Sunday, 7 March 2021

Dead Meat - Son of Sam


  London based 4 piece Dead Meat are back with their 2nd ep and like it's predecessor it's somewhat of a ripper. Mixing garage punk with the kind of hard hitting sound that graced the Bloodstains Across and Killed By Death compilations back in the day it's a delight. The line up features Vince Suicide alongside Adrian, Fisher & Pringle (they're from a number of other cool bands such as Kool and the Gangbangers, Suicide Generation, The Cavemen and The Speedways etc).

  The ep is available on No Front Teeth Records ( and is available in several very limited vinyl versions (300 copies pressed. Total 230 - Individually spray painted onto different coloured leather by Marco NFT, so every single copy will be different. (comes with red card insert). 25 - Limited edition collage cover printed on yellow card with small badge. 25 - Limited edition collage cover printed on Blue card with Large badge. 20 - Super Limited Edition collage cover printed on red card with red arm band) so grab it quick :

  Each track comes in at a lean, mean 1 minute 50 or less and they could all be described as "the hit" of the ep. I'll be playing a different track on the Just Some Punk Songs show later today (8pm GMT, details here : but the song I'm highlighting now is about 70's American serial killer, David Berkowitz. It's called Son Of Sam... 

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