Wednesday, 28 December 2016

The Top 50 Songs Of 2016

  The last couple of years have ended with Just Some Punk Songs posting a chart of the Top 30 songs of the year. This time round there's going to be a top 50 in order to try and reflect the vast number of great releases from 2016 (and even after choosing 50 I've still omitted so much great music so sorry to anyone who missed the cut). As always, there's a limit of one song per artist, the chart has been chosen by me and isn't based on page views. Thanks to everyone who's released great music this year and made updating this blog such a delight. All the songs featured below were new releases in 2016 except number 9 which I think originally first came out in 2014 but featured on a new 2016 album and number 3 which I think first came out in the 80's but was rereleased this year and is so good I sneaked it in.

  Can I also thank Jonny Boots for the awesome artwork at the top of the page.

  I'll post the link to all the songs so you can check them out. The Top 20 featured in a Just Some Punk Songs special show last night and the saved version of that show is here :

  I get a little frustrated at the number of people that wallow in the late 70's and early 80's. Punk was never intended to be a nostalgia trip, it was exciting, relevant and a breath of fresh air. In my opinion it still is. Hopefully this Top 50 will feature plenty of excellent bands for you to get your teeth into but it's only a small fraction of what's happening out there. Go find your own favourites and support a scene that's as healthy as it's been for years.


50) The Angry Agenda - It's Alright

49)  SUBURBAN HOMES - Small Town Boredom

48)  THE REBEL SPELL - Solemn Eyes

47) BOILERMAKER - Weekend Millionaire

46)  TVTV - I'm Trouble

45)  HEXEN - Love Your Way

44)  RED LIGHT REBELS - Kryptonite

43)  DD OWEN - I Shoulda Been Aborted

42)  HOOLIGAN CROONERS - From Paradise To Halfway

41)  EVACUATE - Evacuate

40)  NOI!SE - Dull The Pain


38)  PRIMETIME - Dumbhead

37)  PALE LIPS - Mary-Lou Sniffin' Glue

36)  PARDON US - Fumin'

35)  NASTY RUMOURS - Because Of You

34)  THE PROZACS - The Ones


32)  THE UNCOUTH - Jonesy's War

31)  UK SUBS - I Don't Care

30)  EK DECAY - The Collective

29)  D-LIBERATE - Widespread Panic

28)  POSERS - (Just Another) Protest Song

27)  SLOW FACTION - Woody Guthrie

26)  THE LIPPIES - Walking On Fences

25)  ANTAGONIZERS ATL - Bad Situation

24)  CONTROL - Punk Life

23)  CRACKED UP - Cracked Up

22)  WONK UNIT - Old Man

21)  VISTA BLUE - Jamie Lee

20)  POX - Yes Man

19)  WOLF BITES BOY - The Way We Were

18)  ENEMIES OF PROMISE - Know Your Shame

17)  THE SCUMBRIANS - Throw Em Away

16)  MARTHA - Ice Cream And Sunscreen

15)  LOST RIOTS - Die Alone

14)  KILL THE COLOSSI - Fuck The Taxman

13)  G.L.O.S.S. - Trans Day Of Revenge

12)  LUCKY MALICE - Side By Side

11)  HARD LEFT - Economy

10)  AUTOPSY BOYS - Totally Obsessed With You

 9)  BAD BREEDING - Burn This Flag

 8)  DARK THOUGHTS - No More Soul

 7)  GOOD THROB - The Queen Sucks Nazi Cock

 6)  THE DOMESTICS - Spit On Your Flag

 5)  MODERN TRIBES - Pam Beesly

 4)  TV CRIME - Hooligans 

 3)  3D - 2 Segundos

 2)  TAKERS & USERS - The Neurotics Were Right

 1)  ACCIDENTE - La Revuelta Real


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