Saturday 30 September 2023

Grail Guard - Our Streets


  For those of you that weren't paying attention in July, I'll recap that Grail Guard ( are a new Coventry/Nuneaton quintet who featured on here with a song about Elon Musk called Die On Mars ( 

  It's only a couple of months or so on from then but I welcome the chance to bang on again about how good they are in the hope if you've not come across them yet you check them out.

  They've just released a new ep, it's titled Our Streets and it features the aforementioned Die On Mars along with a couple of equally impressive new songs. You can find it as a name your price download here :

  This is the title track, it's a topical release which comes out at a time when Home Secretary Suella Braverman echoes the sentiments of her fellow conservative Enoch Powell. They're not their streets, they're Our Streets... 

Friday 29 September 2023

The Zips - Spirit Of 78


"Don't need to look too far
  We know who you are..."

  An anti fascist song today with a title that's fitting from a band that formed way back in 1978. The Zips are the old school Glasgow punks that are still excelling when it comes to composing great tunes. They've been on here a few times previously (this is one of my favourites by them 

  They return today with one of 4 tracks that feature on a split album from Lisbon label Different Class Records titled News From Another Side. As well as The Zips, there's also 7 songs from Brazilian band Cólera and 3 from Portugal's Razor Kids. It's available on vinyl and digital download here :

  Featuring a line up of Jon Zip (guitar/vocals), Phil Volume (bass/backing vocals), Fred - X (lead guitar/backing vocals) & Buddie Poor (drums), The Zips contribute Victim (a track from their 2011 album 19 Forevva), a new version of fan favourite Govern Meant plus 2 new songs. 

  I'll play one of the new ones, Free For All, on this week's Just Some Punk Songs show. This is the other one. It's from a band that are still standing up for what they believe in, it's called Spirit Of 78... 

Wednesday 27 September 2023

Territories - Superhero


  Territories ( are from Calgary, Alberta and have been around since 2015. They include members of Knucklehead (who featured on here many moons ago

  They released a debut, Self Titled album in 2018 and have popped up every now and again with the occasional ep or single release ( but now they're preparing to unveil album number 2. It'll be titled Colder Now and it's due out via Pirates Press Records' webstore on October 20th and then record stores worldwide on November 3rd.  

  The album will reflect the world through the eyes of the band, tackling big issues but on a personal level. To give us an idea of what to expect, they've just released a single from it. It's about the growth of the online personality. The influencer. The voluble know it all who maybe doesn't know much at all and those who swallow their misinformation. 

  It's called Superhero... 

Sunday 24 September 2023

Battered Brains - Let's Do Some Crime


  Staying in Leeds for a 2nd day running for a call to arms by Battered Brains ( 

  I know very little about them. I'm not even sure if it is a "them", it was originally a solo project with the intention to expand into a band and get touring round the country. I've no idea if this has happened yet. 

  What I do know is that a Demo single came out last year and it's been followed this month by a new song that doesn't fuck around. It's a rather basic but very good budget rock plea to break the law. It's (in the words of "the band") thrash punk for morons. It's not big, it's not clever... but it is fun. 

  It's pretty much 70 seconds of banging and shouting. I like it. Let's Do Some Crime... 

Saturday 23 September 2023

The Yalla Yallas - Atomic Clock


"Don't give a fuck about the next world war..." 


  I've got some no nonsense, Hi-energy rock n roll for you today courtesy of Leeds outfit The Yalla Yallas ( They've a new album on the way, it'll be their 6th (previous releases are available here : and it'll be titled Absolution. Going off the evidence presented by the first single from it, it's going to be a blast.

  Featuring a line up of Rob Galloway (Vocals/Guitar), Will Grinder (Guitar),  Vince Cayo (Bass), Grant Henderson (Drums) & Matthew Dempsey (Backings Vocals), it's a song bursting with energy. It's called Atomic Clock and here's the video...

Wednesday 20 September 2023

Tube Alloys - Apathy


  I've had this song in the "TO DO" folder for a while now, it's by a band called Tube Alloys who I think originate from Los Angeles although I've also seen London and Australia mentioned. Other details are scarce.

  But who cares? Just listen to their album and don't sweat the small stuff. It's titled Magnetic Point and it's a fantastic collection of hard post punk delights. It's available on vinyl & digital download via La Vida Es Un Mus and Urge.

  This track starts in a pretty jaunty fashion before accelerating halfway through with what sounds like a rioting crowd and a cacophony of shattering bottles. It's a fine example of what to expect from a stunning album. It's called Apathy...

Tuesday 19 September 2023

Bad News First - Make It Better


  Bad News First ( are a Bristol/South West based noisy pop band who "like to complain about modern life and enjoy long walks on the beach." They've been together for a little over 2 years and featured on here earlier this year with "an up tempo modern sounding track" called Under The Father.

  They're continuing that upwards trajectory I spoke about previously having recently shared stages with the likes of Alien Nosejob and Bad//Dreems and securing plays on BBC radio for their latest single. It's a 3 minute soundscape of post punk goodness which you can find here :

  It's called Make It Better... 

Monday 18 September 2023

NOBRO - Where My Girls At


  NOBRO ( are the Montreal quartet who featured on here around 18 months ago with an infectious track from their very fine Live Your Truth Shred Some Gnar ep (

  They return today with a teaser track from an upcoming album which will be released on October 27th via Dine Alone Records and which goes by the name of Set Your Pussy Free. 

  I played the first single from it, Let's Do Drugs, on a recent show and then played the new one (to a very impressed chatroom) last night. I don't think there can be much doubt that this will be an album with considerable WOW! factor. You can pre order it here : 

  A song about turning a negative into a positive, turning heart break into joy, feel free to sing along, this is Where My Girls At... 

Sunday 17 September 2023

Duncan Reid And The Big Heads - Singing with the Beach Boys


  I'm sure you're all familiar with Duncan Reid? After arriving in London back in 1976 as a 17 year old he was swallowed by the emerging punk scene and has been involved in it ever since. As an original member of The Boys he was partly responsible for some of the genres most beloved songs ( and for the last dozen or so years he's been pleasing crowds all over the world with his own band, Duncan Reid And The Big Heads (

  But change is in the air. After being asked by a friend if he might be autistic, he was assessed and found out that indeed he is. Things suddenly made sense. After a lifetime of asking why the world's so mad, he came to the realisation that maybe it's him that's different. After a lifetime of "singing the same words as everyone else but to a different tune" he realises he no longer needs to hide away from the real world in "the inner world of music." So he's decided to call it a day.

  There'll be a final gig on October 7th at London's Lexington and the band have just released a final album (their 5th). It's titled And It's Goodbye From Him and unsurprisingly it's a fitting farewell. 13 catchy tunes about the state of Duncan's mind, the state of the nation during lockdown and becoming a grandad... You can listen to it on Spotify : or buy it here :

  This is the album's closing track, it's "a poignant ache of a father leaving his son following marital separation but celebrating a connection found that they both love to sing Beach Boys songs at full pelt in the car." It's called Singing With The Beach Boys...

Monday 11 September 2023

Biters - Guilty


  A new release that's not a new song today. Or is it?

  I have to confess that despite gobbling up as much of that new fangled punk stuff back in the late '70's when I was an impressionable school kid I don't remember coming across Biters. Bandcamp tells me they were from Shithney, Northern England (a place which Google suggests doesn't exist?). They released their debut single in January 1978 on Recidivist Records. 

  Google also suggests maybe this isn't a long lost single from the '70's. Crass released the Bullshit Detector compilations back in the day and I must confess to getting a whiff of that odour now.

  Either way, the band's line up is Mick Teeth (vocals), Richard Comparison (guitar), Pete Dogshit (bass/backing vocals) & Sentimental Steve (drums). The single features 2 excellent and authentic sounding old school punk "classics" in the form of Guilty and Repeat Offender. You can snap it up as a name your price download :

  Feast your lugholes on some good old fashioned northern punk rock! This is Guilty...

You have the right to remain silent... So shut your fucking gob! One, two, three, four! Went with my mates for a pint down pub Some punk gave me lip so I had to dust him up I was guilty.... as charged Legged it from the coppers, I don't wanna get nicked Come here little piggy... I've got a fucken brick I'll be guilty... but I'm still at large G U I L T Y Guilty, guilty I ain't got no alibi Guilty, guilty Missus caught me with a bird, what a spot of luck Said she was leaving, I said I don't give a fuck I'm guilty... old son Her indoors is at home for a lie-down and a cuppa I broke into the chemist and snatched myself some uppers I'm guilty... but I'm having fun! G U I L T Y Guilty, guilty I ain't got no alibi Guilty, guilty G U Y L T I Guilty, guilty I ain't got no reason why Let's go boys! Stole a pack of fags from the corner shop I bet you didn't think that I'd do that stuff! But I'm guilty... guilty! Had it out with my boss and he threw me off the job It ain't my fault he's a useless fucken yob I'm guilty... guilty Innocent 'til proven guilty, guilty! Innocent 'til proven guilty Lock me up, throw away the key G U I L T Y Guilty, guilty I ain't got no alibi Guilty, guilty G U I L T Y Guilty, guilty I ain't got no alibi Guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty

Sunday 10 September 2023

The Underbites - Sincerely Jemma Jane


  "Taking down the patriarchy one man at a time..."

  When I first heard about New York quartet The Underbites ( I was told to expect something along the lines of "If The Ramones had covered The Sweet's rendition of a Nick Lowe song -- but with, say, Fat Mike or Brett Gurewitz producing..." 

  I also learnt they were gearing up for "their upcoming EP Four Songs About Girls on which they're trying a bit of a departure with three relatively lighthearted tunes about imaginary female characters and a cover the Little Richard classic "The Girl Can't Help It."

  I was intrigued enough to keep an eye out for the ep's release and happily it was a sound decision as it's a very fine listen. 

  The band are obviously well versed in punk history. They know how to pen a catchy tune. The line up of Jon Fox (vocals/guitar), Kurt Feldhun (lead guitar/vocals), Ethan Rosenblatt (bass/vocals) & Michael Hoffman (drums/vocals) have been together since 2020 but Fox and Feldhun have been friends and been around the scene for over 40 years. 

  Previous releases by the band include debut ep Persons Of Interest and album Sort It Out. Both are on Bandcamp along with this new ep :

  Displaying a love of both old school punk and early rock n roll, Four Songs About Girls is exactly what you'd expect. Each song mixes melody with bite and contain lyrics which tell a story.

  This one "started out as a Rancid-influenced anthem, but it ended up landing closer to Social Distortion." It's called Sincerly Jemma Jane...

Saturday 9 September 2023

Reason To Leave - What Are You Fighting For


  When I featured Reason To Leave ( in July I mentioned that their new ep, Rise And Grind, was just around the corner (

  With that corner now turned, I think it's worthy of giving them another shout out as it's an ep you won't want to miss.

  It's an impressive collection of hard edged, up tempo skate punk singalongs. I envisage plenty of sweat soaked gigs in this bands future as their songs all seem to be fast and furious earworms. The ep's available on cd (ltd to 100 copies) and digital download via Manchester label Horn & Hoof Records : 

  This is the opening track, it's called What Are You Fighting For...

Friday 8 September 2023

The Owen Guns - Trans Rights are Human Rights


  Short and sweet today, a new track from New South Wales punks The Owen Guns ( 

  They're a band that aren't afraid to share their opinions. They write about politics, religion, racist dickheads and plenty of other worthy topics. On their new song, they come out in support of trans rights. The song blasts by in around a minute, all Bandcamp proceeds will go to Transcend Australia A registered charity that supports families and their trans and non binary children. You can find it here :

  The band line up with Sean the Bastard (Vocals/Theremin), Ma Tu (Drums/Backing Vocals), Booker Bass) & Mark (Guitar) and this song will feature on their upcoming album Monks In Sexyland.

  It's called Trans Rights Are Human Rights...

Show compassion?
You dont wanna
Could be respectful
But you ain't gonna
Learn their pronouns?
You won't bother
You're offended?
They don't affect you at all

Trans rights
Are human rights
Trans rights!

You wanna fight em
Never met one
But you don't like em
Makes you angry
Are you frightened ?
You're offended?
They don't affect you at all

Trans rights
Are human rights.
Trans rights!

Thursday 7 September 2023

Wesley & The Boys - Switchblade Twist


  Wesley & The Boys ( are a garage rock n roll band from Nashville, Tennessee. In the last 12 months or so they've released an ep titled Welcome To Trashville, USA and an album called The Feeling Is Mutual. You can find them here :

  This month sees them return with their first vinyl release. It's an ep titled Switchblade Twist which will be released on Sept 29th via Sweet Time Records. It'll be limited to 300 copies (100 on Blue vinyl 200 on Classic Black vinyl). To pre order go here :

  This is the title track, it's a rollicking good budget rock stomper with a chorus to die for. Switchblade Twist...


Wednesday 6 September 2023

Mannequin Pussy - I Got Heaven


  Mannequin Pussy ( are the Philadelphia quartet who last featured on here a couple of years ago with a powerful commentary on a police force out of control :

  They return today with their first release since then, it's equally as impressive. It's a song that deals with religion and it's misappropriation. It's a song that suggests Heaven is inside us, not somewhere we can aspire to go if we follow some religion. It's a song that blends pop melodies with punk riffs to create what would have been a 90's rock radio staple. You can get it here :

  It's called I Got Heaven...

I went and walked myself Like a dog without a leash Now I’m growling at a stranger I am biting at their knees And if I wanted it, you really think I’d wait for the permission? For protection and assurances that all would be delivered? And like our fathers did Our mothers did And them and those before And you say you want a difference The honor to be yours And like our fathers did Our mother did And them and those before The echo and a retell Of some shit we’ve heard before And what if we stopped spinning? And what if we’re just flat? And what if Jesus himself ate my fucking snatch? And what if I’m an angel? Oh what if I’m a bore? And what if I was confident would you just hate me more? Oh, I got heaven inside of me And oh, I’m an angel I was sent here To keep you company I’m on an endless march to nothingness With only breath inside my chest And the promise of a life That you deserve, that you thought best I’m stuck inside my loneliness I’m stuck inside my grief I wish I could have been there To save you from the reach I am spiteful like a god Seek a vengeance like the rest For what they did to you I will never lay to rest It’s raw and unrelenting It is absolute regression It is vileness wrapped up And disguised as happy endings Oh I got heaven inside of me Oh I’m an angel I was sent here To keep you company

Monday 4 September 2023

The Fiendz - Down The Shore (Guest Review By Ralph J Rivera)


  Well I asked Mick for a personal favor to let me do a review of this album. And being the good mate he is he's allowing me to promote more great music/bands from New Jersey.  First off I have serious history with this band - The Fiendz (

  I first saw them MANY years ago at our long lost mecca "City Gardens". I believe I met my "brother" Ralph Michal at one of their shows there. But later on I got the chance to play guitar for one of New Jersey's best Pop Punk bands at the time "The Lawn Darts". Ironically we ended up playing many shows with The Fiendz. They've been around since friggin' 1987! Their early records on Black Pumpkin Records are legendary in N.J. Punk history.

  So around 2017 they started up a Bandcamp page and started re-releasing all their classic records. BUT they also started dropping new music! All leading up to THIS! Released on "Labor Day Weekend" (here in the States, the unofficial "end of Summer") - Here is "Dummy"!

 The Fiendz making it known that their story is far from over. 15 songs of the timeless Pop Punk that was their trademark. Songs like "Skeletons", "Bully", "Trust Me" and "Never Gonna Change" are instant ear-worms. Our "local" troops have been trying to get a show lined up so these veterans can turn a whole new generation on to their greatness.  I present to you all, for your listening pleasure, a song VERY near to my heart because it's about my island! Here is The Fiendz - "Down The Shore."

Sunday 3 September 2023

Corker - A Fitting Compensation (Guest review by Ralph J Rivera)


  It's not often that I hear a new record these days and have to immediately listen to it again because the first listen left my jaw on the floor! "Corker" from Cincinatti, Ohio have released what is possibly the MOST "Modern" sounding record of 2023.

   After releasing the amazing EP "A Bell That Seems To Mourn" in 2021 they spent the last year and a half working on the masterpiece that is "Falser Truths."  You can get the album on vinyl or as a name your price download :

  The first half of the album (1-6) is what I have no other words for except perfectly executed "Goth/Death Rock". Until you get to the 7th song "A Fitting Compensation" where they flip the switch and turn into this amazing "Post-Punk" band that destroy all genres & just close out the album with 3 songs you'll want to hear over & over again. "Sour Candy" is one of the most infectious tunes you'll ever hear. THIS may very well be a contender for "Album Of The Year". Here's the song where this album enters "God-Mode".

  A Fitting Compensation...

Saturday 2 September 2023

Cut Piece - Accept Defeat (Don't Sabotage Me)


  Happy to report that this week's Just Some Punk Songs show playlist is coming along very nicely indeed (do your ears a favour and tune in on Sunday at 8pm UK time :

  As usual, it's an hour's worth of awesome newly released punk music and this week it includes the song I'm posting below.

  Cut Piece are new to me, they're a quartet from Portland, Oregon featuring a line up of Mary (drums), Samantha (bass), Zach (guitar) & Laura (vocals). 

  They released an energetic debut single in July ( and now they return with the opening track from a new Self Titled ep which will be released on 7 inch vinyl and digital download on 22nd September by Dirt Cult Records. Featuring Don't Become The Enemy from the debut single plus 3 new songs, it's an invigorating blast of in your face punk rock. You can order it here :

  The teaser song is all shouty vocals and jagged guitar and it's called Accept Defeat (Don't Sabotage Me)...

Friday 1 September 2023

Gym Tonic - Play Dead


  Here's a release I've been waiting eagerly for. Berlin quartet Gym Tonic released a wonderful album in 2019 titled Good Job which they pitched as being hyped up synth punk in the vein of DEVO, Half Japanese & The Residents. I featured this song from it :

  Since then, all I've heard from them was a track that featured on the No Way Back compilation :

  There was however some outstanding live footage of the band playing live at Fritz's Ranch (HOW AWESOME IS THIS!!! 

  Today that eager wait comes to an end. They've just released a new 6 track ep titled Sanitary Situations. Featuring a line up of Olivier Bernet (Synth & Voc), Karen Thompson (Bass & Voc), Stéphanie Morin (Guitar & Voc) & Alice Huet (Drums) it's everything I was hoping for. It's catchy, inventive synth punk that'll keep those live crowds dancing. You can get it on vinyl or digital download here :

  I could have chosen any of the songs to highlight but I'm going with Play Dead...