Thursday, 27 May 2021

Neighborhood Brats - I Want You (Guest Review By Ralph J Rivera)



  I've got to be honest, I wasn't going to post anything today as I had my 2nd Covid jab yesterday and I just couldn't be bothered to sort anything out. But then I get up for work this morning and see a message from regular contributor Ralph saying "Hey Brother would you mind if I do a guest review of the new Neighborhood Brats album or are you gonna do it?"

  Truth be told, I was definitely going to do it. It's an album I've been eagerly waiting for and I've already played 3 tracks from it on the show (a 4th will be played this week once I've had a proper listen to the full thing). But I'm happy to let Ralph do the honours, I'll just say you need this album in your lives... 

    Okay I'm not gonna lie I've been listening to this band since they dropped their self titled Ep in 2011. Since then ALL their releases have straddled that hard to manage fence of "Beach Punk" and balls out "Hardcore"! The key to this band is their lead singer Jenny Angelillo! She cut her teeth in another great old LA band called the Orphans and then went on to this incredible version of "Modern Punk Rock".

With every album and 45 "Neighborhood Brats" have just been improving on their already unique sound. When they dropped "Claw Marks" in 2018 I don't think anyone thought they could top that. Many end of the year best album nods. And they could have tapped out on that album. But guess what? in 2021 "Neighborhood Brats" have dropped what could possibly be the best Punk Rock album of the 2020's!

It's available on vinyl and digital download from Dirt Cult Records :

The European version is available via Talen By Surprise Records :

Too many songs that kick ass to single out but I'm gonna pick this one as one of the BEST cover songs ever! I've loved this song forever and these guys just bring it to the next level! This my friends is "I Want You"! Originally by Joan Jett's version of the Runaways!

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