Monday 31 January 2022

Personal Damage - Steppin Razor


  If you wanna live
  Treat me good...

  Personal Damage is Bungee, Baño & Earbean, a trio from Los Angeles who's members have also been in bands such as Abuso de Poder, Krigshoder and Hate Preachers. 

  They released a demo tape last August ( which was compared with the likes of Wasted Youth, The Fix, White Stains & Chain Whip. 

  A few months later as 2021 crept towards a close they followed it up with a 6 track ep on 1753 Records titled Ambush. The tracks are definitely influenced by 80's hardcore, they're short, aggressive and very enjoyable. If you like your punk energetic and fat free then you can find the ep here (I'm not sure if there's any of the ltd edition cassettes left but it's also available as a name your price download) :

  A little surprisingly for a hardcore punk release, the song I'm highlighting is a cover of reggae artist Peter Tosh's Steppin Razor (it was actually written in 1967 by Joe Higgs and recorded by Bob Marley, Sinéad O'Connor, Sublime & The Kills but the version on Tosh's 1977 Equal Rights album is the best known 

  A very different beast to Tosh's version, this is Steppin Razor...

The Monofones - No No


  The Monofones ( are a "lo-fi garage trash inferno" from Bern, Switzerland. They're a trio who "produce loud and wild 60s garage trash with a pinch of punk." They're also very good.

  They've been together for around 14 years, have a line up of El Miguel (drums), Miss O.O. (vocals) & Sir Haemesly (guitar/vocals) and have just released their 6th album. It's titled Loud & Lousy (which is only partly true as they are loud but they certainly aren't lousy) and it's available via Little Rebel Records on vinyl, cd and digital download. You can get it here :

  It's a very consistent album, all the songs being highly enjoyable. The first one I heard was Shut It Out (I played it on this week's show and it went down well in the chatroom) and there's a fun video for it here :

   For the blog though you're getting this one. It's called No No... 

Sunday 30 January 2022

Clobber - Karens, Gammons, Hippies & Conspiracies


Buckle up… it’s clobbering time!

  Can I recommend you all have a listen to this week's Just Some Punk Songs show (today at 8pm UK time 24 songs by 24 bands, 14 who have never featured before. If you're looking for a show that concentrates on new punk music you'll struggle to find better. 

  One of those bands making their debut are Clobber ( They're a hardcore punk quartet from London who've just released a debut ep titled Tribal Rites of the New Friday Night. It's a rip roaring introduction to a very promising outfit who I'm sure you'll be mightily impressed with.

   It's opinionated; it asks what's wrong with the world today. It then provides an answer, the world's gone mental. As the band say, "The world around us has Irreversibly, devastatingly and unrecognisably changed, we have endured so much from a party who show no consideration for the working class and left us to die while they partied. They gutted the hallowed halls where we cut loose and spent our youth for fancy towers and railroads and they continue to laugh at us from the top of the hill and we won’t take this lying down. We too have changed as people, we’re stronger, more unified and together we can conquer anything, these are the Tribal Rites of the New Friday Night."

  The ep barrels along at a breakneck pace, it's heavy but doesn't forget to anchor that hard hitting sound with a modicum of melody. If I was going to make a comparison I'd maybe say Clobber (on this release) are in the same ball park as Crown Court. You can get it here ; 

  "This song is the culmination of watching the news all over the world in 2020. It’s about how many people stood by and watched the world suffer and somehow made it all about them. How people would conjure ghost stories and excuses to excuse their deep seeded prejudices while people literally took to their streets in a desperate attempt to stand up for basic human rights."  It's called Karens, Gammons, Hippies & Conspiracies...

What is wrong with the world today? All you silly mugs got to have your say, your inability to see another view, its only fucking gospel if it comes from you.

Karens, gammons, hippies and conspiracies, statues, masks, blaming 5G and PC.

Painting a target on your head, convinced a minority wants you dead, it ain't about you, it never was, you just want a word in just because...

Karens, gammons, hippies and conspiracies, statues, masks, blaming 5G and PC.

Saturday 29 January 2022

NOBRO - Bye Bye Baby


  NOBRO ( are from Montreal and feature a line up of Sarah Dion (drums/vocals), Lisandre Bourdages (percussion/vocals), Kathryn McCaughey (bass/lead vocals) & Karolane Carbonneau (lead guitar/vocals). They list amongst their influences the likes of Jay Reatard, The Damned, Royal Trux etc. Their sound is an energetic mix of garage, punk and down & dirty rock n roll. They're a band that like to shred.

  They released an ep in 2020 titled Sick Hustle and they're about to follow it up with one called Live Your Truth Shred Some Gnar. It'll be out on Feb 23rd but 3 of it's 7 tracks are streaming now. You can pre order it here :

  All 3 of the available songs are very good, this one's the most recent release. This time around guitarist Karolane takes lead vocal duties as she blasts out a passionate response to the worst break up of her life. This is Bye Bye Baby... 

Friday 28 January 2022

Silicone Values - 1977


  I've featured Bristol DIY collective Silicone Values on here a couple of times so far with their songs Utopian Futures ( and The Last Work Of Piss Artists ( They always go down very well (as they did in the chatroom when I played their Streaming TV single on the show towards the end of last year) and although any write ups I see about them are always positive, I reckon they're deserving of a higher profile. 

  Their sound is lo fi post punk, most of their releases have a similar kind of sound but that's certainly no problem as they're very good indeed.

  They return today with the flip side of their new single. Featuring a line up of Brin Davies (Guitar/Vocals/Drum Machine), Anthony Richards (Guitar/Vocals) & Ben David (Bass Guitar), we're treated to 2 new tracks, both of which are of equal merit. 

  "Recorded without due care or attention at No Clear Objective Studios January 2022" we're treated to title track Burn The 1980's and 1977. Both possess an endearingly retro feel, both highly recommended. You can get the ep here :

   Maybe this will be the song that earns them fame, a contract from Virgin and an early death. It's called 1977... 

Thursday 27 January 2022

Glaas - I'm The Problem


  Glaas are a "supergroup" from Berlin featuring members bands such as Clock Of Time, Idiota Civilizzato, Useless Eaters, Lacquer etc.... The line up is Jan (Drums), Cosey Mueller (Keyboard), Alexis (Vocals), Raquel Torre (Bass) & Seth Sutton (Guitar). 

  They've an album titled Qualm on the way via Static Shock Records which will be out in the spring but to give us an idea of what to expect they recently released a Self Titled ep. 3 tracks, all very fine examples of dark but energetic post punk. It stands out from the crowd due to an impressive turn on the keyboard from Cosey Mueller who's also in synth punk duo Das Das. Clock Of Time's Tobias Lill is on production duties. 

  There's a video for the song Concrete Coffin ( but the track I'm highlighting today is called I'm The Problem... 

Wednesday 26 January 2022

Thank - Dread


  So I was passing the time of day trawling round the internet searching out new music worthy of playing on next week's Just Some Punk Songs show and my ears were pricked by a new song by a band from Leeds called Thank ( 

  They were new to me but as their back catalogue goes back to 2017 maybe they aren't new to you. Anyway, my first impression was they sound a little like current media darlings Yard Act. My second impression was, damn, this is better than I originally thought. Maybe they sound like I'd like Yard Act to sound. 

   After deciding to post the song on here I noticed they've been garnering a fair bit of attention with comparisons being made with the likes of McLuskey and The Fall. I also noticed they've a new album out on Feb 4th. Titled Thoughtless Cruelty, it'll be available on green vinyl via Box Records (UK) and Exploding In Sound (US). 3 of the tracks are already streaming here :

  This song will get the phrase "There's never been a good band from London" stuck in your head. It's called Dread... 


Tuesday 25 January 2022

The Red Eyes - When The Last Note Died


  The Red Eyes ( are a 70's style punk band from Glasgow who formed in May 1997. You can listen to their previous releases here but today I'm posting a song from their new album, Falling Thru' The Cracks. 

  Veterans of The Rebellion, Nice 'n' Sleazy and Wasted festivals and regulars on the gig scene (you may have caught them supporting the likes of SLF, Theatre of Hate & Spear of Destiny, UK Subs, 999, Undertones, The Alarm, Goldblade, Sham 69 etc, they're a band who pride themselves in the strength of vocalist Alan Bishop's impressive song writing skills. What's more, they're improving with every release. 


  To highlight those skills, here's a song written about the Miami Showband massacre in Ireland back in 1975 when three members of the Miami Showband were killed by loyalists in a bomb and gun attack when their bus was stopped near Newry in 1975 as they travelled back to Dublin from a gig. You can get background info on the massacre here :

  This is When The Last Note Died... 

Sunday 23 January 2022

Thatcher's Snatch - Wapping Dispute



  How do you get your new band noticed? Try thinking up a name that'll cause people to do a double take. Thatcher's Snatch ( have done exactly that, but even more importantly, they're damn good so those people who are tempted to listen to them because of their name will stick around. 

  I must admit, I missed today's song when the video for it was posted on Youtube back in July but I've finally caught up thanks to the release of the Naam/Melbourne 5 piece's debut Self Titled ep which is out now on Hardcore Victim Records. Despite the band (Dave Brown - Vocals, Lance - Drums, Skinhead Joe - Guitar, Scotty Scallops - Guitar, Snaps - Bass) being based down under, their sound is definitely influenced by the UK82 scene and is pitched as a "blend between the raw fury of Riot City records with the big sound production of early Clay albums!" 

  The Bandcamp write up tells us that the lyrics on the ep deal with "the insidious relationship between Maggie Thatcher and the Australian born media tycoon Rupert Murdoch, the hate filled and bible fuelled evangelical maniac/rugby player, Israel Folau, mismanaged government funds and general anti authoritarian antics." As you might expect, those lyrics are set to an aggressive and energetic backbeat of authentic sounding, old school punk. 

  The band recommend you play their music as loudly as possible and I'm not going to argue with them so click the link and turn it up...

  This is the lead track, the one about Maggie subjugating the press, it's called Wapping Dispute...

Artsick - Stress Bomb


  Last month I posted a song by Kids On A Crime Spree ( and whilst I was checking out their new album on the Slumberland Bandcamp page I also had a listen to a couple of tracks from another of the label's upcoming releases. They were teaser tracks for an album by Oakland trio Artsick and they were very good so I made a mental note to check out the full length. 

  And now it's out, it's titled Fingers Crossed and I like it. 

  Before writing this I did a quick double check to make sure I'd not featured the band before and I haven't, but I have mentioned them a couple of times whilst posting songs by Boyracer. It turns out that Christina Riley is also a member of both Boyracer and Burnt Palms. Drummer Mario Hernandez is also in Kids On A Crime Spree and Ciao Bella whilst bassist Donna McMean has been in Lunchbox & Hard Left (a band much loved round here and who need to get a move on releasing new material!). 

  Being a Slumberland Records release you won't be surprised to hear that Fingers Crossed is an indie punk delight. Think C86, think Talulah Gosh, think scuffed up pop with a jagged edge. Or as the label describes it, "an album just bursting with racket and heartbreak and love and enthusiasm." Enjoy... 

  Despise was the song that initially made my ears prick up a few weeks ago (I played it on the show at the time) but I'll post one of the other album tracks today, this is one of those tambourine led, shambling kind of songs that's easy to fall in love with, it's called Stress Bomb... 

Saturday 22 January 2022

Strawberry Blondes - New York Neighbors - Tell Di World


  I've just checked and it's been 20 years since I first heard Newport band Strawberry Blondes ( Their debut release, the Kingmob ep, was great. Even better was their classic 2007 album Rise Up. It's one of this millennium's best releases packed full of catchy punk/ska anthems such as Rise Up, Beat Down Babylon, Rip It Up etc. The follow up, Fight Back, wasn't half bad either and cemented the band's position as one of the UK's most popular new punk bands. 

  And then they slowly faded from the scene. There was the Nothin' Left To Lose ep in 2012 and a Vans Warped tour cd gathering together some of their best songs but otherwise things went a little quiet. They never quite went away though, even back in 2018 they were debuting a new song on BBC Radio Cymru and promising a new record was on the way. There were still live shows but it's been I long wait for them to release something new. 

  That wait is over. For now, it's only a track on a compilation album but it demonstrates that the band can still turn out a catchy tune. The comp is titled Still Stubborn - Volume 1, it's on Stubborn Records of New Brunswick and it celebrates the 30th anniversary of the label. There's some great bands on there and you can check it out here :

  The Strawberry Blondes line up with Mickie Stabbs (Vocals / Guitar), Emma Jones (Trumpet / Vocals),  Ryan Londons (Bass / Vocals) & Scott Harris (Drums / Vocals) and their contribution to the comp is a mash up of 2 tracks;  York Neighbors (original version by King Django from the album Roots Tonic) and Tell Di World (original version by Rocker-T. and Version City Rockers from the album Nicer By the Hour). 

  It's a reminder of how good the band are and it's an appetite whetter for new material. C'mon guys get your fingers out, I think you've kept us waiting long enough.

  This is New York Neighbor - Tell Di World... 

Friday 21 January 2022

Be Fair - Veins And Capillaries


  Today I'm bringing you a contender for the title of the UK's most promising new punk band...

  Last year I posted a song from a demo by a band I'd stumbled across from Sheffield & Leeds called Be Fair ( and I mentioned how they played catchy, fast paced, self recorded no nonsense punk ( I said they sounded very promising indeed. 

  Pat on the back for me time! I appear to have been correct. At least if their debut single is any indication of things to come.  

  Released today, I've listened to it 4 times already and feel the need to quickly bang out today's blog update before I dash off to work. I'm trying to decide who they remind me of. They're very energetic, they write ear worms, they have multiple vocalists all working together to produce a full sound, those vocals are quite gruff but very palatable. Maybe they remind me of Dauntless Elite? Maybe Miloy? Maybe there's "US Beardy Fest Style" punk influences added to the mix. I'm not sure, but I do know that they're going to prove very popular on the UK gig circuit (they're playing a free gig in Bradford on Thursday at Nightrain if you're in the area). 

  It's called Veins And Capillaries...  

Thursday 20 January 2022

The Trouble Seekers - Cruel Summer


  Kevin McGovern is a familiar name to readers of Just Some Punk Songs, he's been rocking out as frontman of The Prostitutes ( since 1995. A name maybe not quite as familiar on here is Hillary Burton though she's also been active on the scene as drummer with The Pandoras and more recently as vocalist & guitarist with Honeychain ( 

  Kevin mentioned to me a number of years ago that he was looking to enhance The Prostitutes' sound by adding female vocals to the mix, now at long last that aim has come to fruition in the form of an aggressive, new wave/experimental punk duo called The Trouble Seekers ( 

  With The Prostitutes you knew that you were guaranteed classic sounding US punk rock done with both energy and style. The Trouble Seekers bring more of the same but the addition of those female vocals certainly adds to the mix. The debut single has been released and is streaming on Bandcamp ( It'll be followed in the summer by a debut album via Rock n Roll Manifesto Records. 

  A heady brew of old school punk mixed with garage pop swagger, this is a very promising calling card, it's called Cruel Summer...

You wanna crash
Fade to black
Waste your time with me

Close your eyes
No surprise
No third degree

Never caught your act
Don’t show me the way
Momentary lapse
What did you say?
Were you thinking out loud?
You forgot the script
Faded memories
And a heart that’s ripped

Gone awol
I’m breaking down
Over and over again
Don’t think I ever said
I would stay
There’s nothing left

Stop and go
You’re on a roll
Cruel summer shade

The minutes slipped
The record skipped
Something out of place

Sunday 16 January 2022

Wrong War - Distraction Diet

(photo : John Massel)

  Chicago hardcore punk 4 piece Wrong War ( formed in 2019 and featured on here at the end of the following year with a track from their debut album, Fixed Against Forever ( 

  They return today with an equally blistering song from follow up album Once Upon A Weapon. It's more in a similar vein, it's hard hitting music providing a back beat to political lyrics such as "Feigned compassion... As your profits decreased"   "Resist whatever seems so inevitable... Resist all who seem incredibly invincible"   "It’s all punching down... With tyrannous aspirations" etc...

  I'd also like to mention that I really like the album cover which is a 1918 oil painting by Dublin born artist Alexander Stanhope Forbes titled The Munitions Girls. It adds an extra touch of class to a very fine release. 

  It'll be available this summer on Atomic Action! Records and Council Records but is streaming here now :

  This track is about the babble of fake news that seems to be blaring out from every direction. It's called Distraction Diet...

 You could be so enraged these days
 So many idiocies to engage
 A distraction diet
 Of lies and entitlement
 We’ve lost our way

 And it’s once, or so you think
 Repeating viral weapon
 Turned on by savagery
 Turn it off and
 Get the fuck away

 You could be so enraged
 these days So many idiocies to engage

 And it’s once, or so you think
 Retreating static essence
 Turned on barbarity
 Takes you so
 Ever far away

 And a chorus rose behind him
 And a chorus rose behind her
 And a chorus rose behind them
 And a chorus of no consequence answered

 Repeating viral weapon
 Turn on by savagery
 Turn it off and get the fuck away

Saturday 15 January 2022

Slobheads - One Law


  If you saw the Just Some Punk Songs end of year chart you'll have noticed that one of the songs featured was by south west London duo Slobheads ( That song, Rothman Blues, is the opening track of a debut album by the band titled The Big Stink. Happily, it's not the only highlight.

  It featured on here last year ( as did follow up single, Ain't Nothing New ( Now that the full album has landed I'm happy to confirm that the guys, Harry Jarvis (guitar/vocals) & Macey Sherman (drums) have followed through on the promise displayed in their early releases and given us a full lp's worth of top notch trashy punk. Influenced by punk's early days but very much a modern sounding record, you can check it out on Spotify

  I could have pretty much selected any of the tracks to highlight as it's a consistently good album so I'll post one today and then play a different one on this week's Just Some Punk Songs show. This is One Law... 

Friday 14 January 2022

The Jimmys - Commander Data


  This blog started up in 2013 with the intention to explore strange new music, to seek out new bands and new songs, to boldly go where no blog had gone before...

  (It actually started because I was bored and wanted to post a few songs that I liked but that wouldn't have been as good or as apt an intro to today's update!). 

  Anyway, Captain's log stardate 14.01.22 and we're discovering a band who are from a place fertile with punk lifeforms called Portland, Oregon. Their line up features Luke Lover (guitar/vocals), Funeral Boy (guitar/vocals), Ugerman (bass) & Keg from the Grave (drums). I'm not sure what tag we're attaching to this kind of lo-fi diy malarkey this year (are terms like egg, chain, devotional still in fashion?) but it's that kinda style of scrappy but fun punk music. 

  The band released a demo ep in 2020 on Magut records ( and have followed it up by re recording some of those songs and adding a bunch of new ones to produce a cassette album titled Eggy Pop (Ahh, maybe the tag for this kinda sound is now eggy pop?). It's got stuff on it about Ebay, Tiger King and watching tv plus there's a Jay Reatard cover. It's available via Swiss label Fart Food Records

  This is my favourite track, it's called Commander Data...

Thursday 13 January 2022

Split System - Hit Me


  If you've been following this blog over the last few years, or even if you've just been keeping up with the global punk scene, you'll no doubt be aware of what a fertile field Australia is when it comes to exciting genre music. Today I'm featuring a song by a new 5 piece which contains members of 3 bands I've posted on here previously and a couple I haven't listened to yet but will do so in due course. 

 Split System are from Melbourne and line up thus; 
 Jackson Reid Briggs - Vocals (Jackson Reid Briggs & The Heaters)
 Arron Mawson - Guitar (Stiff Richards)
 Ryan Webb - Guitar (Speed Week)
 Deon Slaviero - Bass (The Black Heart Death Cult)
 Mitch McGregor - Drums (No Zu)

  I  don't know anything about them other than what it says on Bandcamp... They only had one jam together last year before lock down kicked in again but 5 songs were written so the band recorded their parts separately and the results are being released on a Self Titled ep by Legless Records. There's one track streaming now and I think it's fair to say it's not a million miles away from what you'd expect from a band boasting Jackson Reid Briggs and Stiff Richards' guitarist. It's driving garage rock and it's very good. The full ep will be out early this year on 7" vinyl.

  This is Hit Me... 

Monday 10 January 2022

Bitch Diesel - I Don't Wanna Go Out


  Another cool song today that I missed last year, it's by a trio from Melbourne called Bitch Diesel. 

    It's also, as you may realise once you listen to it, a cover of a 1979 single by a Sydney punk band called X. It featured on their debut album X-Aspirations and you can check out the original here :

  Bitch Diesel have been together since 2016 and their most recent release was a 4 song cassette titled Hail. 

  Recorded and mixed in the French Pyrenees while the band were touring Europe in late 2019 it's a release that showcases the band's versatility. 

  As mentioned above, this is the cover, it's called I Don't Wanna Go Out... 

Sweet Knives - Possessed (Guest Review By Ralph J Rivera)


  Just as I was turning in for the night I got a message from my good buddy Ralph; "Okay Mick you asked for it! I got a brand new album by Ali Trout and "Sweet Knives" ( that's gonna drop in a couple days. First great album of 2022! You good with a review?"

  The obvious answer was "Hell yeah, Ralph." So here it is... 

  Welcome to 2022 everyone! New Year and new expectations. Well leave it to Ms. Alicja Trout to be the first to come through. After not putting out a full length since 2017's Self Titled ( she has returned with a vengeance!

 "Spritzerita" is a no holds barred attack on all things that are wrong with this world. Shitty relationships and a world we really don't fit in. 12 tracks of Modern Punk Rock & Roll played by one of the best in the game. The album drops on Jan. 15th but it's up on the FDH Bandcamp site for your listening pleasure

  If you like this album dive into their past because Sweet Knives have been putting out amazing music since 2016. The new year is looking better already! My pick for best song off this album is "Possessed". Ms. Trout showing off her incredible guitar skills!

Sunday 9 January 2022

NiiS - Fuck You Boy


  The early days of a new year are often a difficult time to find exciting new music to play on the Just Some Punk Songs show as most bands have been quiet during the festive season and it sometimes takes a few weeks for the releases to begin flowing in any great number. It does however give me the opportunity to mop up a few of the many songs I missed during the previous year. One of those features on this week's show (8pm Uk time today and then it's repeated on various global online radio stations during the week) and is getting posted on here today. 

  NiiS are based in Los Angeles. I only stumbled across them recently and know very little about them aside from their being influenced by the likes of Dead Kennedys, The Bags, Bad Brains and X. They've a single on Bandcamp titled Media Blitz which is good (and which has a very cool Elastica cover on the B side) and they recently posted a video on Youtube for a track which is Mimi SanDoe's heartfelt reaction to breaking up with an ex. 

  This is straight from the heart, it's titled Fuck You Boy... 

Saturday 8 January 2022

Mitch Kramer - Hate and War

(Photo : Patrick Hennessy) 

  "Who's Mitch Kramer?" you might ask after listening to the song at the bottom of this update. "His vocals are familiar but I don't recognise the name."

    Mitch Kramer is a new outlet for the talents of Jeffrey Thunders, the New Haven (Connecticut) punk rocker who first came to my attention as frontman of The Lost Riots ( and has featured since with a number of other cool outfits including The Ratz and Jeffrey Thunders And The Scabs. Influenced by the likes of Black Flag, The New York Dolls, The Replacements, Joe Strummer, Rancid and Jay Reatard, Jeffrey's been pretty damn prolific over the last few years and can always be relied upon to turn out some top notch punk rock tuneage. 

  On this latest venture, he's decided to utilise a revolving door policy of guest musicians to back him up. The aim is to bring something a little different to the table with every release. The debut offering will be a 5 track ep titled Grand Avenue which will be available soon on lathe cut 7" vinyl. On this recording he's joined by Scott Fitch, Mike Sanchez, Ines Segarra and 3 time grammy nominated musician Roger C Reale.

  This is a teaser track from the ep, those influences are at the forefront of this tale of a volatile relationship laced with remorse and regret. It's titled Hate and War...

 I just came to town and I drove past your house and remember all the times   that we had there

 Hate and war what are we fighting for there's just got to be something better

 Standing by your grave not feeling so great if I could only take those words back

 Hate and war what are we fighting for there's just got to be something better

Friday 7 January 2022

Kid Kapichi ft. Bob Vylan - New England


  A big hello today to the first great song of 2022. A song that covers similar territory to some of the best tracks that already grace this blog. A song that takes aim at Fool Britannia, that drips with scorn but which combines that ire with a groove that's as good as anything you'll hear anywhere. Who'd have thought punk rock music could be as good, or as relevant 4 and a half decades down the line. Sit up, take note...this is the real deal. 

  Hailing from Hastings, Kid Kapichi ( are an ascendant 4 piece featuring a line up of Jack Wilson & Ben Beetham (joint lead guitar/vocals), George Macdonald (drums) & Eddie Lewis (bass). They've already attracted the attention of big hitting media outlets such as the BBC & NME so no doubt this new single will be everywhere that matters very soon... 

  ...Especially as it also features Bob Vylan ( 

  It's a song about patriotism. About the yearning for a time that never actually existed. It's about being sold a dream by agenda pushers. It's a song that wonders if people are so entrenched in their beliefs, does it matter anymore what our leaders do? Are we going to carry on regardless or are we ready for change? 

  It's called New England... 

Welcome to the new world The New England Come witness the greatness of Britain Driving around in a German car Stop for lunch in a sushi bar Get my news from the daily star Get my kicks from the tits and arses Never mind about social classes I’ll cast my vote regardless Is it you can’t change, Or that you won’t change Is it you can’t change, Or that you won’t change Welcome to the new world The New England All heroes, no villains Double decker bus and a bowler hat Bob the Builder Postman Pat Social change, no I don’t want that, just sitting eating crisps in my one bed apartment Politics that’s not my department But I’ll cast my vote regardless Is it you can’t change, Or that you won’t change Is it you can’t change, Or that you won’t change You’re such a fool Britannia Britannia fooled again Britannia you’re so vane You’ve gone insane ‘Coz you’ve been fooled Britannia Britannia fooled again Britannia you’re so strange You’ve gone insane Welcome to the new world The new normal Look at us queuing up, so formal Sunday roast God save the Queen Man United with the boot cut jeans Money in my pocket no I’m not too keen That’s why I keep voting for the rich and heartless Bored of all these moaning artists So, I’ll cast my vote regardless Is it you can’t change, Or that you won’t change Is it you can’t change, Or that you won’t change You’re such a fool Britannia Britannia fooled again Britannia you’re so vane You’ve gone insane ‘Coz you’ve been fooled Britannia Britannia fooled again Britannia you’re so strange You’ve gone insane Too many idiots breathing up the air Huffing and puffing like they just run up the stairs Fighting and cussing like they haven’t got a care but they care about everything that happens over here Not over there, they couldn’t give a toss, if it’s a brown country they steal all the crops Blow it to smithereens and let the bombs drop Then cry about the borders when they try and come across Oh gosh I think this place is going nutty Too much spice, less British bacon butty Worry about your neighbours and worry about the druggies but not the Eton graduates that’s taking all your money Seems they’re taking the piss, not blaming the brown fella is hard to resist You’d of thought that the nation was smarter than this But I’ve got a couple of questions Please answer me this. You’re such a fool Britannia Britannia fooled again Britannia you’re so vane You’ve gone insane ‘Coz you’ve been fooled Britannia Britannia fooled again Britannia you’re so strange You’ve gone insane You ain’t shut them out Ya just locked us in You ain’t shut them out Ya just locked us in You ain’t shut them out Ya just locked us in You ain’t shut them out Ya just locked us in You ain’t shut them out Ya just locked us in You ain’t shut them out Ya just locked us in Au Revoir Arrivederci

Monday 3 January 2022

Neon Belly - Don't Hide Your Hate


  Neon Belly are the lo-fi punk band from Wilmington, North Carolina, who impressed back in September when they released a very decent name your price S/T ep on Fort Lowell Records

  I described them as "straight up shouty, enthusiastic punk... Female vocals, rough and ready production all performed with great gusto" and posted a song called The Boys Are Alright

  That song has just resurfaced on a new album by the band titled What's Mine Ain't Yours. The other tracks from the ep also feature, along with a few new tracks including a very fine cover of the Zero Boys' classic Civilisation Is Dying. It's just the kind of enthusiastically scrappy punk rock that I gravitate towards. You can find it here :

  In my previous piece on the band I mentioned I was impressed with their cover of a single originally released back in 1978 by Netherlands band Filth. This is it, it's called Don't Hide Your Hate...

Sunday 2 January 2022

Rum Lad - Hate Tory Scum


  Those that were paying attention will have noticed that chart bothering, potty mouthed The Kunts weren't the only band that were critical of Boris and his capitalist wide boys in 2021. Wonk Unit topped the Just Some Punk Charts with an anthemic singalong criticising the government and today I bring you another song in a similar vein.

  Rum Lad ( has featured on here several times previously. He's from South Normanton and is a modern day Mr Angry. My Facebook feed is often full of his withering put downs (recent examples including; "The rumour is Boris Johnson is set to be cleared by Lord Geidt over the donation for the Downing St flat refurbishment. Does that sound ok to you? Do you go out your mind worrying about paying tax etc to see it spaffed up the wall like this? Im calling all you bastards out next year.....",   "Lets make this clear...the Maxwell guilty verdict means absolutely fuck all unless they start naming and shaming the cunts that were buying young girls and abusing them...until then sex trafficking will remain" and "Are we knighting war criminals now?? Fuck all surprises me for the boys."

  He says it as he sees it. 

  And this applies very much to his music. He's just followed up LP1 Vandalism and LP2 Punk AF with LP3 Wonder Meat. It'll be out on blue vinyl sometime later this year but for now you can get it digitally (pay what you want) here : or here :

  For one man, it's a big sound. Don't expect 70's style sub 2 minute traditional punk ditties. The anger is the same but the songs are a little longer giving them more room to breathe. It's biting acerbity that could quite easily be filed under post punk and it works. 

  This is probably the most simplistic song on the album and it's the one I'm sure will be sung loudest at upcoming live shows. It's called Hate Tory Scum... 

Saturday 1 January 2022

DIS-TANK - Wasting Prayers on a Fucked Up System


   Who Is Your God?
  Where Is He Now?

  James Domestic must be one of the UK's most prolific artists. He's been responsible, or at least involved in more projects than I can remember over the last few years. Off the top of my head I can think up The Domestics, Tokyo Lungs, Bring The Drones, PI$$ER, KÖRD VÄRLD, Froggy & The Ringes & Hazard Profile. As well as this he's released his own solo material (a new solo single will be available digitally on January 14th with pre orders for a new album probably going live on the same day) and he runs Kibou Records releasing music by the likes of Las Ratapunks, Negativo, The Bristles etc...

  Another one of his bands are DIS-TANK ( They're a D-Beat influenced hardcore outfit who released an album in 2015 titled Hardcore D-Beat Bruisers Vol.1

  As far as I'm aware, we never got a Vol 2 but plans were in place a couple of years ago to release more tracks as part of a split 7" but due to Covid and other shit, it never happened. The DIS-TANK tracks were already mixed and mastered and now they've seen the light of day on a 4 track ep titled Wasted Prayers on a Fucked Up System. You can find it here :

  The ep kicks off with a statement of intent called D-Beat Existence and never lets up. All tracks are brief and brutal slabs of pummelling noise with James shouting enthusiastically over the top of a blitzkrieg backbeat. It's a hell of a way to test out how bad that New Year's Day hangover is so play it  loud. 

  This is the title track, it's called Wasting Prayers on a Fucked Up System...