Saturday 30 March 2024

Louis Lingg and the Bombs - Manspreading on the Metro


  Come the revolution, it's going to have a great soundtrack. Hopefully provided by Paris anarcho/techno punks Louis Lingg and the Bombs ( 

  They were a regular feature on Just Some Punk Songs a few years ago with this possibly being my favourite track by them 

  Are they still as good as they were back then? On the evidence of their new ep I'd have to give a resounding yes in reply.

  The ep's titled Can You Hear The Uproar? It's 3 new songs plus 3 instrumental versions. It's music to get your body moving and your mind working. It's the sound of a band channeling their anger in a direction that allows them to have a little more fun than many contemporary acts. Maybe think Chumbawamba mixed with Atari Teenage Riot? 

  This is the lead track, of which they say, "I wrote Manspreading on the Metro about my friend and Colleague Yves who committed suicide because of our director at work. This director lied to us and said he died in his sleep. His wife found out about the lie and told us that he committed suicide because of the director. What an absolute monster that man is. It was originally a grunge song but Octave rewrote it to make it a techno rock song." 

  It's called Manspreading on the Metro...

Verse 1 (He’s) Slouched on the subway Lazy, lack of poise I knew him from work That asshole from accounts He’s looking right through me (I) Think he might be dead No such luck Fucker just doesn’t care He fired my workmates (He) didn’t even blink (A) day of screams He didn’t even hear And now he manspreads A greasy metaphor Taking up space Close your fucking legs Close your fucking legs Prechorus Stop stop the spread! Chorus X2 Man (down) on the metro Legs spreading wide Why aie aie aie! Stabbed him with my stiletto Legs spreading wide Why aie aie aie! Verse 2 The day my friend died (A)Hopeless suicide (He) told us he passed Peaceful, in his sleep You fucking liar You grubby fucking suit Taking up space Close your fucking legs Close your fucking legs! Prechorus Hey dude! It’s rude! Two seats Stop stop the spread! Chorus Man (down) on the metro Legs spreading wide Why aie aie aie! Stabbed him with my stiletto Legs spreading wide Why aie aie aie!

Wednesday 27 March 2024

The Priceduifkes - Water Balloons To A Knife Fight


  It's been 7 years since The Priceduifkes ( last featured on here ( but they return today with a track from their very fine new album Dancing Dirty. 

  They're from Belgium, they've been together since 2003 and I always pronounce their name wrong when I play them on the show (apologies for that). I even made the same mistake on this week's show even though they pronounced it themselves at the end of the song I was playing!

  Anyway, the album, damn it's good. The opening track, Dancing Dirty, went down as well in the chatroom as anything I've played this year. Happily it's not the only gem in this musical treasure trove. It's out on Striped Music ( available on vinyl, cd and digital :

  To demonstrate how strong the album is, I'm highlighting one of the non singles. This is Water Balloons To A Knife Fight... 

Brought a water balloon to a knife fight
Guess I showed up the wrong night
The atmosphere was cooler when I was here in daylight
The wrong place at the wrong time
The story of my dumb life
Might be better to stay home to make sure that I survive
Brought a laser pen to a mud-catch
How long before they get mad
And throw me out of this place
So I miss out the big match
Why can’t I behave like I should
Fuck it, I wouldn’t if I could
I’m kind of a wannabe bad boy
Too good to be up to no good
There’s this difference between what I do and I say
It’s something I can’t help, happens every other day
But if I say tomorrow I will fuck things up
You bet I’ll fuck shit up
Brought my new girlfriend to the punk show
Good idea? I don’t think so
Shoved her in the pogo pit
And now her ribs are so sore
She said that I’m abnormal
I thought she meant adorable
Either way, it’s fine, she’s probably right but I don’t mind
And in the morning I feel quite alright
Start to think about what I did last night
Should I feel sorry, should I be ashamed
Forget it, I won’t have it
I’m feeling great today
Too good to be up to no good
Too bad, I’m better than all that

Tuesday 26 March 2024

DefektDefekt - RETCH


  Hailing from Bremen, DefektDefekt ( are a post punk trio who impressed me back in 2019 when they released a great album titled DEFEKT DEFEKT '79-'81 ( 

  5 years down the line and they're still impressing me. This time around it's by way of a new album, this one's called Aardvark and straight from the opening track you can hear those early 80's UK post punk influences front and centre. 

  The album's available on ltd edition vinyl and digital download from High Noon Records :

  The track I'm highlighting is a snappy little number titled Retch... 

Monday 25 March 2024

Manarovs - I Don't Wanna Kill For You (Tonight)


  Manarovs ( are a quartet of punk rock loving secret agents who are battling against invading aliens. Or something like that! They're from Savannah, Georgia and feature a line up of Captain P. (Bass/Vocals), Handsome Bill (Drums), Double-Oh Two-Names (Guitar/Vocals) and C.I.Dave K.G.Barker (Guitar). They've been engaged in their battle against aliens since 2021 and were introduced to the world via Just Some Punk Songs by way of this intergalactic message from Ralph J Rivera the following year :

  They return today with a track from their sophomore album Callsign: Proton. It's available on LP / CD from Mom's Basement Records and cassette on Memorable But Not Honorable Records. 

  And for digital downloads jump in your rocketship and blast off to Bandcamp :

  If Sci Fi themed pop punk is your thing you need to check these guys out. This track is called I Don't Wanna Kill For You (Tonight)... 

Sunday 24 March 2024

Unicorn Fart Sugar - Vegetable Time


  Does anyone remember an update ( back in 2020 when I was going off on one of my complaints about too many punk fans only listening to old bands and 40 year old songs and ignoring all the great new music that was coming out nowadays? It was a valid moan (and still somewhat valid though happily there does seem to be more and more online sources promoting new music such as Add To Wantlist and the Facebook group Revolt Into Style : New Music for punks/new wavers) but also a lead in to a couple of paragraphs on a band called Unicorn Fart Sugar. 

  Happily (and surprisingly as I thought it may have been a one off) they're back with a new ep. Featuring a line up of Rhodes from The Domestics on guitar, bass & keyboards, his daughter Eliza on vocals, keyboards & fx and Matt (drums) & Eddie (sax), the ep is titled Snack Of Plates and it's every bit as much fun as the debut.  

  Unfortunately the cassette version from Noise Merchant Records is already sold out but you can find the download here :

  I think this is my favorite track (it'll be on this evening's Just Some Punk Songs show), it's a joyful, sax fueled anthem called Vegetable Time...

Carrots are my favourite They give you orange poo broccoli and cauliflower them you cannot lose Corn on the cob Get in my gob Peas are great Put them on my plate Vegetable time

Saturday 23 March 2024

Itchy And The Nits - Tie Me Up


  It's only a month ago that I last featured Sydney trio Itchy And The Nits ( on Just Some Punk Songs. I posted a song from their upcoming album and said how much I was looking forward to it

  Usually after posting something from a release I don't go back to it but this album, Worst Of, is so good I feel the need to shout about it again. It's a dozen sub 2 minute garage punk nuggets of gold. It's available on vinyl, cd and digital download from Total Punk Records and it's a thing of beauty : 

  I'll be playing different songs from it on the next couple of shows but today I'm going to post a cover of a song that was originally released in 1978 by The Gizmos on their Never Mind The Sex Pistols Here's The Gizmos ep. You can hear The Gizmos' version here :

  This is Tie Me Up... 

Thursday 21 March 2024

AnyMinuteNo - Playing God (Guest Review By Hg80)


   (Photo is by Ian Moss who photographs around 100 bands a year in his spare time, and runs a great site of his adventures in punk rock and elsewhere at 

  As much as any 18 year old punk upstarts, the older guys who've been in half a dozen bands and have been gigging for years can be just as exciting. They've honed their skills and they're still pushing it because it's what they love.

  AnyMinuteNo ( are all veterans of the Swindon scene, and since they got together, they've been touring almost non-stop, supporting bands like Eastfield, The Subhumans, Riskee and the Ridicule and Wonk Unit. When AnyMinuteNo don't have a gig, Singer/guitarist Jeeves, Lead guitarist Paul (and sometimes drummer Alan) are gigging with their cover band playing "Recycled Punk Rock" as The Useless Eaters. Anyminuteno's lineup is completed by Jeeves' brother Pete, who fronted the sublime 2 Sick Monkeys (, on bass. 

  AnyMinuteNo's debut album Another Truth Dies was self released in late 2023 and features some great music that draws from the 70s and 80s punk scenes without sounding dated. These are songs that have been worked over and perfected for years.

 This record is hard work made good. It's practised and perfected, it's honest DIY punk. And in a world of quick and dirty, it's definitely a unique listen!

  Tickets are still available to catch them supporting The Subhumans and Eastfield on 18th of October in Corby at and the record is available on cd or digital download on Bandcamp (

  This song's called Playing God...  


Wednesday 20 March 2024

Fresh - Merch Girl


  Tuneful London emo punks Fresh ( have been turning out some of the best pop punk ditties for the best part of a decade and their excellent new single has been blasting out of my headphones several times this morning. 

  The band line up with Kathryn Woods (guitar/vocals), Joely Smith (guitar/vocals), George Phillips (bass/vocals/percussion) & Daniel Goldberg (drums) and they've a new ep out on April 19th. You can find more details here :

  This is the title track, it's an earworm about aspiration. Don't just watch from the sidelines, get out there and do it yourself. It's called Merch Girl... 

Standing at the back of the room Wishing I could do what they do After all, I could play that guitar part better I could hit those drums much harder I could sing that song far louder But I’m just a merch girl I’m tired of living like this Letting people talk over me for years and years and year and years Gonna start doing things my way Gonna write a song with a voice so strong it knocks you sideways I’m not just a merch girl

Tuesday 19 March 2024

Soapbox - Fascist Bob


  A couple of weeks ago I played a song on the show by a band from Glasgow called Soapbox. It got the chatroom talking. It was about how you can stand around for ages waiting for a bus and how things have got worse since privatization. It was the band's 3rd single and it provided something a little different from the norm (check it out 

  The band line up features Tom Rowan (Vocals), Jenna Nimmo (Drums), Angus Husbands (Guitar) & Aidan Bowskill (Bass). You can find their 1st 2 singles here :

  And now for single number 4. I think it's safe to say we all know a Bob. He's not afraid to air his views on the ills of society and I think it's fair to say he blames others for his own failings. It's another winner by a band who keep things simple but are catching people's attention. 

  This is Fascist Bob... 

Sunday 17 March 2024

Hummer - Apocalypse


  A sad farewell today to Warrington melodic punk rock trio Hummer ( 

  They originally got together as a duo under the name S.F.R. in 2004 whilst still at school and it was only in 2015 that they properly coalesced into Hummer. Plenty of gigs followed along with a couple of eps and a 2020 album titled How Did I Get Here? In April 2022 though they played their final ever gigs (Though they admit there may (or may not) be a reunion in the dim and distant future). 

  They did however have a few songs written which hadn't been recorded so they've tied up a few loose ends and put them out as a farewell ep titled Time To Pack Up. It's an ep that demonstrates how much they'll be missed. 

  Featuring a line up of Will Atkinson (Bass/vocals), Joe Watson (Guitar/vocals) & Matthew Cain (Drums), it's available from Horn & Hoof Records as a name your price download : 

  This is the opening track, it's a topical broadside against the easily led and it's called Apocalypse...

So here’s your flavour of the week; please tell me that this is a wind-up, Stay at home/take to the streets; I wish you’d make your fucking mind up... It really pains me to think we’re so easily led, I don’t think you’ll be happy till we all end up dead... So let’s all go out and panic-buy; we’re drowning in the desperation, Apocalypse! The end is nigh; I feel only exasperation... You troll-away on the net, spout your bile on the air, You’ll queue-up for a burger or a cheap garden chair, It pains me to think we’re so easily led, And I don’t think you’ll be happy till we all end up dead... So here’s your flavour of the week; please tell me that this is a wind-up, Stay at home/take to the streets; I wish you’d make your fucking mind up, Let’s all go out and panic-buy; we’re drowning in the desperation, Apocalypse! The end is nigh (Oh, change the fucking record!) I want the world to go back to how it was before, I want an end to the madness; I can’t take any more, Yeah, hysteria is rife and the feelings are tense, But tell me what would it take to bring back common sense? You troll-away on the net, spout your bile on the air, You’ll queue-up for a burger or a cheap garden chair... It pains me to think we’re so easily led, And I don’t think you’ll be happy till we all end up dead... Apocalypse! The end is nigh…

Saturday 16 March 2024

Antenna - Cubes


  A few months ago I played a couple of tracks on the show by Sydney duo Finnoguns Wake (one of which, Blue Skies, ended up in the Just Some Punk Songs Top 100 of 2023 chart). I mentioned that the vocalist, Shogun, had once upon a time fronted Royal Headache (and what an awesome band they were He was also in short lived Shogun And The Sheets (

  So given my immense liking for Shogun's soulful punk voice, I was rather happy to discover he's fronting a new band called Antenna. The full line up is Shogun (vocals/keyboards), Amasaki (guitar), Mikey (bass) & Hugh (drums). 

  They've just released a new Self Titled 5 track ep on Urge Records and it's everything you could hope for. Fast paced punk, yep... and then there's also the final track, Antenna State which slows things down a little and allows Shogun to demonstrate his range. 

  You can find it on cassette or digital here :

  I'm sure a few of the songs will feature on the show over the next few weeks, it's a great release. Today I'm gonna highlight the opening track, it's called Cubes... 

Friday 15 March 2024

The Baby Seals - ID'd at Aldi (Guest Review By Hg80)

(Photo by Jeff Pitcher)

  Sooo, not a totally new band to Just Some Punk Songs, Mick played Mild Misogynist by these guys a few weeks back on the radio show, but this is their first blog entry, spurred on by a fantastic new single "ID'd At Aldi" and its brilliant video.

  In the video The Baby Seals ( offer a visual shopping nightmare for the alpha male type, running around the supermarket filling their baskets with necessary feminine products (And wine, which is a necessary feminine product, and I won't entertain any argument to the contrary) And then they proceed on to lots of dancing (outside Aldi), trolley silliness (outside Aldi), and bits to camera (outside, you guessed it, Aldi).

  The song itself is a dynamic little pop-punk number with it's titular refrain reminiscent of the Go-Go's, Bangles, and Pretenders when they were still bands rather than vocal groups. This is a total pop hook, with great guitars! It's softer than Mild Misogynist, but definitely not in a bad way.

  It's an earworm, a reminder that punk isn't always super distorted guitars and shouting, and almost 3 minutes of pure brilliance. It'll feature on the band's new album Chaos which will be out on April 19th on vinyl (neon pink or red) cd & digital :

  Wish I'd get ID'd at Aldi, I could use the ego boost!

Monday 11 March 2024

Queer Of Hearts - Rich Man's War (Guest Review by Hg80)


A first guest review today by Hg80 who was a member of VideoX ( before departing to put together a new band called baitpuppy ( I'm sure they'll feature on here once they release some music...

Among a sea of Amyl and the Sniffers wannabes, Queer of Hearts ( definitely stand out among the current crop of female-fronted punk bands as being that bit different. With their modern take on a UK82/D-beat sound and Marge's tearing angry vocals putting even some of the best Riot Grrrl bands to shame, their debut single release "Rich Man's War" is an absolute cracker, and a promise of great things to come. No Bandcamp link but it's on Spotify...

They are already a gigging band in and around their native Bradford. If they have half the energy live that they do on this recording, they will be an incredible watch. One of those upcoming gigs will be the Bradford Punk Festival 2024 on Saturday August 10th at The Underground.

This is Rich Man's War...

Sunday 10 March 2024

The Scaners - Le Futur


  "Sci-Fi gonzo synth garage punk band" The Scaners ( are from Lyon, France and previously featured on here in 2017 with a song titled UFO Crash :

  It was taken from a 7" single and was a fun blast of futuristic punk fun. Since then, the band have gone from strength to strength and have just released a new album titled III. You won't be surprised to learn it's their 3rd lp. The first 2 can be found here :

  The new album is a joint release by Beluga Records, Folc, Dangerhouse, Wanda Records & Adrenalin Fix Music and you can find it on black or blue vinyl or digital download 

  They've not radically changed their sound over the years, it's still extremely catchy Spits influenced sci-fi synth. If it's not broke, don't fix it. Just keep turning out those killer tunes. 

  Here's a prime example, it's called Le Futur... 

Saturday 9 March 2024

Choncy - Big Time Lotto


  So I was just scouring the web for a last couple of additions for the playlist for this week's Just Some Punk Songs show (and can I just mention what an awesome year 2024 is turning out to be for new punk music) when I came across the song I'm featuring today. 

  Choncy are a fresh faced foursome from Cincinnati, Ohio. They line up like this : Liam Shaw (lead vocals/guitar), Simon Schadler (lead guitar/vocals), Nathan McVeigh (bass/vocals) & Joe Carpenter (drums). They released a well received debut album last year titled Community Chest and they've just resurfaced with a follow up titled 20X MULTIPLIER. 

  It's an album that repays repeat listens. The guitars are jagged, the vocals snap. There's plenty of melody in there but it's buried in a maelstrom of post punk crashing and banging. It's available on vinyl from Feel It Records and as a name your price download so stop reading this and go snap it up : 

  I'm particularly enamored with this track, it's called Big Time Lotto... 

Thursday 7 March 2024

Bad Crime - Same Thing


  You've already had an update today and I was preparing this for tomorrow but it's such a good song I'm gonna bang it out now... 

  Bad Crime are from Milwaukee and feature a line up of Patty (vocals/guitar), Alex (bass), Joe (guitar) & Logan (drums). I featured them on here almost a year ago when they introduced themselves with the release of a Demo ep :

  I mentioned that they reminded me of Marked Men & Tommy And The Commies and said how I was looking forward to hearing more. Well that wait is over as they've dropped one of the tracks that'll feature on a split album with Brooklyn quartet Heavy Lag. It'll be released on April 5th by Bloated Kat Records and you can find more info on Bandcamp : 

  I notice the tags for the album include pop punk and power pop but the one I like most is sugar metal. It's a sweet way of describing this song which this time around puts me in mind of The Clash and The Exploding Hearts. It's fizzing with hi octane energy and has melodies to die for. It's called Same Thing... 

Hood Rats - Fuck the Police


  Hailing from Montreal, Hood Rats ( featured on here 3 times back in 2018/19 with songs that I was describing as sharp blasts of primitive punk and rifftastic slices of trashy garage punk. Since then, they've released a Demo Tracks ep, 2022's Drop In Burn Out ep and both the Deep Cuts Singles Collection and the Rockefeller Funeral ep from last year all of which you can find here :

  April 5th will see the release of a brand new 14 track album titled Crime, Hysteria & Useless Information. Judging by the lead single they've teased us with, it's going to be as equally as fast and furious as their earlier classics. 

  It'll be released on vinyl & digital download by the ever reliable Dirt Cult Records and you can pre order it here :

  This song doesn't fuck around, it's a short, sharp blast across the bows of the boys in blue that should be played as loudly as possible. It's called Fuck the Police... 

Wednesday 6 March 2024

The missing persons list - The Dirt


  The missing persons list are "2 tone deaf drunks from the Medway Towns" who I know nothing about but who's ep I've been sent by Punk 4 The Homeless ( Very fine it is too. 

  It's titled Must Try Harder and it boasts half a dozen anarcho flavoured old school punk tunes about topics such as politics, mental health. police corruption and modern life in the UK. For a debut release it's a very promising effort indeed. You can check it out here :

  If you want to catch them playing the songs live, there'll be a launch party at the Rising Sun in Rochester on Saturday 8th March where they're joined by The Petty Thieves and Sonic Hawkins. 

  This track is a catchy tune which benefits from female backing vocals on the chorus so click the link and singalong. It's called The Dirt... 

Tuesday 5 March 2024

The Sleazoids - Soho Sleaze


  The Sleazoids ( are a spooktacular trio from Sheffield that play a fun style of trashy (haunted) garage rock. They line up thus; Missy Tassles (Vocals, Guitar, Theremin), Paul Dorrington (Vocals, Bass Guitar) & Mitch Genner (Drums, Vocals).

  They've just released an impressive new album titled The Cult Of The Sleazoids. It boasts a dozen crypt kicking hits about bargain bin videos, temptresses, spell casting witches and evil hoodoo. "60's psych bands like The Count Five, The Monks and The Seeds" are influences as are "the experimental psychotic sounds of Suicide, Sonic Youth and The Fall." 

  The album's available on vinyl, cd and digital download : 

  This is probably my favourite track at the moment, it's about a dirty old man on a day trip. You don't want to see what's under his mac! It's called Soho Sleaze... 

Monday 4 March 2024

Incisions - Rot


  "Is it change that we all want?"

  Incisions ( are from Manchester. They feature a line up of Jordan (Vocals), Martin (Guitar/Vocals), Ken (Bass/Vocals) & Tet (Drums). They've featured on here previously with 3 fast and furious hardcore punk tunes.

  Today they return with a highlight from a new ep which will surely see them once again making the annual Just Some Punk Songs end of year chart.

  The ep is titled Living Proof and it sees the band barreling through 5 exhilarating anthems in under 10 minutes. The whole thing kicks off with a salutary warning about how we're heading towards a world without the cancer of humanity. It's a great introduction to arguably their best release yet (though I'm sure that's a statement that'll be up for dispute as the competition is tough). Decide for yourself (name your price) here :

  If you like what you hear you can catch them at the Manchester Punk Festival at the end of this month 

  My favourite (thus far) from the ep would be this. Proving hardcore punk songs can be tenderly wrapped in gorgeous melodies, this is called Rot... 

Sunday 3 March 2024

JJ And The A's - Generation


  JJ And The A's are Kimia (Vocals), Will (Guitars) & J.J. (Drums/Bass/Keys) a trio from Copenhagen. They've been together for just over a year and have previously released a Demo and an ep which you can check out (name your price) here : 

  March 15th will see them return with a new ep on La Vida Es Un Mus Discos. It'll be titled Eyeballer and it's a mash up of energetic punk and garage which we're told will "add a hint of melody in these songs which harkens back to early SoCal punk à la T.S.O.L., Adolescents, and Red Cross."

  It'll be available on 7" vinyl and digital download :

  The lead track promises great things and features a very cool organ led sound. It's called Generation...  


Friday 1 March 2024

Human Toys - Go Go Alco


  Human Toys ( are Poupée (vocals/theremin) & Jon (guitar/vocals), a punk rock duo from Paris. 

  Their 1st release was a Demo in 2019 but it wasn't until the release of the Spin To Win album a year later that they came to my attention. They play punked up garage rock which they pitch as being somewhere between The Ramones and The Avengers.

  They've just released a new single which will appeal to fans of the album. It's a couple of tracks that were self recorded in their living room and recording space and it's available on vinyl from Outro Records (USA) : and from Soundflat mailorder (Europe) :

  You can also find it on Bandcamp :                                         

  They're also currently touring the UK 

  This track's called Go Go Alco...

Alco has a gig tonight What's he gonna do ? The moon is full and exerts its pull And sticks to him like glue He should have stayed in bed Can't believe it's true It's happening again Alco, what you gonna do ? Alco 3 x Go Go, Alco ! The river's high and he starts to cry And the boat is full of holes There's evil sharks and dogs that bark And giant purple moles He's throwing up and he lost his stuff And his clothes have gone away It's raining blood when he gets to the club But the gig was yesterday