Wednesday 31 March 2021

Power Drill - Prison & Pills


  Power Drill ( are a 4 piece powerhouse from Lennox Head, a seaside village in New South Wales, Australia. They released Haven A Beer, almost exactly a year ago and followed it up in May with a single titled Vomit ( "a simple song about sinking too many bevs and chundering" which makes one wonder if The Chats have a bunch of older brother out there somewhere). 

  And now they're back with a 6 track ep titled State Of Emergency in which they sing about running from dodgy money lenders, Amyl (nitrate, not ...and the sniffers), MILFS, and absentee PM Scott Morrison. It's a modern day snot nosed joy and you can get it here :

  This is the opening song, it's called Prison & Pills...

Sydney to Bris with a car full of drugs A pocket full of pills and a pocket full of nugs The billy in my hand when I see the lights Pedal to the floor it’s time to speed into the night Rip it into gear as the cops are catching up The little Holden Astra can barely keep up They bust down the door and throw me to the ground Been done by the dogs now I’m going to the pound Prison & Pills Hot is the fire in the belly of the beast The food that they serve is too shit to eat Made a deal with the bikies and I lost my toes To get the pills in prison what they say goes Prison & Pills Read it and weep you dogs Prison & Pills

Tuesday 30 March 2021

NAW - Safe Place (Guest Review By Ralph J Rivera)


Bursting out out of Atlanta, Georgia USA - NAW ( have nailed a sound I absolutely LOVE! Taking the best aspects of 80's/90's "Noise Rock" and filtering it through a healthy dose of modern "Outsider" Punk this band are the future!

In that same place that bands like Moon Pussy and Couch Slut occupy this is dirty, low down scuzzy tuneage that will make you wanna take a shower after being exposed to it! Insane female vocals over a constant beatdown of riffs and distortion. I LIVE to hear bands like this and after a teaser of a 2 song demo this band lived up to ALL expectations.

The new album is titled Head Pain, it's available for pre order on black or transparent pink vinyl and as a digital download :

My pick off this face melting is this one "Safe Place"! But trust me - ALL 10 songs on this album will blow your mind!

I see your pain. I hear your words, but I can’t sympathize. Your discomfort and agony is all but synthesized. I can’t be your safe place. I can’t be your shoulder to cry on. I can’t be your solace. I can’t be whatever you want. You see my pain. You hear my voice, but still you ask if I could sacrifice my mental health to give you peace of mind. I can’t be your safe place. I can’t be your shoulder to cry on. I can’t be your solace. I can’t be whatever you want.

Monday 29 March 2021



  Bart And The Brats are a new one man project from Bart De Vraantijk (Wild Zeros (, Janitors, The Pneumonias, Teenage Hearts, Skeptics etc). Hailing from the French coastal city of La Rochelle, they play authentic sounding punk rock with influences ranging from 1977 era Sire Records to the likes of Ramones, Zeros, Kids, Sham 69 etc. 


  They've just released a debut album on Brooklyn label Chickpea Records, it's titled Dogged and it's available on 10" vinyl, cassette and digital download :

  It's a dozen tracks recorded in 3 days with a friend in a house in the French countryside, it's raw, it's heartfelt and it's well worth checking out. 

  This is about making amends and doing better this time around. It's called Try Harder... 

Sunday 28 March 2021

The Sentence - Riot


  The Sentence ( are Watty (vocals), Steve (Guitar), Spike (Bass), Andy (Guitar) & Ged (Drums). Ex members of bands such as What A Riot, Boredom and The Pakt, they formed in 2018 in Lancaster and have featured on here 3 times previously with Bored Teenager, Coppers and Running Away From Police. New versions of the first 2 of those reappear as part of their impressive new album, Broken World. 

  They're an old school band playing anthemic street punk and singing about the boys in blue, taking responsibility for your own actions, civil unrest, missing a loved one etc. The digital download is available on Bandcamp & iTunes now and on Spotify this week. The cd version is also out this week with vinyl to follow :

  This is about uproar on our streets and it's called Riot... 

Cacerolazo - The Night Will Not Be Silenced


  If you've been watching the news recently you'll have no doubt seen plenty of distressing footage from Myanmar. If you've not managed to sit through all the daily reports on the Covid pandemic and you're not aware of what's going on in Asia then here's a brief recap from the Cacerolazo Bandcamp page... 

  Myanmar's military seized power, imprisoned its democratically-elected leaders and imposed a year-long state of emergency on 1 February 2021, claiming "election fraud" from November's polls but without any evidence. The first public display of dissent towards the junta was the day after when people throughout the country banged pots and pans at 8pm, a form of protest known by the Spanish word cacelorazo. It is the sound of solidarity against the regime.

  Cacerolazo are a collective made up of local bands The Rebel Riot, Kultureshock, The Outcast and The Slingshot, as well as several international bands. They've just released a pro democracy anthem to raise awareness about the situation and to help support the civil disobedience movement. It's available as a name your price download and ask that any donations go directly to SupportMyanmar 

  You can find the track here : 

  It's called The Night Will Not Be Silenced... 

Saturday 27 March 2021

REXXX - Animal


   Rexxx ( are a 5 piece (Rexxx (Vocals), Ryan Reeve (Guitar/Vocals), Harrison Colby (Guitar/Vocals), Sam Reitman (Bass/Vocals) & Jesse Buskov (Drums)) from Milwaukee, Wisconsin who've been impressing me with an album titled Pure Pleasure II. 

  They combine elements of garage rock and power pop to brew up something very catchy indeed. It came out last year but it's being given a vinyl release (on "seductive red") by Big Neck Records (

  The advertising claims the album "blends bubblegum melodies with grimy punk riffs" and I can't argue with that. Straight from the get go, opener Can't Help It grabs your attention with it's big chorus and stomping beat and for the next 20 minutes we're treated to some truly great rock n roll. You can listen to the full album here :

  Saving the best till last, here's the band's appearance on an episode of Top Of The Pops that you may have missed in which they showcased their Number 1 hit single. It's called Animal... 

Friday 26 March 2021

Dollhouse - The First Day of Spring


  Some of you may remember a very interesting Demo from a couple of years ago by a new band from New York called Dollhouse. I described it as darkly atmospheric hardcore and mentioned how rather than writing lyrics about the usual punk tropes the ep dealt with topics such as watching angels make love, self harming pervert boys and shadow babies ( It was an excellent debut from a band that were doing something just that little bit different. 

  And now we've been treated to a new ep. 

  It's titled The First Day Of Spring and it's even better than the Demo. Opening track, The Shadow Baby, is a reworked version of one of the earlier songs whilst the other 3 are new compositions. Once again we get lyrics that are darkly poetic backed by a playful hardcore soundtrack. It conjures up some vivid imagery; 

"I'll be your shadow its who I am, take your life from the inside"

"the callus on my thighs are as dark as my heart, not caring about yourself isn't hard its an art"

"look at all the other lovers healthy in their face, healthy in their teeth... we must look so out of place"

  The 7" version will be available from Toxic State Records 

  This is the title track, it's in equal parts delightful and rather disturbing. It's called The First Day Of Spring... 

if you saw me on the unit would you think that i was fine? would you hold my hand that spring time? if i had chlamydia would you kiss me on the lips? i would think that it was intimate waking to the breath of a person that i hated sharing rooms with a pervert made me nervous and impatient i got you hooked on pills (i needed quarters for the phone) but i forgot all the numbers of my people back home :( it's the first day of spring skipping down the unit i was strong enough to move i watched a teen give birth in the corner of her room hazel eyes and brunette hair she didn't scream she didn't seem to care she just laid there poor ugly Issac always had to cry getting burns from the carpet he was rubbing on his thighs the father was the reason why he turned out so bad so sad the worst friend ever it's the first day of spring

Thursday 25 March 2021

The Streetwalkin' Cheetahs - Fast, Fucked and Furious

(photo : Sarah Remetch and Pike Restaurant and Bar)

  The Streetwalkin' Cheetahs ( have been around since the mid 90's releasing the kind of down and dirty rock n roll that Just Some Punk Songs' favourites such as The Hip Priests, Deathtraps etc would no doubt heartily approve of. Think Stooges, Cheap Trick, AC/DC, New York Dolls etc and you won't be far wide of the mark. Lining up with Frank Meyer (vocals, guitar), Dino Everett (bass), Mike Sessa (drums), Bruce Duff (guitar) & Geoff Yeaton (sax) they're from Los Angeles and have just released their 7th full length (their first since 2006's Resurrection). 

  It's titled One More Drink and as occasional JSPS guest reviewer Ralph J Rivera says, "it's the definition of rock n roll!" 11 tracks, not a bad one amongst them, and impressive guest appearances from the likes of Rikk Agnew (Adolescents) and John Easdale (Dramarama). A special mention goes to Paul Roessler (The Screamers/45 Grave) who did a great production job. It's released on Dead Beat Records and you can get it here : 

  I think the title of this track sums things up nicely, it's called Fast, Fucked and Furious... 

Wednesday 24 March 2021

Leftards - CCP


  Hailing from Wollongong, Australia, Leftards are "a unique supergroup made up of the least-good members of four unpopular Wollongong bands." They have as their line up; Lez Miserable (guitars), Dr Sound (drums), Uncle Jim (bass, backing vocals) & Ronny Wreckless - vocals / "percussion"). Ronny has featured on here previously when he introduced us to some unknown Aussie bands

  Blessed (or cursed?) with a couldn't give a fuck attitude and a penchant for causing mayhem, they've been wowing (or annoying?) the fans Down Under for around 3 years now. 2018 saw them debut with the Apocalypse Cabaret ep and they followed up a year later with Deep C Divers. Last December saw the release of ep number 3, it's titled Artifuct and it's available on silver vinyl, cd & download through vocalist Ronny's Wreckless Enterprise label : 

  It's 5 tracks dealing with subjects such as uneducated know-it-alls, internet warfare and hair metal band tattoos. They're a band who are better than they let on and they've just released a video for the lead track, a song which I think is decrying the government as the enemy and comparing it with the Chinese Communist Party.

  This is Just Like The CCP...   

Tuesday 23 March 2021

Les Shirley - Fuck It I'm In Love


  I think it's fair to say that the song you're getting today has been one of the most popular that I've played on the show recently. It originally surfaced as a single in January with the promise that it was the first release from an upcoming full length. That full length is now out. 

  Les Shirley ( are Raphaëlle Chouinard (guitar & vocals), Sarah Dion (bass) & Lisandre Bourdages (drums), a kick ass power rock trio from Montreal. They formed in 2018 and released a debut Self Titled ep the following year. Now they're back, singing about "love, girl power, and conspiracies" on their debut album Forever Is Now. If you're in the mood for something that's easy listening but not naff, something catchy but not cloying, then you should check it out. 

  It's available on limited edition electric blue silver splatter vinyl, black vinyl and digital download : 

  One of the biggest ear worms of the year so far, this is Fuck It I'm In Love... 

I think we met at a bar on a Monday
We had a mutual friend and we kicked it right away
I’m so glad you came
If I recall you were wearing a shirt that night
A pair of black and white vans and that smile that fucking smile
I won't forget that
2 AM, now we starting to make a move
Maryanne had a place yeah we could walk under the moon
It was so magical
So we’re smoking and laughing and I’m playing guitar
I wanna kiss you so bad but the pills all up in my blood
I think I’m in love
Yeah I can take a fight!
Bring it!

I can take a fight
I can get in line

The night is fading away outside the window
I really wish I could stay but it’s time for me to go
Will you remember me?
If anything I can take you out sometimes
And in the back of my car we’ll watch the sunrise a hundred times

And fuck it I’m in love
I can feel it all the time
Fuck it I’m in love
I’m about to loose my mind

I can take a fight
I can get in line

Fuck it I’m in love
Fuck it I’m in love
Fuck it I’m in love
Fuck it I’m in love

Monday 22 March 2021

Markus - Scooter Boy


  Markus ( are a new name to me but they're from Munich and they've just released their 4th ep. They're a 3 piece comprising of Markus Beger, Markus Burnuthian & Markus Will. They kicked off in 2019 with Die Leyla which featured 9 noisy tracks, none of them going past the 60 second mark. The tracks were a little longer on last March's Meeresbrisée whilst November's Moon Boots was another dissonantly brief affair. 

  They recently released Reservoir and it's my favourite yet. It's available on cassette from Berlin based record label Späti Palace ( and as a digital download : 

  Their sound has been described as post-punk/noise rock, I can hear influences from the likes of Kleenex/Lilliput or maybe a more contemporary comparison would be with Berlin band Toylettes. It's mainly fast and shouty which is a good thing. This is my favourite track and it's called Scooter Boy...  

Sunday 21 March 2021

Born Shit Stirrers - Richard Gere


  Born Shit Stirrers ( are from Fukuoka, Japan and they're rather bloody good. They line up with Jon (guitar/vocals), Roque (vocals), Lum (guitar/vocals), Watt (bass) & Jun (drums) and they featured on here last April with an excellent track called Bored Of Education ( which deservedly earned a place in the annual Just Some Punk Songs end of year chart (it'd have been much higher if it had been longer than 25 seconds!). 

  It was just one of a number of modern day classics that graced their most recent album, Lester (22 tracks in 23 minutes and just the tip of the iceberg of cool releases by the band since they formed in 2016)

  They've been collaborating with Kumamoto (Japan) band Ledzepvietcong ( on a split 7" 9 track ep titled Overworked Underfucked which is due out in July on top UK label Serial Bowl Records. I was fortunate enough to be sent the songs earlier this week and I can safely predict that fans are gonna love them. They've just released a teaser track ( which I'm posting below and I've been ok'd to play a different song on the Just Some Punk Songs show later today ( 

  It's in your face, couldn't give a fuck punk rock at it's best by 2 kindred spirit bands. This track boasts a couple of "big name" guest appearances with Mike Watt (Minutemen) on bass and Reverend Norb (Boris The Sprinkler) adding backing vocals. It's a cover of a song by an unknown band called The Bumblebees and it's called Richard Gere... 

Saturday 20 March 2021

Macho (Detroit) - It's NOT Okay


  "Do you like good music?" asked Arthur Conley on his 1967 smash hit Sweet Soul Music. 

  Obviously you guys do which is why you visit this blog. 

  "Do you like free music?"  

  I'm guessing the answer is also yes. So step this way...

  Wassup Rocker Radio Presents: Sick Sounds 3 is the 3rd instalment of what's building up into a very tasty series of releases from Alex Kish. It's a collection that gathers together some of the best bands that he's featured on his excellent radio show ( ), many of those bands have also been covered on here so you know you'll love them. 

  This time around Alex presents us with 20 tracks from the likes of Fun Time Objects, The Putz, Dennis Cometti, Goldie Dawn, The Yum Yums and many more. Definitely worth downloading (name your price)

  An obvious joy of these type of compilations is discovering bands you've not previously come across and the song I'm posting today is by one of those. Macho (Detroit) ( unsurprisingly hail from Detroit. They're a 3 piece, Helen (vocals/guitar), Annie vocals/drums) & Luckey (guitar), who've released a couple of very decent eps ( 

  The track which features on Sick Sounds 3 was their debut single. Released at the start of last year it's a catchy garage pop song with plenty of grit and bounce. It's enthusiastic, fun Riot Grrrl that'll have you dancing around. It's NOT okay... 

Friday 19 March 2021

Incisions - Repeat Prescription


  It's Friday so we may as well finish the week with another hardcore banger. 

   Incisions ( are the Manchester noise makers who featured on here back in 2018 with their anti war anthem War In Your Head ( It was a trailblazer for their debut Self Titled album ( and suggested we were in for something fast, furious and fun. And that's exactly what we got.

  Jump forward to the present and they're preparing to release album number 2. Titled Bliss, it'll be out on TNS Records on April 2nd. They've been stoking up anticipation by drip feeding us a series of teaser tracks. No Shame was a dissection of a life lived in the shadows of other people's expectations whilst Fuck The World was a harsh look at the state of the world and a commentary on the punk scene's divided reaction to it "And all the punk bands are singing happy songs. At least while the world burns you can all sing along."

  You can pre order Bliss here : 

  The concluding song of this "teaser trilogy" is accompanied by the rather cool video you'll find below. Tackling themes of addiction, self doubt and loss of control, this is Repeat Prescription... 

  Don’t wake me when you leave But make sure I can still breathe Can’t afford a repeat prescription Spent all my money on drug addiction I am in too deep
  There’s no way to retrieve This life I’m trying to leave Can’t afford a repeat prescription Spent all my money on drug addiction I can never sleep
  Can’t feel anything from the neck down I know I’m gonna die but I can’t slow down No I can’t deny that it’s my fault But I’m still gonna do Whatever I want

Thursday 18 March 2021

F. Emasculata - Mulder, It's Me


  Another noisy one for you today...

  Cornish hardcore punks F. Emasculata ( last featured on here almost 2 years ago to the day ( with a track from their excellent Take Me Home ep. Featuring members of Rash Decision and Swansong, you may notice that they're quite fond of the X Files. 


  They've a new album on the way and it'll be titled Hail Mulder. I'm in no doubt it'll be great so watch out for it. 

  "Mulder, it's me" is quite possibly the most often spoken line in the entire X Files series. It's also the title of a Gillian Anderson biography written by Gil Adamson & Dawn Connolly and it's been plastered across numerous items of clothing. 

  It's also the name of a new single, the first to be taken from Hail Mulder. It's available as a name your price download and though you might trust no one, make an exception and believe me when I tell you it's rather fab :

  Mulder, It's Me... 

Wednesday 17 March 2021

Illiterates - We're Coming Out


  Illiterates are a hardcore punk band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who surfaced in 2019 with a pretty damn impressive Demo before following it up 6 months later with the 5 track Fall Tape. 

  And now they're back with a debut album which more than lives up to expectations.

  It's titled LP (or I suppose it's possibly just self titled?) and it features a dozen tracks which race through from opener LB Scheme to the closing Replacements cover in the blink of an eye (or about 12 minutes if you're counting). 

  It's the kind of hardcore I like. Fast, furious and hard hitting but with just enough melody to make it easily accessible. Yesterday's guest reviewer Ralph reckons he's getting an early Poison Idea vibe from it and I'm not going to argue with him. It's available on vinyl or as a name your price download :

  This is the cover. We're coming Out... 

One more chance to get it all wrong
One more chance to get it all wrong
One more night to do it all wrong
One more warning
One more warning sound
We're comin' out
We're comin' out
We're comin' out
One more day anyway
One more chance anyway
One more night anyway
We're comin' out
We're comin' out
We're comin' out
We're comin' out
One more chance to get it all wrong
One more time to do it all wrong
One more night to get it half right
One more warning
One more warning sound

We're comin' out
We're comin' out
We're comin' out
We're comin' out

Tuesday 16 March 2021

Weak Ties - Rage Is Not A Quiet Thing (Guest Review By Ralph J Rivera)


  I had a song lined up for today by a hardcore punk band which I said are hard hitting but have just enough melody to make things accessible. Then I just received this review from Ralph of a different band of whom he makes a similar point. As he's a guest, I'll let him go first and push mine back till tomorrow... 

   So after a few of my fellow blog brothers started singing the praises of the new Weak Ties ( album "Find A Way" I decided to give it a listen. And boys and girls I'm damn glad I did! This little known band from Bielefeld, Germany may have dropped the Album Of The Year so far! They've been putting out tunes since 2016 but most of their early stuff is "Fastcore/Power Violence" type. Not a genre I'm a huge fan of but that's neither here nor there.

THIS album sees Weak Ties taking a different direction. Mixing the perfect blend of Old School Punk Rock with Old School Hardcore and gut wrenching female vocals, "Find A Way" is this band's masterpiece. This is not an easy formula to master but somehow these guys have managed to produce an album with songs that are brutally heavy, lyrics you can relate to and most importantly Be Catchy!

If you're looking for something new but miss the old days of REAL Hardcore - This is what you've been looking for! You can pick it up on vinyl or as a name your price download :

This is my pick off the album and it's called "Rage Is Not A Quiet Thing" and I think it pretty much sums up the message behind this album!

Monday 15 March 2021

The Smog - First Time, Last Chance


  Osaka 3 piece The Smog ( return with a track from their 4th single. Since forming in 2018, they've released a string of highly rated 7"s and this energetic offering is only going to build on their reputation for penning catchy, melodic tunes.  

  Lining up with Yas (Guitar/Vocal), Kenji (Bass/Vocal) and Hiro (Drum/Vocal), they list amongst their influences the likes of The Fall, Wire, The Outsiders, Easy Cure, Johnny And The Self Abusers and The Desperate Bicycles. The 7" is out now on Episode Sounds Records ( though if you're outside of Japan you may have to settle for the digital download : 

  Both tracks are impressive cuts of edgy guitar led punk rock with Noise Noise easily matching the quality of the title track but it's that title track that's being posted today. This is First Time, Last Chance... 

Sunday 14 March 2021

Mad Mulligans - Bricks and Batteries


  Mad Mulligans ( are an old school New York City 4 piece who play a mix of punk and oi and who's members can justifiably be considered genre veterans. Johnny Kray, Albee Damned and Wynn Skism were the complete first line up of the NYC seminal punk band The Krays ( Johnny still fronts the band while he also plays with multiple other groups, including Bastard Clan and Drunken Rampage. Wynn and Albee left the Krays at different intervals...they both are currently in American Eagle as bassist and guitars...AE is a classic NYC oi band formed in the late 80s.  Wynn also plays in Skism, while Albee bashes away drums for Model Citizen NYC. Rich O'Brien is the 4th official core member of the Mulligans while he fronts Darkside NYC as vocalist and occasional drummer.  Brian Martin, from classic NYC ska band Mephiskapheles, adds a piano track to Knock One Back to round out as the unofficial 5th Mulligan. More a fluid collection of friends than a band, the other contributing vocals come from Jerry Ex (Dead Crew), Rob Zero (Faction Zero), Model CItizen members, Big Carlos, Anthony Pellegrino and Sid "Da Kid".  Jim Threat from the classic Scottish punk band Threats, adds his vocals in from the UK side of the ocean. Their influences include the likes of Sham 69, Blitz, The Business, Cockney Rejects plus a smattering of classic US 80's hardcore. 


  Rotten Bastard Records ( recently released an album titled Who Are The Mad Mulligans? (from looking at the album cover, to me they look like what would have been the result of The Ant Hill Mob deciding to go into music rather than Wacky Racing!). It's about to get a UK release from new label Dammit Records 

  I'll be playing a different track on this week's Just Some Punk Songs show (it airs later today at 8pm GMT but the song I'm highlighting here is titled Bricks and Batteries... 

Time to take 'em down woah oh Grab their fucking crown woah oh Drag em through the town woah oh Burn it fucking down woah oh Line em on a wall woah oh They're all gonna fall woah oh We won't take no more oh no They started a war woah oh Bricks n batteries gonna fly tonight Bricks n batteries gonna make it right

Saturday 13 March 2021

Rum Lad - Clip Round The Ear


  Rum Lad ( is the alter ego of Derbyshire malcontent Richie Tyler-Young who you may remember featured on here last year with a scathingly blistering put down from his debut album Vandalism ( If you missed the album, it's well worth you seeking it out, especially if you're a fan of opinionated, political commentary on the state of nation 

  Whilst you're checking out that link, you'll notice a successful Crowdfunder for album number 2. It'll be titled Punk AF and if all goes well it should be available around June on red vinyl. Will it be any good? Well thanks to Paul Hammond, host of the Punk AF radio show ( I can tell you that it'll be very good indeed. I've been listening to the album and without wanting to reveal too much too soon I can tell you it's more of the same but maybe just a little better. It's a wake up call to an England that is being led astray. Richie's just as angry but this time around it's a notch above musically (as you'll hear if you listen to this week's Just Some Punk Songs show when I'll play a 5 minute track called Mouthoid). 

  Today though I'm posting a song which recently surfaced on Youtube. It's called Clip Round The Ear...

Thursday 11 March 2021

Electric Chair - Bastards


  Hailing from Olympia, Washington, Electric Chair are a hardcore punk band featuring a line up of Dinah Corona (vocals), Electric Bill (bass), Dominic Munoz (guitar) and Dennis Rackula (drums). They announced themselves in 2018 with a debut ep titled Public Apology ( and then followed it up with the Performative Justice 7" (

  The latter of those was on Iron Lung Records and they've stayed with that label for their upcoming 7". It'll be out March 26th, titled Social Capital and on the evidence of the teaser track it's going to be every bit as impressive as its predecessors. 

  It'll be available in Discharge black vinyl and as a digital download and you can get it here :

  Fast as fuck and hard as nails, this is Bastards...

All this time broadcasts of swine as they piss on all our graves with their disgrace
Life is shit. You will be abused
Hierarchal bad man won’t pay for our future
Smash capitalism. Swear off the bastards!
When you’re beat to shit and your spirit is bruised, they take our homes and don’t even use them
Hierarchal bad man won’t pay for our future
Smash capitalism. Swear off the bastards
Complacent. So condescending
Watch you open that dry mouth
No idea what you’re defending
Beat dog loves his master
Chained up by the pool
All this time broadcasts of swine as they piss on all our graves with their disgrace

Wednesday 10 March 2021

The Chisel - Enough Said


  You may remember a few days ago I featured the latest single by Crown Court and mentioned that guitarist Charlie Manning Walker was keeping busy as a member of both Chubby & The Gang and The Chisel. There's a new Chubby album on the horizon but a new Chisel ep is already with us. 

  The hard hitting oi newcomers debuted last year with the Deconstructive Surgery ep (tough as old bovver boots was my verdict) and then followed it up a couple of months ago with this beauty : 

  And now we have ep number 3. There's a couple of original compositions plus a spirited rendition of The Business' classic Harry May. You can get it here : 

  The sound is big and beefy, production duties courtesy of Jonah Falco (Fucked Up/Career Suicide) and there's a definite air of menace as a night down the pub turns nasty. This is Enough Said... 

Pints with my mates and I'm feeling alright When some snotty little cunt came and ruined my night Said you better watch out or you'll end up dead I looked him in the eye and this is what I said ENOUGH SAID ENOUGH SAID I didn't ask for your reply, I'm thinking... I've already worked out the hows and whys No interest in what you've read Cos as soon as I stop talking that's enough said ENOUGH SAID ENOUGH SAID ENOUGH SAID ENOUGH SAID

Tuesday 9 March 2021

TOADS - Another Year


  TOADS are from California and feature Chris Santamaria from legendary Boyle Heights 3 piece Loli & The Chones (he's currently also in Midnite Snaxxx) on guitar alongside Miranda Fisher (vocals), Anthony Bedard (drums) and Mitch Cardwell (bass). 

  They recently released a debut Self Titled mini album on Sanctuary Moon. It's available on ltd edition 12" vinyl (330 Copies Pressed Hand-Assembled Jackets w/insert Stamped Labels) and as a digital download :

  8 brief cuts of catchy DIY punk with a number of contenders for "pick of the bunch." They've released a video for Not A Life ( but the song I'm highlighting is Another Year... 

Monday 8 March 2021

Dole Scum - The Only Reward


"Bourgeoisie - that's a fancy word for posh cunts"

  Sam Dunthorne lives in London and some of you may know him as comedian Sam Rhodes (he's made a living travelling the world telling jokes and he's opened for the likes of Rich Hall, Joe Wilkinson and Glenn Moore). Maybe it's because he's a comedian that he's managed to cram so many great one liners into the new Self Titled ep by Dole Scum. It's an Hardcore Anarco-Punk EP about people power and hating the government and Sam plays all instruments, sings and is responsible for writing and production. 

  It's one of the best releases of 2021 thus far. 

  When I talk about one liners, I don't mean comedic ones. It's much more scathing and sarcastic than that. Straight away, High Cost Of Living offers up no sympathy for our current PM opening up with "You always wanted this job, and now it sits with you. And now the time has come and you haven't got a fucking clue." 

  The eponymous Dole Scum is a banging tune with Sam shouting "Everyday is exactly the same, unemployed and guess who's to blame? Take away my reason to be... and you wonder why I'M FUCKING ANGRY." 

  Battered And Bruised is about the difference between the haves and the have nots, "You're just there cos you lied and you cheated..." and Lockdown is a topical tale about the struggle of staying at home "I miss speaking to people, I need support, cos I'm going out of my mind just staring at these 4 walls." 

  You can get the ep as a name your price download here :

  And here's the track I've not yet mentioned. "Apathy is the enemy of man.../ The only reward for good work is more work.../ You've got to radicalise, see the fear in your leader's eyes.../ Not every leader went to Eton.../ The leader of the opposition, he doesn't give any opposition. / Kick 'em all out."

  Essential listening. This is The Only Reward... 

Sunday 7 March 2021

Crown Court - Sect 59


  I've got to be honest, I wasn't sure we'd hear anything more from London oi upstarts Crown Court ( Their impressive album Capital Offence came out 5 years ago and their last ep was 2018's Mad In England ( . 

  Since then Charlie Manning Walker has been doing very nicely for himself with Chubby and the Gang and The Chisel and their Facebook page has seen only tumbleweed drifting along. But then we got a post; Adjournment Over. It was the announcement that the band will be on an impressive bill for the Cream Of The Crop 3 all dayer at Bedford Esquires on 22nd July 2022 

  This was immediately followed up by the release of a new single. 2 tracks, Sect 59 and Scum, it looks as though it'll be available soon on Rebellion Records. The songs are already streaming on Bandcamp though at a price that might make you wait before downloading them 

  This is about driving fast and avoiding the boys in blue. Sect 59... 

Dead Meat - Son of Sam


  London based 4 piece Dead Meat are back with their 2nd ep and like it's predecessor it's somewhat of a ripper. Mixing garage punk with the kind of hard hitting sound that graced the Bloodstains Across and Killed By Death compilations back in the day it's a delight. The line up features Vince Suicide alongside Adrian, Fisher & Pringle (they're from a number of other cool bands such as Kool and the Gangbangers, Suicide Generation, The Cavemen and The Speedways etc).

  The ep is available on No Front Teeth Records ( and is available in several very limited vinyl versions (300 copies pressed. Total 230 - Individually spray painted onto different coloured leather by Marco NFT, so every single copy will be different. (comes with red card insert). 25 - Limited edition collage cover printed on yellow card with small badge. 25 - Limited edition collage cover printed on Blue card with Large badge. 20 - Super Limited Edition collage cover printed on red card with red arm band) so grab it quick :

  Each track comes in at a lean, mean 1 minute 50 or less and they could all be described as "the hit" of the ep. I'll be playing a different track on the Just Some Punk Songs show later today (8pm GMT, details here : but the song I'm highlighting now is about 70's American serial killer, David Berkowitz. It's called Son Of Sam... 

Saturday 6 March 2021

The Fish Mittens - Sunny Meadows


  The Fish Mittens ( are an irreverent old school band from Kent who mix mid paced punk rock with a dark humour which some might find a little close to the knuckle. The hint to their humour is in their name which is slang for female genitalia and can see why some might question lines such as "if I was her dad then I'd still be bathing her" or the image of a public schoolboy shoving a broomstick up his bum or letting his classmates see him wank (and I've not even mentioned custard!). But it's all done with a glint in the eye by a band who're drawing a range of caricatures from life's seedy underbelly. 

  If you're easily offended, come back tomorrow. 

  If you've stuck around I'll tell you that their new album is titled My Wife's Clothes Don't Fit Me Anymore and you can find it here : 

  The title track deals with the problem of putting on weight when you're a cross dresser, Dirty Harry is about a fat sweaty perv and she's got nits is about unconditional love (it's actually quite sweet and I'll play it on this week's show). In the words of the Kenny Everett character Cupid Stunt, "it's all done in the best possible taste!"

  This one's about mental illness, it's called Sunny Meadows...  

Thursday 4 March 2021

Blowers - Hitman


  Blowers are a deliciously rough and ready garage punk band from Melbourne featuring Kit Convict (Kit Convict & Thee Terrible Two/ The Kits/ The Spasms), Andrew Porter (The Bowers/ Cakefight/ Brat Farrar), Shannon Aswell (The Reprobettes/ Juliette Seizure & The Tremor-Dolls) and Pip McMullan (The Exotics/ Wrong Turn). 

  They've just released a no holds barred Self Titled album which boasts 15 of the rawest garage cuts you're likely to hear. It's a bad taste extravaganza from a band who've shared a stage with the likes of  Sore Points, The Cavemen, Salad Boys, Jackson Reid Briggs & The Heaters and Stiff Richards. Happily, as well as being an exercise in sick humour, it's also very catchy. It's tagged as being for fans of Wipers, The Reatards, Wet Ones and The Spits. Personally I'd say it's a mash up of Cavemen style sleaze with some of the "pop" sensibilities of early period Ramones. Definitely a grower that'll stay on your playlist. 

  It's available on poison green vinyl from Spooky Records [Melbourne]  & black or doublemint vinyl from Chaputa Records [Portugal] 

  You can get it digitally here : 

  This track'll get you bouncing around, it's called Hitman... 

Wednesday 3 March 2021

Inner Terrestrials - Eco War


  Following yesterday's update which introduced a new band that I knew nothing about, today you're getting a band that formed in South London back in 1994 who are known all over the world. 

  Inner Terrestrials ( have been wowing audiences for 27 years with their fusion of "dub, punk, ska, folk and general anarchic danceability." They line up with founder members Jay Terrestrial (vocals/guitar) and Fran Webber (vocals/bass) plus drummer Ben Swan and they've just released a new album titled Heart Of The Free. 


  It's 11 tracks of socially aware, genre hopping music which is passionate but also thoughtful. It's available on red marbled vinyl, cd and digital download and you can get more details here :  and listen here : 

  This track tells us how 50,000 acres of rain forest is lost every day and that 60% of all wild animals have disappeared during the last 40 years. It mentions how the oceans are a dumping ground for the effluent of consumerism and how contamination by man made chemicals affects every marine organism. Fossil fuel pollution and mass farming are destroying the planet but is there anything we can do, especially when big business does it's best to shut down solutions? 

  This is Eco War... 

Tuesday 2 March 2021

Rough Gutts - Control


  Rough Gutts are a new band from the south of England who I know nothing about but I think they have a debut album in the pipeline. 

  What do the sound like? Pretty damn good. Plenty of energy, a mix of hardcore and garage punk. You'll like 'em. 

  I've just heard the 2 tracks thus far, there's Spit, which is on a compilation from The SeaBin Podcast titled Spicy Noodz & Spicy Tunez - Vol.1

  And there's this critique of the boys in blue and their use of excessive force. It's called Control...