Monday, 30 March 2020

Bob Vylan - We Live Here (Guest Review By Dave Decision)

  It's always good when I can rope in someone to do a guest review, especially when they make as good a go at it as Dave Decision has today. Dave's featured on here before as lead vocalist & guitarist with Falmouth punks Rash Decision ( and with his other band F. Emasculata ( He also runs Dead Invoices Records (

  Dave wants to recommend you all check out Bob Vylan (, a London duo that are currently blowing up big....

And so it started like any other day, scrolling through my feed when a thumbnail of Bob Vylan’s singer appeared for their single ‘We Live Here’ on YouTube. Their singer is wearing a big fake fur animal patterned overcoat, bleached jeans, boots, sports long dreads and a Crass t-shirt, enough to peak my interest in looks alone. Then the song ‘We Live Here’ plays. Finally a band with something of actual, immediate and relevant substance to say. Something that screams honesty and arresting delivery. The song starts with a distorted and lo-fi guitar before a racist sample pauses the song, allowing the full chorus riff to kick in and pin your shoulders to the wall. Some distorted, rapped vocals pepper scenes of recognisable working class British hotspots including the pub, the corner shop, high rises, police cars, and chips. Sounding strongly autobiographical, the singer talks about elements of his life growing up in London as a mixed-race child with a white mum. The delivery of the chorus line ‘we didn’t appear out of thin air / we live here’ batters and bruises its way to its intended target. Racists, bigots and nationalists are placed squarely in the crosshairs. Sonically, the lo-fi recording is clear enough to make sure they lyrics are heard and their impact can be felt, with the instrumentation grotty enough to broadcast their allegiance to their DIY punk rock roots. And judging by the 6K additional views since I first saw the video a couple of days ago, it looks like Bob Vylan are hitting home. They could be the next Sleaford Mods, or the next Idles in terms of their impact on the modern musical and political landscape…they’ve perfected the acute lyrical snarl we’ve come to expect in punk rock, but it is incredibly rare to hear something so honest and to wear their personal identities and struggles on their sleeve. It’s easy to write about why you don’t like the government, or against animal abuse or climate change, or to reel off well-worn lines about death/war/destruction: there’s plenty of lines to lift from other bands that have trodden this lyrical path for you. Bob Vylan is for those who are a bit braver than that, and are inviting you into their own personal hell. Their live gigs showcase the live delivery of a hardcore band, and their tones display the type of filth and grot that you can’t manufacture in an expensive studio. They’re the real deal, and they’ve got bigger balls than everyone else. They sound…dangerous. How many bands have recently achieved that? Looks like they’ll be working with Venn Records soon, which is owned and managed by Lags from Gallows, so expect to see a lot more of these guys soon. Personally I’ll be shocked if I hear anything better by anyone else all year.

  This is We Live Here...

Sunday, 29 March 2020

Abrazos - Tradition

  Hailing from the South Coast of England, anarcho hardcore punks Abrazos recently returned with a new album titled Angry All The Time. It not only features 8 tracks which were recorded in January at The Fishtank in Portsmouth but there's also a bonus 16 tracks recorded live at their Portsmouth gig (where they appeared alongside Rotten Foxes, Pizzatramp and Rash Decision) from Saturday 7th September 2019. It's been released on a USB stick and comes with an impressive 12 page zine of artwork & lyrics. The first run is limited to 60 and the cost is £3 plus postage. If you want one then get in touch with them :

  The band features members of Hack Job, Armoured Flu Unit and The Shorts; Nath Haywire (guitar), Tony Suspect (drums/vocals) and Alan Marshall (bass/vocals) and their name means Hugs in Spanish. You can find their earlier material streaming here :

  Of the new tracks on the album, subjects include hunting, the DIY community, more inclusivity in the punk scene, anger at dumbing down, sweat shops, animal cruelty, snowflakes (and those that use the term as a form of abuse) and the worrying number of suicides linked to benefit claims (a song inspired by a frustrated post put on Facebook by Darren Bourne asking a band to write a song about how Universal Credit is shit!). They're angry, short blasts of furious energy and I liked them a lot.

  This is the opening track, it's a fuck you to chinless wonders who hunt in packs and it's called Tradition...


City Saints feat Peter Bywaters - Peter and the Test Tube Babies on the Radio


  City Saints ( are a working class street punk band from Gothenburg who've been together since 2012 and feature a line up of Stefan Johansson (vocals/harmonica), Gabriel Aadland (guitar/vocals), Carl Linnaeus (bass/backing vocals) and Robbin Larsson (drums). They've released 4 albums and a string of singles and list amongst their influences the likes of Sham 69, Cock Sparrer, Slade, Motorhead, Little Richard, Chuck Berry etc...

  They've a new single and it's a rather cool collaboration with legendary Peacehaven punk Peter Bywaters (no introduction needed for him but if you really want a bit of info look here :

  The single will be available via the ever reliable Sunny Bastards Records on limited edition various beer coloured vinyl

  There'll be 3 tracks, covers of the Peter And The Test Tube Babies classics Givin Up Drinking and Alcohol plus the title track. This is the entertaining video for that one. Pissed and proud since '78, banned from the pubs since 1982 but they're still going strong in 2020, still playing punk rock n roll. Something we should hear more often, Peter And The Test Tube Babies On The Radio... 

Saturday, 28 March 2020

Fernando & The Teenage Narcs - Quarentine


  Whilst posting new music by bands like Wonk Unit (see yesterday's update) is cool, most of you will have either already heard it or will shortly stumble across it on your own anyway. What's more fun, and it's mainly the aim of Just Some Punk Songs, is to shine a light on songs that are a little more obscure in the hope they find a wider audience. I think you can possibly put today's offering in that bracket.

  Fernando & The Teenage Narcs are a side project featuring Vinny Earley from VAGUESS ( They've put out a number of fun releases with titles like Teen Narcs In Space, Major Narc To Ground Control, Can I Buy Some Drugs To Smoke Later? and Fernando Don't Surf. Fun lo-fi garage punk rippers that you can check out here :

  They've just had a very topical song included on a 38 track compilation from Mort Clique. The album's titled Solidarity! - Support Your Local Underground Punk Scene and it contains great music from the likes of TV Crime, Proto Idiot, Giorgio Murderer and many more. The corona virus has led to the cancellation of all Mort Clique gigs but the rent on their venue still needs paying. The comp will help with that so check it out...

  Afraid to go outside? Don't want to touch anyone? Things so bad that you want to kill yourself so that you don't die!!!  You should be in Quarentine...

Thursday, 26 March 2020

Wonk Unit - Blood Lust

  A new Wonk Unit song is always a cause for joy so let's all celebrate... unless you're a fox hunter in which case go fuck yourself (let's be honest though, no fox hunters are likely to read this blog!).

  I'm sure you all know Wonk Unit (, the prolific ( London band that bring a healthy dose of humour to their working class punk ditties. What you may not know is that they've a new 7" on the way. There's also going to be a new album which will (possibly) be titled White Kayne. If we're lucky, we might get it before the end of 2020, the single will be much sooner and the single's flip side is on Youtube now.

  It's a song about fox hunting. A serious subject covered in Wonk's trademark style. First thought is  it has a similar vibe to I Told You So (one of the highlights of 2016 album Mr Splashy), second thought is "damn, what a cool B side, I'm guessing the A side's going to be pretty damn special!"

  This is Blood Lust...

I’m sorry but if your birds are getting eat you shoot that fox You don’t dress up in red and round up the dogs Tip your cap to the toffs, molest the stable jock coz who’s gonna believe him. This is just your sick blood lust I’m sorry that you’re still alive to blow that hooter Coz you deserve the shooter. You’re vile scarlet peedofiles Oblivious to life outside your country house. Don’t even try to justify some country code some country way of life. This is just your sick blood lust Don’t try to dress it up coz this is just your sick blood lust .....

Travis Riot - The Lost


  Travis Riot ( are a 3 piece from Amherst, Nova Scotia, featuring Dwayne (bass/vocals), Mike (guitar/vocals) and Chris (drums/backing vocals). They're new to me but released a 3 track demo as long ago as 2004. This was followed by a Self Titled album in 2007 which is available name your price here :

  After a long wait, they're back with a single and plans for a new album and live dates. A quick listen through of their debut album reveals that they play fast, hard hitting punk rock. It's good stuff and deserves your attention. As for the new single, despite the passage of over a decade not much seems to have changed. The production (by drummer Chris Thomas) is slightly more polished but the music is as hard hitting as ever. It's political punk with lyrics telling us that we are the plague that was foreseen and asking what have we become. It tells us to open up our eyes to their lies. It's a song that bemoans what's going on in a world of drone strikes and terror from above.

  It's called The Lost...

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Dream Nails - Kiss My Fist

  London's Dream Nails ( were planning to release their debut album next month but unfortunately due to the current Corona Virus outbreak it's (and the tour in support of it) been put back till September. To whet our appetites, they've been drip feeding us a series of singles and it's the latest one that I'm featuring today...

  Described by i-D magazine as the best DIY all-girl punk queertet since Bikini Kill, the band don't hold back with their views on feminism, homophobia and even getting women to the front at their gigs. They're a serious band with serious concerns but they're not afraid to have fun too. They're fresh, energetic and have been picking up plenty of rave reviews and mainstream airplay.

  This single was written following the attack, on a London bus, of Melania Geymonat and Christine Hannigan by a group of young men. It asks the question, what makes so many misogynistic guys hate what they most desire? (The most popular searched term on online porn sites in 2019 was "Lesbian"). No one deserves to live in fear.

  It's called Kiss My Fist...

You like us on the video
You like us when you have control
You want an onscreen fantasy
But you hate us holding hands in the street

Do you want us on your screen
Do you want to hear us scream x4

Kiss my Fist
Kiss my Fist
You fear queers
but you can't resist x2

I've seen your search history
Bleep bleep
House of dreams
bleep bleep
Then you throw stones in the streets

Do you want us on your screen
Do you want to hear us scream x4

Kiss my Fist
Kiss my Fist
You fear queers
but you can't resist x2

Do you want us on your screen
Do you want to hear us scream x2

Ask us to kiss again x7

We're gonna eat your brains!

Kiss my Fist
Kiss my Fist
You fear queers
but you can't resist x2

You fear us more than we fear you x8