Sunday 26 November 2023

Lothario - KING RAT


  I like the taste of fresh meat...

  I've just noticed. We're almost into December. I'd better start thinking about the song of the year list. It's gonna be harder then ever this year as there's been so much great music released. There's also been a seemingly endless torrent of new bands making a mark. One of those features today.

  Lothario burst on to the scene in June with a single I featured here :

  It's pretty much a solo project out of Melbourne headed up by Annaliese Redlich who's aided by a few friends. Rob Craig (Buck Biloxi) featured on drums for the debut single and he's back on new single Hogtied. The track I'm highlighting today though is the flipside and that boasts an appearance by Billiam. If lo-fi garage goodness is your thing then you can find it here :

  This is King Rat...

You got the game so play with me
I'll fall down at your feet
I've never been so hungry
I like the taste of fresh meat
Bloated, blue, dead and drowned - you are the king rat
I'll wear your death just like a crown - you are the king rat
A life of playing hide and seek
Holding the disease
Instinct extinct her nature pleads
Get ready for that meat
Get down grimy gutter tease - you are the king rat
A poisonous kind a pest to please - you are the king rat
Ever present close to me and now I'm on my knees
Washed up dead on the shore, cast off bottom feed
But sharpened teeth that pest aside are much more than dead meat
I wake in sweat, terror to tease, I see you in my dreams
I while awake to taste the fat I know that you know me
Enter the ways to count the days till the throning

Monday 20 November 2023

The Scunthorpe Yobs - Spirit of '79


  There was an element of confusion in the chatroom when I played today's song on the Just Some Punk Songs show. The listeners were surprised that The Scunthorpe Yobs were a Los Angeles band and also that they featured members of the likes of (amongst others) Bladder Bladder Bladder, Smogtown & The Generators. I did my best to clear up that confusion by showing them a blog post from 2014 in which I mentioned Bladder Bladder Bladder had originally formed in England before relocating to LA (

  Anyway, what we get now, following on from Bladder Bladder Bladder, is "Scunthorpe's premier OI band....The Scunthorpe Yobs.....reflecting life on the streets of Lincolnshire's popular seaside resort." Just from sunnier climes.

  The band have recently released a debut album, it's titled We Are The Yobs, and it's been picked up by No Front Teeth Records for a vinyl release. 

  If you're into old school street anthems you'll love the album. It's a dozen tuneful ditties about girls, pubs, football and the good old days. It's available as a name your price download...

  This is a song that namechecks many of your old school heroes, it's called Spirit Of '79...

Sunday 19 November 2023

HACKER - Scammer

(photo @nicolexgoodwin)

  It's that day of the week again where if you like discovering new punk music you should listen in to the Just Some Punk Songs show ( As always it'll be a mix of big names, up and coming artists and obscurities. There'll be the tuneful and melodic as well as rip roaring blasts of noise. Today's song falls into the latter category and I think it'll blow the roof off the chatroom. 

  HACKER are Nellie, Moose, Chumz, Charlie & Alicia, a hardcore punk collective from Melbourne. They've been together since 2018 and you can find their Demo and ep here :

  Early next year they'll be releasing the PSY-WI-FI EP on Beach Impediment (USA) and Helta Skelta Records (AUS). A teaser track is available now as a name your price download : 

  Accompanied by a cool video, this is both hard hitting and catchy, it's called Scammer... 

Saturday 18 November 2023

The Scoffs - Factories In Heaven


  The Scoffs ( are from Seattle and previously featured on here 3 years ago with their "anthemic punk n roll" track Little Blue Tyrants (

  They return today with another winner in the form of a new single which is "about working yourself to death only to hope you can finally enjoy the fruits of your labors in your final days."

  They may have changed guitarists since they were last on here but they're still as catchy as ever. It's a song that has them hoping that once that final whistle blows they'll be free of the drudgery of working all your life just to get by. You can find it here :

  It's called Factories In Heaven...

Saturday 11 November 2023

LOUTS - Trouble


  Hailing from Melbourne, LOUTS are a hard rocking new quintet featuring a line up of Billy Bones (vocals), Spencer Street (lead guitar), Wilko (guitar), Joey ‘J-Rock’ Tasker (bass) & Sam ‘Two Cans’ Tuckerman (drums). Earlier this year they released a debut ep titled LOJO which introduced us to their incendiary brand of crime rock.

  They recently returned with another 4 tracks in the form of the Crime ep. They say the songs were "drawn from Collingwood back alleys between the houses they call their own and the pubs they wished were their own." To my untrained ears, they seem to have kept the rock n roll fury from the debut but in places added a bit more of an oi/bovver rock sound.


  You can find it here : 

  Or if you fancy the vinyl version, try Tuff Cuff Records : 

  This is the lead track, it's called Trouble... 

Thursday 9 November 2023

The Young Rochelles - Breezy (Guest Review By Ralph J Rivera)


  Hailing from Long Beach, New York, Ricky, Rocky & Rookie collectively known as "The Young Rochelles" ( burst onto the Ramonescore/Pop Punk scene with their 2013 EP "Cannibal Island". Instantly a fan favorite they dropped their first self titled LP/CD in 2017 & quickly followed it up the following year with a nod to their heroes with the "It's Alive, Too" document.

   They showed some signs of moving away from the straight "Ramonescore" of previous records with a couple new EP's. But it seemed the game changer came in 2021 when lead singer/drummer Ricky Rochelle dropped his solo album "So Far So Good". Showing an amazing new range in both his vocals & songwriting ability he brought this formula into his band. After teasing us as to what was to come with their recent split EP with the Travoltas, the boys have graced us with their new LP/CD "Kicked To The Curb". Available on their Bandcamp and Sounds Rad who are handling the beautiful vinyl packages

    Readers of my FB group "The Switchblade New Wave" already know that this is my pick for "Pop Punk Album Of The Year" but I wanna give this modern day classic a proper review. Remember the first time you heard The Unlovables "Crush-Boyfriend-Heartbreak"? YEAH THIS IS ON THAT LEVEL! 14 songs that run the gamut on every phase of being in love.

   Starting off with the very Beach Boys flavored "Chameleon" this one tells the age old story of growing up & growing apart. By track 4 we get the should be hit song "Breezy". A beautiful tune that Ricky wrote for his new bride. Always the most enduring of all inspirations TRUE LOVE conquers all! And THEN it gets followed by the song every female needs to hear - "Fractured Fairy Tale". A very truthful explanation about putting too much faith in finding the "perfect" mate. Love the lyrics to this one. Other top tunes are "The End Of Us", "He Says", the scathing "You Broke My Fucking Heart" and "Capture The Feeling". But almost album ender, track 13 "Vacation" is the other big hit song on a loaded album. I ordered the LP after hearing only 2 songs and I'm posting the best Pop Punk song you'll hear all year. This my friends is "Breezy". Stop whatever you're doing today and listen to "Kicked To The Curb". It will change your life or at least your mind on "Modern" Pop Punk...

Monday 6 November 2023

Square Tugs - No Shoes, 2 Mobile Phones


  Regular Just Some Punk Songs visitors will know I'm a big fan of Australian punk music. One band I like a lot are Brisbane trio Square Tugs ( They formed in 2020 and I've played several songs by them on the show but I was surprised to find I've not actually featured them on here yet (I did a few searches as I was sure I had).

  They've released numerous singles and eps over the last couple of years and their album, Monster Hits, was a fine example of how to write short, snappy and very catchy punk rock tunes. They've just released a new single so I can now rectify their absence from the blog.

  A true story about a chance encounter with a damsel in distress, you can find it here :

  It's called No Shoes, 2 Mobile Phones...

Out on the town tonight, everything is shining bright.
Just want to have some fun, don’t want to hurt anyone.
Then along the way, I heard you say “Lets Party On”
And that is when, our shit it all went all wrong

Erin it’s 2am, you’re all alone.
You’ve got no shoes on, 2 mobile phones.
You’re in a state and its getting late.
And Young Love here, she sends her hate.

You used her credit up, and now her Uber rate is fucked!
Because of Erin’s lies, Bec didn’t get to taste halloumi fries.
You took your best friend’s phone, and that’s a cold hard fact.
We found her all alone, and that is a cunty act.

Erin its 2am, your all alone.
You’ve got no shoes on, 2 mobile phones.
You’re in a state and it’s getting late.
And Young Love here, she sends her hate.
Erin its 2am, your all alone.
you’ve got no shoes on, 2 mobile phones.
You’re in a state and it’s getting late.
And Young Love here, she sends her hate.
Oh she sends her hate.