Saturday, 14 December 2019

Dark Thoughts - Please Don't Leave

  Shit! Shit! Shit! I've got to choose a "favourite" song from the new Dark Thoughts album to post at the bottom of this update. It's pretty much an impossible task because every bloody song on the damn thing is a favourite!

  The band, as you hopefully already know, are a 3 piece from Philadelphia who've featured on here several times previously. The last time was in August when I said "Ramones, Leave Home, Rocket To Russia.... Forest Hills' finest, The Ramones, released 3 absolutely killer albums in little over 18 months and I've got to be honest with you, on the evidence of their first 2 albums plus their new single, Dark Thoughts are going to do something very similar." Do you know what, they've done just that. For my money, their triple whammy of long players are as impressive a debut run as anyone has achieved. If we were still back in the 70's during punk's golden age everyone would be shouting about how great this band are. As it is, the commotion is not as loud but I'm sure I'm not the only lover of punk music saying similar things. They're the best band around, tell all your friends.

  So the new album... it's titled Must Be Nice, 12 songs crammed into a trim sub 20 minute run time. Listen, enjoy, listen again. You'll soon be able to get the physical release via Stupid Bag Records or Drunken Sailor Records but no need to wait to hear it as it's available as a nice early Xmas gift name your price on Bandcamp...

  So to choose a song to finish on. Lets go with Please Don't Leave...

Thursday, 12 December 2019

Slow Faction - You've Been Fooled Again


  A sad night for Britain as Boris Johnson's Conservative party are returned to power by a nation sold a Brexit pup. There was the chance to vote for real change but it was spurned so now it's more of the same as those with wealth and vested interest raise a glass to 5 more years of coining it in. But it's done now, we dust ourselves down and carry on.

  Stating things much more eloquently than I can manage are London band Slow Faction ( They're quick off the blocks with this new song which sums things up. You can download it here name your price :

  This is You've Been Fooled Again...

A nation that no longer cares – a state of terminal despair
The liars and cheats have won the night – will the last one here turn out the lights
You had the chance to go for change – you had the chance but you threw it all away
Enablers and you right wing shils – supporters of the policies that kill

They wage war on society, throw millions into penury
They decimate communities to pay the price of rich men’s greed
Another time, another place – a kinder, gentler, humane state
But all of that’s been thrown away – the 5 Evils are here to stay

What the hell have you done? You’ve been fooled again
You’ve fucked up everything! You’ve been fooled again
You’ve fallen for their blatant lies – how long till you realise
The emptiness of your victory last night? You’ve been fooled again….

The consensus of the post war years has been pulled down around our ears
Not even that Bitch went as far as the generations who followed her
Do you think these people are on your side? Do you think they’ll help you turn the tide?
You won’t have too long to wait as you watch them further shrink the state..

A transatlantic conspiracy – scratch the surface it’s there to see
Who pays the think-tanks calls the tunes…. the billionaires behind the news
They say they want to set you free from Marxist ideology
Scapegoat the poor, no safety net, reward the rich and squeeze the rest

I warn you, don’t you dare fall ill – you won’t afford the treatment bill
I warn you never to grow old – your choice to starve or die from cold
Don’t be young – they’ll steal your dreams. Don’t be homeless – those streets are mean
I warn you never to be poor – accept your lot, don’t ask for more

What the hell have you done?
Yes you, you’ve fucked up everything – and you’ve been fooled again!

Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Overwhelmed - Who Rules The World

  Overwhelmed are from Glasgow and impressed earlier this year with their impressive Demo

  One of the tracks from it featured on here and had me saying I'm looking forward to hearing more from them. And now that I have heard more I can safely say they're one of the finds of 2019.

  The new release is an ep titled Who Rules The World, it features 4 female fronted aggressive blasts of shouty hardcore punk who's 7 minute runtime flies by leaving you wanting more. It's out on Sheffield label Kids Of The Lughole and it's available on 7" vinyl (ltd to 300 copies) and digital download

  This is the title track, it barrels along at a rapid clip and you should hitch a ride....

Tuesday, 10 December 2019

The Subjunctives - At The Kraken (Guest Review By Rich Cocksedge)

  Rich Cocksedge is very kindly on a busman's holiday on Just Some Punk Songs today as instead of his usual reviewing duties for Razorcake ( he's agreed to say a few words about one of his favourite releases of the year. Before I pass you over to him, can I just say that after hearing today's song, and seeing the video at the bottom of the page, I love this song so much, the vocals are wonderful and I too very much want to go to The Kraken....

  The Subjunctives are a bunch of guys from Seattle, all of whom have a penchant for the kind of punk rock that came from bands like Stiff Little Fingers and Hüsker Dü, and who have just released their first album, the excellent “Sunshine and Rainbows”.

  The trio consists of Ean Hernandez (also in Sicko-one of the best pop punk bands ever-and the head honcho of Top Drawer Records) along with Jeff Mangalin (Four Lights) and the younger Matt Coleman, who has also been in the Heather Edgley band.

  The album follows on from the EP released almost a year ago and it showcases a wonderful ability to write crunchy melodic punk songs that definitely bring to mind the aforementioned illustrious bands. Such is the love for the Minneapolis trio from this Seattle outfit that much of their merchandise is New Day Rising connected in terms of design. (They also have a shirt which is a homage to the Subhumans, UK version).

  It’s not just the music that is of a high quality on this album, but the lyrics too are above the average offerings, drawing the listener in to different situations and ensuring that it’s a full blown aural experience.

  The album was mixed by Matt Allison who has worked with the likes of Alkaline Trio, Lawrence Arms, Less Than Jake and The Copyrights to name a few, and it was mastered by the legendary Mass Giorgini who has worked with so many class acts that it’s impossible to whittle them down to just a handful as examples. With people like that on board, the output is always going to have a strong sound.

  The featured song here, is off the album and it’s one which highlights. It's a tribute to a local punk rock dive bar in Seattle, The Kraken. The song is entitled ‘At The Kraken’ and it’s a cracker.

  I want to go to The Kraken. I want to see The Subjunctives play at The Kraken, and if Sicko could headline then that would be perfect....

Cheer for a south end hardcore band
Watch Josh Rambo go out and in
Drew is throwing someone out again
At our local punk rock dive bar

Will and Skylar are your best friends
And Heck Yes is our new house band
It’s a beard and flannel convention
At our local punk rock dive bar

Seattle’s number one pirate themed punk rock dive bar
Dance to the rosy glow of a Rainier beer light
Friends we’re home again

Punk Rock Dive Bar - At the Kraken

See the latest fashion in black t-shirts
Drink Jameson and PBR till it hurts
the stereo is playing Jawbreaker
At our local punk rock dive bar

Maybe it’s a pop punk social club
For all the broken people that you love
Where mis-fits fit like velvet gloves
At our local punk rock dive bar

Seattle’s number one pirate themed punk rock dive bar
With the very finest pin ball machines
Friends we’re home again

Punk Rock Dive Bar - At the Kraken

Seattle’s number one pirate themed punk rock dive bar
Dance to the rosy glow of a Rainier beer light
Friends we’re home again

Punk Rock Dive Bar - At the Kraken

Monday, 9 December 2019

The Cavemen - Night After Night

    "So did you wanna break my heart...."

  A couple of weeks ago I sent my choices for Top 10 albums of 2019 to Suspect Device zine for them to feature in their end of year special edition. It's been a great year for punk music so it was a strong list but I added the proviso that there was a new album by The Cavemen on the way which I expected to sneak it's way into my list. It didn't sneak in, it smashed it's way in. Too early yet to say if it'd make number 1 on any revised list but after more plays I'd expect it to be Top 3.

  I've featured the band on here a few times so hopefully by now you know they're from New Zealand (now based in London) and play a trashy garage punk style of music with very catchy tunes. They also appear to be very busy jet setting it across the globe playing numerous gigs. You'll no doubt already be fans if you're a regular JSPS visitor but just in case, here's their back catalogue... and the Facebook page :

  And on to the new album, it's basically a bunch of scuffed and bruised pop songs that would see these guys scoring hit after hit in a more just world. Don't think they've gone soft though, tracks like Snakeskin, Can't Resist, Got My Eye On You etc rock hard, but they also show a lighter touch on songs such as early single Don't Know Why and the Velvet Underground influenced Belgian Holiday. You may have already heard Knife Fight and Boyfriend when I played them on the show in recent weeks and they're definite highlights but by no means the only ones. The album's titled Night After Night and it's available on vinyl or digital download via Slovenly Recordings (label of the year? probably).

  So many great songs but I have to feature one at the end so let's go with the title track, this is a tale of being alone, staring at the telephone, waiting and hoping it'll ring, Night After Night....

Sunday, 8 December 2019

Toxik Ephex feat BCWC - Refer-en-dum Lies

  When Louder Than War are asking if a song is the best ever re-write of a punk classic then it's pretty certain that we're dealing with something that's at least worth listening to and in this case something worthy of that question.

  Is there any point me posting the song on here now that the bigger sites have started talking about it? When it's this good and this important then of course it's worth spreading word of it to a few extra people. So let's take a closer look.

  Toxik Ephex is a Scottish anarcho-punk band, who was first formed in 1979 as The Abductors by founding member Fred "Inspector Blake" Wilkinson. The band's name was changed in 1980, they featured on the comp Bullshit Detector Vol.2 on Crass Records, released their first single (Punk As Fuck) in 1987, released split records with Oi Polloi and Shrapnel and a 1991 album called Nobby Porthole The Cock of the North before calling it a day. Since then they've reformed and split on several occasions but are back again with their reworking of one of the genres most famous songs.

  The Black Cat Worker Collective is a non-profit social enterprise committed to enhancing Aberdeen's grassroots music scene. You can find out more about them here :

  Both have joined forces, with the blessing of Adverts frontman TV Smith, to bring us a song that may just influence a few of the undecided voters ahead of Thursday's vote. They're trying to get across the message that "the UK General Election on the 12th December 2019 at least affords scope to mount a damage limitation exercise.  On one side there’s child poverty, widespread environmental destruction, selling off the NHS, food banks, zero hours contracts, the working poor, populist xenophobia, 120K deaths on universal credit, student debt, spiralling homelessness, WASPI women, social housing clad in firelighters, escalating knife crime, a retirement age of 75, the Windrush Scandal and seemingly endless overseas conflicts..... On the other side there is ‘hope‘."

  Featured musicians are Chiz Pirie (Drums), Ross Cunningham (Bass), Elias Eiholzer (Guitars), Fred Wilkinson (Bouzouki, Vocals), Frank Benzie (Vocals), Snaba Noble (Vocals), Brittney Ellis Cameron, (Vocals), Iona Macdonald (Vocals) and Andy Philip (Vocals).

  You can (and should) download the song for free here :

  You should also share it around.

  I don't need to tell you the original name of the song, you all know it. The new version is called Refer-en-dum Lies...

Refer-en-dum lies!
I’m toiling in a sweatshop,
A prisoner of production,
A slave to universal credit,
My mind can barely function.
They scrapped our health & safety,
Now I’m sick from all the fumes,
Downsizing to a smaller flat,
We’re five to a bedroom.
I’m seeing through Boris Johnson’s lies,
Seeing through Boris Johnson’s lies,
Seeing through Boris Johnson’’s lies,
Seeing through Boris Johnson’s lies.
This isn’t what they promised us,
Ain’t taking back control,
No millions for the NHS,
Just dug a deeper hole.
I was duped by all the tabloids
Blaming cuts on immigration,
Said the Tories had our backs,
And they would build a stronger nation.
I’m seeing through tabloid media lies,
Seeing through tabloid media lies,
Seeing through tabloid media lies,
Seeing through tabloid media lies.
Seeing through referendum lies,
Seeing through referendum lies,
Seeing through referendum lies,
Seeing through referendum lies.
I cast my vote in anger,
Thought “to hell with the EU”,
Hoping for a brighter future,
But none of that came true.
Should have never trusted Farage,
He went to public school,
Bankers don’t care for the working class,
He’s yet another lying tool.
I’m seeing through Nigel Farage’s lies,
Seeing through Nigel Farage’s lies,
Seeing through Nigel Farage’s lies,
Seeing through Nigel Farage’s lies.
Seeing through referendum lies,
Seeing through neoliberal lies,
The way they lied about austerity,
It’s a self-serving twisted ideology.

Mini Skirt - Pretty

  Mini Skirt ( are 4 blokes from Byron Bay, Australia, who play an invigorating brand of punked up pub rock. They announced themselves with a demo called Mate in 2016 and since then have released a number of impressive singles/eps and a split 7" with fellow countrymen Cosmic Psychos. The most recent of those releases is a new single called Pretty. You can find it here :

  Recorded by Owen Penglis, assisted by Mitch Parry and mixed & mastered by Mikey Young (a guy who's been responsible for making many of the bands who appear on here sound great, check out his credits, the new single is a definite winner. An eruption of rage, blood vessels straining in singer on vocalist Jacob Boylan's neck as he reveals he's sick of it all. Give the whip to the whistleblower, get your facts from the phone.... It's all angst and frustration, Jacob's feeling like a stranger in the place that made him who he is.