Sunday 31 July 2016

Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man - I Wanna Be A Spaceman

"From out there on the Moon, international politics look so petty. You want to grab a politician by the scruff of the neck and drag him a quarter of a million miles out and say, 'Look at that, you son of a bitch.'

Edgar Mitchell 

  Hailing from Manchester, Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man are a "very fast" hardcore punk band who are influenced by the likes of Zeke, Kid Dynamite, Dead Kennedys, Ramones, The Steal. As well as being fast, loud and heavy they also liberally sprinkle Alan Partridge-esque humour into the mix.

  They've been around since 2004, their music, including new album Colossal Velocity (out now on 5FeetUnder Records), can be checked out here :

  They're touring the UK pretty much non stop for the rest of the year so try and check them out (I've got the Lancaster gig on 26th Nov pencilled in).

  This is the video for one of the albums slower tracks (and by slower I mean still pretty damn fast by most peoples standards), I Wanna Be A Spaceman......

I wanna be a spaceman, riding a rocketship 
I wanna be a spaceman, NASA can pay for it 
I wanna be a spaceman, cruising the galaxy 
I wanna be a spaceman, make it happen for me 
Richard Branson wants to have a go, but I'm well better as you will know 
Send me into outer space, to put a big smile on my face 
I wanna be a spaceman, discovering aliens 
I wanna be a spaceman, I think we would be friends 
I wanna be a spaceman, representing mankind 
I wanna be a spaceman, wonder what I would find 
Don't try to destroy my dreams, unqualified though I may seem 
Hurtling throughout the stars, starting a colony on Mars 

Saturday 30 July 2016

Grim Deeds - Dave Mustaine


GRIM DEEDS is a complete waste of your time! Pay 5 bucks to download the album! FUCK YOU!

  If you're looking for info on Grim Deeds, that's about all you'll get on their Facebook profile. You'll also get a Bandcamp link which reveals that based in Foster City, California, they're one of the most prolific bands around....

  Mixing up dumb punk songs with humour (check out frontman Grimm's favourite songs here :, they've just released a new album called If The Shoe Fits. It's available on one of pop punks greatest labels, Outloud! Records and it's a blast.....

  I'll be playing a song from it on the next Just Some Punk Songs broadcast (Sun 31 July at 8pm UK time : which will be a special Ramones themed show.

  For the blog though, I'm going with a song that also features vocals from Emi Pop. This is Dave Mustaine.....

He was kicked out of Metallica in 1983 
He set the world afire in '85 
Vic Rattlehead was born from killer riffs on his King V 
Yeah and "Peace Sells.." was the thrash record to buy 

In 1990 he toured the world for Rust in Peace 
And Clash of the Titans was insane 
From spider riffs to red headbangin' mane 
You just can't fuck with Dave Mustaine (3X) 

He's battled his addictions 
And he's battled his own band 
One year he couldn't even play guitar 
He remastered his whole catalog then reassumed command 
With albums better than Metallica's by far 

His guitar talent's rare and he never cut his hair 
Even though his suffers spinal cord pain 
His legendary legacy remains 
You just can't fuck with Dave Mustaine (3X)

Friday 29 July 2016

The Offspring - Sharknado

  Photo: Tijs van Leur

  No lengthy introduction needed today, you all know The Offspring. The Huntington Beach, California, 4 piece (Dexter Holland, Noodles, Greg K and Pete Parada) have been one of punk's biggest names for the best part of 30 years now. They've had plenty of hits on both Epitaph and Columbia and now they're back with a song for the movie Sharknado : The 4th Awakens.

  The song is a tweaked cover of the Dickies classic Gigantor and it's bloody good fun. Next year they're planning to release a new album but whilst we wait for that let's enjoy this slice of b-movie kitsch,


Thursday 28 July 2016

Hysterese - Cancer & Cake

  A couple of days ago I did a Just Some Punk Songs North London Bomb Factory special show and it seemed to go down very well with those who listened live. An added bonus for those that were in the chatroom was that Daniel Husayn joined us to discuss the songs that had all been mastered by himself, he revealed he's working on a number of new projects (over 50 if I remember rightly, one of them being a new record by Eat//Read//Sleep who feature members of Hysterese). Anyone who would like to hear the show, it's saved here :

  Today, I'm posting a song by a band that proved very popular on the show. Hysterese are from Tubingen, Germany and have released a couple of very decent self titled albums : They play dark, melodic, catchy punk that features both male and female vocals and has drawn comparisons with the likes of Red Dons, Masshysteri, Autistic Youth and Wipers. The line up features Helen (vocals/guitar), Haug (vocals/bass), Kai (drums) and Moritz (guitar).

  On the show I played Asperger Youth so today I'll go with another song from the 2nd album, this is Cancer & Cake.....

he got cancer and he got cake why is it not the other way round? there is no such thing like a punchline and i ask the wrong questions 
and i know that since like forever but it doesn't get better anyway life fades into nothing

Wednesday 27 July 2016

Mongorellis - Politician Death Camp

Take all republicans and put em in a death camp yeah yeah 
Take all the democrats put em in a death camp yeah yeah 
Take all the politicians and put em in a death camp yeah yeah 

  Mongorellis are from Massachusetts and feature Spike Nagel (vocals), Art Departmento (guitar), Ed Lynch (bass) and JP Halley (drums). They play fast, old school punk music and take inspiration from The Ramones, The Stooges, Black Flag, Bad Brains, The Riverdales etc.....

  They haven't been together too long (although the members are no genre newbies having featured in several previous bands including The F.U.'S ) but already they're sharing stages with the likes of The Prozacs, The Huntingtons, Jerry's Kids.....

  Earlier this month they released the People Zoo ep, 6 tracks of great, old fashioned punk n roll. You can check it out here :

  This is the 8-Bit video for the lead track, Politician Death Camp.....

Tuesday 26 July 2016

Youth Avoiders - Face Up To It

  On this week's Just Some Punk Songs show I'll be playing an hour's worth of music mastered by Daniel Husayn at the North London Bomb Factory studio. If you want to listen to the show it airs at 8pm (GMT) today (Tues 26th July) and then it'll be saved in the showreel section. Here's the link :

  One of the bands that will feature are Youth Avoiders who are a 4 piece from Paris featuring Christopher Gaultier (vocals), Bastien Tetrel (bass), Christoph Schmidt (guitar) and Marlon Roux (drums). They released a s/t album in 2013 and there's also been several other demos, splits and eps, the most recent being the Spare Parts ep which came out earlier this year and features the track you'll find below. You can check out their music here ("name your price").....

  There'll be a different Youth Avoiders song played on the show but as far as today's blog update is concerned, this is Face Up To It.....

Monday 25 July 2016

I Got Spiders - Get Drunk

   I Got Spiders formed in a Lincolnshire pub at the beginning of 2016 and comprises of three friends that have previously been in local bands such as Kamikaze Hotshot, Verax and The Bruze. The line up is Gary Indiana (guitar/vocals), Jim D.K. (bass/vocals) and Steve Van Hammer (drums).

  Despite only being together for a few months they've already written over 20 songs and they've plans to release a debut album in the not too distant future. There's a few demo songs posted on line, including the one you'll find below, and there's a band site with a couple more :

  They're influenced by the likes of Rancid, The Distillers, Ramones, The Wildhearts, Rocket From The Crypt, Dirt Box Disco etc.....

  This is Get Drunk.....

Sunday 24 July 2016

Nightwatchers - Nightwatcher

   Nightwatchers are from Toulouse, France and feature Freddy (drums), David (bass/vocals), Kevin (guitar/vocals) and Julien (guitar/vocals). From what I can make out, previous bands they've featured in include No Guts No Glory, Wank For Peace and Black Pigeon.

  They've recently released a 7 track ep (mini album?) called Good Kids Obey and you can find it "name your price" here :

  They combine elements of power pop, pop punk and garage, on 25th August they'll be sharing a stage with Radioactivity at La Mecanique Ondulatoire, Paris,  and I can imagine they'll go down well with fans of that band.

  This song has a hint the Ramones and is called Nightwatcher......

Saturday 23 July 2016

Control - No Help For Heroes


  Control have been playing their brand of Hooligan Rock & Roll since 2008, they're from London and they formed out of the ashes of Beerzone. Their first release was a split ep with Marching Orders and they followed it up with debut album Hooligan Rock "N" Roll (2009). In 2011, Contra Records and Longshot Records released the highly acclaimed follow up Punk Rock Ruined My Life (you can find a song from that below) and their third album, Ballad Of The Working Man, came out in 2013 on Randale Records. Their latest release is the Pick Your Poison split single on Pirates Press Records with Harrington Saints.

  You can check out some of their music here :

  Influenced by "people who have something to say" such as Johnny Cash, Iggy Pop etc they're also fans of more traditional punk and oi bands such as UK Subs, Rancid, Old Firm Casuals, Foreign Legion etc..... The current line up features Iain Kilgallon (vocals), Glen "Shifty" Johnson (bass guitar/vocals), Ryan Smyth (lead guitar) and Paul Mileman (drums). Some of you may remember Paul chose his 10 favourite songs a while back (

  Next week sees the release, on Randale Records, of their new album. Titled United In Blood, it features 16 tracks and they'll be selling copies at The Rebellion Festival in Blackpool.

  To whet your appetite for the new album, here's one of their classic songs, No Help For Heroes.....

Friday 22 July 2016

Pinchgut - Dead Cities

    picture taken by Erica Freas

  Pinchgut are Jesse (drums), Jordon (bass), Lara (vocals) , Leigh (guitar) and Tim (guitar)..... "5 people living in and around Hobart Tasmania/Australia making loud political DIY hardcore punk." They take their name from the historical Sydney Harbour landmark Fort Denison (aka Pinchgut) at which early convicts who had committed secondary offences were confined in leg irons and fed on just bread and water.

  Their first gig was at the Brisbane Hotel in Hobart in March 2014 (supporting New Zealand band Rogernomix) and it was only a month later that they were on the same bill as legendary Canadians D.O.A.

  Their first release saw them contribute a song (Stats) to the Girls Radio Offensive Compilation Tape Vol 2. You can check that out here :

  It took a while to finally appear but in April of this year they released their debut, self titled, ep and you can find it here :

  From the ep, here's a raging feminist hardcore anthem that deserves mentioning in the same breath as Aus Rotten's classic The Second Rape, it's called Dead Cities......


Thursday 21 July 2016

Get Killed - Spooky


  Get Killed hail from Philadelphia and are a new 5 piece featuring Nicholas McNally, Jeff Worton, Kevin Davies, Terry Conrad and Steve Rutt. They describe themselves as a dark alternative band who mix elements of punk and metal in an attempt to create a sound devoid of cliches and trends.

  August 21st will see them release their debut ep but as a teaser they've just released a video for the song Spooky. You can watch the video below and if you want the song it's been posted "name your price" here :

  If you want more info you can find them here :

  This is Spooky......

Wednesday 20 July 2016

Obscene Being - Litterbug


  Here's a song that I played on last weeks Just Some Punk Songs show that seemed to go down well with the people that were in the chatroom (though I did get a comment that someone's wife was complaining that it was awful). For the record, I love it; fast, loud, snotty, shouty and fun. A warning to put your trash in the bin or you'll face the consequences.

  Obscene Being are four buddies from Vancouver, British Columbia. They line up Jameson (vocals), Karl (bass/backup vocals), Dawson (guitar/backup vocals) and Jutang (drums). I'm guessing that they've been together for around 3 years (their demo came out in Nov 2013). They released the Hot And Ready ep in April 2015 and the song you'll see below is on last month's Rot And Decay ep. All those releases can be found here :

  Pick it up you dumbass! This is Litterbug......



Tuesday 19 July 2016

Good Throb - The Queen Sucks Nazi Cock


  Back in 1977, the UK media went into meltdown with righteous indignation over the Sex Pistols' God Save The Queen. The BBC fiddled the charts so that Rod Stewart got to number 1 instead. 39 years later, there most probably won't be much of an outcry over the song you'll find below, it probably won't get to number 1 either (oh, if only we lived in an ideal world where people deserved ears) but it is bloody good and it's sure be a firm fan favourite.

  Londoner's Good Throb previously graced this blog back in it's early days with a song that pre dated supermarkets charging for plastic bags ( and they also featured in my end of 2014 top 10 with a track from their debut album ( Now, they return with a modern day classic taken from their newly released (on La Vida Es Un Mus) S/T ep.......

  It's jarring, it's discordant, it's baiting those who take offence too easily and I suppose it ain't too far from the truth. The Queen Sucks Nazi Cock.....


Monday 18 July 2016

Brogues - Cruel World

  Brogues started life in 2012 as a solo project for former Morning Glory guitarist/songwriter Shawn Gardiner but have now expanded into a 4 piece that aside from Gardiner (vocals/guitars) also features his fellow Morning Glory bandmate Early Gates (guitar). The line up is rounded out with Chris Huban (bass) and Scott Wolff (drums).

  The New York outfit cite as influences the likes of The Clash, Swingin' Utters & Billy Bragg as well as Northern Soul and Motown.

  They released their debut album, Heart And Song, last May on Paper And Plastic Records and you can check it out here :

  They recently released an animated video, created by Taylor Bowen, for the album's opening song. This is Cruel World.....

Don’t tell me bout the hate you own
The contradictions from your righteous throne
I cant live with these thoughts I hold
Without the knowledge that this world’s so cold
So many of us hold the Cruel Knife
We choose to take those that only want life
We are the reapers, we think we are to decide
Whether you’re good enough to live or you’re gonna fuckin’ die
I’m sick of all the crusades and all the crusaders
The bullet, and the trigger, and this violence we’ve created
This police state
And all of the oil wars
The corporatocracy
And all the facts that are ignored
Corruption is the destruction of our world
Some want to play you with a bit of mind control
But the only power that you have is your control
To live the life you want without any hold
They tell me “At least you’ve got a home”
(what) These four walls that feel so wrong?
I’m so privileged to be in your arms
Do tell me more about where I belong
I’ve got a roof over my head
But this ain’t my home
No, this ain’t no home
These walls are cold
These people cold

Sunday 17 July 2016

Top 10 Songs Chosen By Pulsebeat (internet radio show)

  Wayne Elliott, former bassist with North West England punk legends Dr And The Crippens, nowadays hosts one of the shows that goes out on The Global Punk Network. His show is called Pulsebeat, it airs on a Wednesday at 9pm (gmt) and it's really rather good. There's a show this Wednesday before it takes a summer break but will return soon. You can check out the shows that have been broadcast so far here :

  Today, I'm bringing you a top 10 of the most popular songs to feature on Pulsebeat alongside commentary by Wayne.......

When I first started ‘Pulsebeat’ the idea was to play a blend of class ’77 punk, 80’s hardcore and sneak in a few new songs. I quickly realised that the people listening in the room knew and loved the old stuff but it was the new stuff they wanted. Now instead of Minor Threat and The Damned a whole bunch of new bands and records make up the bulk of the playlist. Below are 10 records that have had multiple tracks played on the show.

No///se – ‘Lower Berth’ (YoYo )

Berlin label Yo Yo Records put out this second lp by Oakland band No///se (pronounced ‘No Say’) and unbelievably there are still some of the limited 100 only copies pressing available. Everything this band has recorded to date is superb and both this record and the first lp have had plenty of airtime on both Pulsebeat and Alan Benningfields ‘Soothing Sounds From DK Towers’ slot. Hard to pick a favourite track but here is the one I played a few weeks’ back ‘You Know I Know’. If you want the vinyl buy it from Alan at Different Kitchen Records for just £7.95 plus postage.

Ghost On Tape – ‘Ignoring All Traffic Lights’ EP

3 of the 4 tracks on this recent release by Toulouse based band Ghost On Tape have been played so far and all have gone down great. Excellent pop punk and I am looking forward to the new album. You can download both their ‘Into The Maze’ lp and this single as NYPDs (Name your price downloads) but if you want the vinyl hurry as last time I spoke to Scott at Brassneck there were less than 10 remaining. This track ‘Lighthouse’ is the only one I have not played on the show and I will rectify that once Pulsebeat returns.

Accidente – ‘Pulso’ (Pumpkin)

Madrid band Accidente are probably the favourite band on the show at the moment. ‘Pulso’ is their third lp and there is a real buzz about the band at present. They are over in the UK in September to play the ‘Common Ground’ festival in Gloucestershire. You can download all their back catalogue cheaply via Bandcamp or buy from Pumpkin or Different Kitchen. This track is ‘Respiria’.

Danger!Man/Lucky Malice – ‘Handicap’ Split lp (Boss Tuneage)

The most played album on the show as both sides are excellent. There are a lot of great bands in Scandinavia at the moment (The War Goes On, Castro, Mary’s Kids amongst others) and these 2 from Norway really hit the spot. Great female fronted punk from Lucky Malice but it’s Danger!Man I have selected. You can download their back catalogue free from their webpage – – or buy via Boss Tuneage. This is the opening track ‘Crash and Burn’.

Epic Problem/The Slow Death – split ep (Brassneck)

Another split ep here and all 4 tracks have been played on the show. Epic Problem play melodic and angry streetpunk and hail from Derbyshire. Minneapolis band The Slow Death play in a similar style making this a very well balanced release. Hard to pick a fave – I love all four – so I have gone for the one with the video. ‘Skin Crawl’.

G.L.O.S.S. ‘Trans Day Of Revenge’ EP (Sabotage)

From Washington and quite simply the angriest, most energetic, vital, vibrant and important band around. This is NYPD from their bandcamp with vinyl imminent. You need this almost as much as the world needs them. This track is ‘We Live’. Essential.

Ship Thieves ‘No Anchor’ (No Idea)

This lp came out just as Pulsebeat was starting and it has been great to see over the weeks since how people have warmed to it. Not a weak track on it and now in the collection of most of the listeners who chat in the room. This is the opening track ‘Middle Man’ but most of this lp has been played on the show. Available from Different Kitchen – hope they tour over here soon.

No Problem ‘Already Dead’ (Taken By Surprise)

Currently out of press in Europe (although you can still find their debut lp) this Canadian band are a Pulsebeat staple. Everything they have recorded is top quality energetic catchy punk – a great band in every sense of the word and always popular when I play them. This track is ‘Different Shades Of Grey’

Hot Mass ‘Nervous Tensions’ (Brassneck)

Cardiff band Hot Mass play fast, energetic, catchy punk and are a band to look out for. This is their debut album and came out just a few weeks ago. NYPD from Brassneck bandcamp or duck egg blue vinyl. This track is ‘Action At A Distance’.

Dark Thoughts ‘S/T’ (Identity Crisis)

From Philadelphia these guys are not re inventing the wheel with their Ramones inspired short and snappy songs but do it very well. Great to see that this lp finally has some UK distribution through Drunken Sailor. This is my favourite track and the first I played by them (to zero response !) back in May. ‘Identity Crisis’

Saturday 16 July 2016

Avenue Army - American Criminals


  Avenue Army are a band from San Diego who began life in 2009 and who've honed their sound into the type of powerful, catchy and hook laden music that would sound great blasting out of your local rock radio station. Their debut album, Words With Action, came out in 2013 and they plan to release the follow up, On The Level, in the fall.

  The new band line up features Max Bergstrom (vocals/guitar), Dustin Daniels (drums), Travis Wheeler (bass/vocals) and Vaughn Esparza (guitar/vocals).

  Earlier this year they released the American Criminals ep as a free download and you can find it here : From that ep, here's the title track.....

Friday 15 July 2016

Wasted - The House That Fear Built

  Last year I posted a great song from 2011 by Finnish band Wasted ( and now I'm happy to post something new by them.

  They've been together for 20 years now and to celebrate that milestone they're releasing a new 12" called The Truth Will Not Be Televised. It's scheduled for release on September 16th and you'll find a track from it below.

  The rest of the year will see them touring Europe and the dates are posted on their Facebook page.

  This is The House That Fear Built......

Fear is the foundation of the house we built
The walls of ignorance surround us high and thick

All of these walls have been painted in blood
Guns and prayers are gonna keep us safe from harm

And now we watch it all go down in flames and we keep pointing
at someone else to come and take the blame for all our problems
All the hate and bigotry is what got the fire started
We just keep on putting out fire with gasoline

We see what divides us but we ignore 
all that could unite us and break us through the door 

We see a problem in all solutions found 
All the hate and bigotry will burn us to the ground

And now we watch it all go down in flames and we keep pointing
at someone else to come and take the blame for all our problems
All the hate and bigotry is what got the fire started
We just keep on putting out fire with gasoline

We’re putting out fire with gasoline

Thursday 14 July 2016

Top 10 Songs Chosen By Dave Fenton (Dragged In)


  I've a top 10 for you today as Dave Fenton, bassist with Toronto hardcore punks Dragged In, selects his favourite songs. Dave was previously in Dead Mouth and you can check out both bands on Bandcamp......

  My thanks go out to Dave for the songs and comments and also to Dragged In vocalist Patty and Lauren Mills of Mills On Wheels PR for their help

 1)  DAYGLO ABORTIONS - Two Dogs Fucking

When I was 14 years old, I joined the Fheds with Matt from Endprogram on vocals, and Bruce (EndProgram, Dragged In) on drums.  Matt gave me a stack of tapes of punk and hardcore bands to brush up on and this was album was in that pile.  It was life changing.  This song showcases the Dayglo’s incredible musicianship, very satirical, and hilarious lyrics.  Love this band.

 2)  DEAD KENNEDYS - California Uber Alles

This was another band that was in that stack of tapes from Matt, and this tune is incredible.  When I first heard this band and this song in particular, I had never heard such energy in the music, and vitriol in lyrics before.  

 3)  POISON IDEA - Ugly American

Another band that was passed on to me from Matt’s pile of tapes.  Kings of Punk is absolutely one of my favorite albums ever, and this song still holds relevance.

 4)  SICK OF IT ALL - World Full Of Hate

Easily one of my favorite bands.  Their live show is like no other.  This album is incredible, and these songs still hold up today after nearly 30 years.  

 5)  R.K.L. - Betrayed

As a bass player, I dug this band a lot.  One of the tightest rhythm sections, but also one of the most technical I have ever heard.

 6)  AGNOSTIC FRONT - The Eliminator

This is my favorite AF song.  The riff is great, and it has probably the best opening lyric I have ever heard.  I love the sound of Roger Miret’s vocals from this era.

 7)  D.R.I. - Think For Yourself

Love this band.  Love this song.  Amazing riffs and musicianship in this one.

 8)  CRO-MAGS - Hard Times

Age of Quarrel is such an important album, and the drumming is amazing.

 9)  BEASTIE BOYS - Brand New

I love the Beastie Boys, especially their hardcore catalogue.  I was really into their roots in the NYHC scene, and the Aglio E Olio EP is a great showcase of where they came from, and this opening song in particular is a great opener to a solid EP.

10)  CONVERGE - Fault And Fracture

First time I heard this band was live.  They blew my mind.  Their musicianship and song writing is fantastic.  Jane Doe is a classic album, and this song is a great example of what Converge does best.

Wednesday 13 July 2016

B-Leaguers - Rock and Roller Toons

  B-Leaguers are a band from Lincoln who's music has been described as both "power pop with a razor's edge and a pneumatic drill" and "crammed to the finish line with hooky punk-pop songs, lodged along the lines of bands such as The Buzzcocks, Undertones and Green Day."

  The line up features The Hoax/Bram Tchaikovsky drummer Mark Barrett as well as James Styring (vocals), Ched Howard (guitars) and Mikey Barraclough (bass).

  Earlier this year they released their debut album, Death Of A Western Heart. It's on Kool Kat Musik and you can check it out here : You can also find out more about the band here :

  The album features a variety of musical styles, my early favourite is probably the energetic blast of Amnesia though I can't really argue too much with them for choosing the catchy Rock And Roller Toons for their debut video......

Tuesday 12 July 2016

Oldfashioned Ideas - Remaining days

  Oldfashioned Ideas hail from Malmo and Vaxjo, Sweden, and have been producing quality street punk/oi music since 2009. They're a 3 piece featuring Per (bass/vocals), Niclas (guitar) and Gustaf (drums). Despite only being around for a relatively short time, they've an impressive back catalogue of music to their name and you can indulge yourselves over on their Bandcamp page as they've made it available "name your price"

  Earlier this year they released album number 4, Another Side To Every Story, on Contra Records. I've seen their sound compared to some of the genre's great bands, Last Resort, Blitz, Cocksparrer, Rancid to name a few.

  They aren't reinventing the wheel but they are churning out plenty of impressive, sing along oi anthems. Case in point, this is Remaining Days.....

Monday 11 July 2016

Spokenest - Whisper

  Spokenest are from Los Angeles and feature two thirds of God Equals Genocide, those two thirds being husband and wife Daryl Gussin (guitar/vocals) and Adrian Tenney (drums/vocals). They play an off kilter brand of punk with jagged guitar and duelling male/female vocals and have been compared with such luminaries as Wire, The Minutemen and Superchunk.

  In 2013 they self released their debut album, We Move and they followed it up earlier this year with Gone Gone Gone. The new album is getting some great reviews ("Angry, visceral and urgent. Essential") and it's available through Sorry State Records (US) and Drunken Sailor (Europe) as well as streaming on Bandcamp.....

  This is called Whisper......

Whose idea could this have been To make us feel so voiceless Is it so unlikely to be heard Is it so unlikely to be heard? I’m listening, when you’re talking I’m listening, when you’re whispering I’m listening, when you’re screaming I’m listening, when you’re shouting I’m listening, when you’re talking I’m listening, when you’re whispering