Tuesday 23 May 2023

Nervous Jerk - Bad Babysitter


  Nervous Jerk (https://www.facebook.com/jerknervous) are a trio from Christchurch, New Zealand who play a mix of power pop and pop punk and who feature a line up of Tom Kerr (Vocals/Guitar), Brad Wright (Bass/Backing Vocals) & Johnny Fast (Drums). 

  They've just released a new album titled Ugly Losers Club which boasts 10 energetic punk tunes that'll get your foot tapping. It's an album which demonstrates not all the great punk bands from "down under" are from Australia. It's a great listen with plenty of repeat value. 


  You can get it on vinyl or digital download here : https://nervousjerk.bandcamp.com/album/ugly-losers-club

  Someone you shouldn't entrust your child with, this is Bad Babysitter... 

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