Thursday, 21 February 2019

The Glory - AWOL

  It's something of a mystery to me how Leicester oi/punk 5 piece The Glory are struggling a little to find promoters willing to book them. Equally a mystery why they aren't appearing back at this year's Rebellion Festival. They formed in the mid 80's and released one of the genre's best songs (Clockwork Land) but I suppose it's fair to say that was a long time ago and isn't a reason to book them to entertain today's punk crowds (although plenty in those crowds are more than receptive to a nostalgia trip). What is a reason to book them in 2019 is that unlike some bands, they're still releasing music that's as good as back in the day. Look no further than the song I featured in December (their first since 1988 : and the equally impressive new one that's getting posted today. With more on the way promoters everywhere should be getting in touch.

  Featuring Mark Timson (vocals), Dean Riley (lead guitar), Steve Cracknell (rhythm guitar), Russ Emery (bass guitar) and Darrell Moore, they're a band with the happy knack of matching up gritty oi inspired punk beats with catchy as fuck melodies. Big, brash singalongs. Definitely a band I'm looking forward to hear more from as the year progresses.

  This song is a true tale of marital strife caused by being a touring musician, it's called AWOL...

well I packed my bags, booked a flight, off to USA see my mates lay down some tracks to tour around and play there was just one thing I had not done i hadn't told the wife, But i had the urge, felt the need to pack my bags and fly that night I sat down before i left, and this is what i said i'm a rock n roll singer,in an old Oi band cos i have it in my blood (He's a rock n roll singer,in an old Oi band cos it makes me feel good) I have to go and do this now Gotta get my things and head you useless tosser, you piece of shit Never again will see my bed Go out and make a fortune Don't think of coming home The locks are changed the doors are locked And don't you bother to phone I came back to a new sold sign Was hanging from my house, was it really worth it hell yeah, i'm punk and proud. But next time if i gonna leave the moral of my life Lace My Boots Run like hell Just Don't Tell The Wife

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Radio Partizan - Breaking News

  It's been 4 years since razor sharp political post punkers Radio Partizan last appeared on here ( but the Leeds outfit return today with a brand new song that's a topical, post apocalyptic punked up sing a long for Brexit.

  They don't appear to be the most prolific of bands with their releases few and far between but this new song is hopefully the first of a number of new tunes (last July they informed us new material was scheduled for September. We've had to wait a little longer but it's been worth it). Their sound gets compared to The Clash but there's also an 80's alt rock influence bleeding through (might just be me but I'm getting echoes of Wall Of Voodoo/Stan Ridgeway). It's ages since I played their We Interrupt This Broadcast album but from what I remember that was good, this is better.

  It's available digitally here :

  Astute political commentary with a snappy backbeat, this is Breaking News...

We headed out of the city 
Drove into the night 
Before we reached the motorway 
We knew something wasn't right 
We heard siren after siren 
And smelt the burning on the air 
And every face on every street 
Looked angry, shocked or scared 

There was a flash mob looting tescos 
And they were calling for their guns 
Cos feral kids in leisurewear 
Had the coppers on the run. 
And on every radio station 
From Capital to BBC 
Its was "broadcast interrupted 
for a state of emergency" 

Have you heard the News? 
It looks like we're screwed 
What else could i do 
But reach out for you. 

Knife fights in the petrol queues 
The FTSE's going through the floor 
They're burning mosques and synagogues 
You better barricade your door 
Little England's up in arms 
And they want someone to blame 
They put a hit-list up on facebook 
And i think i saw our names. 

Have you heard the News? 
It looks like we're screwed 
What else could i do 
But reach out for you. 
And its into the unknown 
The old order's overthrown 
But will they come to break our bones? 
Don't leave me all alone - all alone 

How did we get to here? 
How did this come to pass? 
System fail and greed and lies - 
But let's blame it on the underclass. 
Social insecurity 
Scare in the community 
Identify my enemy 
Danger Stranger Jihadi 
And they're holding tight to what they got 
And they're trying to turn back the clock 
And the knives are out to stop the rot 
But don't let the fascists call the shots! 

Have you heard the News? 
It looks like we're screwed 
What else could i do 
But reach out for you. 
And its into the unknown 
The old order's overthrown 
But will they come to break our bones? 
Don't leave me all alone - please take me home.

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Old Firm Casuals - Holger Danske (Review By Ade Bailey)


  I'm indebted today to Revolution Rock host and Enemies Of Promise frontman Ade Bailey for reviewing Holger Danske, the new album by Old Firm Casuals.....

Old Firm Casuals – ‘Holger Danske’

  Never one to hold back on their output, Lars Frederikson and his ‘Street Punk’ incarnation bring us this much anticipated offering, with a truly personal feel. Unlike previous OFC records which have included some classic tracks (Perry Boys, Innocent Ones etc.) but have also ventured into the way-too-long and too-much-filler category, Holger Danske is a much more slim-line and directed affair. Checking in at a much more manageable 12 tracks, it is a wonderful thing indeed. The Viking themed cover art hints at Lars tipping his Pork Pie hat towards his roots in Denmark and away from earlier records which seemed obsessed by UK Boot Boy imagery.

  Ironically, the opener ‘Get Out Of Our Way’ sees not Lars, but bassist Casey Watson take the lead with his trade-mark ‘growl’ over a Minor key power riff and some interesting chord structures. It’s a huge start and really sets the tone here.
Next up it’s the first single release ‘Motherland’ and the first homage to Scandinavia. It’s a track in the vein of all great OFC tracks – hints of Rancid, Clash underpin the classic chug, coupled with great backing vocals and a Hammond. “Take me to the ice and snow, Where the warriors sleep below” Lars laments in the chorus on a real stand out song and was a proper high point of the recent tour (I caught them in Edinburgh and Glasgow)
As well as Danish heritage, current American politics get a real bashing across the record – the band of course being openly anti-Fascist. On ‘Pendulum’ “…Your arrogance doesn’t make you right…” and ‘Traitor’ “…You put your party before human lives…” the current shit-for-brains administration gets ripped in spectacular fashion.

  The centre piece of the record however is its title track. Preceded by a great instrumental section, Lars revisits the subtle ‘Motherland’ motif to pay tribute to his Uncle’s Danish Partisan group who fought occupation against the Nazis and were called ‘Holger Danske’
I’ve been a fan of the band since their inception but I can honestly say that this record is a real tour de force, snappy, catchy as hell - see the new unofficial theme song ‘Casual Rock And Roll’ which could easily have been a 1974 chart topper had Chapman/Chinn got their grubby hands on it!

The addition of second guitarist Gabe Gabriloff to the live shows has also lifted them to a different level, fattening the sound and raising the volume. As you’ve already guessed, I’m a huge fan of this record and so should you.  

  This is the title track, Holger Danske...

Monday, 18 February 2019

The Anti-Bodies - Ninety Years Without Slumbering

  The Anti-Bodies are from Buffalo and have band members with names such as Jez A.Disaster (vocals), Izzy Deadly (guitar/backing vocals), Horace Chalem (bass) and Count Alucard (drums).  If, like me, you love pop punk music with a sci fi and horror theme you'll very probably love The Anti-Bodies. Their back catalogue is crammed with song titles such as Curse Of The Full Moon, E.T. Girl, Earth Vs. Mars, Elm Street, The Mist etc... Some songs have male vocals, some female. It's all frighteningly good fun and you should stop reading now and go check out their Bandcamp page :

  Did you notice how cool the artwork is? Even before listening to the music you can tell it's going to be great when that much love has gone into packaging it.

  There's a new song that's just been released, it's inspired by a classic episode of The Twilight Zone in which a retired watchmaker fears that when his grandfather's clock stops ticking his own life will end. You can watch that episode here

  The songs a ballad, it reminded me a little of early Weezer mixed up with a touch of Dan Vapid. My first listen, I thought it was ok but subsequent plays have firmly lodged it in my head. It's a dreamy song that compliments the episode perfectly. Damn, I love it! It's called Ninety Years Without Slumbering...


Ninety years without slumbering
The pendulum swings is it true?
That my days are numbered
When the clock stops, I am through

I know I've been obsessed dear
The inevitable haunts me so
No man can prolong his allotted hours
I'll soon enter into the great unknown

It's been a good life, now it's time to go...

Now I choose what to believe
Time was created by god, not men
The truth is, I don't wanna leave
When that clock died, I was born again 

Ah- tick of time.

Sunday, 17 February 2019

Nieviem - Austeritory

  Nieviem are a hard hitting skate punk band from Lincoln and featured on here just over a year ago with their single, Fick ( They return today with an equally blistering track taken from their new ep Up In The Air. The album features 6 tracks (including a live cover of the Pennywise classic Bro Hymn) and it's available either on cd or digitally :

 The band are currently looking for a new drummer so if you can help out get in touch here :

 Up In The Air is an energetic blast of fast and furious punk tuneage with vocalist Hope Bateman spewing out viciously well written lyrics. Her voice both melodic and powerful, she's the perfect match for this kind of music. This song deals with the familiar subject of the rich getting richer whilst the rest of us struggle to get by, it's called Austeritory.....

They have lots of dough
Divert our attention each day
They help out the poor
- Until they can’t be repaid
We clinically sat that
These people are sincere
But the heart of the problem
Forever remains here
We’re red, white and blue
But it’s nothing to do with
The news is full of flatulence
‘Cos we’re not making sense
We have 20:20 vision
But nothing is clear
You should be inside, not out
- But you can’t stay here
Here is a man
Who is fighting tonight
He’s a little more left wing
And that’s not right!
“Send me to jail
It feels just like a home
Cut off from the world
I’m already alone
I don’t give a fuck
It doesn’t mean I’ve given up
You mis-take my mistakes
And for God’s sake I’m forsaken!
Forget whatever you’ve heard
There’s not need to say a word
Just watch and observe
Here’s what you see;
A broken society
Their prosperity is our austerity
A door way is safe to roam
Unless it’s your home
And there’s no one to phone
Tread carefully -
You’re on their territory
Their prosperity is our austerity
So tread carefully
You’re on their territory
Their prosperity...

HEXDEBT - Covenant

(photo : Louise Rocketeer)

  So what's on this week's Just Some Punk Songs show (later today at 8pm UK time :  As usual it's an hour's worth of great new punk releases including the recent single from HEXDEBT (who are one of three Melbourne bands to feature this week).

  Featuring Lucy Fry (drums), Agnes Whalan (vocals/guitar), Isobel D'Cruz Barnes (bass) and Aife Larkin (guitar), HEXDEBT are preparing to release their debut album. As a taster they recently released a single on Poison City Records and you can find it here :  

 You can find their 2017 single Bitch Rising here : and find more info on them here :

  The new single is a post-punk maelstrom of swirling guitar, intense drumming and passionate vocals which addresses the issue of Australia's displacement of indigenous populations and calls on the government to acknowledge those injustices and make reparations. It's called Covenant...

Saturday, 16 February 2019

Scandal - Riot


  London based Romanian street punks Scandal are proving to be very productive, only a couple of months after I featured their last single, Broken Down Dreams, they're back with another. Last time they gave us a bittersweet lament about getting older but having no regrets, this time we get a ferocious protest song about it being the time to stand up to authority and fight against the corruption perpetrated by politicians on all side of the political divide. As always with Scandal, it's catchy as fuck with anthemic, singalong choruses and top notch musicianship.

  You can listen to their music here : and get more news here :

  Titled Riot, the new single bounces along in incendiary fashion. A call to arms to the downtrodden and the disgruntled.... stand up and let your voices be heard....

You !....I’m talking to you... Wake up motha’ fucka’ You got so much to do... Tonight ...tonight is the night We’re going for a riot We’re going for a fight Can’t stand this system anymore Dirty politicians.. perverting our world Left or right they’re all the same Dirty bastards , playing crazy games There’s a riot in the city There is violence on the streets No more liars , no more thieves No more leaders and dirty pigs Police...and riot squads The pigs are coming over They are the real thugs We run , but we can’t hide We have to fight them back We have to win this game