Friday 31 August 2018

The Menstrual Cramps - Boycott The Lot


  The Menstrual Cramps formed in Bristol before moving to London to record their 2017 debut album We're Not Ovaryacting. Diy, political, riot grrrl punk with a sense of humour, definitely a band to check out. A typical example of their music comes in the form of first single My Bush Ain't Ur Business, a song that upset the powers that be on Youtube but which can be found on Vimeo ( Other highlights from the album include Cull The Tories, Hashtag Sad Penis, Another Sesh and Lying Cheatin' Fucking Scumbag. Poly Styrene once sang "Some people think little girls should be seen and not heard." Like Poly Styrene, this is a band that would give those people short shrift. The Menstrual Cramps are loud, opinionated but definitely not po faced. They're going to speak their minds but they're going to have fun too.

  Lining up with Emilia Elfrida (vocals), Cooper Rose (guitar), Robyn Jenner (bass) and Beth White (drums) they've recently returned with album number 2. It's titled Free Bleedin' and you can stream it on Spotify, i Tunes, Google Play etc. Cds will be available at their upcoming gigs and you can find details here :

  The first video from the album is below. Unfortunately for some reason I can't suss out it doesn't seem to want to paste on here so you'll have to click the Youtube link to watch it. It's called Boycott The Lot :

Thursday 30 August 2018

Uniforms - Get Me Out Of Here

  Uniforms formed in 2011, spent the next 4 years playing over 200 shows and releasing various eps, splits and demos before deciding to call it a day. Refreshed and ready to go again they reformed late last year and have recently released a new ep titled Reasons To Breathe. They hail from Dundee and feature a line up of Derrick (guitar/vocals), Jamie (guitar/vocals), Ade (bass/vocals) and Jason (drums/vocals). You may know Derrick (Johnston) as founder of Make That A Take Records (

  To help promote the ep they're currently touring and you can get details of the remaining dates here :

  The ep features 3 songs, melodic and anthemic it's the sort of music that should appeal to those of you who shed a tear when Bear Trade decided to go their seperate ways. Out now on both Make That A Take Records and TNS you can check it out here :

  This is the opening track, it's no doubt going to have their audiences singing along and it's called Get Me Out Of Here...

There is a culture I no longer believe in
Thought police posing as my friends
They’ll tell you who you are, what offends them
They’ll tell you everything ain’t as good as it used to be
Well, well, well...

Well I’m getting out
I’m getting out
Get me outta here!

Maybe we need to learn to listen
Maybe we’ll develop empathy
Don’t tell me who I am, what offends me
I promise you everything’s better than it used to be.
Well, well, well...

Well I’m getting out
I’m getting out
Get me outta here.

Sometimes that’s how it goes
Sometimes you just don’t know
Sometimes you gotta go
Sometimes you gotta go to know
Sometimes, oh sometimes...

Wednesday 29 August 2018

Judy And The Jerks - Biscuit Power

  From Hattiesburg, Mississippi, whacked out weirdos Judy And The Jerks make their third appearance on the blog today and like their last write up the song I've chosen is a cover.

  They recently released a new ep. Titled Roll On Summer Holidays it's a tour tape for their west coast tour. 4 original tracks plus a cover of a Gorilla Biscuits classic. You can find it name your price on Bandcamp :

  This song begins with a slow, ominous build up. Imagine yourself on a roller coaster, slowly approaching the top of the hill. It's a little like that. Then the vocals kick in with a shouted "GO....." and we're over the peak and hurtling rapidly downwards. It's fast and furious, a total blast before we're soon levelling out and wanting to go again. This is Biscuit Power...

Gorilla Biscuit in your head
One more time and you'll be dead
Better watch out, Better be scared
Headed for the dragon's lair...

G-O-R-I double L-A

Tuesday 28 August 2018

Babys Blood - Everybody Looks Like A Fucking Idiot


  The prolific Drew Owen returns today having previously featured on here as D D Owen, Sick Thoughts, Chicken Chain and Gluebags (which is just scratching the surface of his prolific output). Today Drew is part of Helsinki hardcore punk band Babys Blood and they're unleashing their debut (and probably last) 7" single. Drew's moving back to The States next month so there'll be no more Babys Blood but watch out for a third full length from Sick Thoughts.

  After announcing themselves with a blistering demo at the end of 2016 (it's name your price on the Bandcamp link below) they return with 4 more explosive sub 2 minute gut punches that feature Drew venting his spleen. Death, sex, booze, cops, suicide and his loathing of his fellow man all feature, all underscored by a pounding backbeat that is loud and heavy but also pretty damn tuneful.  Check out one of the year's best hardcore releases here :

  This is the opening track, Everybody Looks Like A Fucking Idiot...

Monday 27 August 2018

Personality Cult - Heart Attack

  If I had to answer the question "Which is the best record label around at the moment?" then I'm pretty sure my answer would be Drunken Sailor. Their releases are frequent and pretty much all of them are great. If pushed to back up my answer I'd have to do no more than reply "check out the link... "

  Their latest modern day classic is the self titled debut album by Personality Cult.  From Carrboro, North Carolina, and featuring Ben Carr from Natural Causes ( ( Personality Cult have released an album that contains 10 short and very sweet songs that are being bombarded with superlatives from all corners of the internet. Buzzcocks meet Steve Adamyk is just one comparison being tossed around. Other reviews mention the likes of Wire and Tubeway Army. I can hear hints of those bands but to me Personality Cult just sound modern, fresh and very catchy. If you haven't had the pleasure yet, go listen to the album now...

  As well as Ben (vocals/guitar/bass/synth) the album also features Ian Rose (drums) and sees Johnny Valiant, Mark Connor, Colin Sneed and Crowmeat Bob contributing on various tracks. You can get more info (plus links to a lot of proper reviews of the album) here :

  All the songs are great but I have to highlight one so let's go with this 92 second gem, it's called Heart Attack...

Sunday 26 August 2018

Civilian - Unstable Times

  Civilian are from California and line up with Esu Vomita (vocals), Zach (guitar), Taylor (bass) and Oscar (drums). Last year they introduced themselves with a name your price demo and they followed it up with a single titled Unstable Times. They returned earlier this year with an ep, More Like ET. It's also available name your price and you can find it here :

  And aside from that I ain't got a clue. I can't find anymore info, no photos, no Facebook, nothing. So I suppose I better mention that the ep contains 5 tracks of shouty punk rock, pretty basic stuff but I enjoyed it. Especially the opening track and former single which features frontman Esu in fine form contributing some of the best wailing and screaming since Husker Du covered Eight Miles High. The guitar work was top notch too.

  This Is Unstable Times...

Saturday 25 August 2018

Private Sector - Survival (Is Killing Me)

  I'm a bit busy today getting married so today's update is by necessity a quickie. Private Sector are a UK band featuring members of Cult Syndrome, Detergents and Die Pest. At the start of the year they released the Cost Of Living ep (2 original tracks and a cover of The Prats' Disco Pope). You can check it out on the Byllepest Distro Bandcamp Page :

  If  "dirty, lo-fi middleclass dystopia" is your kinda thing then you'll love it. This is Survival (Is Killing Me)...

Friday 24 August 2018

2 Sick Monkeys - These Are The Things That Don't Seem Like Fun To Me


  Fred and Pete are the Swindon based duo better known as 2 Sick Monkeys who appeared on here a couple of years ago ( and who return today with a belting song that suggests new album Into Oblivion is going to be well worth watching out for. It's due out on September 7th and I'm guessing it'll turn up on their Bandcamp page but whilst we wait for it, you can grab today's song and a second one "name your price" here : The album will be available on double 12" vinyl and cd through a bunch of labels (Antipop Records, Back From The Dead Records, Deadlamb Records, One Step Outside Records, Pumpkin Records, Shatterpunk Records, Smegma Records, Uncomfortable Beach Party and Urinal Vinyl).

  Now for the bad news, it looks as though it'll be their last album as just like another top notch UK band, Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man, they'll be calling it a day at the end of the year. Their last few live dates culminate in a final gig  in Swindon on December 16th and though tickets are going fast you might just be able to get some here :

  The song below features vocals (and lyrics) by Ed Ache (Casual Nausea, Minor Discomfort Band, ICH). It lists loads of different things but unlike them, this IS fun! It's called These Are The Things That Don't Seem Like Fun To Me... 

Skateboarding, street louge 
Potholing, Tattoos
Body mods + motor bikes
Taking drugs @ great heights
Dog fighting, self harm
Sunbeds, rocket cars
Base jumping, crap TV
Hair dying, Home surgery

Heroine, colonic irrigation
Cave diving, white water rafting
Cage fighting, destruction derby
Bug chasing, joining the army...

These are the things that don't seem like fun to me.

Big brother, anal sex
Joy riding, homelessness
Facebook, thai massage
Riots, Linux, squatting theme parks
Glory holes + guinea pigs
Curb crawling, little kids
S+M + B+D
Death cults and celebrities

Joss sticks, eating ants, bull riding
Speed boats, nudism, rock climbing
Planking or chasing the cheese
Aroma - bloody - therapy

These are the things that don't seem like fun to me

These are the things that don't seem like fun to me

Gymnasiums, Starbucks
Bunsen burners, gun clubs
Jogging, having 15 kids
Overeating, dieting
Storm chasing, angle grinders
Sex with cars, acupuncture
Yiffing, poi + juggling fire
Suspension, pica, walking high wires

Beards of bees, golden showers
Body building, white power
Vampires, taxidermy
Voting for the tory party
These are the things that don't seem like fun to me

These are the things that don't seem like fun to me

Thursday 23 August 2018

Slow Faction - The Blank Generations

  No strangers to this blog, '77 influenced London punks Slow Faction are back today with another of the well crafted, politically charged songs that they're becoming well known for. They've just shared (as a name your price download) 3 demo tracks that should eventually end up on a full band release that they're pencilling in for either later this year or the start of next. The demo is titled The Blank Generation Demos and you can snap it up here :

  Whilst there, take advantage of the rest of their (name your price) catalogue.

  They've a few gigs lined up, including one with 2 Sick Monkeys (who will have an excellent new song on here soon) and you can check details here :

  It's always good when a band has something to say and you can tell by reading their lyrics how much time and care Slow Faction take to get their message across. Some bands make you bounce around the room and smash things up, Slow Faction are a band that make you think. This is drum machine demo of The Blank Generations...

Suicidal thoughts and alienation 
Bourgeois comforts and self-detestation 
Amnesia and the downfall of a nation 
Imperial dreams then crushing reparation 
A fragile national psyche and hyperinflation 
A cleansing of the ego through Idolisation 
A new national pride and armoured restoration 
No moral judgement just abnegation 

So, this is what he wants to say to you – you’re the blank generation 
This is what he really thinks of you – you’re the blank generation 
Can’t you see: 
- You make a stand or you stand for nothing 
- There’s more to this than just your ego 
- Your silence is complicity 

Looking at the wreckage of a brutalised nation 
Eleven years of cuts and deprivation 
The shrinking of the state and rationalisation 
Rewards for the few and not the wider population 
Small town boredom and desperation 
A cultural desert of neglected desolation 
A feeling of disgust for ‘The Useless Generation’ 
Of baggy minds and druggy veneration 

So, this is what they want to say to you – you’re the blank generation 
This is what they really think of you – you’re the blank generation 
Can’t you see: 
- You make a stand or you stand for nothing 
- There’s more to this than just your ego 
- Your silence is complicity 

So, here we are – you had it all 
You had the best of everything – but now it’s gone 
Pull the ladder up – on those still to come 
You look down on them – for not being born the same time as you… 

Then you moan about foreigners and immigration, 
Cultural identity and isolation 
London has fallen to Islamification, 
Metropole elites and liberalisation 
You swallow all the lies about this glorious nation 
Pomp and circumstance for the big occasions 
Tug your forelock and know your station 
And turn your backs on the younger generations! 

So, this is what we want to say to you – you’re the blank generation 
This is what we really think of you – you’re the blank generation 
Can’t you see: 
- You make a stand or you stand for nothing 
- There’s more to this than just your ego 
- Your silence is complicity

Wednesday 22 August 2018

MC16 - Sleeping On Cardboard

  Today I'm posting a song that went down so well with the chatroom folk on last week's Just Some Punk Songs show that even though it came out last year (it resurfaced again on the recent Rebellion 2018 New Band (introducing) Stage compilation : I thought it deserved to be discovered by a few more people.

  Sleeping On Cardboard, is a single (I think their debut?) by a band called MC16. This is the part of my introduction where I usually give you some info from their Facebook page but all that's in the info section is this... "Life Is A Way Of Punk." They've since released a couple more singles, Prisoner On Watch and Innocence Is Not A Technicality. Maybe one day you'll be able to find more info here : 

  For me, this is the pick of their singles and it highlights the plight of far too many of our servicemen and women. Enlisted to serve their country, promised everything but now a burden and parasite. Suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, their medals mean shit when they're sleeping on cardboard. "If the enemy doesn't get you the system will" ... The song's a slow burner with a powerful message, have a listen, you'll like it. Sleeping On Cardboard...

Tuesday 21 August 2018

Vista Blue - My Dad Listens to the Ramones

  They say that a week is a long time in politics, it's also true that 5 months without a new release from Vista Blue seems like a lifetime. The wait is over.

  I should think you've all seen me going on about Nashville's number 1 power pop / pop punk band by now so I don't need to go over old ground. Suffice to say that even if you're a Billy Leeds (that's an archaic Yorkshire term for grizzled old punk) you'll still find something from their lengthy back catalogue to enjoy and what's more, all their digital releases are name your price :

  Usually their (catchy as hell) songs are about baseball or Halloween or Christmas or even curling! But this time around they return with an ep aimed at kids but that adults can enjoy too. It's called The Kids Still Don't Like It and it contains 5 tracks inspired by some of the bands that did this kind of thing when they were growing up (They Might Be Giants, Ralph's World, Justin Roberts etc). To be honest, even though they're pitching it as a kids ep, it isn't really much different from their other stuff. It's still gonna get stuck in your head. They're one of those bands that don't stray too far from their core sound and to be fair I'm very happy about that.

  You may have also noticed they featured on the recent Outloud! Records Killer Tunes compilation, that's definitely required listening too...

  Maybe aimed at kids (so play it to your young ones) but definitely gonna be enjoyed by everyone, this is My Dad Listens To The Ramones...

(btw.... if you're wondering about the picture at the top of the page, Vista Blue are a band that don't have many photos online so I've posted one of someone who's dad listens to The Ramones. My daughter).

Monday 20 August 2018

Boilermaker - The Sirens And The Lights

  I featured Boilermaker on here back in 2016 when they were starting up and there was very little info available for them so I asked vocalist Max Turnbull to introduce the band (worth a read : Anyway, it's been a while but they managed to get their debut album, Shop Floor, released in time for their recent successful appearance at the Rebellion Festival.

  As mentioned, the band features Max Turnbull on vocals as well as fellow ex Last Rough Cause member, guitarist Phil Coates, drummer Mike Robson (Gimp Fist, Thankless Graft, Last Crusade) and bassist Steve Addison. You can find more info here :

  They've just put out a video for one of the songs on the album. Ominous, brooding guitars lead into Max asking if you can feel tension in the air. What follows is a modern day street punk anthem about fighting in the dark of night, 2 sides trying to gain control, senseless violence, flashing lights, sirens... the background to a sleepless night. This is a band that can paint a picture. This is a band that are powerful and skilled in their craft. Check 'em out.

  This is The Sirens And The Lights...

Sunday 19 August 2018

Reptilians From Andromeda - Midnight Scenes


  Reptilians From Andromeda are from Istanbul and combine elements of post punk, garage, grunge and alt rock to produce a fresh, original sound. They were formed in 2013 by vocalist Aybike Celik Ozbey and guitarist (and also founder of 90's Turkish punk pioneers Rashit) Tolga Ozbey. The current line up is rounded off with bassist Ersin Çağlayan (formerly guitarist of 90's hardcore punk band Radical Noise) and drummer Başak Karacan.

One of the most active bands on the Turkish underground scene, they regularly tour (earlier this year they wowed Belgian audiences) and will be appearing alongside bands such as The Kids, Cavemen, Biznaga, Tommy And The Commies etc at this year's We're Loud Fest (Istanbul 19-20-21 Oct

Amongst their releases are the album Dialogue For Monkeys (which came out on Czech label Prof Sny) and this Self Titled affair which you can find on Bandcamp :

They recently started to record a new album but to tide us over they've released a new song, this is Midnight Scenes...

Saturday 18 August 2018

The Blankz - (I Just Want To) SLAM!


  A song that went down well on a recent Just Some Punk Songs show  ( was Sissy Glue. It's the flip side to The Blankz White Baby (debut) single and it had me paying attention for any new material the band might release. The wait wasn't a long one as they're very quickly back with a new 7" single. Released on Slope Records ( it's the second ep in a series of nine (the next one, I'm A Gun, is pencilled in for 14th September). All the songs will eventually be released as a compilation album. 

  The Blankz are from Phoenix and despite having only been around since last year already seem to be getting noticed (even MTV are getting in on the act). Reviewers are pitching them somewhere between Devo and The Ramones. If you haven't stumbled across them yet, they're fun, give them a listen. You can find both singles on Bandcamp, both are excellent.

  They're a 5 piece and feature Tommy Blank (vocals), Jaime Blank (guitar), Nikki Blank (synthesizer), Andy Blank (bass) and Johnny Blank (drums). Nikki Blank is aka Nicole Laurenne from super cool garage rockers The Darts. You can get more info here :

  The Blankz are 2/9ths of the way to an absolutely killer comp. Round and round, here we go, dodge those fists and take a blow. This is called (I Just Want To) SLAM!

Friday 17 August 2018

Mean Caesar - South London Summer


  Mean Caesar are from south London and though they got together a couple of years ago they spent most of that time practicing before making their live debut earlier this year. The line up of the band is Danny Lester (vocals), Oliver Ward (guitar), David Littlefair (guitar), Stu Henson (bass) and Stu Morrison (drums). Previously they've played in numerous other acts including 46 Itchy, Atomic Newt Beaver, The Barrymores, Great Cynics, Pure Graft, Murderburgers etc etc etc. Now they're preparing to release their debut (Self Titled) ep, it'll be available on 5th October on Little Rocket Records and you can pre order it here :

  Their goal is to make music that's "hooky as hell with an urgency to it." My first impression on hearing them was that they reminded me a little of Red City Radio (and then I noticed that Red City Radio were a band they'd supported at the New Cross Inn last month). Anyway, check them out as once the ep drops they'll no longer be London's best kept secret... 

  To whet your appetite, they've just released a teaser single from the ep. Dealing with the theme of finding a gang where you feel at home ( “I’m thankful every day that this bunch of misfits happened to cross my way / We’d prop up the Monty bar where talking endless shit can get you far / We’d toast our failures in the park and wander reckless streets in the dark,”  ) this is the kind of sound that'll appeal to fans of the bands that Little Rocket Records' owner Graeme Philliskirk was in (Leatherface, Medication). It's called South London Summer...

Thursday 16 August 2018

Black Russians - Rostov Ripper

  Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction so bear that in mind whilst reading the following...

  Last September I received an email from a spokesperson for a bunch of Russian dissidents who whilst very much loving their country had concerns about the Putin regime. Those concerns left them fearing for their safety and led them to go undeground and attempt to leave the country. To keep their identities secret I'll refer to them as Black Russian 1, Black Russian 2, Black Russian 3 and Black Russian 4. To cut a long story short, they recently managed to evade capture by the authorities and relocate from Leningrad beach to a remote backwater in the US where to support themselves they've taken up the name Black Russians and are channelling their love of classic pop punk bands such as The Lillingtons, The Ramones, Teenage Bottlerocket, The Connie Dungs etc.

  I'm not sure what the likes of Lenin or Stalin would have thought of these guys (I'm guessing they'd have been mining salt in a gulag for the next 50 years) but the natives of their adopted country seem to be going wild for them. They've even attracted the attention of top label Outloud! Records who've included a track by them on their new compilation, Killer Tunes. Featuring songs about serial killers, the album also boasts awesome bands such as The Prozacs, Kobanes, The Jasons, Vista Blue etc etc etc. You can find it here :

  I got back in touch with my contact to query the spelling of the song that the band contributed to the comp and he blames it on a CIA plot to discredit them. It seems they're on the run from the American authorities as well as Putin's henchmen so for once, don't share this update. Let the band remain a secret known only to the punk world. There is a Facebook page for them but for obvious reasons any info is kept to a minimum :

  This is a song that tells the story of one of Mother Russia's most feared killers, Andrei Chikatilo. You can get the low down on him here : It's called Rostov Ripper...

Wednesday 15 August 2018

The Hung Ups - This Summer



  The Hung Ups are a trio from Salt Lake City featuring Josh Recker (vocals/guitar), JD (bass) and Schwenny (drums) who're influenced by The Ramones and by a bunch of bands who followed in their footsteps such as Dear Landlord, Banner Pilot, Screeching Weasel, The Queers etc. They've been around for almost a decade and featured on here last year with a song from the Panic Attack ep (

  Last month they returned with a new ep titled Insanity Plea. 5 catchy singalong punk songs that are definitely going to appeal to fans of the of the "Ramonescore" genre but which also have a grittiness and bite that keep them from being too derivative. You can snap it up (along with a fairly impressive back catalogue) name your price on Bandcamp...

  There's a proper video getting released soon for Slipping Away but today I'm highlighting the opening track on the ep. Have you ever been in a situation where the girl of your dreams is with another guy? This is one of those songs, it's called This Summer...

It’s summer why aren’t you here with me? 
There’s no place that I’d rather be 
So take this chance and try something new 
Cuz hanging out with you is all I wanna do 

cuz it's summer and and I wanna be with you 
its a bummer that you like some other dude 
cuz this summers not turning out the way I wanted it to 

summer’s almost over I won’t give in 
I’ll keep chasing you until the end 
You’ll never know if you don’t let me show 
the way I feel and how I won’t let you go

Tuesday 14 August 2018

The Painted Dogs - Troubled Girl


  The Painted Dogs are a fast paced garage punk trio from Detroit who's line up features Spanky Wallflower (guitar/vocals), Dylan Kissal (bass) and Zoe Kissel (drums). Checking out their biography it says write yer own (cheers guys!) so I'll have to guess they formed shortly before releasing 2016's Vibrator ep. The song you'll find highlighted below was the lead track on that ep and also reappeared recently on what I assume is their debut album, Live Fast, Die Young.

  You can check out both releases on Bandcamp :

  Here's the point in the write up I usually say you can find more info here but there isn't really much more info to find on Facebook so just go and give them a like :

  What can you expect from Live Fast, Die Young? 11 really good punk n roll tunes that deserve hearing by a wider audience. Catchy singalongs are the order of the day, there's even a beefed up version of the Ronettes' classic Be My Baby. If you're a fan of The Dictators or Johnny Thunders etc then I think you'll enjoy The Painted Dogs. Check 'em out.

  This is Troubled Girl... 

Monday 13 August 2018

Nomatrix - Throughput Will Be Down


  Nomatrix are a band from Athlone in Ireland who formed in 1997 and who's line up features John (guitar/vocals), Hugh-bob (bass), Tadhg (drums) and Mickey (guitar). You can get a brief history here : and find some music here :

  They recently returned following a lengthy hiatus and are planning to release a new 7" ep on Deadlamb Records. The release date is dependant on how much overtime frontman and label co owner John can get (the joys of keeping a punk band going in 2018!).

  Later this year they'll be appearing at Dublin's 2 day Buddyfest (8/9th Dec) and you can find details here :

  This is called Throughput Will Be Down...

Sunday 12 August 2018

Tony Dork - Punt Road


  When Wassup Rocker Radio host Alex Kish recommended I check out a new band called Tony Dork, I was expecting an upbeat pop punk outfit from the US that would probably be decent enough but would struggle to stand out in a crowded field. What I was pleased to discover however was another cool Australian band (this time from Melbourne) that channelled the couldn't give a fuck air of slacker cool recently given off by the likes of The Chats, Tumble Turn, Dole Checque etc.

  Playing fun pub rock with the occasional surf guitar flourish, Tony Dork is a bunch of mates who were bored enough to start a band and despite claiming not to know what they're doing seem to have quickly picked up a decent following and have recently released a very good S/T ep. Featuring Jamie (vocals), Lachie (bass), Byron (guitar) and Will (drums) the ep features 6 songs and all are winners. You can find it (along with a couple of early songs) "name your price" here :

  You can find more info here :

  This song has recently been accompanied with a video so it's the one I'll highlight today but the rest of the ep is as good so make sure you snap it up. This is Punt Road...

Saturday 11 August 2018

PUPPY and the HAND JOBS - I Eat Abortions

  As regular visitors will know, everything on the Just Some Punk Songs blog is done in the best possible taste. Even faced with the choice of which of the 2 videos that PUPPY and the HAND JOBS have released from their I Eat Abortions ep should I post on here, I've gone with the more tasteful of the pair. Yeah it's called I Eat Abortions and it features frontman Jaime Paul Lamb cavorting around on stage in just a nappy singing about the titular tasty snack but trust me, it's tame compared with homoerotic companion I Think I'm Gay.

  The band are from Phoenix, Arizona, the ep is available on 7th September as a 7" from Black Gladiator and Slovenly Recordings whilst Jaime Paul Lamb is the man behind the compilation We're Loud 90's Cassette Punk Unknowns  (

  The ep contains 5 tracks of scuzzy garage punk. All very basic, all pretty damn great if you like your budget rock to be primitive though still have a tune that you can hook onto. Rock n Roll was never meant to be safe and I think it's fair to say that these degenerates wouldn't be welcome around your family dinner table for Sunday lunch when your parents are visiting.

  You can check out 3 of the tracks and/or pre order it here :

  This is I Eat Abortions...

Friday 10 August 2018

The Briefs - Kids Laugh At You


  Bit of a rush job today as I've been stuck in traffic for 2 hours on my way home from work and as I pretty much never decide beforehand what song I'm going to post and therefore have nothing prepared and haven't really got enough time to research an obscure band today I'm posting something you've all probably heard by someone you all probably know but which hopefully you'll all enjoy anyway (I'm sure that opening paragraph deserved some punctuation but sod it, I'm in a rush!).

  The Briefs are the Seattle band who play '77 inspired punk rock and who've been very much conspicuous by their absence for the last decade or so. They released some of this millennium's best albums (Hit After Hit, Off The Charts, Sex Objects, Steal Yer Heart) before seemingly going their seperate ways (Chris Brief to Suspect Parts, Daniel J Travanti to Sharp Objects (been waiting far too long for a second album from them!) and Steve E Nix & Stevie Kicks to The Cute Lepers).

  You can get more info on them here :

  Earlier this month they were over in Europe where amongst other triumphant gigs they graced the Rebellion Festival in Blackpool. To coincide with this flurry of live activity they've released their first new music in over 10 years, a 7" single that's on Taken By Surprise Records and which you can find here :

  Despite the length of time between releases, they're still as vital as ever. This is Kids Laugh At You...

Thursday 9 August 2018

No Doz - Mothballs


  Whilst chatting my usual inane bollox on the Just Some Punk Songs show I often comment on how much great music is coming out of Australia at the moment so in a couple of week's or so I'm going to do an Australian punk special. To give you an idea of what to expect, today's song will feature.

  No Doz are from Sydney and they recently self released their debut Self Titled (8 song demo) album. I played one of the songs from it (Swearing Songs For Lovely Ladies) on last week's show and it went down a storm. As well as being a wonderful album, it's also available on Bandcamp "name your price" so go snap it up...  

  I don't know anything about the band though supposedly members also feature in Hostile Objects, Extortion, Chinese Burns Unit, Hellebores, The Optionals, Collapso etc...

  What do they sound like? Uptempo female fronted garage punk is the order of the day. The vocals are shouty, the production is unapologetically rough and ready but the songs are pretty damn catchy and definely worthy of your attention. I look forward to hearing more.

  This is the opening track, I tried to decipher the lyrics so I could post them below but in the end I gave up and just bounced around the room instead. It's called Mothballs...


Wednesday 8 August 2018

The Nielsens - Crystal Lake

(photo : Miles Knauer)

  On yesterday's Just Some Punk Songs show I played a new song by Sleaford Mods expecting the folk in the chatroom to be unanimous in their love for it but was a little surprised that it divided opinion. The song that followed it however reunited the room, everyone was a fan and therefore it's getting shared to a wider audience today.

  The Nielsens are from Edmonton, Alberta and were born out of a love of science fiction, horror and 3 chord punk rock (not much chance of them failing to find favour with me then!). Influenced by some of the genre's best (Ramones, Lillingtons, Descendents, Riverdales, Groovie Ghoulies etc) they line up thus; Ryley Conroy (guitar/vocals), Phillip Toutant (drums), Addison Braa (bass) and Cody Blakely (guitar).

  They recently released an album called Blurry Photos, 14 tracks of pop punk with a little bit of a hardcore punchiness about it. They sing about subjcts such as the doomed Challenger space shuttle actually being a top secret mission devised by President Reagan to beat the Russians to Mars, Freddy Kruegar being back and looking for revenge and how people in black cars will come for you if you broadcast the truth. I love this sort of thing when it's done well and The Nielsens do it very well indeed. Check it out :

  You can get more info here :

  If you're planning what to do with yourself next summer here's a bit of advice. Listen what the locals say and stay the fuck away from camp Crystal Lake...

I don't wanna go to camp next summer,
Don't want to be in charge of the safety of others.

We shoulda listened to what the locals say:
We should stay the fuck away from Camp Crystal Lake.

You know there's probably better ways to spend your summer,
A machete to through the backs kinda really a bummer.

Well your kids are better off homeless on the streets,
Then camping in the woods with Jason Voorhees.

We shoulda listened to what the locals say:
We should stay the fuck away from Camp Crystal Lake.

Tuesday 7 August 2018

Modern Enemy - They Can't Control

  Modern Enemy are a hardcore punk band from California who are currently over this side of the pond touring the UK, some of you may have seen them last week at The Rebellion Festival in Blackpool. They've gigs this week in Sunderland, Birmingham, Manchester and Dublin (details :

  Featuring Phil (vocals), Jake (bass), Kyle (guitar) and Skot (drums) their high energy, in your face sound is influenced by the likes of The Faith, Social Unrest, Jerry's Kids, DOA, MDC, Circle Jerks etc. Hearing them for the first time, it isn't a surprise to learn that they're from Orange County.

  With their Bandcamp page proclaiming Freedom Isn't Free...Question Everything...Think For Yourself, you can expect songs that fire off verbal volleys of piss and vinegar at various deserving targets. Whether it be Walls (break 'em all down), Guns (throw down your weapons) or title track Rise And Fall (the left and the right, they just don't know when to quit), they state their viewpoint both firmly and in a straight forward, common sense way that it's very hard to disagree with. They've recently released their new album, the aforementioned Rise And Fall, and you can find it here :

  It contains plenty of great songs that'll get you bouncing around, pretty much all of which I could have highlighted today. The one I'm going with is short, fast, furious and benefits from some great gang backing vocals. It's called They Can't Control...

Monday 6 August 2018

Gouge Away - Only Friend

  Forming in 2013, Gouge Away are an "angular blend of sass and spitefulness" from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, who are influenced by the likes of Unwound, Jesus Lizard, Nirvana, Foo Fighters & Fugazi and who previously appeared on here back in 2016 with a song from their debut album , Dies ( Since then they've released the Swallow/Sweat single and are shortly about to unleash album number 2, Burnt Sugar.

  It'll be out on 28th September and you can pre order it on various formats here :

  The line up of the band features Christina Michelle (vocals), Mick Ford (guitar), Tyler Forsythe (bass) and Tommy Cantwell (drums). The new album was recorded live in one room at The Atomic Garden, without headphones, 100% analogue onto a 2" tape and then mixed manually onto a 1/4" tape. It deals with personal and social political subject matter and once it's released they plan to promote it with plenty of touring. You can get more info here :

  The first single from the album deals with the topic of mental health and in particular vocalist Michelle's battle with paranoia. It's called Only Friend...

Felt things change for just one day
But now it's back to the same old ways
Failure is an ocean instead of a floor
The bed is a raft floating away from the door
Swallow salt just to taste something
Heart can't push blood that's thickening
Some say it's suffocating
Say that I'm not living

Paranoia comes knocking
She's my only friend
Paranoia is here again
She's my only friend

I let my guard down to meet someone new
Said she was disappointed
Said I fucking knew
Sometimes it's suffocating
I don't feel like I'm living
Paranoia's always lingering
She's my only friend.

Paranoia comes knocking
She's my only friend
Paranoia is here again
She's my only friend

Sunday 5 August 2018

The Chats - Do What I Want

(photo : Zo Damage)
  Over the last few week's I've been putting together a special Just Some Punk Songs show that'll feature a playlist of new(ish) Australian punk music. I've pretty much got an hour's worth of songs (I've just been hanging on a bit to see if there were any more songs released from upcoming albums by 2 of that country's hottest new bands The Chats and Amyl And The Sniffers). There was a new single released by The Chats last month to coincide with their first headline tour of Australia but I'm going to play that on this Tuesday's show instead and I'll also post it on here today.

  As mentioned last year when sharing Smoko (many peoples highlight from the Get This In Ya ep and also the flip side of the new single), The Chats are from Australia's Sunshine Coast. The line up of the band is Josh Price (guitar), Eamon Sandwith (bass/vocals) and Matt Boggis (drums). They've only been together for a couple of years but they've caused quite a stir. Following in the footsteps of Amyl And The Sniffers, they'll be playing (no doubt packed) shows in the UK and Europe in October and you can find details here :

  No more details on the album yet but from the amount of love they get from the people in the chatroom when I play their songs I know it's one of the year's most eagerly awaited. If you missed their earlier releases you can catch up here :

  The single, the first taste of what we can expect, is more of the "couldn't give a fuck mate, we're Aussies" kind of punk that we now expect from them. Not for these guys concerns about the troubles of the outside world, they're more bothered about their hum drum everyday existence. Just leave them alone to live their lives at their own pace and don't tell them what to do.

  This is Do What I Want... 


Saturday 4 August 2018

Negative Scanner - Nose Picker

   Listening to various Global Punk Network shows last week, it was hard to miss the song you're getting today (I think it featured on 3 seperate shows). It's by a post-punk 4 piece from Chicago, Illinois, called Negative Scanner and it's the title track of their excellent new album. The band line up with Rebecca Valeriano-Flores (vocals/guitar), Matthew Revers (guitar), Nick Beaudoin (bass) and Tom Cassling (drums) and they formed in 2012 following the break up of Flores and Cassling's previous band Tyler Jon Tyler. Flores is also in a hardcore punk band called Cyber Pink ( and features alongside Coneheads' Mark Winter in Super Stupids.

  Their debut album was a Self Title affair which came out in 2015 ("furious and snarling post-punk in the vein of Wipers/Siouxsie And The Banshees). Recent follow up, Nose Picker, came out a couple of weeks ago. Both are on Trouble In Mind Records, the latest being on limited edition snot green vinyl

  You can find digital versions of both albums here :

  The album kicks off with a cry of "Is there anybody there?" finishes with the flushing of a toilet and sandwiched in between has 12 powerful tracks. This is one of them, Nose Picker...

You’re picking sides like you pick your nose. Easy enough when you got nothing to lose. You think you’re invincible. Nuh uh, nuh uh, nuh uh. ‘Well, I can change! I can change my mind.’ You think you’re always right. Well, so did I, so did I, so did I. You’re always scared you’ll get caught in a lie but your whole life is a lie. ‘Well, I can change! I can change my mind.’ Do you want to change? Or would you rather break?

Friday 3 August 2018

Future Girls - Middle America


  Future Girls are a 4 piece from Halifax, Nova Scotia who describe their sound as "bummer punk" and who's songs deal with themes of gender dysphoria, depression and geographical isolation. The line up features Matty Grace (vocals/guitar), Heather Grant (vocals/guitar), Dewayne Shanks (drums) and Coleman Johnston (bass/vocals). They cite as influences the likes of Superchunk, Measure (SA) and Tenement.

  They formed in 2015 and recently released debut album Motivation Problems. 12 tracks, fuzzed up guitars, serious lyrics but wrapped up in catchy tunes. They'd have been darlings of the alt rock charts a couple of decades ago. Available via Dirt Cult Records (a label that is building up one hell of a catalogue of releases) you can get it on cassette here : or digitally here :

  For more info check out their Facebook page :

  There's a few songs I was thinking about sharing below, in the end I went for Middle America...

neighbours argue every night 
about what is or isn't right  
dead dial tones and bitter words  
everybody gets what they deserve  
a barren field of ashed out cigarettes  
our best days still haven't found us yet  
because we're crossed out and off the map  
to say  
and I remember  
when everything felt different in the day-to-day  
another december  
black us out and wander through the same  

i guess it bothers me today

Thursday 2 August 2018

Andrea Manges And The Veterans - Martians, Go Home


  Andrea Caredda will more than likely be familiar to any avid pop punk fans reading this as frontman of long running and highly rated Italian band The Manges ( He's also spent the last dozen or so years fronting The Veterans (now rebranded Andrea Manges And The Veterans). The band play old school Euro pop punk mixed up with a dash of surf rock and he's aided by numerous talented musicians from bands such as The Manges, The Ponches, Teenage Bubblegums, Popsters, Tough etc... They debuted with 2008's S/T album, have popped up every once in a while with a new single and are now back with a new S/T album on Striped Music :

  You can find their digital releases here :

  You can get more info on the band here :

  If you're into catchy tunes you can't really go wrong with the new album. The production is great, the songs are earworms and the backing vocals by Ally Bubblegum are a delight. The song you'll find below is one they've been playing live since their first show and as I'm a sucker for sci-fi themed pop punk songs it was always going to be the song I posted on here. It's called Martians, Go Home...

You don’t know, but you’ve been here once before
red lights were flashing, I've never felt so insecure
Don’t you know what I have seen, think about it
Can’t forget what I have done, I dream about it
And now the district's on a roll
Since you left I took control
It’s time to face what I’ve been hiding for so long

You gotta go home
Gotta go home
Gotta go home
Martians, go home
If you want to stay alive
You gotta go home
Gotta go home
Gotta go home
Martians, go home
There’ll be no mistakes this time

Well, I was an officer, my name is on the blue book
Prescriptions for these drugs, you’re free to take a look.
Don’t you know what I have seen, think about it
Can’t forget what I have done, I dream about it
And now the district's on a roll
Since you left I took control
It’s time to face what I’ve been hiding for so long

You gotta go home
Gotta go home
Gotta go home
Martians, go home
If you want to stay alive
You Gotta go home
Gotta go home
Gotta go home
Martians, go home
There’ll be no mistakes this time

I won’t miss you martians, so long
I won’t miss you martians, so long

Wednesday 1 August 2018

Scandal - Five Seconds


  Originating in Romania around 20 years ago but now relocated to London, Scandal are a street punk band who've featured on here a couple of times previously and who's most recent couple of eps and their 2018 album On A Roll can be found here :

  Featuring a line up of Gabi Scar (vocals), Vlad Octavian (bass/vocals), GM Gigi (drums) and Ricardo Stoco (guitar/vocals) they return to the blog today with a new single. As well as the new single, they've been lined up to play next April's Undercover Festival where they'll share a stage with the likes of Sham 69, Slaughter And The Dogs, GBH, Chelsea and many more. You can get details here :

 The new single is a mid paced anthem warning anyone who may be listening not to get in the way of a pissed up and pissed off angry punk. It's called Five Seconds...