Saturday, 29 April 2017

Control Freaks - Control Freaks


  If you've been viewing Just Some Punk Songs for a while now you may have seen updates on bands featuring San Francisco bassist and owner of Rip Off Records Greg Lowery. Those bands were Supercharger, The Rip Offs and Zodiac Killers (yeah, I should have also featured The Infections but didn't get round to it so shoot me). Those updates are here if you want to revisit them....

  It's been a while since I heard anything new from Greg so I was excited to come across Control Freaks. They formed in 2016 and as well as Greg on bass they feature Natalie Sweet (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Nick Colella (lead guitar) and Tim E Del Licious (drums). Natalie and Nick are also in The Shanghais, the Oakland band who graced this blog here :

  Anyway, let's get to the new record. 19th May will see the release, on Slovenly Recordings, of Control Freaks' debut album. It's titled Mindless Entertainment and if the track below is any indication it's gonna be a catchy, fun and unmissable riot of female fronted garage punk that'll delight fans of both The Shanghais and Greg's earlier projects. You can find more details here :

  This is the lead track, Control Freaks......

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