Monday 29 May 2023

Fantasy Premier League 2022/2023 Season Final Table

 Congratulations to Vinny Vincent who followed up his win last season in the Just Some Punk Songs league by winning it again this year. And well done to last year's runner up, Tim Bray, who once again finished in the top 3. This year's runner up was Skot McGuffog. 

  Thanks to everyone who took part, there'll be a chance to do it all over again in a few week's and I'll post details when available.

  Here's the final table...

1 Dingo Ate My Baby Vinny Vincent                 2563

 2 BOVINE BANJO BASHERS Skot McGuffog 2475

 3 Rebel Express AFC Tim Bray                         2425

 4 anti-fa Graham Powell                                 2423

 5 Just Some Punk Songs Mick Fletcher         2420

 6 Aces ANDREW PLANT                                 2392

 7 Haggis's Heroes Phil Harris                         2370

 8 FatLatchNsNo Ian Jay                                 2332

 9 Inner City Sumo FC Chris Collins                 2315

 10 Marsching On Rob Wilkinson                         2310

 11 El Loco Motives Richard Howe                 2307

 12 Hello you counts paul spice                         2271

 13 Shotfrombothsides Gary Hough                 2209

 14 @ColinsPRW Colin Clark                         2175

 15 ABCDEFC Alex Prince                                 2136

 16 Wretched Rovers Pete Marler                         2133

 17 Stärkande Starköl Anders Jacobsson         2040

 18 Raysdreamers RAYMOND PLANT         1988

 19 Marxist Rashford James Coppard                 1983

 20 Invincibles Jordon Murdoch                         1721

 21 InPatWeTrust Robin Entwistle                         1714

 22 The Papashangos Will Crompton                 1309

CLIFFDIVER (Feat. Stephen Egerton) - Oh Bondage, Up Yours!


  It's almost sacrilege yeah, when a new band attempts to pull off a cover of a stone cold classic but I think it's fair to say that the version of the X Ray Spex song you'll find below is a bloody good effort.

  CLIFFDIVER ( are an emo pop punk band that have been building up a healthy following touring with the likes of Less Than Jake, Bowling For Soup, New Found Glory, Taking Back Sunday and Descendents. To be honest, after a quick check of their 2022 debut album, Exercise Your Demons, I think it's fair to say that the Tulsa septet are good at what they do but are too polished for my liking. 

  I do however like their X Ray Spex cover. It sees the band's line up of Matthew Ehler (Guitar/Back Up Vocals), Joey Duffy (Lead Vocals), Briana Wright (Lead Vocals), Thomas Dony Nickles (Saxophone), Tyler Rogers (Bass), Gilbert Erikson (Guitar/Back Up Vocals) & Eliot Cooper (Drums) joined by the guesting Stephen Egerton (Descendents/All) on lead guitar. 

  Can Briana do justice to Poly Styrene's inimitable vocal style? Will the sax playing of Thomas Dony Nickles have the same impact? Decide for yourselves...

  This is Oh Bondage, Up Yours!

Sunday 28 May 2023

The Oozes - Ready


  The Oozes ( are a "London based Queer Punk Band" who've been around for a few years, have attracted the attention of Radio 1 and who've recently completed a 42 date tour of the UK and Ireland. They've also been streamed over 41 million times so it's quite possible you're already familiar with them.

  For some reason, I can't remember coming across them before.

  Anyway I have now and I'll be playing their recent single on this week's Just Some Punk Songs show ( It's their 2nd single of 2023 following on from the mainstream radio friendly delights of DBSAC ( 

  It's a song that's close to the band's heart, it's about the reaction of parents towards trans children and challenges those parents to offer support and acceptance and to put their child first rather than their own prejudices. 

  It's called Ready... 

Friday 26 May 2023

Spoilers - Peaches and Cream


  Canterbury melodic punks Spoilers ( return to Just Some Punk Songs today with a jaunty new tune.

  They've been on here several times before, most notably with one of the best ever laments to those that have passed away ( 

  They're a band who's sound owes a lot to UK punk legends Snuff. Bassist/vocalist Dan Goatham has, as you quite possibly already know, been a member of Snuff for the last few years. 

  They're a band who have the knack of writing extremely catchy songs as confirmed by the new single. It's released today on SBÄM Records ( and you can download it here :

  It's called Peaches & Cream... 

Thursday 25 May 2023

Bamboo Vipers - Andrew Ridgeley Moment


  A new song today from a band that are no strangers to Just Some Punk Songs, I think this is their 6th appearance (the previous songs being Silver Boots, Haunted House, Inch High Private Eye, Spacewaster & The Runt Of The Litter). They're a band that has a back catalogue which would lend itself to a cracking "greatest hits" album (although a follow up to their 2014 debut album Dangling The Bait would be nice). 

  Bamboo Vipers ( are a trio from Hampshire that you never quite know what you're going to get from next. Except that it'll be something very good. I think previous reviews have made a range of comparisons with everyone from Suzi Quatro, Dead Kennedys, Glitter Band, Killing Joke & The Men Who Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing. 

  Not only do you not quite know what new music from the band will sound like, you never know what the song will be about. We've had topics such as glam rock accessories, spooky mansions, champagne socialists, one-party totalitarian states, the rock n roll hall of fame and cartoon detectives... 

  This time round George Michael's former partner in crime from Wham is front and centre of one of the tracks on the new double A sided single. You can find the single on Spotify :

  This is Andrew Ridgeley Moment... 

Tuesday 23 May 2023

Nervous Jerk - Bad Babysitter


  Nervous Jerk ( are a trio from Christchurch, New Zealand who play a mix of power pop and pop punk and who feature a line up of Tom Kerr (Vocals/Guitar), Brad Wright (Bass/Backing Vocals) & Johnny Fast (Drums). 

  They've just released a new album titled Ugly Losers Club which boasts 10 energetic punk tunes that'll get your foot tapping. It's an album which demonstrates not all the great punk bands from "down under" are from Australia. It's a great listen with plenty of repeat value. 


  You can get it on vinyl or digital download here :

  Someone you shouldn't entrust your child with, this is Bad Babysitter... 

Monday 22 May 2023

Unsound Advice - Just A Number


  Unsound Advice ( are a trio from Queensland, Australia and as it says on their Facebook page they're a rock band that plays original songs that are catchy, melodic, upbeat and chaotic. They featured on here a couple of years ago with a track from their ep Surprise Party For Psychics (

  They return today with their new single. It's a song that features their bass player Ben giving it an impressive go on vocals as the band attempt to give old-school punk a fresh lick of paint. It gained the seal of approval from the chatroom crowd on this week's Just Some Punk Songs show. It's a powerful song with a big sound and you can find it streaming here :

  It's called Just A Number... 

Monday 15 May 2023

Alternative - What Revolution?


If you want to change the system
Better start with yourself...

  Back in the 80's, Dunfermline punk band Alternative ( were regarded by many as the Scottish Crass. Despite being originally influenced more by The Crass and aiming to carve out their own sound, they did share many of Crass' lyrical concerns. They're a band who "spoke up against the injustices of the world and helped make some people create an opinion for themselves."

  They were very prolific back in the day with numerous releases including the 1984 album If They Treat You Like Shit - Act Like Manure (

  This album is regarded as something of a classic but it could have been even better with the inclusion of a song which was dropped at the last minute for a live track (not even the band can remember why this happened).

  Fear not though, the song, a 2 and a half minute classic burst of "impassioned and raging anarcho punk with duel female and male vocals" has finally seen the light of day almost 4 decades later. It's the title track of an ep on Sealed Records. The ep, available on 7" (white or black) vinyl and digital download also features a couple of different mixes of old favourites. You can get it here :

  Take a trip back to the mid 80's. This is What Revolution?

Sunday 14 May 2023

The Mercenaries - Like A Rat


  The Mercenaries ( are a punk rocksteady quintet from Paris who previously featured on Just Some Punk Songs back in 2016 with a track from their album Rocky Road ( 

  They seem to have been rather quiet since then but now they're preparing for the release of a new 4 track ep titled Fight Back. Definitely good news for those of us that like a bit of a reggae/ska vibe added to our punk rock. 

  They've just released one of the songs, it should appeal to fans of bands like The Interrupters, Rancid, Voodoo Glow Skulls etc. A catchy singalong, it's called Like A Rat...

Friday 12 May 2023

Zoanoids - Cenobites (Guest Review By Ralph J Rivera)


  First off I gotta THANK Mick for letting me review this one. I don't often do requests but this one is personal. As anyone that sees what I post on "The Switchblade New Wave" I have VERY diverse tastes in music. It comes with being an old geezer LOL! But 2 of my favorite "Modern" Pop Punk bands in recent years have been "Black Russians" and "Zoanoids". Both bands are VERY polarizing and can both be accused of being "Too Metal" for Pop Punk. Which gave many people apprehension before getting the swansong album by "Zoanoids". ( 

 Was this gonna be another The Lillingtons "Stella Sapiente"? Well as their #1 fan let me tell you this - If you loved the debut "Zoanoids" album ( - you're gonna LOVE this one! 15 songs of PURE "Horror Punk" of the highest order!

  After an intro they kick right into "Disintegrate" that sets the pace. By the time you get to "The Order Of The Three Chords" - you know this ain't no cop out! My pick for the best song is "Cenobites" of course! Sorry you can't hear the album on Bandcamp but the guys REALLY want you to buy this amazing album to get the download code.
Get the digital version and stream a few tracks here :

 I'm proud to have everything this band ever released on vinyl or CD. Plus an amazing T-Shirt that was gifted to me by Shyro himself! DON'T listen to the Internet! Listen to me! Unless "Black Russians" drop their new album in 2023 - THIS is the Album Of The Year!

  This is Cenobites...

Thursday 11 May 2023

Reverse - Our Favourite Song


  Reverse ( are the melodic punk band from Stoke On Trent who formed in 1990, split in 2003, reformed in 2018 and are now at the height of their powers. Following their return to the scene they released a wonderful album titled Empty Spaces from which I featured one of many highlights on here : (

  They're now getting ready to release a new album which will feature another dozen modern day classics. It's up for pre order now on vinyl & cd via Boss Tunaege. 2 songs are already streaming and both are everything we were hoping for :

  There's a couple more streaming over at Waterslide Records :

  If you're in Germany or Europe then order from Flight 13 Records :

  The song I'm highlighting is the one that the chatroom for the latest Just Some Punk Songs show decided was the best one played on that show. Melodic punk doesn't really get much better than this so the title is rather apt. It's called Our Favourite Song... 

Wednesday 10 May 2023

Bad Crime - Content


  "We'll talk about it
  In the morning..."

  A new band today from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They're called Bad Crime and they've just released a 3 track demo ep. It features the talents of Patty (Guitar/Vox/Drums) and Alex (Bass/Gang Vox) plus Brian who plays drums on Hang.

  They play the type of garage meets power pop influenced punk rock that brings to mind favourites such as Marked Men & Tommy And The Commies etc. It's an impressive debut that demonstrates this is a band that are very much capable of composing top notch ear worms. I look forward to hearing more.

  The demo is available as a name your price download here : 

  This is the opening track, it's called Content... 

Tuesday 9 May 2023

Rat Cage - Change From A Fiver

(photo : Jono Outred)

  Rat Cage ( are the hardcore punk band from Sheffield who previously featured on here in 2020 with a song from a split 12" with Nervous SS which I described as "short, fast and noisy as fuck" ( 

  The same description could be made of the song I'm posting today. Happily, as with the best songs of this type, it doesn't neglect to bring the right amount of melody to proceedings. It's one of the two songs that are now streaming on Bandcamp from the band's upcoming album Savage Visions. It's an album which promises to expose listeners to "the maniacal cries of the critically-minded individual pushed to the absolute brink, copping rapid fire tidings of woe belted out by an unhinged unit who has finally ceased to give a fuck."

  Sounds fun doesn't it!

  It'll be released via La Vida Es Un Mus on June 9th. You can pre order the various vinyl variants here :

  A state of the nation address in which you can hear the anger and frustration bleeding out of your speakers, this is Change From A Fiver... 

Monday 8 May 2023

Tearaway Manor - Uncertainty


    "Wake Up Wake up
     Scrambled thoughts for breakfast..."

  Tearaway Manor ( are a new trio from Redditch, a town just to the south of Birmingham. They play a style of melodic punk rock which takes inspiration from many of their favourite 90's era bands including the likes of Alkaline Trio, The Lawrence Arms, Jimmy Eat World, Homegrown, New Found Glory & Neck Deep.

  They've just released the video for their debut single and it's a very impressive calling card that suggests they may be one day talked about in the same conversations as those influences. The melodies are infectious, the chorus is big and ideal to sing along to and the lyrics are very well written. It's energetically performed pop punk music with the right amount of bite.

  The single isn't officially released until the 20th of May but you can pre order it on Spotify 

  It's called Uncertainty...

Sunday 7 May 2023

Entropy - Universally Broken


  Entropy ( are a new band based in Manchester who if truth be told almost escaped my attention as when I came across their name and then saw the cover artwork for their debut ep I assumed for some reason they were going to be a metal influenced crust punk outfit with horrible Beelzebub with laryngitis type vocals. Happily I gave them a listen and was proved to be very much wide of the mark. 

  The ep's titled Universally Broken and it features 4 equally strong tracks that promise much. They don't appear to be on Bandcamp but you can listen either on Spotify or Youtube. 

  My favourite song is the title track. It's about the hardships of living day to day when you've nothing left to give. It's called Universally Broken... 

Saturday 6 May 2023

Motormouth - Too Tough


  Motormouth are a trio from Brussels who have just released a debut Self Titled 7" ep. It's a joint release between Madrid label Take The City and a new label from La Rochelle in France called Roaring Blood Records. 

  They're a band who feature Angelo from Warm Toy Machine and White Fangs alongside Morgan and Mathieu from Immigrants. The ep is a blast. 4 fat free tracks of frantic garage punk played with plenty of gusto. You can get it here : or here :

  This is the closing track, it's about someone who's not easy to love, not easy to be around. It's called Too Tough... 

Friday 5 May 2023

Throwing Stuff - No Gods, No Kings


  A topical tune today from a hardcore punk band from Manchester who first featured on Just Some Punk Songs back in 2015 (

  A few week's ago, Throwing Stuff announced that they'd be releasing 3 singles this year. The first of those was a vitriolic blast of disgust aimed at racists and racism both in this country and overseas. It was titled I Hate This Place and you can find it here :

  Now, to coincide with the coronation of the latest royal parasite we get another piece of outspoken social commentary. It highlights how the government is happy to spend millions on pomp and circumstance (and golden carriages!) but are reluctant to help out those most in need. Somehow, I doubt they'll be taking up the king's invitation to pledge allegiance. 

You can get it here :

  Play it loud, this is called No Gods, No Kings... 

Thursday 4 May 2023

Headstone Horrors - To Lighten The Weight Of Their Greed


   They want you to work till you die
  While they take a big slice of pie...

  Headstone Horrors ( are a street punk quintet based in Nottingham and Northamptonshire. They released a debut album in 2016 titled Tales From The Murder House. It was 13 tracks of horror themed tunes with titles such as The Thing From The Basement, Alone We Are The Dead, Murder In The Dark etc. Catchy and fun, it was devilishly delicious. 

  In 2019 we got album number 2, titled This Town Called Purgatory, it was similarly dark, similarly themed (Titles include Then The Fog Came, Beneath The Lake, Death Rides Behind...). 

  And now for album number 3. It's a Self Titled affair, the music is still catchy as hell, Natalie Thornton's vocals still impress, the band are as tight as ever but this time the songs are a mix of sci fi and political. It all blends together well though. Think radiation filled skies, think of a doomed planet, think about your salad days drinking your parent's beer, think about growing older and getting angrier. Add lots of Matt Freeman inspired basslines and you've got a great album. 


    You can get it here on vinyl, cd & digital download :

  This one's about standing your ground and being resilient. It's called To Lighten The Weight Of Their Greed... 

Monday 1 May 2023

Last Quokka - Disconnected


  An album I recommend you check out when it's released at the end of this week is Red Dirt by Last Quokka ( They're from Perth, Australia, and although I've not heard the album yet it's pretty obvious from listening to the 3 teaser tracks that it's going to be another winner from Down Under. 

  First things first, what's a quokka? It's an Australian marsupial, roughly the size of a cat, that's primarily found on the island of Rottnest near Perth. Their numbers are in decline largely due to logging and development but also due to predators such as foxes, dogs, cats and even humans.

  Back to the music... the album will contain 10 tracks of blistering political punk and there'll be a limited run of marbled red vinyl. 

    You can pre order it now and check out the 2 streaming tracks

  The 3rd teaser track is below, it's a banger. It's called Disconnected...