Sunday 3 September 2023

Corker - A Fitting Compensation (Guest review by Ralph J Rivera)


  It's not often that I hear a new record these days and have to immediately listen to it again because the first listen left my jaw on the floor! "Corker" from Cincinatti, Ohio have released what is possibly the MOST "Modern" sounding record of 2023.

   After releasing the amazing EP "A Bell That Seems To Mourn" in 2021 they spent the last year and a half working on the masterpiece that is "Falser Truths."  You can get the album on vinyl or as a name your price download :

  The first half of the album (1-6) is what I have no other words for except perfectly executed "Goth/Death Rock". Until you get to the 7th song "A Fitting Compensation" where they flip the switch and turn into this amazing "Post-Punk" band that destroy all genres & just close out the album with 3 songs you'll want to hear over & over again. "Sour Candy" is one of the most infectious tunes you'll ever hear. THIS may very well be a contender for "Album Of The Year". Here's the song where this album enters "God-Mode".

  A Fitting Compensation...

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