Wednesday 30 January 2019

The Ringwalds - Debbie Downer

  Calgary trio The Ringwalds featured on here 18 months ago with a song from their Canned Goods ep (  They've just taken a year off and undergone a line-up change but they're still partying and going off the evidence of their new single they're still playing catchy old school (ie proper) pop punk. You can find it here :

    So you're at a party, the booze is flowing, people are having fun but there's that bored looking girl lowering the general ambience. That's Debbie Downer....

Hey lady you're lookin' fine 
Tonight's the night that you can be all mine 
You know I think about you all the time 
Sittin' on a couch sippin' on a beer 
You're lookin' so bored but you just got here 
Tonight I'll lay it all out on the line 

And I wonder what it'd be like 
If you and I could rock the night away 
You know I think about you all the time 

Little Debbie Downer 
She's all dolled up but she wishes she stayed home 
Little Debbie Downer cannot stay 
Little Debbie Downer 
She doesn't wanna hear about your day 
Little Debbie Downer cannot stay 

Well the party drags on until the end of the night 
I'm lookin' for you do you feel alright? 
Well it looks like Debbie Downer couldn't stay 
If you only knew what I would do 
To dance and swing the whole night through 
Well then little Debbie Downer might've stayed.

Tuesday 29 January 2019

Homeless Cadaver - Fat Skeleton (Review By Stefan Ball)

  A guest review today from Who Killed Nancy Johnson? vocalist/bassist Stefan Ball (

"Fat Skeleton" by Homeless Cadaver

  Released 25th January 2019 by Iron Lung Records.

  Available at US$2 digital album; 7" vinyl (LUNGS-130) US$8 plus post and packing.

   The vinyl version is second of five releases in Iron Lung's Systemic Surgery series, each numbered and limited to 200, with hand-stamped labels on black vinyl housed in a custom die-cut sleeve with a risograph print hand-glued to the front.

  A homeless cadaver is a body found in the street that has no history or back-story. It's a perfect name for a band whose lack of internet presence is so total that it has to be deliberate. Homeless Cadaver only seems to exist through this seven-inch single released by Iron Lung Records: "Fat Skeleton", c/w "Art. Eat It." So all I can talk about is the song.

"Fat Skeleton" is a brilliantly slick, sick and physical recording. It's full of taste and pungent smells. There's a gruesomely juicy lyric - "slightly dead, wrapped in rags, best damn meal I ever had" - served on a solid base of guitar. Drums pound like a hangover. A wonderfully oily bit of keyboard drops in and out, playing octaves, and the band drizzles some random electronic squiggles plumb in the middle - not so much a solo - more like garnish.

I like strong flavours, personally. "Fat Skeleton" is like overripe cheese or overly-matured meat, just the right side of rotten. It's unhealthy and rich and totally unsuitable for veganuary. I won't get the smell off my fingers for quite a while.

  This is Fat Skeleton...

Monday 28 January 2019

Idiot Box - Baby Boomer

(photo : Alex Macgregor)

  I'm always interested in seeing which band gets the best reaction on the Just Some Punk Songs show from the listeners in the chatroom. I think the band with the wow factor on this week's show were this lot....

  Idiot Box are Chet (bass), Daneo (drums/vocals) and Byron (guitar/vocals). On yesterday's update I advised you to cast your gaze towards Australia if you liked balls out rock n roll and this Sydney 3 piece are helping prove my point. If you've not yet come across them then check out their latest release. It's called Cop It Sweet and it came out on 1st January on top Melbourne label Pissfart Records. It's available on cassette and digitally :

  For more info check here :

  I'm never sure if a release containing 7 tracks is an ep or a mini album but either way Cop It Sweet is around 20 minutes of raucous, snotty punk. I played I Can't Do Anything on the show, today the spotlight switches to Baby Boomer....

Sunday 27 January 2019

STIFF RICHARDS - No Fun On The Beaches

  Today's update is dedicated to the anonymous commenter who wasn't keen on the song I posted yesterday, hopefully this is more to their taste....

  STIFF RICHARDS are 5 blokes from Melbourne playing tunes "straight from the shed straight to your head..." Those blokes are called Lochie, Mawson, Raf, Gaz and Wolfie and they're just the latest in a growing number of Aussie punk bands to feature on here. If you're a fan of balls out rock n roll then Oz is where you should cast your gaze.

  They'll be releasing the vinyl version of new 8 track album Dig next month and there's a release party on the 9th Feb at the Gasometer Hotel in Collingwood. Digitally it's already available here :

  I played Bad Disease on last night's Just Some Punk Songs show so will post a different song today. They're all winners, snotty garage stompers packed with riffs and attitude. Shark attacks and speedboats running people down are just a couple of reasons to stay at home this summer as there's No Fun On The Beaches... 

Burnt Tapes - Don't Make Me Play Bocelli

(photo : Luigi Sibona)

  Back in May of last year I featured a Top 10 list chosen by Shout Louder webzine's Sarah Williams in which she spoke about London based band Burnt Tapes...

"The DIY scene’s answer to emotional behemoths like Iron Chic and Polar Bear Club, The Burnt Tapes have invented an irresistible take on sad punk. Things Get Weird is this band at their gritty, melodic best, showcasing their signature dual gruff vocals and an unmatched capacity for evocative, gut-wrenching lyrics. They’re poised to explode this year: get on the bandwagon now."

  Well hopefully you're all comfortably settled onboard that bandwagon because their time is nigh. February 22nd will see them unleash debut album Never Better. Featuring Panos (vocals/guitar), Phil (vocals/guitar), Tone (bass) and Jordan (drums), it's the sound of a band at the top of their game. 10 modern day emotionally melodic classics, the hooks are many, the lyrics are thoughtful and a definite highlight. As vocalist/guitarist Phil says, "you can expect a lot more self-deprecation and regret."  Burnt Tapes stand out in a genre usually associated with gravel voiced American bands. Whilst you wait for the album to drop check out their back catalogue (plus Never Better's first single) here :

You can preorder the album from Wiretap Records : or Lockjaw Records :

This is single number 2, heartfelt and anthemic, it's called Don't Make Me Play Bocelli....

My head weighs heavy, 'cause I keep on forgetting To regret all the fucked up things I did Head down I’m silent You’re screaming but I can’t make out the words Are we living the dream yet? Are we living at all? Filthy habits on repeat In the dark room where we used to sleep And I’m not moving on You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone And you are the reason I’m so hard on myself Tell me what’s the point of being anything? Still holding on to the past Still restless, still full of doubt Should’ve let go of my grudges, been holding on way too tight But I got older, I turned grey Who’s gonna miss you when you’re gone? Now I’m moving on Who’s gonna miss you? You were the reason I’m so hard on myself

Friday 25 January 2019

Wild Zeros - Teenage Lifestyle

Wild Zeros formed in 2007 in Bordeaux and built up a rabid following due to intensive touring and a few killer releases before going on a several years long hiatus. They resurfaced last year with a new ep titled Motormouth and now they're releasing a couple of  7" singles.

  Featuring original members Bart De Vraantijk (guitar/vocals) and Adrien Preuilh (bass) plus drummer Francois Jouvenaux ( Magnetix, 60 Second Swingers, Wylde Tryfles...), they're a garage punk band that were recently the subject of gushing praise from the legendary Lord Rutledge when he reviewed one of the new singles  I'll be featuring the other single today.

  Firstly though a couple of links.

  Back in 1979, Syracuse rockers The Penetrators released their much revered single Teenage Lifestyle. 40 years later Wild Zeros release their version. It's on Chickpea Records "limited to too few copies" and features original song Vampire girl on the flipside. It's always a risk covering such a highly regarded classic but they pull it off. Cool as fuck rock n roll that sounds as fresh as it did back in the day, this is Teenage Lifestyle...

Thursday 24 January 2019

QWAM - Mall

(photo : Cole Giordano)

  Qwam are an "aggressively Joyous" New York 4 piece who's line up features Felicia Lobo (vocals), Matt  Keim (guitar), Eddie Kuspiel (bass) and Rachel Zisette (drums). In 2016 they released the Who Are You Demo and Queen With A Megaphone ep. 2018 saw another ep, it was titled Feed Me, and already 2019 has seen the release of a new single. Best of all, a debut album is coming this spring. You can check out their music here :

  Get more info here :

  The new single bodes well for the album. It's brash, it's bubbly and it's fun. Punk isn't just the domain of grizzzled old timers like myself, there's plenty of exciting new bands breathing fresh air into the genre. Qwam are one of them. I'm writing this at 6.45am (so I can get it posted before I set off for work), it's dark and bloody cold outside but this is one of those songs that brightens up the darkest days. It's called Mall...

I got some really really really bad news 
My feet too big for my brand new shoes 
And I don't know what I'm gonna do 
But I'm going home with my brand new shoes 

Yeah ya, really, really, wanna 

Let’s go to the mall 
Play a little pinball 
Going on the carousel 
And I don’t feel very well 
That boy kinda likes me 
That girl wants to fight me 
I’m gonna eat my french fries 
And find another skirt to buy 

Lets go to the shops 
Gossip til our bodies drop 
Lets find some cds 
And omg some dvds 
Let’s go to the mall 
That’s the place they have it all 
I’m with my friends tonight 
To find another skirt to buy 

Let's go to the mall

Wednesday 23 January 2019

Internal Credit - Internal Credit

  Internal Credit are a new band from Falmouth, Cornwall who feature a line up of Rob Camp (bass), Jo House (drums), Morgan Mathews (vocals/guitar) and Charlie Murphy (vocals/guitar). If the name Charlie Murphy sounds familiar it's possibly because he's a member of Freak Genes, the acclaimed Manchester based band who were on here around 18 months ago (

  I'd say you can get more info on them on Facebook but there's nothing much there yet though if you want to catch them live there is a gig date :

  The main reason for visiting this blog though is the music so here's the Bandcamp link for their debut 6 track ep, Internally Credited :  It came out at the end of last week and the track I played on Sunday's Just Some Punk Songs show received plenty of praise from the listeners in the chatroom. I think it's fair to say if you were a fan of Freak Genes' brand of lo-fi garage tinged pop punk ditties you'll love Internal Credit. This is the song that's named after the band (or is it the song the band take their name from???), it's called Internal Credit...

Tuesday 22 January 2019

Skull Cult - Braindead

  Skull Cult are from Bloomington, Indiana. As I know pretty much nothing about them this will be a pretty short update but worry not, it just means you get to the music sooner. They released a Self Titled album in 2017 ( which earnt them comparisons with the likes of Coneheads and Liquids. Definitely required listening for those of you that like their punk to be on the quirky side.

  As well as the album, there's also a number of other releases including their recent New Mutilator ep. Check them out here :

  The ep features 5 tracks, one of which will be familiar to fans of Talking Heads. Think slightly weird, think very wonderful and you won't be far off. This is the opening track, it's called Braindead....

Monday 21 January 2019

The Shifters - Photo Op

  Here's a song I played on the Just Some Punk Songs show this week and I mentioned in the chatroom "here's one for those of you that like The Fall..."  I'm pretty sure a few of the listeners thought it actually was some long lost Fall song, possibly recorded in an Icelandic cave back in the early 80's or maybe something from Melbourne Mark E Smith. There's no getting away from it, The Shifters wear their influences on their sleeve but damn, they make good music.

  Featuring a line up of Miles Jansen (vocals/guitar), Tristan Davies (guitar/vocals), Lloyd Davies (bass), Ryan Coffey (drums/vocals) and Louise Russell (keys) they're a band I first came across last year when they released debut album Have A Cunning Plan ( Even whilst featuring a song from it I managed to mention The Fall (, I think it's an obligatory reference though as most reviews seem to bring up Prestwich's finest.

  So onto the new release. It's a 12" split with fellow Melbourne band Parsnip, it's titled Hip Blister and it features 3 tracks from each band. There's 500 copies and you can get it from French label Future Folklore Records

  Hypnotically ramshackle, this is Photo Op...

Sunday 20 January 2019

TORSO - Sick Of Fighting

  TORSO are a D-Beat, hardcore punk band based in Oakland, California and featuring a line up of Mae (vocals), Giacomo (drums), Jasmine (bass) and Ktru (guitar). They went down a storm when I played them on last night's Just Some Punk Songs show so I'm posting a different track today. It's taken from explosive new ep Build And Break (their first release since 2015's Sono Pronta a Morire album) and you can get it on 7" vinyl (green or pink) from Revelation Records or digitally :

  They aren't for the faint of heart, the 4 tracks on the ep are passionate, ferocious and to the point. 7 minutes of blistering noise that pummel your senses. The lyrics seem to involve a lot of soul searching and inner conflict, I'm guessing spitting them out is pretty cathartic and nothing was left in the recording studio.

  This is the closing track on the ep, Sick Of Fighting...

Another year has come and gone. This battle feels like it's already lost. Slipping away, and there's no escape. Wake up in a dark place.

Endless road.
Suffer and abuse.
My time has come.
I see no use.

Another year has come and gone. I'm crawling at the bottom, and there's no relief.

Endless road.
Suffer and abuse.
My time has come.
I see no use.

Another year has come and gone. This battle feels like it's already been lost.

Endless road.
Suffer and abuse.
My time has come.

Derkovbois - Büszke Gyerekek


  Back in 2016 I featured a song by a band from Szombathely, Hungary, called Derkovbois admitting I knew pretty much nothing about them but enthusing as to how the song broke out into one of the catchiest gang vocal singalongs you'll hear (

  Last month they released an ep titled Helyetted senki sem fog a ringbe szallni (google translates it as No one will go to the ring for you) and it's another bunch of infectious street punk anthems. Check it out....  

  Another song from the band that surfaced last month was titled Fagyallo, it featured on the Fegyelmezo Reszleg 15th birthday Tribute compilation and it definitely also deserves your attention

  Find more info on the band here :

  This video is for the song Buszke Gyerekek (Prideful Kids) and it proves exactly why Derkovbois are one of street punk's catchiest outfits....

Lehetsz te bármennyire kemény, ha szívedben nincsen több remény
Szórhatod másokra átkaid, ha kiszáradtak már saját álmaid
Céltalanul csak sódródsz és túlész. Hősök nélkül mit sem érsz
Büszke gyerekek nem felejtenek. Élnek. Remélnek. Mindig küzdenek

Büszke gyerekek

Kemény időkben nem téblábolsz. Pofonok völgyéből tuti kitáncolsz.
Nehez kesztyüt mindig felveszed, hogy célod elérd te mindent megteszel
Kell hogy a hited fűtse valaki. Egy hős, mint Papplaci
Csak mennek előre. Mindig küzdenek. Büszke gyerekek sohasem felejtenek.

Mennek előre. Mindig küzdenek. Büszke gyerekek nem felejtenek
Érjen kihívás téged bárhol, jusson eszedbe Papp László!


No matter how tough you can be, if there's no more hope in your heart
You can curse others if your dreams dried out
Without goals you are just drifting away and survive. Without heroes you aren’t worth anything
Prideful kids never forget. They live. They hope. They keep fighting

Prideful kids

In rough times you don’t hover around, You dance away from the valley of slaps
You always take up the heavy gloves, you do everything to reach your goal
There must be someone who feed your faith. A Hero, like Papp Laci
They just go forward. They keep fighting. Prideful kids never forget.

They just go forward. They keep fighting. Prideful kids never forget.
If you are ever challenged, think about Papp László.

Saturday 19 January 2019

Las Señoritas Estrechas - Lara


   Today I'm posting a song that I stumbled across yesterday that came out in May 2017 but has resurfaced on a compilation released to celebrate the second anniversary of Spanish label Family Spree Recordings. The compilation features some of the best bands to feature on the label, it's titled 19 Rock'n'Roll Jewels From Family Spree Vault, it'll be available on cd next month but you can get the digital version here : I don't think I've come across the label before but there's plenty of great music on the comp and I'll be watching future releases with interest.

  Las Señoritas Estrechas are from Madrid and feature a line up of Dani (bass/vocals), Diego (guitar/vocals) and Angel (drums). They're a pop group disguised as punk and the song you'll find at the bottom of this update features on the ep Las Señoritas Estrechas Se Han Colado En Tu Fiesta. Google translates it has The Little Ladies Have Sneaked Into Your Party and Bandcamp has it for your streaming pleasure here :

  For more info on the band check here :   (Google translates the band's name on Facebook as The Narrow Ladies).
  One for those of you that enjoy a good, upbeat pop song, this is Lara...

Thursday 17 January 2019

Priors - Call for You

  All hail Slovenly Recordings. It's always a relief that when time for checking out new music is in short supply there's rock n roll's coolest label banging out killer new releases like they're going out of fashion. Following on from yesterday's song by POWERSOLO, today you're getting the title track from the new ep by Montreal's garage punks Priors. It only seems like 5 minutes since we were treated to excellent album New Pleasure ( but they're back already with upcoming ep Call For You. Preorder the limited edition (150 copies) red vinyl or the digital version here :

  They'll be heading over for their first European tour in April and you can check out dates here :

  This high octane pounder gallops along like a runaway train. Great label, great band, great song. Listen now. This is Call For You...

Wednesday 16 January 2019

POWERSOLO - Backstab

   I've got a new job with regular 8-5 shifts so whereas before I worked 6-2 or 2-10 and always had time during the day to seek out new music and write these updates my time will be a bit less now but hopefully I can still manage an update every day (and a show every week). Just don't shoot me if I miss days out or post these updates at 7am or other ridiculous times.

  And now to the music.... When I first hit play on this song, last week when it was just one of a bunch of killer new releases that turned up on the Slovenly Recordings Bandcamp page, my thoughts immediately went to 50's and 60's garage rock n rollers such as Nervous Norvous and Legendary Stardust Cowboy. Not just because it's a facsimile of those artists but because it barrelled along with plenty of cool twanging and a fuck you attitude. If I was a decent writer or musical analyst I could no doubt back up my comparison in more detail but it's easier to just let you click the link and decide for yourselves. The song's from the Transfixing Motherfucker ep, it's by POWERSOLO and it's going to be released on 8th February on pink or black vinyl. Pre order here :

  The band are from Aarhus, Denmark, you can check out the eclectic album BO-PEEP which they put out last year here : and get more info on them here :

  Gotta rush now as I have work to go to, just gonna leave you with this beauty, it's called Backstab...

Tuesday 15 January 2019

Damones - Invaders From Mars

  Damones are old school punk rockers from Norman, Oklahoma who've been around since 2010 and feature a current line up of Tommy Sturdivant (guitar/vocals), Derek (bass/vocals) and Brian (drums). They recently released a new Self Titled album on their own K.I.A. Records. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Marky Kobane, they're hoping to have a vinyl release later this year with a couple of extra tracks but it's available digitally now :

  Influenced unsurprisingly by The Ramones plus the likes of Riverdales, Queers, Head, Screeching Weasel, Vapids etc they're an old school pop punk that tick all the right boxes and you can get more info on them here :

  If you like your pop punk to be of the sort that'll get the guys at Ramonescore Fanatics to go weak at the knees then you'll love the album. This is called Invaders From Mars....

Monday 14 January 2019

RUST - Skins and Punks

  A song today that came out in 2016 on a 7" ep via Longshot Music & Randale Records. It's by RUST, a street rock n roll band from Sydney who've been around since 2005 and who's line up features Gazz Campbell (vocals), Bevynn (guitar), Smurf (drums), Michael Fearnley (bass) and Darrin (guitar). With a sound that combines elements of Aussie pub rock (The Angels, Rose Tattoo, early AC/DC) with the explosiveness associated with the likes of Motorhead, 4 Skins etc, they're renowned for serving up sweat drenched, adrenaline fuelled Rock n Roll. You can check out some of their music here : 

  2 reasons for posting the song today. Firstly it's bloody good (as you'll see when you check out the Tim Steinfort produced video below) and secondly to let you know they're heading back over to the UK in July to play a few shows. Gigs include Manchester's Star & Garter (along with Pete Bentham And The Dinner Ladies and Choking Susan) and Blackpool's Rebellion Festival. For more info check here :

  One for those of you who like their music to be powerful with a big singalong chorus, this is Skins And Punks....

The Underdogs - Kings Of Condescension (Review By Ashley Colman)


  The Underdogs are the veteran Leeds punk band who formed in the early 80's (taking their name from a song by The Drones) and who despite going on a long hiatus are still releasing great music today. Vocalist U.G. (Andy) Green and guitarist Col Lawson got back together in '97 for Underdogs version 2 and also tried again a year later but it "failed big style." U.G. and Expelled chief songwriter Tim Ramsden had been experimenting on and off for a good 20 years but U.G. decided to hang up his boots for good in 2013. Unable to rid himself of the itch, he decided to give it another go and this time around things clicked.

  Inspired by the likes of The Clash, SLF, Angelic Upstarts etc, they were back. They wanted to carry on their anthemic tradition, forgoing "the football rock style of music that took over in the 80's and henchforth segregated punk rock into a political 'Brexitesque' wave of Gary Bushellism." U.G. says his heart will always be with the pioneers such as The Drones, Slaughter And The Dogs, Wire, The Adverts etc.

  They've just released a new mini album titled Kings Of Condescension and you can order the cd from the the band :

  Ashley Colman will now take over with his review....

  The Underdogs what can I say, yes this is the band who unquestionably released one of the finest singles of the early 80's second wave punk boom, with  the East Of Dachau ep. Criminally though armed with numerous great songs nothing came to fruition regarding further releases. Check out the Riot In Rothwell demos and you'll be shaking your head in disbelief how they weren't big players in that period of history. Nonetheless, what we have here is a 2019 Underdogs CD folks, who would have thought that? And with 3 original members, plus the addition of Nathan Seaton (Hospital Food) on guitar.

  On this mini album there is 5 new tracks with a couple old tracks from demos given a makeover, with Nathan adding some great guitar work to Private Wars and Love In A Hate Bomb. Moreover, out of the newies Divide and Rule and Sway are my favourites though there are no fillers throughout. A well constructed and passionate release. Singer UG besides having a great sense of humour, certainly knows his politics and isn't afraid to share his informative opinions with us. Therefore, The Underdogs 2019 are still relevant and cranking out great tunes, give them a try you won't be disappointed.

Sunday 13 January 2019

Murderer - Piece Of Candy

  Q.  So what's on the Just Some Punk Songs show later today?

  A.  The usual round up of great new punk releases including a track from the recent album by Murderer, the New York 3 piece that features Hank Wood And The Hammerheads frontman and Crazy Spirit drummer Henry Wood (guitar/vocals) alongside Eric Hughes (bass/vocals) and Sam Ryser (Crazy Spirit & Dawn Of Humans - drums/vocals). I'll play a different song on the show to the one that's posted below so if you're a fan of modern day punk music (and if you aren't why are you reading this?) then tune in (8pm UK time ).

  Murderer dipped their toes in the water back in 2013 with the release of a 6 track demo, all the tracks were pretty raw and raucous and not a million miles away from what you might expect given the band members history. Fast forward to December 2018 and they returned with debut album I Did It All For You. The sound has been polished, those raw and raucous moments are complimented by tracks that exude an ethereal delicacy. Both styles combine to great effect. You can get both releases from Bandcamp :

  If vinyl's your thng then head over to Toxic State Records :

  This is the video they released to promote the album, a gentle start launches into an insistant, hypnotic earworm. It's called Piece Of Candy...

Saturday 12 January 2019

The Deckchairs - 1970s


  "Not to be confused with any other shitty band" The Deckchairs are the original 1980's punk band from Reading. Last year they released a new album titled UP YOURS and I'll be posting a song from it today. No Bandcamp link that I can find but you can check out the album on Spotify

  It's also available from their site :

  The line up of the band is Johnny Durex (vocals), Baz Nasty (guitar), Dave (bass) and Jonny Wah Wah (drums). Their sound is unapoligetically old school punk rock and no doubt they'll go down a storm with the punters when they play the Rebellion Festival in August. You can find more info on them here :

  This video is "a nostalgic look back at the greatest decade ever." The song references staples of that era such as Linda Lovelace, The Sweeney, Huggy Bear, Jimmy Savile, Double Diamond, Curly wurlys and Chopper bikes. It's called 1970's and it's a blast (from the past)...

Friday 11 January 2019

The Tokyo Rankers - Ordinary People


  Here's another band that got a couple of plays on the Just Some Punk Songs show last year but weren't featured on here.Today I'll post the video they released last month from their latest album.

  The Tokyo Rankers are Spud (vocals/guitar), Dario (drums), Jimmy (bass) and Krystian (guitar). They're Peterborough's only street punk and oi band. They formed in 2016 and released their debut album Don't Get Me Started on Evil Records

  It's available digitally here :

  If you're a fan of singalong working class punk anthems then you're possibly already familiar with the band, if they've passed you by then the 14 tracks on Don't Get Me Started will be right up your street. You'll also have plenty of chances to catch them playing live around Britain throughout 2019.


  This is one of the more mid paced tracks from the album, it's an observation of the people around the band, people stuck in a rut surviving day to day with no real change in their lifestyles. The line between being ok and being thrown on the scrapheap seeming to be narrower than ever. This is Ordinary People...

Thursday 10 January 2019

The Nilz - Welcome To The Toybox

  I'm giving you a heads up today on a new compilation album released by Athlone diy label Deadlamb records that shines a spotlight on some of Ireland's top punk talent. It features tracks by 12 great bands, including the one I'm featuring today, it's titled Lambpaign - Ireland and you can get it on impressive looking green, yellow and black marble vinyl (be quick as there's only a few left) or digitally here ;  The acts featured are The Nilz, Audible Joes, Jobseekers, The Gakk, The Jollars, United Bottles, Grit, Nomatrix, The Turn, Deathgrip, The Divils and Shithatt. I've already posted a few of them on here so today I'll highlight a band that hasn't featured before (and I'll play a couple of other songs from the comp on Sunday's show

  The Nilz are from Dublin and formed in 2015. Featuring members of Mongohorn & Septic Pussy the line up on this song is Chris Nil (guitar), Sailor Boi (bass), Eddie Nil (vocals) and GimpBoi (drums). You can check out their 2 eps (The Nilz Made Me Do It and Kiss Me, My Executioner) here :

  For more info including a gig in April with Sick On The Bus, their plans to record a new album and their search for a new drummer check out their Facebook page :

  Frontman Eddie Mongohorn also has his own top show on Mixcloud :

  This is the track that kicks off the Lambpaign - Ireland comp. Fast and furious it certainly packs a punch and it's called Welcome To The Toybox...

See how see how she moves
See how the current hits her
Touch her black & blue
Worship the ground she bleeds on

It's the hope that kills you

This lady's not for burning
Your love is not returning
Come inside see what we got
Welcome to the toybox

It's the hope that kills you

Scream all you want you'll never be heard
Suffer the sting of the whip and the bite of the spurs
Hell is empty all the devils are here
Hell is empty all the deils are here

Wednesday 9 January 2019

The Exbats - Hercules


  The Exbats are one of many bands that featured on the Just Some Punk Songs show last year (Kill Yr Boyfriend was played back in August) but who for whatever reason didn't get a plug on the blog. Last week I came across a video they'd just posted and loved it. So better late than never they feature today.

  They're based in Tucson, Arizona and feature a father/daughter line up of drummer/vocalist Inez McLain and guitarist/vocalist Kenny McLain. Influences are numerous (The Monkeys, Ramones, Blondie, Velvet Underground etc), they liken their sound to "The Partridge Family picking up the Cramps hitchhiking." Their most recent album is titled I Got The Hots For Charlie Watts and it came out last January

  Making this update timely is the news that Burger Records are releasing a "best of" album, E Is For Exbats. It's the band's debut vinyl lp and you can pre order it here : They'll also be recording a new album in the Spring so watch out for details of that here :

  A tribute to Michael Hurst, the New Zealand actor who played Iolaus in both Hercules : The Legendary Journeys and Xena : Warrior Princess, this is a delight. Hopefully it'll melt the hearts of some of you grizzled old punks, it's called Hercules...

Tuesday 8 January 2019

Abolitionist - Avalanche


  Portland, Oregon 4 piece Abolitionist return to Just Some Punk Songs today with a track from their brand new 8 track mini album A New Militance. It'll soon be available on vinyl and cassette (250 copies on opaque pink 10" vinyl & 50 white/pink cassettes available mid February) but for now you can download it "name your price" on Bandcamp : 

  Originally intended to be released as part of a double album alongside last May's The Instant lp it was written last February, inspired by the 2016 presidential election. As you'll notice, all the songs are one word titles and they coalesce to form a politically themed concept album ending with hope that "It's over. The bad guys lost. They never stood a fucking chance once we all fought as one." but warning against complacency "When the war is over, the real work begins..."

  The line up of the band is Dustin Herron (vocals/guitar), Jeremy Dunlap (guitar/back-up vocals), Joey Mohler (bass/back-up vocals) and Sean Rule (drums). Dustin tells me they won't be doing much promo on this release (so feel free to share it around for them as it deserves to be heard) as they'll be concentrating their efforts on a new 12 song album that's scheduled for release in May or June (digital/cassette first, hopefully vinyl eventually). There's also plans for a summer tour so keep an eye on Facebook for details :

  From the mini album, this is Avalanche...

The pink bombs were a start to an unforgiving war. Soon there was an avalanche from an unforgiving source. No peaceful marches, online petitions. Too fucking sick of the bloody war on women. You should have seen it. It was a bloodbath, reminiscent of the French Revolution. Autocrats, with their pockets lined with cash. Wife-beaters, with their flaccid micro-dicks.

Monday 7 January 2019

The Control Freaks - I Hate Your Face


  One of the best releases from last year that I didn't feature on here (as it wasn't on youtube, hopefully the band don't mind me now rectifying that) was the Double Dose Of Hate single which was by The Control Freaks and came out in November on vinyl via Dirty Water Records. You can check it out here :

  If you caught them last time they featured on this blog ( you'll know they're from San Francisco and feature Rip Off Records' boss Greg Lowery on bass and vocals. Alongside Greg are Sherrilynn Nelson (rhythm guitar/vocals), Tim Curry (drums) and Jeff Glave (lead guitar). As you might expect from a band featuring the man behind Supercharger, The Rip Offs, Infections and Zodiac Killers, The Control Freaks are a) a garage punk influenced powerhouse and b) fucking awesome!

  I'm guessing it won't be too long before the band are featured again as they've a new album in the pipeline. Keep an eye on updates here :

  From the single and written by guitarist (and former member of bands such as The Velveteen Loveseat, The Omens, The Hampton Wicks, The Satisfactions, The Krells etc) Sherrilynn Nelson, this is called I Hate Your Face.... 

Sunday 6 January 2019

The Smarthearts - Only A Name


  I read somewhere that my favourite band of the moment, Dark Thoughts, were heading out on tour and that they were taking a band called The Smarthearts along with them. It therefore seemed the obvious thing to do to check out The Smarthearts and boy, what a good decision that was.

  They're from Philadelphia and feature members of bands such as Sheer Mag, The Guests, Devil Master and Graveturner; Matt Palmer (guitar/vocals), Alki Meimaris (lead guitar/backup vocals), Max Gordon (bass) and Ian Dykstra (drums). 2016 saw them self release a demo cassette but more importantly they've recently released debut album On The Line and if you like your music to be a catchy as hell mixture of power pop and punk then you need to check it out immediately. It'll be available in a couple of weeks on vinyl from Wilsuns Recording Company (Pre order here : or you can snap it up digitally now :

  This is the opening track from the album, it's a great example of the quality songwriting and top notch melodies that populate a very promising debut. It's called Only A Name...

I was flipping thru my magazines
Bending the pages, stressing the seams
Something made me take a second look
A proper noun from another book

It was only a name
But it tripped a nerve in my brain
Something from the past
But just how long is this gonna last?

Six weeks later i was on the go
Sat behind a man watching a show
I was looking on, when, to my surprise
Emma stone made me close my eyes

It was only a face
But something bout it didn’t take
So i don’t look back
If i do i’m gonna crack

If you got a problem you can’t talk about
If you know it’s all over without a doubt
And if you got someone that you can’t leave behind
Well you better work it out before you lose your mind

They wrapped me up in everything i love
But it’s hard to tell what i was thinking of
I always knew that bye and bye
You’d come back and see me eye to eye

But it was only a dream
Everything not as it seems
And it’s not quite right
But i hope i get to dream tonight

Saturday 5 January 2019

Klackers - Sleepover


  Tomorrow sees the first Just Some Punk Songs show of 2019 (tune in and have a listen : and as always I've been searching for new punk releases to share with a growing audience. One of those songs on this week's show will be this cover of the Adicts' classic My Baby Got Run Over By A Steamroller. It was on the 1982 album Sound Of Music and remains one of the highlights of their back catalogue. Now it's been remade and retitled and remains really rather good.

  Klackers are a 5 piece from Moncton, New Brunswick who line up with Shannon Goguen (vocals), Sammy Klacker (guitar), Dylan Hackett (bass), Julie Daigle (keys) and Emily Wiliston (drums). Last week they released their debut, Self Titled, album and it's a great introduction to a very promising new band :

  They've been together for around a year, tag themselves diy candy pop/garage punk and play off kilter, edgy pop songs with distinctive female vocals and nagging keyboards. Reinforcing their riot grrrl credentials is a cover of Bratmobile's Gimme Brains (the 2nd cover on the album, the remainder all being original compositions). As well as the digital version of the album you can pick it up on cassette from the band :

  So the Adict's cover, this is Sleepover....

Friday 4 January 2019

Fit To Work - All Cats Are Beautiful

  Back in 2014 I featured a song by New York City band Comrades called Cats Not Cops (it was so good I even got the t shirt!, listen to the song here : I think the sentiments in the song may well be shared by the band I'm featuring today.

  Fit To Work is "a quasi-autonomous, non-governmental punk act from Scotland featuring an award winning poet/performer, members of Cradle Of Filth & The Phantom Band and a guy from an office. The line up is Daniel Firth (guitars), Harry Josephine Giles (vocals), Duncan Harcus (bass) and Iain Stewart (drums). They play a mix of punk, metal, crust, hardcore, queercore and crippunk and whilst they're very angry and political they aren't afraid to introduce elements of humour into their music.

  You can get more info on the band here :

  In 2017 they released the Dealing With Anger In The Workplace ep and they followed it last September with the Voluntary Severance ep. If you prefer your punk music to be of the type that'll blister the paint from your walls you should check them out :

  From Voluntary Service and begging to be played loud, this is called All Cats Are Beautiful...

Cops are fucking racist rapist motherfuckers 
Cops are fucking murdering pigfucking scum 

But All Cats Are Beautiful 
All Cats Are Beautiful 
All Cats Are Beautiful 
All Cats Are Beautiful 

Cops are fucking scab snitch spycop shitbrains 
Cops are fucking pathetic little sadistic little wanks 

But All Cats Are Beautiful 
All Cats Are Beautiful 
All Cats Are Beautiful 
All Cats Are Beautiful 

Don't be a school cop (kill the cop in your head) 
Don't be a mall cop (kill the cop in your head) 
Don't be a border cop (kill the cop in your head) 
Don't be a fucking cop (kill the cop in your head, kill the cop in your head) 

Cops are fucking racist rapist motherfuckers 
Cops are fucking murdering pigfucking scum 
Cops are fucking scab snitch spycop shitbrains 
Cops are pathetic sadistic wanks 

But All Cats Are Beautiful 
All Cats Are Beautiful 
All Cats Are Beautiful 
All Cats Are Beautiful 

Don't be a cop 
Be a cat 
Dont be a cop 
Be a cop-eating cat 
Don't be a cop 
Be a cat that eats cops 
Don't be a cop 
Be a beautiful fucking pussy cat

Thursday 3 January 2019

Hard Evidence - Blaze Of Glory


  St Louis streetpunk quintet Hard Evidence return to the blog today a couple of years after they featured with the excellent Yesterday's News ( This time around I'm posting an equally as impressive new song which is blazing a trail for new 12" mini album Last Gasp. It's on Rebellion Records in Europe and LSM Vinyl in The States. 7 tracks (including a cover of Slade's When I'm Dancing I Ain't Fightin) it's described as their catchiest, most melodic record to date with more glam and classic '77 punk influences.

  With a line up featuring Ryan Brown (vocals), Bryan Clarkson (guitar), Jim Ulrich (guitar), Dave Jafari (drums) and Nathan Pionke (bass), the band enter their 5th year as a well honed outfit at the top of their game. You can get more info on them here :

  If you like your streetpunk and oi to be catchy as hell then this is the band for you. This is the lead track on the new record, it's "a true story about a good friend of vocalist Ryan going through a very bad series of events..." Let's hope this release isn't the last gasp of a great band. This is Blaze Of Glory...

Wednesday 2 January 2019

DickLord - Doctor Normal


  Let's stay in Australia today for a song that came out as a name your price download on Bandcamp in November. Dicklord are a 4 piece punk band from Byron Bay who altogether posted 3 name your price downloads during 2018, all spiky blasts of attitude, piss and vinegar. Think L7 meets Amyl And The Sniffers and you won't be a million miles away. Even better, just grab the songs and make your own comparisons :

  There's not much info on them on Facebook other than their love of swearing but I'm sure they'd appreciate you giving them a like :

  I'm sure Dicklord are a band that we'll be hearing plenty more from during 2019. This song rocks out big style, it's called Doctor Normal....

Tuesday 1 January 2019

Vintage Crop - Company Man

(photo : B Forde)

  2018 was a great year for Australian punk music with plenty of awesome songs from that country featuring both on this blog and on the Just Some Punk Songs show. 2019 promises to be even better (hopefully new albums by Amyl And The Sniffers and The Chats will live up to the huge expectation but will only be 2 of many great releases). One of the first out of the gate (Jan 18th) will be a new ep from Geelong 4 piece Vintage Crop. It's going to be titled Company Man and you can check out details (and find their previous releases, including excellent debut album New Age) here : You can also order it on vinyl from Anti Fade Records and Drunken Sailor Records.

  The line up of the band is Jack Cherry, Tyson Harper, Luke O'Brien and Tyler O'Brien. They've a few gigs lined up to promote the ep and you can get more info here :

  Below you'll find the title track, it's a short, acerbic look at climbing the corporate ladder ("they groomed me! they trained me!"). All in all a very promising start to 2019. This is Company Man...