Monday, 17 May 2021

Dog Date - Rope Burn


  Dog Date ( is Dylan, Malcolm, Sean, Leo & Brad and they're from New Jersey. They've been releasing pretty lengthy eps on Bandcamp since 2015 and now they've given some of their best tracks a bit of a polish and put them out on a debut album titled Child's Play. It's available from Pop Wig Records on various coloured vinyl (50 Black 150 Neon Violet 400 Green Splatter) ( and as a name your price download : 

  If frantic, fuzzed up garage punk is your thing then you'll want to check it out. In the words of the band, it's not for the squeamish... The rest of you will love it. 

  This is just one of the delights on offer, it's called Rope Burn... 


Sunday, 16 May 2021

Pom Pom Squad - Lux


  Pom Pom Squad ( are from Brooklyn and feature a line up of Mia Berrin (Vocals/Guitar), Mari Alé Figeman (Bass),  Shelby Keller (Drums) & Alex Mercuri (Lead guitar). I've not come across them before though they've quite a few releases on Bandcamp going back to 2015. Their sound mixes elements of alt rock, punk, grunge and riot grrrl and influences include the likes of Kathleen Hanna and Courtney Love. 


  June 25th will see the release of an album titled Death Of A Cheerleader which they say will "offer a fresh and decidedly queer take on picking up the pieces—from heartbreak, from injustice—and creating yourself anew." It'll be out on City Slang Records ( on coloured vinyl, cd and digital download : 

  Of the 2 songs streaming, this is my favourite (no doubt because it's the punkiest!). Lux Lisbon is the troubled character from the novel (and movie) Virgin Suicides who is found dead from Carbon Monoxide poisoning. This song ("achingly vulnerable while delivering its message like a thrashing sonic sucker-punch") is inspired by her. It's called Lux... 

Soda City Riot - Resist and Refuse


  Soda City Riot ( are a bunch of self confessed "stupid fucking morons" from Columbia, South Carolina, who play anthemic street punk which contains both political commentary and humour. 

  They've just released a new ep titled Resist And Refuse and it's available to download here :

  The title track is about being sick of being told what to do by those who dumb us down and rob us blind (something I wish more people were sick about). It's a call to arms with plenty of catchy backing chants and handclaps. A call to stand up and be heard. It's very catchy indeed. It's just one of the many great new releases that'll feature on this week's Just Some Punk Songs show later today (come listen, you'll enjoy it!

  Stand tall. Fight back. Resist And Refuse... 

Saturday, 15 May 2021

False Confession - Mortal Coil (Guest Review By Ralph J Rivera)


  Another one of Ralph's recommendations today... 

Talk about being blown away. I had no idea what to expect from this new release but I should have known better. False Confession ( were one of my favorite bands from that 1984/Mystic Records era of California Punk Rock. They blended 100 MPH songs that are now called "D-Beat" with amazing PostPunk/Goth jams. It didn't hurt that they traded members with DR. KNOW, my ALL TIME favorite band from that era.

SO what does a band that haven't been together in over 35 years sound like? EXACTLY HOW THEY USED TOO! The first 7 songs are complete D-Beat/Modern Hardcore and they end the album with 2 amazing "Goth" style jams that made me love this band. If you've heard their old stuff - you'll LOVE this. If you're new to them - This album, titled Resurrectionists, will make you a fan. I LOVE when bands can come back and STILL write kick ass songs! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED my friends! ALL the original members - Israel, Fred, Harry and Ismael! Unbelievable that these guys can STILL bring something new into 2021! The "Old School" is STILL relevant!

Vinyl 12" LP available on Puke N Vomit Records and CD on Nothing But A Nightmare Records. For digital go here :

My pick off this album is one of the closers called "Mortal Coil". Showing this bands "Goth" side. Absolutely perfect!


Thursday, 13 May 2021

Moot - Patient One


  Moot ( are from Forster, New South Wales and feature a line up of Ross Dreise (vocals), John Walker (guitars), Shane Dalton (bass) and Benjamin Copland (drums). They're "an high energy rock n roll band" and they released a debut ep on Riot Records last year titled Cultural Treason. 

  The 4th of June will see the release of ep number 2 (or debut mini album?). Titled Loathing, Self And Others, it contains 7 tracks and they describe it thus; "A little more reflective but no less uncompromising than past work, the music drips with sarcasm and rages at hypocrisy." Topics covered include one (Bot Farm) which I see a lot of in the Facebook group New Punk Rock Music which I set up, namely scammers asking bands to send their music so that they can play them to their 'massive audience' (all for a price!). Elsewhere they sing about those amongst us that are easily led ("My God's better than yours, science is a hoax, I need a bigger truck, the virus is in the past" etc etc etc). They also sarcastically suggest World War 3 will solve a lot of problems and discuss growing old and trolling. 

  If you don't want to wait till June, it's already streaming here : 

  Today sees the release of a single which is the first track on the ep. It's about how from little things big things come and I'm sure I'm not the first person who draws similarities between Ross' vocals and those of the legendary Jello Biafra. It's called Patient One... 

Patient one patient one Corona central look what I've done Patient one patient one Corona central what have I done ? From little things big things come The butterfly effect brings the world undone Shoot a prince , start world war one Eat some bat soup in Wuhan Exxon Valdez hits the rocks Abandoned to spill out its guts Union Carbide makes pesticide Thousands killed with cyanide Drugs for baby , family pride Deformed for life from thalidomide Cheaper power for the masses Poisoned water from coal seam gases

Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Liquids - You Might Think


  A quick glance through the Just Some Punk Songs archives reveals that Indiana punk outfit Liquids (the brainchild of the very talented Mat Williams) have featured on here 4 times so far (or 5 if you count the track I included in the Top 20 Devo-Core songs list I posted in 2017). I've previously described their songs as "lo fi diy hardcore garage stompers" and compared them to everyone from Devo to The Buzzcocks, Dickies and The Spits. Hopefully you're familiar with them by now but if not and you want to check out some "fuzzy pop nuggets with a crunchy centre and hooks aplenty" then head this way... 

  They're back today with a very cool cover. It's a top notch version of a song that was a hit in 1984 for The Cars (and was on their Heartbeat City album). This time around it's one of the highlights on an album titled Paul Henry's Benefit Compilation. It's "a comp to help raise funds for a new roof that Paul Henrys DESPERATELY needs. Paul Henry's Art Gallery is a staple to the community in Northwest Indiana and has been one of the most important spaces to NWI punk for the last 5 years." 26 tracks of killer punk including music from the likes of CCTV, Abi Ooze, Attestor, Big Zit and many more. It's available on cassette and digital download from Upset Condition : 

  I love the vocals on this, it's called You Might Think...

Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Black Rooster - Maladjusted


  Black Rooster ( are a 3 piece from West London fronted by singer/songwriter Lucille Rees (ex Screaming Violets). They list amongst their influences the likes of Buzzcocks, Stooges, Ramones, The Slits and Sleaford Mods. They play a kind of fuzzed up garage punk with Lucille singing in a can't give a fuck style (which is hard to do properly and make it work but she sounds great). 

  They've recently released an album titled '74-75' and I'm really enjoying it. The subject matter of the songs is challenging and often harrowing and the press release mentions how Lucille's dysfunctional upbringing due to reconstructive surgery at East Grinstead Hospital saw her develop a liking for morphine and other drugs from an early age. 

  The first of the album's 14 songs is the title track and it kicks things off in style conjuring up images of riots on the street ("It's 74-75. Great time to be alive"). Boring sounds like a long lost exercise in nihilism from punk's golden age whilst Shut Your Mouth decries incessant yap yap yapping. Dog House is a homage to Iggy Pop whilst elsewhere Lucille laments that Society makes her want to scream...

  I wouldn't be surprised if a few people get to the end of the album and decide it's all a bit one dimensional which would prompt me to say "I get where you're coming from but that just adds to the charm." You can check it out for yourself here : 

  You'll be able to catch them live when they play London's Soho club, St Moritz on 17th July.

  I could have highlighted any of the songs (I'll play a different one on this week's Just Some Punk Songs show) but I might as well share the one they made a video for. It tells the tale of when Lucille's adoptive mum would take in and look after problematic children from London. Just as a certain amount of stability was in place, Lucille's adoptive mum died when Lucille was 17 years old leading to further instability and drug abuse. It's called Maladjusted...