Sunday, 21 October 2018



  Fellow Global Punk Network host Steven Milton always plays plenty of awesome bands on his weekly Richter Scale's Amateur Hour show (saved shows here : and yesterday I saw him recommending a band from Toronto called WLMRT. Suitably impressed I'm basking in the reflective glow of his coolness and posting their latest video on here.

  Forming in 2015, WLMRT are described as sounding akin to "Teenage Jesus and the Jerks chugging cola with The Locust and Guerilla Toss. Think the rotting corpse of no-wave, all dolled up in neon, going pool-hopping in an ice storm." Or to simple souls like myself who are going off the evidence of the song you'll find at the bottom of this update they're a diy, synth heavy, off kilter riot of fun. If I was to chuck around a few comparisons I'd go with maybe Judy And The Jerks, Janitor Scum, Cold Meat etc.

  You can find previous releases mostly name your price here :  and get more info from Facebook :

  Their new ep, titled Lube 2, will be available digitally and on limited edition vinyl from Pleasence Records next month and you can preorder it here :       

  If all the new songs are as good as this it'll be one of the years best. This is C.U.T.V. 


Saturday, 20 October 2018

Mr Lisp - Get Our Minds Right


  Today it's a band I hadn't heard of until I received a message on Google from Shane Hobensack who's a member of Mr. Lisp telling me that they're a punk band from Philadelphia, PA, who have a wide range of influences ranging from NOFX to Ween and would I like to review their new album, Get Our Minds Right. 

  I'm always wary about these kind of messages as obviously I want every song I share with you to be something I like and as everyone's taste is different then obviously I'm going to be sent stuff I don't like and I hate to say no to people. Also I'm not really a good enough writer to do proper reviews so I rely on pretty similiarly structured introductions with links to the music so you can hopefully think ah, Mick likes it so let's have a listen and make our own minds up what it's like. But Mr. Lisp are good and the title track to the album that you'll find below is very catchy so here you go...

   If you check out their Facebook page you'll notice there's not much band info available (heaven forbid anyone thinks that's the reason for the 2 paragraphs of waffle at the start of this review!)

  As well as Shane, the band is comprised of Chris Brill, Connor McGill and Jerry Galanti and you can find the album (plus a couple of eps) over on Bandcamp :

  As for a review, the best you're going to get is that I enjoyed it and recommend you go and see what you think. If you like it, tell your friends I'm sure all the bands on here are grateful for any word of mouth they get. Below is the obligatory Youtube link, it's the title track, Get Our Minds Right...

Friday, 19 October 2018

Shogun And The Sheets - Hold On Kid

  If I remember rightly the last time I featured Sydney band Royal Headache I mentioned that I'd feared there wouldn't be a second album as there'd been rumours about them splitting up. Unfortunately those rumours eventually came to fruition and last year they went their seperate ways. They were great and the news, whilst no great surprise, was sadly received.

  So the release of a debut single from frontman Shogun and his new band The Sheets is definitely something to cheer about. As well as Shogun's destinctive vocals we also get Gabby (keys), Seb (guitar), Abel (bass) and Derro (drums). The single is available from What's Your Rupture? on vinyl and digitally here :

  You can find more info, including a very good interview with Shogun, here :

  The 2 songs on the album are unsurprisingly very good with Pissing Blood hinting at the direction the band will possibly take (a classy soulful slow burner) whilst the song you'll find below is a more up tempo affair all together and more reminiscent of his previous work. This is Hold On Kid...

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Tommy And The Rockets - We're Going Surfin'

  Summer's over (or at least it is in Chorley). The nights are drawing in, there's a chill in the air and next week the clocks go back. Not to worry though, today Tommy And The Rockets will be brightening up the day with a track from their brand new split ep, Split The Waves.

  From Odense, Denmark, they've collaborated with Spanish band Bikini Wipeouts ( to bring us 4 sundrenched surftastic power pop tunes. Both bands contribute an original song and a cover (Tommy And The Rockets cover Summer Means Fun by The Fantastic Baggies whilst Bikini Wipeouts turn their hands to Brian Wilson's Hawaii). It's on Roctopus T.P. Records on ltd edition vinyl and you can check it out here : or here :

    Forget the cold and the rain, slap on some Factor 50 and go hit the ocean. This is We're Going Surfin'...

It's a clear blue sky
Not a cloud in sight
A sun you can't deny
Everything's alright

We've got the top pulled down
and we cruise around
yeah we're feeling great
the coolest cats in town

We're going surfin’ baby
gonna catch the perfect wave
We're going surfin’ baby
gonna rip around the bay

When the night draws in
we'll party on the beach
in the blistering heat
nothing is out of reach

And as the sun comes up
we're waxing boards again
go hit the ocean surf
we may even hang ten 

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Rotten Foxes - Hamburg Höllenfahrt (Review By Darren Bourne)

  Tadpole Records boss Darren Bourne returns today after kindly sending me his thoughts on a release from last year by a band from his home town. I'll pass you over to him....

 Rotten Foxes : Hamburg Höllenfahrt (from EP II) 

  The Rotten Foxes are 4 guys from Brighton that play Death Punk Rock, They are Rhys Top Boy Toye - Vocals,  Danny Camelot - Drums,  Jimi Dymond - Bass and The Mac Daddy - Guitar

  If you like Turbonegro, Denim, Punk Rock, Beer, Zeke, Rock N' Roll, Mullets & a good time then you may want to check these guys out, they have 2 EP's on their Bandcamp which are both pay what you want to download & a live gig from The Unicorn, Camden, UK. You can also pick up shirts & other Merch there. 

  They are a touring machine & seem to be playing all over the UK all the time & have also headed to Europe a few times so make sure you catch these guys live, it'll be one big party.  They have a U.K. stint lined up for late winter and their biggest Euro trip to date in April 2019, Plus a load of festivals in the works, so follow them on social media for more news

  They put on some killer shows in Brighton under the Apocalypse Dudes Presents banner, supporting other bands & giving Brighton some of the most fun gigs in the South of England, so if you're in town come & have a beer with them, but don't expect a early night. & if you want to look good for the night Jimi also has his own Barbershop so pop in for a trim before the show and sort out that Mullet.

  A new EP is in the works (currently being recorded) & it's going to be vinyl this time, looking for more labels to help out so drop them a message if you like what you hear, it's all about co-operation so the more labels the better, the world needs to hear the Rotten Foxes & every punk rocker needs to experience the live show as we all know that's where Punk Rock is at it's best                   

  Lee (The Mac Daddy) is also in new Brighton Punk / Rock N' Roll band Glitter Piss, but that's one for next time.....

  This is Hamburg Höllenfahrt... 

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Nasty Rumours - Straight To Your Heart

(pic by Alain Schenk from

  Later today you'll be able to listen to this week's Just Some Punk Songs show (details : unless you're reading this after it's been on then you'll have to listen on one of the various stations it airs on or wait till next Monday for it to be saved to Mixcloud. There's a great playlist featuring some of the best new punk releases around and it'll include a (different) song by the band I'm posting today.

  Nasty Rumours are from Bern, Switzerland and previously featured on here almost exactly 2 years ago

  Since then they've released a Singles album which (as the title suggests) gathered together their singles and now they've returned with brand new album, Straight To Your Heart. It's available on 12" red/black splatter vinyl from Wanda Records as well as digitally here :
Think Buzzcocks, The Boys, The Briefs, Cyanide Pills etc and it'll give you an idea of their '77 punk meets power pop sound. The album features 11 catchy tracks and comes highly recommended. As you'd expect, their Singles compilation was pretty damn awesome, jam packed as it was with songs that would have stormed the charts in a more just time and place. What is even more awesome though is that Straight To Your Heart comfortably matches it for top quality, highly addictive punk tunes. This is a band that doesn't release duds.

  They're currently touring round Europe and you can get details here :

  This is the title track, it's called Straight To Your Heart...

When I’m gone you feel so lonely 
You’re sinking fast when you’re not with me 
You look at my picture every day 
Hey love, I’m on my way 

I got a one way ticket straight to your heart

Monday, 15 October 2018

The Bare Minimum - Safe Bet


  The Bare Minimum are a 4 piece punk band from Toronto with a line up of Cam Gray (vocals/guitar), Mick Hutchinson (guitar), Allen Davidson (bass) and Chris Nikolaidis (drums). They've been putting out music inspired by the likes of  Propagandhi, Belvedere, S.N.F.U. etc since 2011 and you can find free downloads of those releases here : 

  They recently announced that they'll have a new  ep out on 2nd November. 7 tracks in under 15 minutes, it'll be titled Where The Busses Don't Come and promises to be their rawest and most intent offering yet.

  You can get more info on the band here :

  Blazing a trail for the ep is this video for the opening track. This is Safe Bet...