pistols influences, fired up with the brilliant voice of John Youens
spewing out political awareness into the air. 
A catchy phrase follows:
"Infiltrate the mainstream 
and peddle hate 
Contaminate the language 
to control and manipulate" 
and the song continues with a sing-along invitation you can't resist "just fascists in disguise"!
 A modest and simple melodic solo to turn you on to the bridge that rather urges you to strom it, rather than jump off of it.
Thanks lads, another fantastic song, in a truly DIY fashion and completely free on Bandcamp.
Fuck Fascism!
He’s a real Firestarter 
He’s an arch racist 
A lying wife-beater 
And a white supremacist 
He’s the alt-right fanboy 
Of Mephistopheles 
Whispering seduction 
In ambitious ears 

Infiltrate the mainstream and peddle hate 
Contaminate the language to control and manipulate 

I see it in their eyes – just fascists in disguise 
I see through all their lies – just fascists in disguise 
The truth will never die – just fascists in disguise 
It’s time to take up sides 

America The Beautiful 
It’s karaoke night 
But he can’t see all the right arms 
He says he’s got bad sight 
He calls the Daily Stormer 
To solicit their views 
For an article he’s writing 
To post on Breitbart news 

Little Tommy name-change has some powerful friends 
With very deep pockets so the funding never ends 
A nationalist network with an international reach 
They organise a rally in the name of Free Speech 
They put them on a coach and they bring them all down 
To infect our streets and infect our town 
But we don’t want these knuckle-draggers around 
This is our home – this is London!

Thursday 11 October 2018

Top 10 Japanese Punk Songs Chosen By Grim Deeds

  No Stranger to Just Some Punk Songs, Grim Deeds has an extensive back catalogue of quirky pop punk delights  and he interviews some of his favourite songwriters on his blog

  He's also previously chosen his Top 10 songs : and allowed me to conduct one of my rare interviews 

  He's a very accomodating guy and very passionate about music so when I heard him chatting on The Dummy Room ( enthusing about his love of Japanese pop punk bands I had to pause the interview and fire off a message asking him to put together a Top 10 of his favourites. I was confident of a positive response but surprised by how quickly it came. Within seconds He'd replied "Sweet! I'd love to do it. I'll work on it today." And sure enough he was as good as his word so without further ado here's 10 top tunes as recommended by Grim Deeds...

  Konnichiwa and HAILS! I spend a lot of my time wishing I was back in Japan. The Japanese scene is exploding with great bands right now. Their enthusiasm and sincerity is only matched by their songwriting skills and tight musicianship. Here are some of the best and brightest going right now!

10. The Ham Ham Hamburgers - Popball                                                                       Pure pop punk fun with no pretension or gimmicks. Well, they do like to eat hamburgers!

9. The Plum Crazys - Hey Little Coupe                                                                           Japan's premiere Ramonescore band. Danny Plum Crazys is the real deal! Japanese Dee Dee Ramone.

8. Felix! (The Band) - Pop Punk Records                                                                         Super tight and catchy pop punk with an original flavor. These guys rule!

7. The Hathaways -  I'm The One Playing Dragon Quest                                                 Keita, Daisuke, and Hiro are the main guys now and their songwriting is evolving into something even more current and exciting - but they will always know how to write a satisfying pop punk tune! I miss you guys!

6. The Nerdy Jugheads - Anything Just For You                                                           This band is incredible live and their records are all super tight and huge sounding. I consider them to be the TBR of the East! Yoshi is the man and all the guys play super tight and fast - fastest downstrokes ever?

5. STUPID PLOTS - What Did Change?                                                                                    Shogo is an original punk rocker! His raw, energetic, melodic songs are about as sincere and direct as it gets. His DIY attitude and community spirit is awesome. His daughter Sakura is amazingly talented songwriter as well! 

4. The CCS - I'm Gonna Fall                                                                                           Yusuke Ogane has the soul of power pop! These guys really know how to craft excellent songs. They are top tier Japanese punk/power pop.

3. The Hum Hums - Battle Line                                                                                     Incredible talent here, and it really shows! The Hum Hums have the best harmonies, the catchiest songs, and the most timeless style. Incredible to see live, and always a satisfying listen.

2. Pelotan - Abracadabra                                                                                                     This is pure pop perfection, with so many great influences incorporated into a very professional and tight package. The songs are almost too catchy! A great band with a truly impressive, time-tested sound.

1. Shonen Knife - Jump Into The New World                                                                     They may not be as big in their home country of Japan, but Shonen Knife still maintains a huge international following after over 30 years of creating catchy rock music and touring the globe. They are truly inspirational! Naoko is one of my favorite songwriters of all time - a true original.

Wednesday 10 October 2018

Anticitizen - Class War


  Anitcitizen are the anarcho/hardcore punk band from Hackettstown and Washington who featured on here a year ago with a hard hitting song called Bricks Not Ballots It was one of a couple of very promising tracks on their 2017 Promo. Since then (as well as featuring on a number of cool punk compilations) they've released a 7" single, Invasive Species/Endangered World and are now back with a new 4 track ep titled Stand Up And Fight. As well as the 2 tracks from the Promo, there's a couple of brand new ones, including the one you'll find at the bottom of this update. The ep is available on various coloured 7" from Wiseass Records ( and digitally on Bandcamp :

    You can find more info here :

  So, Stand Up And Fight. 4 tracks of rough around the edges passionate punk rock anthems. No bells and whistles just honest to goodness diy gut punches that'll have you chanting along. With titles like Bricks Not Ballots, I Hate and You're A Cunt it's pretty obvious you're not getting songs about girls. Spleens are vented about banks, the police, religion, politics, the bourgeoisie etc. All worthy targets deserving of the bile that comes their way. If you like your music raw and angry then this is for you.

  So to the track I haven't mentioned yet. Track 1, the song the ep gets it's title from. Stand up and fight for your fucking rights, this is Class War...

1, 2, 3, Kill the Bourgeoisie
4, 5, 6, Time to bleed those pigs
7, 8, 9, The people will arise
10, 11, 12, Send them all to hell Yeah!

Class war x4

1, 2, 3, Kill the Bourgeoisie
4, 5, 6, Time to bleed those pigs
7, 8, 9, The people will arise
10, 11, 12, Send them all to hell Yeah!

Class war x4

Stand up and fight
Stand up and fight
Stand up and fight
to escape this life

Stand up and fight
Stand up and fight
Stand up and fight
for your fucking rights