Monday 31 May 2021

Geoff Palmer - Many More Drugs (Guest Review By J Prozac)


  A big thanks to Jay from The Prozacs today for waxing enthusiastically about the latest single by Geoff Palmer. You'll no doubt be familiar with The Prozacs but did you know that Jay was cool enough to record a theme tune for the Just Some Punk Songs show? 

Over to you Jay...

  I've known Geoff Palmer (, like, forever. In fact, I met him the very first weekend I had ever played shows with my own bands, back in February 1998. His then current band was The Useless Fucks... and he was also playing for The Queers. I don't know, we just seemed to hit it off and have spent the last 23 years with our musical lives and friendship constantly criss crossing and on occasion colliding and leaving traces of our mutual admiration.

Speaking of "hitting it off", one thing Geoff is notorious for is his knack for writing hits...and 'Many More Drugs" is no exception. He has a way with his songwriting and vocals that are easily recognizable and transcends throughout his multitude of musical projects. His newest single is right in his wheelhouse of catchiness, sincerity, fun and the love and adventure of the music he loves...the music we love. Geoff loves to have a good time and has never been shy about expressing that in his music. No different here!

There's even a tribute to the mighty Dickies within his new song. As usual, he's surrounded himself with an all-star cast of friends to help make this song and the forthcoming album "Charts & Graphs" which will be on Stardumb Records (LP), Rum Bar Records (CD) and Memorable But Not Honorable (Cassette). Geoff is a consistent and passionate force in the world of punk rock... and a class act as well. I'm excited for what's to come and so should you!

This is story of a teenage Palmer desperately searching for The Dickies song ‘Manny Moe And Jack’, which he fell in love with but misheard the lyrics of! It's called Many More Drugs...

Slobheads - Ain't Nothing New


  One of the most popular songs on last night's Just Some Punk Songs show was the new single by South West London trash punk duo Slobheads ( It's only a couple of months since they were last on here (with the "bluesy stomper" Rothman Blues 

  Now they return, full of youthful vim and vigor with a track that reminds me of top bands such as Wonk Unit, Slaves or maybe Aerial Salad. It's fresh and shouty punk for a generation that weren't even born when many of us old gits were falling in love with the genre but it's a sound that still manages to excite even the most jaded amongst us. It's streaming now on Spotify :

  The video is fun too. This is Ain't Nothing New... 

Sunday 30 May 2021

The Prostitutes - Shapeshift

(photo : Brian Reinsfelder)

  A welcome return to The Prostitutes ( today, the band headed up by vocalist Kevin Patrick McGovern who've been releasing Johnny Thunders/Germs/Sex Pistols etc influenced old school punk rock music since 1995. They're now based in Baltimore, Maryland and if you've not yet been introduced to them may I recommend you catch up with this very fine remastered  'name your price' retrospective of some of their best songs : 

  They've a new ep coming any day now from Last Punk Rockers Records ( It'll be available on 7" vinyl. I've had the digital version for a couple of months but I've been holding off posting anything on here as the release date kept getting pushed back due to delays at the pressing plant in Germany. Supposedly it shipped last week and will be out hopefully this week. 

  All 3 tracks are very good, Kevin's vocals are as passionate as ever and as always, he's surrounded himself with a very able supporting cast. Coming in at a trim, fat free 6 minutes, the ep is noise pollution of the best kind. Paraphrasing the track I'll debut on this week's Just Some Punk Songs show (airs later today so tune in :, get that needle in the red and crack the sound up to 10. 

  This however is the title track, it's called Shapeshift... 

Saturday 29 May 2021

Night Motor - White Nights


  Based in Cornwall, Night Motor ( are "a post-punk bunch of garage rock fiends" whose sound encompasses synths, dirty drums and confrontational guitars in order to produce a wall of noise distilled from goth and industrial themes." They line up with Mawgan Lewis (guitars/backing vocals), Mat McIvor (vocals), Pete Knight (bass), Kelly Green (synths/theremin/backing vocals) & Jonny Hipgrave (drums). 

  They've been around for almost a decade and are gearing up to release their debut album (their first new music in 5 years if Bandcamp is anything to go by). It's titled Fatal and it'll be out on cd and digital download on June 7th. 

    The album starts in impressive style with Blessed And Cursed (a song which I'll play on this week's Just Some Punk Songs show (, an up tempo toe tapper on which Mat and Kelly's duelling vocals are backed by a pretty impressive post punk back beat. It's just the first of 13 tracks which cherry pick influences from the last 60 years of most of our favourite musical genres. You can pre order it here : 

  This is the teaser track that they've released a video for, called White Nights...  

Thursday 27 May 2021

Neighborhood Brats - I Want You (Guest Review By Ralph J Rivera)



  I've got to be honest, I wasn't going to post anything today as I had my 2nd Covid jab yesterday and I just couldn't be bothered to sort anything out. But then I get up for work this morning and see a message from regular contributor Ralph saying "Hey Brother would you mind if I do a guest review of the new Neighborhood Brats album or are you gonna do it?"

  Truth be told, I was definitely going to do it. It's an album I've been eagerly waiting for and I've already played 3 tracks from it on the show (a 4th will be played this week once I've had a proper listen to the full thing). But I'm happy to let Ralph do the honours, I'll just say you need this album in your lives... 

    Okay I'm not gonna lie I've been listening to this band since they dropped their self titled Ep in 2011. Since then ALL their releases have straddled that hard to manage fence of "Beach Punk" and balls out "Hardcore"! The key to this band is their lead singer Jenny Angelillo! She cut her teeth in another great old LA band called the Orphans and then went on to this incredible version of "Modern Punk Rock".

With every album and 45 "Neighborhood Brats" have just been improving on their already unique sound. When they dropped "Claw Marks" in 2018 I don't think anyone thought they could top that. Many end of the year best album nods. And they could have tapped out on that album. But guess what? in 2021 "Neighborhood Brats" have dropped what could possibly be the best Punk Rock album of the 2020's!

It's available on vinyl and digital download from Dirt Cult Records :

The European version is available via Talen By Surprise Records :

Too many songs that kick ass to single out but I'm gonna pick this one as one of the BEST cover songs ever! I've loved this song forever and these guys just bring it to the next level! This my friends is "I Want You"! Originally by Joan Jett's version of the Runaways!

Wednesday 26 May 2021



  LOBSTERBOMB ( were formed in a Berlin basement in 2020 by Nico Rosch (guitar/vocals), Vik Chi (drums) and Crayon Jones (guitar/piano). They make raw, energetic and danceable indie garage rock. They've released 3 singles this year and it's the middle one of those that I'm highlighting today. 

  The band quite rightly say that sometimes quiet meditation just isn't enough and this song is a celebration of "releasing frustration, being loud and having a good time." 

You can get it, along with the other 2 singles, here :

  Crank it up. I WANT NOISE!!!! 

When things are too calm - I can t take it
When there's silence all around - I have to break it
When they tell me not to shout - can barely hold it in
When its time to chill out - I just can't stay still

I want noise
I want chaos
I want noise
I want danger

When things are all too nice - I get up in your face
When its really too polite - I find something to break
When you tell me to clean it up -I kick it to the side
When you tell me how to live - I ignore your advice

I want noise
I want chaos
I want noise
I want danger

Don't waste your words on me try preaching to the choir,
in the end who needs a friend cos if its gotta end it's better with a bang

I want noise
I want noise
I want noise
I want noise

I want noise
I want chaos
I want noise
I want danger
I want noise
I want chaos
I want noise
I want danger

Tuesday 25 May 2021

The Gobs - Get A Dog (That Can Kill Me If It Wants To)


  Another band I know nothing about today other than that they're from Olympia, Washington and they've released 3 very decent demo eps so far in 2021. They're called The Gobs and they play lo-fi synth punk which may remind you a little of The Spits. 

  With the first two demos being called demo 1 and demo 2, I'm not going to award any prizes to those of you who guess the title of the third ep. What I am going to do is point you in the direction of some rather cool music >>>>>>>>>>>

  This time around proceedings kick off in enjoyably frantic fashion with a futuristically fantastic track titled 2083 AD. I've no idea what they're singing about but who cares, I'm just having fun jumping around to music that reminds me of Buck Biloxi and Kool & The Gang Bangers. 

  It's similar fare on the next 2 tracks with my highlight being this beauty. It's called Get A Dog (That Can Kill Me If It Wants To)... 

Monday 24 May 2021

Ero Guro - High Life (Guest Review By Dirk Ceustermans)


  Just Some Punk Songs' official Belgian correspondent Dirk Ceustermans returns today with something rather splendid... 

Ero Guro - High Life (Yin Dang lp, Co-release with Ronny Rex, Belly Button Records and Drink & Drive Records, released December 14, 2020)

  Quirky punk, does that count for a scene of bumbling bands that navigate their way through the difficulty of life they transform into music surely no one can nor wants to dance to.
Ero Guro ( are our very own Belgian masters of quirkIness, jerking their way thru tunes and words that explore the boundaries of sanity.
It is not the first time these lads from Diest, Belgium, are featured here, but I can't but showcase them again since this new release is just sublime.

I must say I had difficulty to choose a track from this beautiful release full of desperate singing clad with tunes that move me, move me to all corners of the mind and beyond. 
I'll pick out the odd one out, perhaps. Don't let it scare you off to go through this record on Bandcamp!

High Life.
The spartan rhythm section that merge well with the spacy guitar sounds and screaming voice.
Yelling out:


The left (guitar) and right (bass) marches on to the final minute only to storm the last barricade of distaste, that is, if any of it is left.

Enjoy your day.

  This is High Life...

Sunday 23 May 2021

Beat Up - Third Precinct


  Yesterday I featured a single by Clowns. A popular single by a band that you'll all know which probably didn't need a share on here as it'll get heard anyway (though it's a bloody good song so got some Just Some Punk Songs loving). Today you're getting something that you might not otherwise get to hear. It's no less deserving of your attention. 

  Beat Up are from Athens, Georgia and I know absolutely nothing about them. They've just released what I'm guessing is a debut ep, it's called Three Shots Fired and I'm glad to report that all those three shots hit their intended target. Recorded in response to events from last year, the ep features a couple of snappy hard hitting bangers and a lengthier more considered finale. 

  Opener, Jerks, suggests that there's plenty of people who could do the world a favour by wrapping themselves around a tree. Closing track, Double Time Double Time, "simmers in the anxiety of the world of 2020, and resolves to make sure we are ready for the bastards next time." The meat in this political sandwich references the 9 minute filmed murder of George Floyd and the ensuing protests which led to the burning of a Minneapolis police precinct. 

  This track is titled Third Precinct... 

Clowns - Does It Matter?


  Staying in Australia today for the 4th appearance on Just Some Punk Songs from Melbourne 5 piece Clowns ( They formed in 2009 and have undergone a few line up changes down the years but currently feature Stevie Williams (vocals), Jake Laderman (drums), Jarrod Goon (guitar), Cam Rust (guitar) & Hanny Tilbrook (bass/vocals). Their most recent album, their 4th, was titled Nature/Nurture and it came out a couple of years ago and if you missed it you can check it out along with their previous releases here :

  They've now returned with a brand new single and it's their catchiest song yet (maybe being signed to Fat Wreck Chords has mellowed them slightly?). It's still a big and beefy sound but this time around there's a little less of the hardcore and psychedelic influences and a little more melody. Not to say that melody hasn't always been there (in my last review I was suggesting Nature/Nurture was going to take them to a whole new level but this time it's dialled right up. It's a song that thrills. It's a feel good rush and it benefits immensely from the utilisation of Hanny duetting on vocals with the always impressive Stevie (more of this please!). 

  You can stream the song here :

  It's called Does It Matter? 

Saturday 22 May 2021

Snakeheads (feat. A. Swayze) - Shit I Don't Have Time For


  Last March saw the sad passing of Ivy League Records founder Pete Lusty who lost his battle with cancer. To honour his memory, the label recently released a debut single from a posthumously named garage band partnership between Pete and his lifelong friend and collaborator, James Roden. The band are called Snakeheads ( and single also features lead vocals from fellow Aussie, Andrew Swayze from A. Swayze and the Ghosts ( 

  Taking inspiration from 70's English punk, Pete and James recorded a bunch of demos in 2019 at Hercules Street Studios and one of those is the debut single. You can find it here :

  Sounding very much like a timeless classic, this is Shit I Don't Have Time For...

Did you ever get the feeling you're defeated man?
All your brilliant schemes didn't go as they planned
Fell asleep on the bus, left your bag on the train
Hung yourself out to dry, when it started to rain
Had to break in for keys that you locked in the car
Called around for your phone that you left in a bar
Foggy brain as you try to re-trace your steps
Limitations that you just have to learn to accept
You just have to accept
Everybody thinks they're right on
Everybody's sure they've got the facts
Wired up and tired and I can't relax
You gotta swing it like you mean it
Don't pretend you didn't see it
Drives me up the frickin' wall
Did you ever get the feeling that you're not in the race
Everybody's being careful what they say to your face
Those brilliant ideas that end up in the bin
Only getting ahead, when it's too late to win
Don't listen to anyone
Don't call on anyone
Don't dream of the good life up on the coast
Don't sell out your dreams running pillar to post
Don't stand there with the ghosts
Everybody thinks they're right on
Everybody's sure they've got the facts
Wired up and tired and I can't relax
You gotta sing it like you mean it
Don't pretend you didn't see it
Eventually takes a hold
'Til this point I've been doing alright
I don't need ya
Til this point I've been doing alright
I don't need ya
I don't need ya
I don't need ya
I don't need ya
Everybody thinks they're right on
Everybody's sure they've got the facts
Wired up and tired and I can't relax
You gotta swing it like you mean it
Don't admit you didn't see it
Take the call, take the call
Did you ever get the feeling you're defeated man?


Friday 21 May 2021

Drinking Boys and Girls Choir - Odoby


  We're staying in South Korea today...

  Drinking Boys and Girls Choir ( are from Daegu, a city in North Gyeongsang Province and feature a line up of Myeongjin Kim (Drums/Vocal), Meena Bae (Bass/Vocal) & myorori (Guitar/Vocal).

  They formed in 2013 when two drummers that were sharing a rehearsal space (MJ & Meena) decided to form a band. Meena switched to bass and after answering an ad, Bondu joined on guitar. The next 8 years saw the odd line up change, some impressive releases and plenty of drinking. They play a mix of up tempo melodic punk with a hint of hardcore and if you're new to them I suggest you start with their excellent 2019 album Keep Drinking (this track being a particular favourite : 

  Next month will see a welcome return as they release a new album. It'll be titled Marriage Licence and they say it was "written and recorded under the stress of a pandemic but also a tidal shift in Korea, this is a little more grown up, less playful second album... Their politics are fiercer, they reflect on their outrage at the Nth Room Case, there is wider questioning of gender roles and the patriarchy as old views and assumptions are called out and tossed in the bin. Marriage License reflects a band who don't feel it's a time to mess about. They have honed their chops and know their targets."

  It'll be available on limited edition vinyl (Yellow marble effect colour vinyl. In spined, printed sleeve, with printed lyric insert.) via Damnably and Electric Muse and on digital download. You can pre order and stream a couple of teaser tracks here :

  This is a cool live version of one of those songs, it was filmed at SXSW Online 2021 and it's called Odoby... 

Wednesday 19 May 2021

RUMKICKS - Don't Touch My Head


  Something short and lots of fun from South Korea today... 

  Rumkicks ( are a trio from Seoul who I thought I'd not come across before but who I must have done as when doing a little research I discovered I'd already liked their Facebook page. Strange that I didn't remember them as they're fucking wonderful. 

  They line up with Choi Seeun (vocal & bass), Jeong Yeawon (guitar) & Cho Minjung (drums) and I think they've previously released a couple of singles and an ep. Today I'm enthusing about the most recent song they added to Bandcamp. It's around 80 seconds of shouty joy which is accompanied by a rather cool and very colourful video. You can find it here :

  It's called Don't Touch My Head... 


Tuesday 18 May 2021

Seeds of 77 - The Trickster


  Describing themselves as "musical celebration of the roots of punk rock and beyond" you'd expect London sextet Seeds Of 77 ( to be a band who wear their influences on their sleeve, and going off the evidence presented on their debut album, you'd be right. 

  Their line up features members of  Menace, Big Boy Tomato, Morgellons and many others and looks like this : Vince Mahon (Vocals/Lyrics), Michi Sinn (Vocals), Richard Sheldrake (Guitar), Finn Panton (Bass), Simon Daniels (Keyboards) & Neil Harris (Drums). They make "hard edged music heavily influenced by punk rock and it’s early 80s aftershocks." 

  The album is titled Lockdown Breakout and amongst the people helping out on mixing and mastering is John Youens from Just Some Punk Songs' regulars Slow Faction. It's 13 tracks that runs the gamut of punk, alt rock, post punk & sleazy rock n roll. You can tell these guys are genre veterans. The album's available on cd and digital download :

  They've released a single from it, it's called The Trickster...

The Trickster whispers in your ear And plugs into your deepest fears He trains the monkey for your back And what he takes, he don’t give back A subtle artful parasite Who keeps you numb and paralysed Addiction to a primal fear That underneath, there’s nothing there The Trickster feeds you – bleeds you dry Knows what you need to get you by He’s always there, he’s your best friend He’s with you ‘till the bitter end A subtle artful parasite… The Trickster hits you when you’re weak On empty nights when you can’t sleep And when you’re lonely in a crowd He’s always there to drag you down The Trickster fuels your every need He drains your soul – it’s how he feeds And when you’ve nothing left to give He takes your final chance to live A subtle artful parasite…

Monday 17 May 2021

Dog Date - Rope Burn


  Dog Date ( is Dylan, Malcolm, Sean, Leo & Brad and they're from New Jersey. They've been releasing pretty lengthy eps on Bandcamp since 2015 and now they've given some of their best tracks a bit of a polish and put them out on a debut album titled Child's Play. It's available from Pop Wig Records on various coloured vinyl (50 Black 150 Neon Violet 400 Green Splatter) ( and as a name your price download : 

  If frantic, fuzzed up garage punk is your thing then you'll want to check it out. In the words of the band, it's not for the squeamish... The rest of you will love it. 

  This is just one of the delights on offer, it's called Rope Burn... 


Sunday 16 May 2021

Pom Pom Squad - Lux


  Pom Pom Squad ( are from Brooklyn and feature a line up of Mia Berrin (Vocals/Guitar), Mari AlĂ© Figeman (Bass),  Shelby Keller (Drums) & Alex Mercuri (Lead guitar). I've not come across them before though they've quite a few releases on Bandcamp going back to 2015. Their sound mixes elements of alt rock, punk, grunge and riot grrrl and influences include the likes of Kathleen Hanna and Courtney Love. 


  June 25th will see the release of an album titled Death Of A Cheerleader which they say will "offer a fresh and decidedly queer take on picking up the pieces—from heartbreak, from injustice—and creating yourself anew." It'll be out on City Slang Records ( on coloured vinyl, cd and digital download : 

  Of the 2 songs streaming, this is my favourite (no doubt because it's the punkiest!). Lux Lisbon is the troubled character from the novel (and movie) Virgin Suicides who is found dead from Carbon Monoxide poisoning. This song ("achingly vulnerable while delivering its message like a thrashing sonic sucker-punch") is inspired by her. It's called Lux... 

Soda City Riot - Resist and Refuse


  Soda City Riot ( are a bunch of self confessed "stupid fucking morons" from Columbia, South Carolina, who play anthemic street punk which contains both political commentary and humour. 

  They've just released a new ep titled Resist And Refuse and it's available to download here :

  The title track is about being sick of being told what to do by those who dumb us down and rob us blind (something I wish more people were sick about). It's a call to arms with plenty of catchy backing chants and handclaps. A call to stand up and be heard. It's very catchy indeed. It's just one of the many great new releases that'll feature on this week's Just Some Punk Songs show later today (come listen, you'll enjoy it!

  Stand tall. Fight back. Resist And Refuse... 

Saturday 15 May 2021

False Confession - Mortal Coil (Guest Review By Ralph J Rivera)


  Another one of Ralph's recommendations today... 

Talk about being blown away. I had no idea what to expect from this new release but I should have known better. False Confession ( were one of my favorite bands from that 1984/Mystic Records era of California Punk Rock. They blended 100 MPH songs that are now called "D-Beat" with amazing PostPunk/Goth jams. It didn't hurt that they traded members with DR. KNOW, my ALL TIME favorite band from that era.

SO what does a band that haven't been together in over 35 years sound like? EXACTLY HOW THEY USED TOO! The first 7 songs are complete D-Beat/Modern Hardcore and they end the album with 2 amazing "Goth" style jams that made me love this band. If you've heard their old stuff - you'll LOVE this. If you're new to them - This album, titled Resurrectionists, will make you a fan. I LOVE when bands can come back and STILL write kick ass songs! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED my friends! ALL the original members - Israel, Fred, Harry and Ismael! Unbelievable that these guys can STILL bring something new into 2021! The "Old School" is STILL relevant!

Vinyl 12" LP available on Puke N Vomit Records and CD on Nothing But A Nightmare Records. For digital go here :

My pick off this album is one of the closers called "Mortal Coil". Showing this bands "Goth" side. Absolutely perfect!


Thursday 13 May 2021

Moot - Patient One


  Moot ( are from Forster, New South Wales and feature a line up of Ross Dreise (vocals), John Walker (guitars), Shane Dalton (bass) and Benjamin Copland (drums). They're "an high energy rock n roll band" and they released a debut ep on Riot Records last year titled Cultural Treason. 

  The 4th of June will see the release of ep number 2 (or debut mini album?). Titled Loathing, Self And Others, it contains 7 tracks and they describe it thus; "A little more reflective but no less uncompromising than past work, the music drips with sarcasm and rages at hypocrisy." Topics covered include one (Bot Farm) which I see a lot of in the Facebook group New Punk Rock Music which I set up, namely scammers asking bands to send their music so that they can play them to their 'massive audience' (all for a price!). Elsewhere they sing about those amongst us that are easily led ("My God's better than yours, science is a hoax, I need a bigger truck, the virus is in the past" etc etc etc). They also sarcastically suggest World War 3 will solve a lot of problems and discuss growing old and trolling. 

  If you don't want to wait till June, it's already streaming here : 

  Today sees the release of a single which is the first track on the ep. It's about how from little things big things come and I'm sure I'm not the first person who draws similarities between Ross' vocals and those of the legendary Jello Biafra. It's called Patient One... 

Patient one patient one Corona central look what I've done Patient one patient one Corona central what have I done ? From little things big things come The butterfly effect brings the world undone Shoot a prince , start world war one Eat some bat soup in Wuhan Exxon Valdez hits the rocks Abandoned to spill out its guts Union Carbide makes pesticide Thousands killed with cyanide Drugs for baby , family pride Deformed for life from thalidomide Cheaper power for the masses Poisoned water from coal seam gases

Wednesday 12 May 2021

Liquids - You Might Think


  A quick glance through the Just Some Punk Songs archives reveals that Indiana punk outfit Liquids (the brainchild of the very talented Mat Williams) have featured on here 4 times so far (or 5 if you count the track I included in the Top 20 Devo-Core songs list I posted in 2017). I've previously described their songs as "lo fi diy hardcore garage stompers" and compared them to everyone from Devo to The Buzzcocks, Dickies and The Spits. Hopefully you're familiar with them by now but if not and you want to check out some "fuzzy pop nuggets with a crunchy centre and hooks aplenty" then head this way... 

  They're back today with a very cool cover. It's a top notch version of a song that was a hit in 1984 for The Cars (and was on their Heartbeat City album). This time around it's one of the highlights on an album titled Paul Henry's Benefit Compilation. It's "a comp to help raise funds for a new roof that Paul Henrys DESPERATELY needs. Paul Henry's Art Gallery is a staple to the community in Northwest Indiana and has been one of the most important spaces to NWI punk for the last 5 years." 26 tracks of killer punk including music from the likes of CCTV, Abi Ooze, Attestor, Big Zit and many more. It's available on cassette and digital download from Upset Condition : 

  I love the vocals on this, it's called You Might Think...

Tuesday 11 May 2021

Black Rooster - Maladjusted


  Black Rooster ( are a 3 piece from West London fronted by singer/songwriter Lucille Rees (ex Screaming Violets). They list amongst their influences the likes of Buzzcocks, Stooges, Ramones, The Slits and Sleaford Mods. They play a kind of fuzzed up garage punk with Lucille singing in a can't give a fuck style (which is hard to do properly and make it work but she sounds great). 

  They've recently released an album titled '74-75' and I'm really enjoying it. The subject matter of the songs is challenging and often harrowing and the press release mentions how Lucille's dysfunctional upbringing due to reconstructive surgery at East Grinstead Hospital saw her develop a liking for morphine and other drugs from an early age. 

  The first of the album's 14 songs is the title track and it kicks things off in style conjuring up images of riots on the street ("It's 74-75. Great time to be alive"). Boring sounds like a long lost exercise in nihilism from punk's golden age whilst Shut Your Mouth decries incessant yap yap yapping. Dog House is a homage to Iggy Pop whilst elsewhere Lucille laments that Society makes her want to scream...

  I wouldn't be surprised if a few people get to the end of the album and decide it's all a bit one dimensional which would prompt me to say "I get where you're coming from but that just adds to the charm." You can check it out for yourself here : 

  You'll be able to catch them live when they play London's Soho club, St Moritz on 17th July.

  I could have highlighted any of the songs (I'll play a different one on this week's Just Some Punk Songs show) but I might as well share the one they made a video for. It tells the tale of when Lucille's adoptive mum would take in and look after problematic children from London. Just as a certain amount of stability was in place, Lucille's adoptive mum died when Lucille was 17 years old leading to further instability and drug abuse. It's called Maladjusted... 

Monday 10 May 2021

SUCK - Copkiller

(photo : Nick Lee Cayanan Hutt)

  Another song about the boys in blue today courtesy of SUCK (, a synth infused garage punk trio from Kassel in Germany. They formed a couple of years ago when members of Catch As Catch Can and Counts On Crack joined forces with comic book artist Isabell Rutz. Their debut release was a 6 track ep titled Frog and they followed it up with a split ep with Berlin fuzz rock band BALAGAN. 

  And now they're preparing to release their 1st 7". 


    Featuring Isabell Rutz (vocals/synth), Patrick Pietsch (drums/vocals) & Jakob Fast (guitar/bass/backup vocals) it'll be out on June 18th via Leeds label Eeasy Records ( though it'll be limited to 50 copies so get those pre orders in quick. It's streaming now :

  This is the A side, it's a 77 second burst of "filth thrash/garage caked in synth and shouty vocals" which conjures up imagery of screaming sirens, tear gas, flailing truncheons and broken bones. It finishes with the title shouted over and over again. It's a short but potent thrill. 

It's called Copkiller...

Sunday 9 May 2021

The Johnnies - Bash Me With That Truncheon...​


  ACAB...Here We Go

  The Johnnies ( formed in January 1982 and split up a couple of years later. They're from Christchurch, New Zealand and their line up featured Mike Smith (bass), Neil McRobie (drums), Vince Haughey (guitar) and Rick Tindall (vocals). They released a very rare 7" single... 500 copies, a number of them thrown into the crowd at the release party at the Chinese Cultural Centre in Christchurch in December 1982. It featured the following tracks Who Killed Johnny / And You / Govt. Don't Care. 

  You missed out on a copy? Don't worry, the band reformed in 2019 and they've just released a 9 track album which features those songs plus several more that are just as good.

  Titled 1981, the album is unsurprisingly a throwback to an era long gone but it still sounds great today. I know absolutely nothing about the New Zealand punk scene 40 years ago but if it was anything like this then I'm a fan! Recorded, engineered and mastered by Arnie van Bussel at Nightshift Studios in Otautahi/Christchurch, Aotearoa-New Zealand, April 2021, they'll be getting the physical product sorted soon but for now you can check out 1981 on Bandcamp :

  This is the opening track, It starts with the guitar mimicking the sound of a speeding police car before going on to tell the story of the heavy handed boys in blue arriving to break up a party. It's called Bash Me With That Truncheon... 

The Phakes - Kill All Smicks


  The Phakes ( are new to me and are a DIY punk rock and roll band from Northern Ireland. I think they've only been around for a few months and I've not got much info to share (I can't even find a decent photo to post up above) but I can tell you they're raw, rough around the edges and very promising indeed. 

   They've been drip feeding a few songs onto Youtube ( and it's the latest one of those I'm sharing today. They call it a "cheeky wee tribute 2 our fav typea scum." It's a hardcore rollercoaster of a track with Oi! Oi! Oi! chants and a rather tasty guitar solo. If you're wondering, a smick is "a young lower-class person typified by brash and loutish behaviour" and is Northern Irish slang for a chav. 

  This is Kill All Smicks... 

Saturday 8 May 2021

The Ableist - Sucked Back Into the Sun (feat. Alice Kraynak)


  The Ableist ( are from Chicago, Illinois and earlier this year released a very interesting Self Titled album in which they enlisted the aid of a number of guests to produce something pretty special. It's a mix of hardcore and post punk, the pace varies from brooding instrumental to spoken word to shouty ragers but it all coalesces into a more than satisfying whole. It's available as a name your price download and you'd be daft not to check it out : 

  Last week I played a track from it on the Just Some Punk Songs show and it went down a storm in the chatroom. It features Alice Kraynak on vocals and violin as well as Barry Cabrera (Guitar/Backing Vocals), Stephan Piven (Guitar/Backing Vocals), Jairus Paulus (Bass), Johnny Chacon (Drums), Paul Scanty (Lead Vocals), Sean Jones (Backing Vocals) & Maddie Bomher (Backing Vocals). As with many of their songs, it's an intelligent political treatise that both stimulates the mind and gets you jumping around. It's called Sucked Back Into The Sun...

Sucked back into the sun // Is this all we can become? // Sucked back into the sun // Displaced beneath the stars // If human nature’s built on greed the commodity of the air we breathe won’t come cheap when the day comes for us to all asphyxiate // The culture that we cultivate, the colonial narrative that states “accept a wage, you’re not a slave, but conditions are too late to change” // Is there such a thing as solace in disassociated worlds? // Have we simply reached the solstice and descended on return? // This struggle is systemic, corrosive at its core // These solipsistic visions to expropriate the earth // Serve some cosmic calling to enslave us from our birth // While the planet is imploding to accommodate its growth // They’re doubling up the bodies in the prisons and the morgues // But you retain your privilege when you advocate reform // Sucked back into the sun // Look at what we’ve become // Sucked back into the sun // Deny the looming shadow // Human nature fluctuates based on circumstance and change // While we create, will we embrace their inherent right to subjugate? // Our culture we can cultivate this instinctive narrative that states // “Reject their ways, you’re not a slave, the conditions are ours to claim” // There’s no such thing as solace in a genocidal world // We’ll confront the cataclysmic while the constellations burn // This fight against oppression must drive us at our cores // Dismantling every vision to commodify our worth // To serve the cosmic calling to preserve our planet earth // We can liberate the species while the nebulae disperse // Not reducing human beings to cells and freezer drawers // Cause the pursuit of abolition is to actualize reform // It’s the turning point in history where we die or we evolve // Earn our place among the planets or fall extinct among the stars // We can embrace emancipation or have hell eclipse us all // But the truth of human nature lies in the abandonment of the law

Thursday 6 May 2021

RMBLR - Main Muscle


 For the second time in just over a week I'm bringing you a new song from one of the coolest labels around (following on from a track by The Boatsmen). Spaghetty Town Records ( / is an independent label from Atlanta, Georgia who are building up a very impressive catalogue of releases ("dirty rock, punk, power pop, bovver rock and whatever else we like").  Today I'm featuring a song from a 6 track ep which will be out (digitally) next week. 

  RMBLR ( formed in 2016 and play 70's influenced punk rock n roll. If you've missed their previous releases you can catch up here : They featured on here previously back in 2018 : 

  The RMBLR MF ep will be getting a vinyl release in June (black and very limited colour variants) and you can pre order it here : If you're in Europe then try Wanda Records. 

  The track you'll find below is a catchy singalong in which frontman Chase Tail is singing about his heart whilst a boogie woogie piano competes with guitar and drum to showcase a Chuck Berry influence. I'm looking forward to hearing the full release.

  This is Main Muscle... 

Wednesday 5 May 2021

The Shivvies - Phone Booth


  Do you like The Lillingtons? Love Teenage Bottlerocket? Go wild for Masked Intruder? Or maybe you're old school and think The Ramones are the greatest band of all time. 

  If so, read on...

  The Shivvies ( are a new pop punk 3 piece from Rotterdam featuring members of The Real Danger (, The Windowsill ( and Giant Eagles (; Michiel Walrave (bass/vocals), Marien Nicotine (guitar/vocals) and Robert Buijsman (drums). 

  They recently released a debut Self Titled album and it's been blasting through my headphones at regular intervals ever since. It's the best pop punk album so far this year and with it being available as a name your price download there's no reason not to go and check it out :  
The vinyl and cd versions will be out in the summer on Shield Recordings ( 

  It starts with a shout of 1-2-3-4 before we're treated to one of the catchiest pop punk songs around. Wearing it's influences on it's sleeve Goodnight Baby sets a high benchmark that happily the remaining 13 tracks live up to. There's the heartbreakers (like the one at the bottom of this update), the fun singalongs (SHIVVIES), the pharmaceutically fantastic (Chemicals) and the rather ridiculous but oh so snappy (Crocodile). Every song is a winner and they even sign off with a gorgeous 5 minute love song that fades out with a sax solo! 

  This one's called Phone Booth... 

Tuesday 4 May 2021

Solidarity Not Silence - This Is Sisterhood


  "So how many will have to speak
  For what we say to be believed..."

  Now this is something a little bit special. 

  You've possibly heard about the court case involving a group of women who are being sued for speaking out against a man in the music industry over his treatment of women. They (Nadia Javed (The Tuts), Ren Aldridge (Petrol Girls) and 'Anon') are having to personally fund (at the risk of bankrupting themselves) their legal defences and as the name of the collective suggests, they're joining together in solidarity rather than being silenced. 

  There's a crowdfunding page set up if you'd like to support them or just to learn more : 

  Another way to help is by checking out a new song that's just been released. It features Nadia Javed on lead vocals and guitar, Harriet Doveton on bass and backing vocals, Jodi M Burn on drums, Katie Gatt on lead guitar, Ren Aldridge on spoken word and Choir Noir & friends on choir vocals. The opening speech is by Kathleen Hanna (Bikini Kill, Le Tigre). You can find it here :

  This is what they have to say about the song : This song release is not only to raise funds and awareness for our case and survivors but it’s for the wider issues at hand. It's for anyone who wasn’t believed, who spoke up and got shut down, for the fuckery caused by the CPS, for that person who is too scared to speak up, who has to live with the haunting trauma. We hope that this song is somewhere you can feel safe, believed and less alone. We hope the message reaches you and the people who need to hear it and helps them as much as it’s helped us. We’ve been fighting this for over 4 years and it’s taught us resilience but also how hard it is to get JUSTICE. We have so much admiration for survivors.

  My opinion is that not only is it a for very worthy cause, it's a powerful and very classy song that in a way makes me think of a gritty, punked up companion piece to This Is Me (from The Greatest Showman). It's a track that builds to a big choral finale and it's a message that should be shared far and wide so feel free to get sharing. 

  It's called This Is Sisterhood...