Sunday 31 December 2023

Neon Kittens - TV As Eyes


  Happy Birthday Just Some Punk Songs! Somehow we've made it to 10 years old. 

  Born out of boredom on 31st December 2013, it's a blog (which also became a show) that right from day one decided everyone had heard of The Clash, Buzzcocks, Ramones etc so "lets find some new (and obscure not so new) stuff together." 

  The first post featured I'll Be Gone by The Oblivians (which was a great way to kick things off) and on the same day I also posted Alright by Radioactivity admitting "this could be a one off post or the start of something that virtually no one will see but might keep me amused." 

  Somehow, we're still going. 

  And today I'm featuring a trio from York called Neon Kittens. You may be familiar with them, they've not been around for too long but they're pretty prolific. You can check out their music here : 

  They're a band that are unlikely to ever be part of the mainstream, they very much dance to their own beat. I think the lyrics to recent song Disco Ain't Dead sum them (and Just Some Punk Songs) up pretty well...

"Well, I am here! I'm alone in a crowded room No one dancing to the records I brought What is wrong with me? Is it me? They say yes! Who in their right mind would bring Butcher baby by the Plasmatics to this place? Disco ain't dead It just sounds like that"

  The song I'm featuring today was a free Xmas present from the band and from Australian label Metal Postcard Records. It's a cover of a track originally released in 1979 by Chrome on their 1979 album Half Machine Lip Moves ( 

  I'm not sure how much longer this blog will last but as of today it's still featuring interesting and very good new music. This is TV As Eyes... 

Wednesday 27 December 2023

Just Some Punk Songs Top 100 Songs of 2023 : 50-1

Agree? Disagree? Who's missing? Feel free to comment...

50) NOBRO - Where My Girls At

49) DARTZ - Steal From The Supermarket

48) THE ZIPS - Spirit Of 78

47) ERYX LONDON - Broken 

46) CLASS - Left In The Sink

45) C.O.F.F.I.N - Cut You Off

44) ACCIDENTE - Atajos

43) DICK MOVE - Minimum Living

42) LAST QUOKKA - Broome

41) GRAIL GUARD - Our Streets

40) VIDEOX - Nice Guy

39) BOB VYLAN - Dream Big



36) THE MISTAKES - Heathens 

35) STRAWBERRY BLONDES - My Own Worst Enemy

34) THE HEAT INC. - Ultraviolence 

33) BORN SHIT STIRRERS -  I'm In Love With Karen Grant

32) REVERSE - Not Dead Yet

31) BIG MESS - Walk All Over Me

30) POWERSOLO (Feat. THE COURETTES) - If I Could Fly 

29) SHARP CLASS - Ivory Tower

28) THE SCOFFS - Factories In Heaven 

27) ROTARY CLUB - American Tower

26) HYGIENE - Petrol

25) THE PRIZE - First Sight

24) CLOWNS - Quicksand 

23) RADIO CHIP PAN - Happy Now

22) LEATHERMAN - Telephone 


20) KING EFFERS - Champagne & Self Belief

19) BLOWERS - Wipe My Ass

18) IRKED - Backstreets

17) MANNEQUIN PUSSY - I Got Heaven 

16) PUNTER - A Year's Silence


14) DIRT BYRDS - Suburban Saturday Night

13) HOME FRONT - Nation

12) STUART PEARCE - Forza Garibaldi

11) SLALOM D - Cold

10) MING CITY ROCKERS - Nancy, I'm Bitter

 9) BAD//DREEMS - See You Tomorrow

 8) RAT CAGE - Change From A Fiver

 7) CIVIC - Blood Rushes

 6) SPLIT SYSTEM - Alone Again

 5) PROBLEM PATTERNS - Letter Of Resignation

 4) SOFT PLAY - Punk's Dead

 3) CYANIDE PILLS - It's Over

 2) RIVALRY - A Million Miles

 1) TEARJERKER - Full Circle

Tuesday 26 December 2023

Just Some Punk Songs Top 100 Songs of 2023 : 100-51

It's time to reveal the Top 100 songs of the year according to Just Some Punk Songs. As always, it was harder to leave stuff out than get it in. Don't worry too much about the placings, it's only a rough guide. Hopefully it'll give you some new music to check out. The Top 50 follows tomorrow...

51) RAGING NATHANS - Spring Cleaning

52) HIGH SCHOOL - She's So Mean

53) BENEFITS - Warhorse

54) DENNIS COMETTI - Pub Love 

55) LAMBRINI GIRLS - Terf Wars 

56) BAMBOO VIPERS - Andrew Ridgeley Moment 

57) PARDON US - Dig Your Own Grave (And Save)

58) SPIRITUAL CRAMP - Talkin' On The Internet 

59) CHAIN WHIP - Hatewave

60) FAINTEST IDEA - War To The Palaces 

61) THE YALLA YALLAS - Atomic Clock 

62) OUR SOULS - Cuckoo Clock

63) SAMIAM - Lake Speed 

64) CUT PIECE - Accept Defeat (Don't Sabotage Me)

65) RUM LAD - The Tale Of Alan Taylor

66) STILL PRETTY - Lost Boys And Girls 

67) REASON TO LEAVE - What Are You Fighting For

68) MC16 - Data Donors

69) THE MEFFS - Sex Sells


71) THE EXBATS - Cry About Me

72) GYM TONIC - Play Dead

73) FINNOGUNS WAKE - Blue Skies

74) THE MANIKINS - Set The World On Fire

75) THE DWARVES - We Will Dare

76) SICK THOUGHTS - Schoolgirls In Chains

77) TERRITORIES - Superhero

78) ITCHY & THE NITS - Eva's Got A Parasite

79) PENNY - P.U.N.K. Girl 

80) UPCHUCK - Freaky 

81) YOUNG FRANCIS HI FI - Baby You're Braindead

82) THE OWEN GUNS - Stop Making Deadshits Famous

83) THE UNKNOWNS - Rid Of You

84) CHINESE JUNK - Plastic Surgery Accident

85) THE FAUXS - Bespoken

86) CASTILLO - I've Learnt Today

87) ERECTION - Ba Ba

88) SCOWL - Shot Down

89) THE PROZACS - We Scream

90) KINGSWAY FLYERS - Abandon Ship

91) DEATH PILL - Miss Revolt

92) BAD NEWS FIRST - Make It Better

93) XRAY VEX - Alkaline Trio Tattoo


95) SILICONE VALUES - Disposable Music 

96) THE UGLY SCENES - Gym Kit Mums 

97) REMINDERS - International Dial Tones 


99) GRADE 2 - Under The Streetlight

100) MVLL CRIMES - Just Like Heaven

Saturday 23 December 2023

Dick Move - Minimum Living


  Yesterday I mentioned that I'm hard at work putting together the annual Just Some Punk Songs Top 100 songs of 2023. It's a pretty much impossible task so to try and do a good job as possible I've been revisiting loads of the releases I enjoyed throughout the year. Many of the songs that'll feature have appeared on this blog or on the show but quite a few were passed over in favour of different tracks. Today's song didn't get played on the show and after checking up I was surprised to discover the band have never featured on the blog. An oversight that needs correcting. 

  Dick Move ( are from Auckland, New Zealand and feature a line up of Lucy Suttor (Lead Vocals), Lucy Macrae (Bass Guitar), Hariet Ellis (Guitar), Justin Rendell (Guitar) & Luke Boyes (Drums/Cymbals). October saw the release of their 2nd album, it's called Wet and it's a blistering 20+ minutes of angry and energetic "socialist party punk" rock. You can find it on vinyl and digital download here :

  The songs that were initially released as singles or stood out on initial listens and therefore got played on the show were Under My Skin (A Love Song), Small Man Big Tweet and Feel Better but in the course of knocking this goddamn Top 100 into shape I found myself drawn to a new favourite. This one positively growls from the get go, it's about scraping by on the breadline, hand to mouth waiting for a trickle down that's never going to come. It's called Minimum Living... 


Friday 22 December 2023

Accidente - Atajos


  The year's coming to an end so my thoughts are turning towards putting together an end of year Top 100. Coincidently, the band who topped the 2016 chart ( return to Just Some Punk Songs today with a track from their new split album with Toulouse quartet Nightwatchers (they also previously featured back in 2016

  Accidente ( are one of my favourite bands. The Madrid outfit can always be relied on to wrap what's often a deep and meaningful message inside a catchy as hell tune. On this release they contribute 4 songs, 3 original compositions and an uptempo cover of a single released in 1994 by Spanish trio Alarma ( 

  The album will be available in January on vinyl from Stonehenge Records ( and there'll be a cassette version from inhumano ( It's available now as a name your price download on Bandcamp :

  This is my pick of the bunch, it's called Atajos (Shortcuts)...

Me faltan las palabras
como a «The Sound»
Para decirte fuerte
que he fracasado
He perdido el momento
no supe priorizar
Que me faltó el valor
y te has marchado

Vivimos tan deprisa
Lloramos tan aisladxs
Buscamos mil excusas
Huimos tan deprisa
Peleamos tan aisladxs
Quemamos los atajos

Pienso que la distancia es a veces un
Cuando los malos tratos anidan en el
Tu púlpito de víctima no va a legitimar
Que para defenderte hieras a lxs demás

Vivimos tan deprisa
Morimos tan aisladxs
Buscamos mil excusas
Huimos tan deprisa
Peleamos tan aisladxs
Quemando los atajos
Y la vida se acaba.


Words fail me, just like «The Sound» sang
When I try to tell you that I went wrong
I lost the moment, I didn’t choose right
I lacked the courage and now you’re gone

We live so fast
We cry so lonely
Looking for a thousand excuses
We ran away so fast
Such a lonely struggle
Burning all the shortcuts

Distance itself is sometimes a right
When mistreat nests in your chest
Your victim pulpit won’t legitimize
To defend yourself by hurting others

We live so fast
We die so lonely
Looking for a thousand
We ran away so fast
Such a lonely struggle
Burning all the shortcuts
Till life ends.

Thursday 21 December 2023

Making Friends - Planet Zoo


  Back in June I posted a song ( by Brighton skate punk quartet Making Friends ( and mentioned they were turning their attention to the release of a debut album titled Fine Dying.


  Happily that album is now with us and it's a treasure chest of aural delights. The previously featured song, ATM, kicks things off in great style and the quality doesn't dip throughout. If catchy as hell melodic punk anthems are your thing then you can't go wrong. It's available on vinyl, cd and digital download here :

  The track I'm highlighting laments that despite there being plenty of resources on our planet we're walking ever faster to our extinction. It's called Planet Zoo... 


Sunday 17 December 2023

The Blunders - Exploited

(photo : Bang To Rights)

  Powerful social and political commentary today as south west of England trio The Blunders ( return to Just Some Punk Songs. They last featured on here back in 2017 with a track from the People Get Smaller ep

  Now they've just released a new 6 track ep titled Magic & Manipulation which is available on cd and vinyl from their website and is streaming on Bandcamp :

  They touch on issues of the day such as the power of the media, the rich getting fat whilst the poor are dying younger and how the elite need stopping. 

  I'll highlight the song they've just released a video for. Making money from misery, this is Exploited...  

Saturday 16 December 2023

Bad Nerves - Antidote


  Bad Nerves ( are a band that exist in the place where power pop and garage punk converge. They're a UK 5 piece (Bobby Bird, Will Power, Jon Poulton, Sam Thompson & George Berry) that are bubbling over with energy. And they've just released a new single (the 2nd from a new album pencilled in for next year).

  Strap yourselves in and turn it up loud. This is Antidote...

Friday 15 December 2023

Hygiene - 15 Minute City/Petrol


  Holy fucking early Christmas present! It's Hygiene...

  Long term Just Some Punk Songs fans may remember me banging on about how brilliant Hygiene ( are a few years ago when I was mightily enthused about their Private Sector album. This was the song I posted from it :

  How could you possibly improve on greatness? Well they've only gone and drafted in Lucy from Primetime. Primetime of course being the band who topped the Just Some Punk Songs 2014 end of year chart with this beauty :

  The full line up is now Guy Butterworth (Guitar), Johnny White (Guitar),  Lucy Anstey (Bass), Nathaniel Weiner (Vocals) & Pat Daintith (Drums). It's a triumphant return, a brand spanking new 3 track ep titled 15 Minute City. Stop reading and go get it. It's out now on Static Shock Records and it's ace!

  And now for the part where I highlight a song. Today it's impossible to choose between the "absolute bundle of DIY greatness" that is 15 Minute City and the "childlike punk gem" Petrol. So you're getting them both... 

Tuesday 12 December 2023

Scud - Baby On Board


  "I just wanna go really fast..."

  A couple of months ago I featured a very cool song by a band from Melbourne called Scud ( ( I doubt it's going to feature in many end of year polls (though that's only because most of the ones I've seen so far are pretty bloody dull and seem to focus on old hands and friends of the reviewers!). I'm pretty sure it'll sneak into the odd one or two though (those by the few of us who delight in uncovering exciting new music). 

  Anyway, I was happy when I noticed they've just released a new ep. Titled Car ep it's another 4 short and sweet tracks of splendidly slapdash shouty punk. Ignore the proper reviewers, trust your uncle Mick and go grab it...

  This is the opening song, it's called Baby On Board...

Friday 8 December 2023

VideoX - Nice Guy


  Another band that are new to me today. VideoX ( are from Warwickshire/Birmingham and don't look to have been around for too long. They released a recording room demo track in Feb 2022 on Bandcamp. Now there's a new 5 track ep, it's titled Don't Listen and it's available here :

  It's 5 tracks of 3 minute or under punk rock and it rattles along in a brisk fashion. The songs are about mind numbing tedium, liars, forced oppression & breaking free to be yourself.

  And there's this one about Jurassic man, it's called Nice Guy...

You think your god's gift, but I beg to differ Think you're smart, not even a flicker You're poison, and you make me sick Bet you're only the size of my lipstick You're hard work, full of fucking bullshit Alpha male club honorary membership You think you're suave and you think you're slick Nobody asked for your fucking dick pic You're a relic, out of the Jurassic Old dog never learning new tricks You're too close, you better back up quick I'm tired of your macho shit You're a cause for concern You're not a nice guy You've got a lot to learn You're not a nice guy A lot of respect to earn You're not a nice guy You bench press cos you try to impress But what's in your head is what you need to assess We're pushing for change, but you seem to regress You're a nice guy - self professed Is your hand on my leg do you want to lose it? Don't you ever touch me if I didn't approve it Swinging dick and a crushing grip You offer just the tip, cos you're toxic Cos you're a relic, out of the Jurassic Old dog never learning new tricks You're too close, you better back up quick I'm sick of all the macho shit You're a cause for concern You're not a nice guy You've got a lot to learn You're not a nice guy A lot of respect to earn You're not a nice guy

Monday 4 December 2023

King Effers - Champagne & Self Belief



  Do you remember Sheffield band The Fuckwits? Noisy punks with a bunch of catchy tunes about politics and life in general? Well back in 2019 (presumably with the aim of getting in a little less trouble with those who don't like swear words) they changed their name to King Effers. As a Just Some Punk Songs listener commented in the chatroom for last night's show, "they're better than ever."

  Not sure if that's true as they were bloody good before but I think it's fair to say (on the evidence presented by the new album) they certainly haven't got any worse.

  The album's (aptly) titled Soap Box and it's the sound of a band at the top of their game opining about topics they care about. With a line up of Mr Keef (Vocals/Guitar), Chris (Guitar/Vocals), Muzz (Bass/Vocals) & Tank (Drums/Percussion) they give their thoughts on our current prime minister, corporate theft and the lack of choice at the ballot boxes. It's a punk/dub/ska mash up and it's great. 

  This track's about being born with a silver spoon in your mouth. It's called Champagne & Self Belief... 

Sunday 3 December 2023


"Nick Cage
Got eyes like murder and a nose for cocaine..."

  A quickie today as I don't really know too much about the band and I can't be arsed waffling in an attempt to fill a couple of paragraphs (though I guess I've started off in that direction...).

  Anyway, BEACH BØNES ( are a new band from London who released a debut single called Self Esteem a few months ago (check it out if you missed it 

  They've been getting mentioned in the same breath as energetic punk & rock acts such as FIDLAR, The Bronx & Gallows. These comparisons have only been reinforced by their recent (2nd) single to which the audiences at their live shows will doubtlessly be working themselves into a frenzy. 

  Strap yourselves in, this is Nic Caged...

Saturday 2 December 2023

Dirt Byrds - Suburban Saturday Night


  Dirt Byrds ( are no strangers to Just Some Punk Songs. The Bangor (Northern Ireland) trio have been impressing with their energetic brand of punk rock (they recently gained a place in the Louder Than War Albums of 2023 chart with their Standing In Line lp). 

  One of the songs from that album has resurfaced on a compilation from Belfast's Time To Be Proud ( Titled The Beat Goes On, the comp features a dozen bands including the likes of Crackhead Control, The Subway Poets & Los Reyes. You can find it here :

  Dirt Byrds contribute a typically gritty street punk song which boasts a catchy chorus that reminds me a little of The Undertones. It's called Suburban Saturday Night... 

Friday 1 December 2023

High School - She's So Mean


  Top label Dirt Cult Records comes up trumps again...

  High School were a San Francisco band that were active from 2005-2007 who lined up with Courtney Kimball (vocals), Lauren Shapiro (rhythm guitar/backing vocals), David Scharf (lead guitar), Jenny Angelillo (bass) and Ethan Shapiro (drums). I'm afraid I don't remember them though I'm a big fan of both Neighborhood Brats who Jenny Angelillo went on to front and Rough Kids who feature Ethan Shapiro.

  It's a great shame I missed the band first time originally as they've just released a new album and it's fantastic. This time around we get a line up of Courtney Kimball (vocals), Kevin Preston (lead guitar), Roger Biersborn (bass), Luis Herrera (drums) and Ethan Shapiro (rhythm guitars). There's also Lauren Shapiro, Jayna Swartzman and Laura Rigby on backup vocals. 

  The album is titled Freshman 15 (it refers to an amount of weight gained during a student's first year at college). We get re recorded favourites, new material and a couple of covers (MC5, Cocksparrer). We also get some of the coolest punk n roll music you'll hear this year. Best of all, you can snap it up as a name your price download here :

  This track is about a girl with the face of an angel but a heart of stone. It's called She's So Mean... 

Sunday 26 November 2023

Lothario - KING RAT


  I like the taste of fresh meat...

  I've just noticed. We're almost into December. I'd better start thinking about the song of the year list. It's gonna be harder then ever this year as there's been so much great music released. There's also been a seemingly endless torrent of new bands making a mark. One of those features today.

  Lothario burst on to the scene in June with a single I featured here :

  It's pretty much a solo project out of Melbourne headed up by Annaliese Redlich who's aided by a few friends. Rob Craig (Buck Biloxi) featured on drums for the debut single and he's back on new single Hogtied. The track I'm highlighting today though is the flipside and that boasts an appearance by Billiam. If lo-fi garage goodness is your thing then you can find it here :

  This is King Rat...

You got the game so play with me
I'll fall down at your feet
I've never been so hungry
I like the taste of fresh meat
Bloated, blue, dead and drowned - you are the king rat
I'll wear your death just like a crown - you are the king rat
A life of playing hide and seek
Holding the disease
Instinct extinct her nature pleads
Get ready for that meat
Get down grimy gutter tease - you are the king rat
A poisonous kind a pest to please - you are the king rat
Ever present close to me and now I'm on my knees
Washed up dead on the shore, cast off bottom feed
But sharpened teeth that pest aside are much more than dead meat
I wake in sweat, terror to tease, I see you in my dreams
I while awake to taste the fat I know that you know me
Enter the ways to count the days till the throning

Monday 20 November 2023

The Scunthorpe Yobs - Spirit of '79


  There was an element of confusion in the chatroom when I played today's song on the Just Some Punk Songs show. The listeners were surprised that The Scunthorpe Yobs were a Los Angeles band and also that they featured members of the likes of (amongst others) Bladder Bladder Bladder, Smogtown & The Generators. I did my best to clear up that confusion by showing them a blog post from 2014 in which I mentioned Bladder Bladder Bladder had originally formed in England before relocating to LA (

  Anyway, what we get now, following on from Bladder Bladder Bladder, is "Scunthorpe's premier OI band....The Scunthorpe Yobs.....reflecting life on the streets of Lincolnshire's popular seaside resort." Just from sunnier climes.

  The band have recently released a debut album, it's titled We Are The Yobs, and it's been picked up by No Front Teeth Records for a vinyl release. 

  If you're into old school street anthems you'll love the album. It's a dozen tuneful ditties about girls, pubs, football and the good old days. It's available as a name your price download...

  This is a song that namechecks many of your old school heroes, it's called Spirit Of '79...

Sunday 19 November 2023

HACKER - Scammer

(photo @nicolexgoodwin)

  It's that day of the week again where if you like discovering new punk music you should listen in to the Just Some Punk Songs show ( As always it'll be a mix of big names, up and coming artists and obscurities. There'll be the tuneful and melodic as well as rip roaring blasts of noise. Today's song falls into the latter category and I think it'll blow the roof off the chatroom. 

  HACKER are Nellie, Moose, Chumz, Charlie & Alicia, a hardcore punk collective from Melbourne. They've been together since 2018 and you can find their Demo and ep here :

  Early next year they'll be releasing the PSY-WI-FI EP on Beach Impediment (USA) and Helta Skelta Records (AUS). A teaser track is available now as a name your price download : 

  Accompanied by a cool video, this is both hard hitting and catchy, it's called Scammer... 

Saturday 18 November 2023

The Scoffs - Factories In Heaven


  The Scoffs ( are from Seattle and previously featured on here 3 years ago with their "anthemic punk n roll" track Little Blue Tyrants (

  They return today with another winner in the form of a new single which is "about working yourself to death only to hope you can finally enjoy the fruits of your labors in your final days."

  They may have changed guitarists since they were last on here but they're still as catchy as ever. It's a song that has them hoping that once that final whistle blows they'll be free of the drudgery of working all your life just to get by. You can find it here :

  It's called Factories In Heaven...

Saturday 11 November 2023

LOUTS - Trouble


  Hailing from Melbourne, LOUTS are a hard rocking new quintet featuring a line up of Billy Bones (vocals), Spencer Street (lead guitar), Wilko (guitar), Joey ‘J-Rock’ Tasker (bass) & Sam ‘Two Cans’ Tuckerman (drums). Earlier this year they released a debut ep titled LOJO which introduced us to their incendiary brand of crime rock.

  They recently returned with another 4 tracks in the form of the Crime ep. They say the songs were "drawn from Collingwood back alleys between the houses they call their own and the pubs they wished were their own." To my untrained ears, they seem to have kept the rock n roll fury from the debut but in places added a bit more of an oi/bovver rock sound.


  You can find it here : 

  Or if you fancy the vinyl version, try Tuff Cuff Records : 

  This is the lead track, it's called Trouble... 

Thursday 9 November 2023

The Young Rochelles - Breezy (Guest Review By Ralph J Rivera)


  Hailing from Long Beach, New York, Ricky, Rocky & Rookie collectively known as "The Young Rochelles" ( burst onto the Ramonescore/Pop Punk scene with their 2013 EP "Cannibal Island". Instantly a fan favorite they dropped their first self titled LP/CD in 2017 & quickly followed it up the following year with a nod to their heroes with the "It's Alive, Too" document.

   They showed some signs of moving away from the straight "Ramonescore" of previous records with a couple new EP's. But it seemed the game changer came in 2021 when lead singer/drummer Ricky Rochelle dropped his solo album "So Far So Good". Showing an amazing new range in both his vocals & songwriting ability he brought this formula into his band. After teasing us as to what was to come with their recent split EP with the Travoltas, the boys have graced us with their new LP/CD "Kicked To The Curb". Available on their Bandcamp and Sounds Rad who are handling the beautiful vinyl packages

    Readers of my FB group "The Switchblade New Wave" already know that this is my pick for "Pop Punk Album Of The Year" but I wanna give this modern day classic a proper review. Remember the first time you heard The Unlovables "Crush-Boyfriend-Heartbreak"? YEAH THIS IS ON THAT LEVEL! 14 songs that run the gamut on every phase of being in love.

   Starting off with the very Beach Boys flavored "Chameleon" this one tells the age old story of growing up & growing apart. By track 4 we get the should be hit song "Breezy". A beautiful tune that Ricky wrote for his new bride. Always the most enduring of all inspirations TRUE LOVE conquers all! And THEN it gets followed by the song every female needs to hear - "Fractured Fairy Tale". A very truthful explanation about putting too much faith in finding the "perfect" mate. Love the lyrics to this one. Other top tunes are "The End Of Us", "He Says", the scathing "You Broke My Fucking Heart" and "Capture The Feeling". But almost album ender, track 13 "Vacation" is the other big hit song on a loaded album. I ordered the LP after hearing only 2 songs and I'm posting the best Pop Punk song you'll hear all year. This my friends is "Breezy". Stop whatever you're doing today and listen to "Kicked To The Curb". It will change your life or at least your mind on "Modern" Pop Punk...

Monday 6 November 2023

Square Tugs - No Shoes, 2 Mobile Phones


  Regular Just Some Punk Songs visitors will know I'm a big fan of Australian punk music. One band I like a lot are Brisbane trio Square Tugs ( They formed in 2020 and I've played several songs by them on the show but I was surprised to find I've not actually featured them on here yet (I did a few searches as I was sure I had).

  They've released numerous singles and eps over the last couple of years and their album, Monster Hits, was a fine example of how to write short, snappy and very catchy punk rock tunes. They've just released a new single so I can now rectify their absence from the blog.

  A true story about a chance encounter with a damsel in distress, you can find it here :

  It's called No Shoes, 2 Mobile Phones...

Out on the town tonight, everything is shining bright.
Just want to have some fun, don’t want to hurt anyone.
Then along the way, I heard you say “Lets Party On”
And that is when, our shit it all went all wrong

Erin it’s 2am, you’re all alone.
You’ve got no shoes on, 2 mobile phones.
You’re in a state and its getting late.
And Young Love here, she sends her hate.

You used her credit up, and now her Uber rate is fucked!
Because of Erin’s lies, Bec didn’t get to taste halloumi fries.
You took your best friend’s phone, and that’s a cold hard fact.
We found her all alone, and that is a cunty act.

Erin its 2am, your all alone.
You’ve got no shoes on, 2 mobile phones.
You’re in a state and it’s getting late.
And Young Love here, she sends her hate.
Erin its 2am, your all alone.
you’ve got no shoes on, 2 mobile phones.
You’re in a state and it’s getting late.
And Young Love here, she sends her hate.
Oh she sends her hate.

Monday 30 October 2023

Mike and Pat - That Zombie Stole My Girl


  "I thought that she would be my graveyard girl..."

  I'm sure many of you will be familiar with Vista Blue (, the Nashville power pop/pop punk sensations that have featured numerous times on here. They've a new Halloween ep out titled Even Dracula Will Be There but there's only so many times you can say nice things about a band before you just keep repeating yourself so I just settled for playing something from it on this week's show. 

  There is however good reason to mention them as frontman Mike Patton (who's also graced the likes of The Loblaws, Ralphie's Red Ryders, Tambourine Girlfriend, The Robinsons & Sally Stitches) has teamed up with Patrick McVay (Classic Pat, Parasite Diet, The Putz, Rip Taylors, Ghost Party, Practice Run, Beeslys, Spacenoidz, Coruscants & Family Computer) for a timely single. 

  It's a hint of what's to come from the pair who are soon to be starting a new band together called The Green Kangeroos. It's a very promising preview which you can check out (name your price) on the Radiant Radish Bandcamp page :  

  Given the history of the guys you won't be surprised to hear a couple of very catchy tunes. This is the A side (it aptly namechecks the Groovie Ghoulies as they're an obvious inspiration in both sound and cover art) it's called That Zombie Stole My Girl...

Sunday 29 October 2023

Golden Shitters - Don't Relax


  Golden Shitters are a trashy rock n roll trio from Hamilton, Ontario. The line up of the band is Matt Ellis (Anxious Pleasers and The Vapids), Dave Tyson (Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs) & Kyle Fisher (the Dirty Nil) They play high octane, punk infused budget rock and they've just released a killer Self Titled album. It's available on vinyl (gold or black), cd, cassette and digital download :

  They've released a couple of videos from the album 


  They're a mash up of bands like The Ramones, The Spits and The Control Freaks. Short songs played fast and hard with titles like I Don't Wanna Go To The Mall, City Of Doom and Slaughterhouse Now. The track I'm highlighting is one of the longest but fairly rattles through it's 1 minute 40 runtime. Blink and you'll miss it, this is Don't Relax... 

Friday 27 October 2023

Problem Patterns - Advertising Services


  It's only 4 months since I last featured Belfast band Problem Patterns ( so go check that post out for a bit of info on them

  This update's to tell you that the album, Blouse Club, is out now and that it's one of the year's best. It's packed with anarchic, feminist punk ear worms and you can get it on vinyl or digital download here :

  There's a shiny new video for this track so that's what I'm gonna post (though I'll play a different track on this week's show). Have a blousey day, this is Advertising Services... 

Thursday 26 October 2023

Terrorpins - Enough


  A new band for you today who Bandcamp describe as playing "a fusion of rock, punk, metal, indie, post-rock and hardcore with influences extending far and wide, creating a sound that displays calculated and lovingly crafted music." They're called Terrorpins (, they're from the north of England and they feature current members of Bruise Control & Roughneck Riot, Ex-members of Bootscraper & Wonk Unit and they're fronted by singer-songwriter/antifolk musician, Tim Loud... (Tim Loud, Ryan (Roughneck Riot), Tommy (Bruise Control) and Dan (Bootscraper)). 

  They've an ep on the way which will be released via Toxic Wotsit and they're just about to kick off a tour...

  They've also released a debut single of which they say "It’s a song inspired by the strikes and collective trade union movement that works under the banner Enough is enough. The movement is striving to improve working conditions and fight back against years of Tory austerity, cuts and outright theft of public funds. The poverty and suffering in this country is not a necessity, it is a decision made by those who lied and cheated their way into power. All of society is a construct and we can do better."

  It's called Enough...

I've had enough. I can't take anymore.
I'm sick of watching my friends struggle to meet the ends while we are fighting their war.
Cos we invented the wheel, they just use it.
And if we learn how to feel, they abuse it.
Their world isn't real, we just choose it.
I've had enough.

I've had enouh of the lies, I've had enough of the ties that fucking bind us to nothing til the day that we die.
Another worn out cog in their shitty machine.
Their machine that can't work without us as the fuel.
Their machine built on prisons and churches and schools.
Their machine that can only consume.

I'm not talking about them as in colour of skin, the place they were born or the one that they live in.
I'm talking about those who would seek to have power, to hold it above us, to cause us to kneel and to cower.
They want knowledge just to make you feel dumb.
Their time has come.

I've had enough. I can't take anymore.
I'm sick of watching my friends struggle to meet the ends while we are fighting their war.
Cos we invented the wheel, they just use it.
And if we learn how to feel, they abuse it.
Their world isn't real, we just choose it.
I've had enough.

I've had enouh of the lies, I've had enough of the ties that fucking bind us to nothing til the day that we die.
Another worn out cog in their shitty machine.
Their machine that can't work without us as the fuel.
Their machine built on prisons and churches and schools.
Their machine that can only consume.

Sunday 22 October 2023

BIG MESS - Walk All Over Me

(Photo: Elin Tårnes)

  BIG MESS are Mike (Vocals), Moose (Bass/backing vocals), Rich (Drums/backing vocals) & Tony (Guitar/backing vocals). They're from Copenhagen and they featured on here last year with a Nipple Erectors cover

  They return today with an infectious track from their upcoming album Cleaning Up With. It'll be available on vinyl and digital download on November 17th and you can pre order it here :

  The pre release teasing is very much underway, 3 songs are streaming. Big, brash and bouncy, they do a great job of whetting appetites for what's going to be a top album. I'll post the one they've just released a video for, this is Walk All Over Me... 

Saturday 21 October 2023

Scud - I'm a Punter


You live forever in my rock n roll heart...

  Scud are a new band to me and I'm guessing they're pretty new full stop. They're a quintet from Melbourne who have just released what looks like a debut ep.

  It's titled NO-EP and it's half a dozen energetic punk bangers that should appeal to the many of you who worship at the alter of Amyl And The Sniffers.

  This song's about loving going out on the town watching bands. It's called I'm A Punter... 

Saturday 14 October 2023

Upchuck - Freaky


  Today I'm posting a song I played a few weeks ago on the show which is now accompanied by a cool, horror themed video. 

  Upchuck are KT (Vocals), Mikey (Guitar), Hoff (Guitar), Daniel Lane (Drums) & Ausar Ward (Bass Guitar). They're from Atlanta, Georgia and they've just released their 2nd album, Bite The Hand That Feeds. It's available on vinyl from Famous Class Records :

  The press release sums things up nicely... "Bite the Hand That Feeds offers a sonic portrait of what it feels like to be young and caught up in the thrill of it all, coursing between ripping dance grooves and thundering dirges, anti-self-serious crowd anthems and charming pop hooks. In a world saturated with arbitrary rules and paper-thin moralism, Upchuck offer freedom through sensation, a type of unserious transcendence found through the swirl of bodies melting into one another in the passion of dance."

  A bakers dozen punchy pop songs wrapped lovingly in a cocoon of pounding drums and distorted guitars. You can check it out here :

  This is the lead track, it's called Freaky...


Friday 13 October 2023

Born Shit Stirrers - Alcoholic Lesbian Vet


  Just a quickie today to give a shout out to the new album by Born Shit Stirrers ( It's titled Scratch 'n' Sniff and it's available via Serial Bowl Records

  I already featured one of the tracks from it last April  ( so basically I'm just letting you all know that you should give the full length a listen. It's exactly what you'd expect... snotty, short outpourings of rowdy bollox. It's great fun. 

  There's 26 songs on the album, the one I featured previously name checked a character from Brookside so today I'm going with one that is about Zoey Tate from Emmerdale. It also featured on the Covered In Shit ep ( and it's a cover of a song originally recorded by Keith Burton And His Beef Curtain ( It's called Alcoholic Lesbian Vet... 

Thursday 12 October 2023

Sex Beat - What Would Hüsker Dü?


  Sex Beat ( are a post punk band from Berlin who I'd like to think took their name from the Gun Club song (though I've no idea if this is true). They released a demo in 2020 and now return with a debut album titled Call Me. 

  The album's out now on This Charming Man Records and it rocks hard. Shouty vocals are complimented by "driving drums, distorted bass lines and noisy guitars." You can check it out here :

  This track gets highlighted mainly because of the attention grabbing title though it's a great song and deserves your attention. It's called What Would Hüsker Dü?

Wednesday 11 October 2023

The Kurls - Frankenbabes (From Beyond the Grave)


  "Mega Babes From Beyond The Grave..."

  Another Halloween friendly tune for you today from a new band called The Kurls. They're a duo from LA featuring Samantha Westervelt (Egg Drop Soup, Death Valley Girls) on vocals, bass and keyboards and Travis Pavur (The Alright Alrights) on drums, guitar and percussion. 

  They've just released a debut single which will also be the theme song from Andrew Bowser's upcoming short film Frankenbabes from Beyond the Grave.

   It's a fun track, perfect for Halloween parties everywhere and you can get it here :

  It's called Frankenbabes (From Beyond The Grave)...

Careful what you wish for
It might come true
And any moment
They’ll be after you

Sticks and stones
Could never break their bones
These babes are indestructible
You’re on your own

Here come the Frankenbabes
The mega babes from beyond the grave
Here come the Frankenbabes
The mega babes from beyond the grave

Here they come

They’re not from Mars
They’re not from outer space
They’re not demons
But they’ll eat your face

You’re not a genius
You’re just a man
And the Frankenbabes
Will spoil all your plans

Here come the Frankenbabes
The mega babes from beyond the grave
Here come the Frankenbabes
The mega babes from beyond the grave

Here they come

Float like a butterfly
Swim like a fish
They’re gonna serve you up
As your favorite dish

You can run
But you can’t hide
The Frankenbabes
Are gonna eat you alive

Here come the Frankenbabes
The mega babes from beyond the grave
Here come the Frankenbabes
The mega babes from beyond the grave

Here they come