Thursday, 6 October 2022

Brigada Flores Magon - Hold The Line


  Brigada Flores Magon ( are a band from Paris who formed at the end of the 1990's and swiftly established themselves in Europe as the flagship group of the anti-fascist street punk movement. They mix political activism with punk rage and their first album in 15 years (released 2 years after they reformed) demonstrates that the fire still burns as brightly (“The very rage which fuelled us twenty years ago still burns more than ever. This very anger leads us to come back now to shout our rebellion and our solidarity among those who are not heard. It has been two decades, yet society keeps on sinking in the abyss of injustice dug by those in power. We refuse to see our freedom and our rights disappear hopelessly day by day.”).

  The line up of the band is Mateo ( vocals ), Julien ( drums ), Goose ( ex-The Decline, guitar ), Arno Rudeboy ( ex-Bolchoi, guitar ) and Laurent ( ex-Ya Basta, bass ). The new album is titled Immortals and in an inspiring internationalist effort, they’ve got Machete Records (France) / Discos Machete (Mexico) / Rebel Time Records (Canada) / RASH GDL (Mexico) / PM Press (USA) / Dure Realite (Quebec) / RASH USA (USA) / SHARP Rio De Janeiro (Brazil) / Three Way Fight (USA) / Unite And Win (Brazil), all joining forces / combining resources to ensure that the album –  its music and its message – gets spread far and wide. If you want gritty/anthemic punk rock with a message then check it out...

  This track is accompanied by a video featuring various antifascist demonstrations in Paris, it's a great example of how catchy this band are. It's called Hold The Line...

FRENCH LYRICS Face aux condés, en première ligne Devant tes juges, la tête haute Sous les matraques, les dents serrées La rage au ventre jusqu’à la nausée Saisis ta chance, vas-y balance À droite, une brèche, un homme qui tombe Dans la fumée, du sang par terre Faut pas fléchir, fais les rôtir Ne jamais baisser la tête Ne jamais desserrer les poings Ne jamais penser à la fin Ta détermination est leur défaite Comes the time, hold the line Dans la chaleur, la peau qui brûle Dans ta bouche, un goût de métal Les yeux qui piquent, un pas devant l’autre Des cris, des chants, la vague l’emporte Dans quelques mètres, la fin de leur monde De nouveau résonnent les chants de l’humanité, celle qui survit Ses cris résonnent, frères, elle rugit Ne jamais baisser la tête Ne jamais desserrer les poings Ne jamais penser à la fin Ta détermination est leur défaite Seize time hold the Line


Facing the cops, on the front line In front of your judges, your head held high Under the truncheons, clenched teeth Rage in your stomach until nausea Take your chance, swing it hard On the right, a breach, a man falling In the smoke, blood on the ground Don't flinch, roast 'em Never lower your head Never unclench your fists Never think about the end Your determination is their defeat Comes the time, hold the line In the heat, the skin that burns In your mouth, a taste of metal Itchy eyes, one step after another Cries, singings, the wave prevails In a few meters, the end of their world The singings resound again of humanity, the one who survives Her cries ring out, brothers, she roars Never lower your head Never unclench your fists Never think about the end Your determination is their defeat Comes the time, hold the line

I Will Take You Hunting - Not Broken


  If I was to make a list of my favourite releases of 2022, one album that would feature on there would be the debut lp by I Will Take You Hunting ( They're a duo from Scotland (Steve Simms vocals & Dave Martin guitars/drums) and the album had the rather cool title of  Don't go to bed mad, stay up and fight all night. I featured one of the songs from it and mentioned how I was reminded a little of early Stranglers (

  They return today with a new song which celebrates neurodiversity. If you don't know, the term describes the idea that people experience and interact with the world around them in many different ways; there is no one "right" way of thinking, learning, and behaving, and differences are not viewed as deficits. As the band say, "for those who have a neuro diverse brain. You're not mental!" 

  There's not an awful lot that differentiates this new song from what we heard on the album (which is a good thing as the album was terrific). You can find it here :

  This is Not Broken... 

Wednesday, 5 October 2022

Creeping Tide - Weak (Guest Review By Barry Phillips)


  A guest review today by a proper, published author as not only was Barry Phillips a member of bands such as Demob, Blitz Boys, Kiss The Blade, The Wheel, Hooligan Crooners etc, he also wrote the book In Search of Tito's Punks: On the Road in a Country That No Longer Exists. He's recommending you check out a debut album by Creeping Tide ( and begins by saying; "Sorry it took so long but I wanted to give it a proper listen or two. It's more odd than I thought at first . . . which makes it kind of interesting. I've never met Ben but he seems like one of the good ones so . . ."

  I like a meandering, non-linear backstory. It bugs me when other people seem to have their lives or careers planned out and it all works. Part of the problem with the world today is that the internet with its Google algorithms and Amazon “other people who bought…” are killing serendipity and chance. So, I was compelled to be attracted by the story of Creeping Tide.

  So there’s this drummer who used to be in the Swiss punk outfit Tastes Like Chicken (‘Black Market Crash’, Hannibal Records, 1999), who moved to beautiful Sheffield, started attending the legendary ‘Arches’ club and became smitten with techno. Right. More than smitten, that man — Ben Fraser — says it was an epiphany as he realised “. . . there was a punk equivalent in the dance/electronic world - both musically and in terms of vibe/attitude.” So much so, that he set to learning all about electronic music production and DJing and developing his own Ben Fraser sound (acid techno) and later Sabretooth sound (psytrance). The result has been hundreds of releases and gigs around the world (mainly Europe). But when the C***D lockdowns extinguished the entire techno scene, Ben returned to his first love of punk rock and set about bringing his techno recording skills to producing a one-man studio album. 

  I’ll have to put my own cards on the table at this point. When a mutual Sheffield friend visited our Highland wilderness and told me I really should listen to what Ben was doing I really had to wrestle with my own prejudices. The techno DJs I had encountered in the Netherlands and in Australia had been (almost universally) rich-kid, Elon Musk fanboy, techie-libertarian, anti-5G-bat types who revered the likes of Trump and Johnson. To me, that was not a ‘punk equivalent’ vibe. However, our mutual Sheffield friend is also a rather successful techno DJ, is a very fine fellow, and assured me that Ben’s analysis is accurate. On reflection, this was all a very logical development in that fair and wondrous city, since it was indeed the home of the original techno-punks (at least in UK terms) the Human League. Anyone who has seen the great Made In Sheffield will be all too aware of the (real) League’s punk roots. And the ‘Arches’ club is in the same old ‘mesters’ workshop complex as the equally legendary ‘Yellow Arches’ rehearsal and recording studios - Richard Hawley, Ming City Rockers, Jarvis Cocker, Slow Club etc.

  So it was that I contacted Ben and asked for a pre-release of the album. I admit, on first listen I was a little surprised by the production, and the pleasingly ‘full band’ feel . . . surprised but also impressed. There are fifteen songs on the ‘The Wages of an Ill Spent Life’ LP, rather too many to thumbnail-review all of them. The opening track  is a cracker; ‘The Sinners’ starts with a Carter USM sequencer-hook before exploding into a wall of dirty rhythm guitars and a, rather complementary, Carter-style rhythm track.  The equally excellent ‘Warning Shot’ has a similar feel with a great, soaring Carteresque chorus. A judicious scattering of samples throughout the album enforces the feel. But there is sufficient variety to hold our attention.  ‘Release It’ brings to my mind a number of contemporary bands from ex-Yugoslavia — perhaps the (literally) anthemic chorus? An impertinent critic might suggest ‘Cut To The Chase’ almost crosses into metal territory but just about stays in lane. Elsewhere there are splashes of ska, dub and electro, all of which come together in the frankly genre-busting ‘Pugaree’. I’ll not even attempt to describe this, beyond saying the phrase that came to mind was “ . . . evil bastard child of Eurovision, on acid.” But I warn you, this thing has a spike protein as merciless as any variant and will infect you. The whole album is rounded off with the mighty, fists-in-the-air, ‘Half Life’.

  Overall there is perhaps a little Oi! influence, but in a Lars Frederikson kind of way. Maybe ‘streetpunk’ then? If you are partial to the likes of Rancid you will certainly find plenty to like here. There are other similarities with that Bay Area punk family – mostly I would suggest the production – but it is all imbued with that Carter/ravey hyper-energy, and the overall effect retains an intangible ‘Britishness’. It’s a mighty impressive debut in my book, so much so that I wanted to spread the word amongst the Just Some Punk Songs new-punk cognoscenti. Give it a blast.

  ‘The Wages of an Ill Spent Life’ full album on Bandcamp

  This was the single from the album, it's called Weak... 

Tuesday, 4 October 2022

Nasty Rumours - Get My Kicks From '76


  Short and sweet today my friends, short and sweet...

  Nasty Rumours ( are a power pop / '77 style punk rock band from Bern, Switzerland, who've featured on here several times previously with the most recent of those appearances being last year ( 

  They're a band who remind me of some of my recent favourites in the genre, bands like Cyanide Pills (watch out for a new album from them soon) and The Briefs. I keep banging on about how catchy they are and on the evidence of  the two teaser tracks they've offered up from their new album, nothing much has changed.


  The album will be titled Bloody Hell, What A Pity! and it's due out on November 11th via the always reliable Wanda Records. It'll be available on red vinyl and digital download :

  This is the opening track, it's a fat free blast of old school punk rock that tells us even if you weren't born when the first wave of killer bands were bringing anarchy and chaos to the stage you can still have that golden era firmly etched into your heart. It's called Get My Kicks From '76...

haven't been born until '89
sheltered childhood in the country side
formed a punk band to kill the time
zero talent and D.I.Y

get my kicks from '76
get my kicks from 1976

you moved on and I moved out
got always something to shout about
safety pins still matter to me
safety pins and anarchy

Sunday, 2 October 2022

Breakup Haircut - I Don't Wanna Be Your Friend


  Anyone fancy an energetic burst of UK pop punk? 

  Breakup Haircut ( are a quartet from London featuring Ishani Jasmin (Rhythm guitar/vocals), Delphine Thenet (Lead guitar/vocals), Emma Ripley (Bass/vocals) &  Jordan Dilger (Drums). They released an album in July with the rather great title of Punk Dancing For Self Defence. Put together over a longer than normal timespan due to various Covid lockdowns it boasts "15 tracks - old, new and newer - touching on breakups, boundary-setting, social anxiety, bi-erasure, and above all, existing under capitalism."  There's some wonderful moments on there. One highlight, Why Can't I Be Cool Enough To Move To Berlin? featured on the Just Some Punk Songs show a few months ago, another (the song you'll find below) will feature this week. Other unmissable tracks include single Marie Kondo, Out Of My Way (I'm Not Getting On The Nightbus) and Mum I Wanna Be A Greaser.  

If you want an album that's gonna put a big smile on your face you can check it out here :

  This is the opening track, it's called I Don't Wanna Be Your Friend...  

I don't wanna sink my teeth in sweat I don't wanna sink my teeth in I don't wanna get stuck in this hole I don't even wanna be your friend I feel sick beyond my means Feels like I'm ripping at the seams Maybe I'm just being unreasonable I don't even wanna be your friend I don't wanna be this person I don't wanna be this person I don't wanna be this person I don't even wanna be your friend What if this sees me alone? I've never called myself a home I guess you could be worth my time I don't even wanna be your friend I don't wanna say no I don't wanna be mean I don't wanna people please I don't even wanna be your friend About time you figured out Seems kinda rude to weigh you down I'm really busy right now I don't even wanna be your friend Text you back after three days like Sorry, just that work's been crazy I'm doing dry January I don't even wanna be your friend You're not entitled to my time Just 'cause you're such a special guy

Friday, 30 September 2022

AlterModerns - Out In The Street

(photo : Emily Parker Photography)

  I've seen a fair bit of talk online about AlterModerns ( (all of it very positive) and I've enjoyed the singles I've heard by them (She's Not Yours, Wednesday, Overdose Of You) so it was a bit of a no brainer that I'd be checking out their new album. I wasn't disappointed.

  The band are a duo from Brazil who are now based in Bristol. They play an mix of garage/punk/blues/psychedelic & rock n roll and add a dash of their native Brazilian music to spice things up a little. Vocal duties are shared between drummer Ananda Kuhn and guitarist Glauco Caruso. In a similar way to Just Some Punk Songs' favourites The Courettes, there might only be 2 of them but the energy and enthusiasm displayed produces a big sound. 

  That big sound is very much offered up on the album. Titled Side Effects Of Reality, the singles sit prettily alongside other highlights which include the song you're getting at the bottom of this write up, Bag, Pieces and The Others. It's available on coloured or black vinyl and digital download from Groovie Records :

  This track is called Out In The Street, as well as the studio version I'm also posting a very fine live version. Both are well worth your time...

Tuesday, 27 September 2022

Skimmer - Playground Bully


  If you were a pop punk fan in the 90's then it's more than likely you were listening to bands like Screeching Weasel, The Queers, The Lillingtons and Green Day etc. If you were fans of UK pop punk then you also had plenty to go at. There was Chopper, Crocodile God, Travis Cut and Annalise to name just a few but one of the best were a Birmingham based band who specialise in writing skewed pop songs called Skimmer. They feature today...

  They formed in 1993 (from the ashes of a band called The Sect), were one of the acts to grace the legendary Leeds based label Crackle Records and they were the last band to record a John Peel session (21 October 2004 If you're unfamiliar with them and want to check them out I'd recommend their retrospective, Smitten

  I'd also recommend their brand new album, All Fired Up. It's their 9th studio album, it's 13 tracks of scuffed up pop gems which starts out in style with the song I'm showcasing today and finishes with another career highlight in the form of Student Girls. All the tracks sandwiched in between are really rather tasty treats too. Some bands who've been around for such a long time either lose the knack of penning catchy tunes or lose the fizz that made them so good. Happily Skimmer don't fall into either category. 

  You can get the album from Council Pop Records (UK), Waterslide Records (Japan) or Bloated Kat Records (US). The digital download is available as a name your price download here :

  With a chorus to die for, this is Playground Bully...

Monday, 26 September 2022

The Remote Controls - Haymarket Drunks


  Thanks to everyone who listened to this week's Just Some Punk Songs show, it seemed to be the most popular show of the year so far with a healthy crowd in the chatroom enjoying pretty much everything I played. One of those songs is getting posted below.

  The Remote Controls ( are a new band from Indianapolis who don't seem to go in for any gimmicks or bells & whistles in an attempt to stand out. They just write and play damn good songs. I don't know anything about the band other than it's made up of former members of Up!, Scumbag! (you can check them out here :

   Last month they released a debut, Self Titled album and you really need to give your ears a treat and check it out...
  10 songs in 20 minutes with my pick of the bunch being this one (it's a real ear worm that's had me playing it several times in a row). It's about a holiday pub crawl round Edinburgh. It's a gem. It's called Haymarket Drunks... 

Sunday, 25 September 2022

Midland Railway - She Loves Ted Bundy


  A gentle, uplifting song today about a woman who was obsessed with a charming psychopath.

  Based in Manchester, Midland Railway are Nick Lote (vocals, guitar), Sarah Mac Fhearadhaigh Blemings (bass, vocals), Terry Yow (drums), Dan Newbery (guitar), Kate-mia White (guitar) and Robert Hayton (guitar, vocals). They play a form of nerdy folk-punk, influenced by the likes of Weezer, Bright Eyes and The Smiths. Despite them having formed in 2004, I'd not come across them before until I heard their new single. It's not your standard punk rant (it's more Television Personalities than Sex Pistols) but it's still very enjoyable. 

  One of the reasons I may not have been familiar with the band is that for much of the time since their conception they seem to have been split up. They've shown intermittent signs of life since first separating in 2008 but it now looks like they're in rude health with an album being planned.

  Theodore Robert Bundy was an American serial killer who kidnapped, raped, and murdered numerous young women and girls during the 1970s and possibly earlier. After more than a decade of denials, he confessed to 30 murders he committed in seven states between 1974 and 1978. The titular woman in this song is in love with him. You can stream the song here :  

  She Loves Ted Bundy...

Thursday, 22 September 2022

The Owen Guns - Arson About


  One album I've been looking forward to hearing is Dawn Of The Braindead by New South Wales old school hardcore punk outfit The Owen Guns ( They've been on here a few times previously, most recently in June when I featured their reimagining of a track from the Romper Stomper soundtrack ( 

  That track features on the new album and it's just one of many highlights on a debut ep which melds together outrage and humour to great effect. The band (Sean the Bastard Vocals/Theremin/Kazoo,   Mark Guitar, Booker Bass & Ma Tu Drums/Vocals/Djembe/Tin Whistle) opine on subjects such as Bono, conspiracy theorists, zombies, pissheads and shit stirrers. It's all done with great gusto and you can get it on vinyl or digital download from Outtaspace Records or Bandcamp :

  There'll be a limited number of cassettes available in the UK next month on Noise Merchant Records :

  This song is about scandal hit global Pentecostal megachurch Hillsong, it's called Arson About...

Hillsong Church

talk about vile

Founded by the son of a dirty paedophile

Brian knew the truth and be hid his father's crimes

Frank walked the street when he should be doing time

Members in the government

Members in the cops

Rotten from the bottom

All the way to the top

Have each other's backs

And its really very suss

One law for them

Another one for us.

You know it's wrong so let's make it right

Strike up a match and burn down hillsong church tonight

A money making scam

Brainwashing cult

And that's a fact

And please tell me why they don't pay any tax

Assets and property

Money in the bank

Hundreds of millions

And none of it is taxed

Got a TV station

And a record label too.

Christian Rock music

And It sounds like poo.

If you've got money

They'll let you through the door

But your not welcome

If your gay or your poor

They've got a list

Of the things that God forbids

Doesn't stop the pastors

From touching little kids...

You know it's wrong so let's make it right

Strike up a match and burn down hillsong church tonight

A money making scam

Brainwashing cult

And that's a fact

And please tell me why they don't pay any tax

Wednesday, 21 September 2022

The Pleasure Dome - If Meaning


  Bristol band The Pleasure Dome ( are back today with a rather lively new single. It's only been a few months since I featured the title track from their Chaos Chaos Revolution ep ( but they're not content to sit back and bask in the glow of numerous rave reviews. 

  As well as the new single, they've lined up a series of gigs, including their first ever headline show in London...

24th - Exchange Basement, Bristol^
25th - The Library, Oxford^
27th - Night and Day Cafe, Manchester^
28th - The Waiting Room, London^
6th - The Craufurd Arms, Milton Keynes*
7th - Dareshack, Bristol*
8th - Le Pub, Newport+
9th - The Peer Hat, Manchester*
10th - Alexander's Live Chester - Chester*
11th - The POLAR BEAR HULL, Hull*
Supporting Yawners^
Supporting The Byker Grove Fan Club*
Supporting Jacrew+

  Titled If Meaning, their latest offering fairly barrels along in an energetically pleasing alt rock/post-punk kinda way. This is the kind of band that I find myself wishing would come on the radio during the day when I'm at work and Alexa is tuned into Radio X. Alas that station seems to think daytime listeners only like shite like Sam Fender and Blossoms mixed with golden oldies. Maybe one day they'll realise the good new stuff is hiding just below the surface. You can find it here :

  If Meaning...

Tuesday, 20 September 2022

Pöls - Instinto


  Pöls are a diy punk band from Barcelona who impressed at the tail end of 2020 with a debut album titled Agrieta el asfalto. They return today with the title track from their sophomore lp instinto.


  They play a kind of mid tempo melodic punk that will remind many of you of my favourite Spanish band, Accidente. The lyrics are in their native tongue but that doesn't matter, the songs are so catchy you can't help being drawn in. The album's up for pre order on limited version white vinyl with black/green splatter (shipping at the end of this month) from Discos Enfermos but if you want to avail yourselves of the name your price download go here :

  As I said, this is the title track, it's called Instinto...

Construimos esas inmensas torres, fortalezas de metal! Equipamos nuestros corazones, convirtiéndolos en máquinas que nunca se cansaran! Y negando nuestra naturaleza, sucumbiendo al control! Persiguiendo la imposible meta, agotado nuestro instinto intercambiado por confort. ¿Y esque no ves, que no tiene sentido querer ser, un ente supremo entre paredes de carne y piel, que no encontraras placer separándote, de lo que te motiva ser? Y bloqueamos nuestros sentimientos, tecnodiseño emocional! Encerradas en nuestro propio mundo, hacemos juicios de valor que nos impiden avanzar! Y paralizadxs por el miedo, al día de tu final! Eres incapaz de darte cuenta que todo lo que necesitas va contigo allá donde vas! Que todo lo que necesitas va contigo allá donde vas! ¿Y esque no ves, que no tiene sentido querer ser, un ente supremo entre paredes de carne y piel, que no encontraras placer separándote, de lo que te motiva ser?

(We build those huge towers, metal fortresses! We equip our hearts, turning them into machines that will never tire! And denying our nature, succumbing to control! Chasing the impossible goal, exhausted our instinct exchanged for comfort. And is it that you don't see, that it doesn't make sense to want to be, a supreme entity between walls of flesh and skin, that you won't find pleasure separating yourself from what motivates you to be? And we block our feelings, emotional technodesign! Locked in our own world, we make value judgments that prevent us from moving forward! And paralyzed by fear, the day of your end! You are unable to realize that everything you need goes with you wherever you go! That everything you need goes with you wherever you go! And is it that you don't see, that it doesn't make sense to want to be)

Monday, 19 September 2022

Play Dead - Offy


  Back in April 2021 I featured a song by South London trio Play Dead called Skint ( and mentioned how it was a problem most of us can sympathise with. They return today with a new track in which yet again they're tackling real life issues. This time around it's one of those miserable days when you're hanging out in the park with your mates, the weather is wank, you've had nothing to eat and you've run out of booze. Happily, on this occasion you're not totally skint (too skint for food but you can stretch to a few tinnies!) and you can pop back to the off licence for a restock. 


  Play Dead have a happy knack of writing fresh sounding punk ear worms. They're young lads sharing their experiences and I hope they're around for a long time. They've a new ep on the way, it'll be titled Mug Cake and it'll be out in October via Blitzcat Records ( To promote it, they'll be touring round England in November.

  This is the 2nd single from the ep, the first was the equally infectious Barbershop, and you can find both here :

  It's called Offy...

Sunday, 18 September 2022

MVLL CRIMES - Arguing With Strvngers


  MVLL CRIMES are a band I've seen pop up in a few places recently and after giving a listen to their latest ep I thought I'd share a track on here. They're a quartet, Jill Clair (Vocals/Lyrics), Patrick Briggs (Guitar), Laurie McColeman (Bass) & Evan Martin (Drums), from London, Ontario, who appear to have been around for a couple of years or so. They've released 3 eps thus far; Roadside Attractions, Bootlicker's Delight and the new one, You Embvrrvss Me.


  The Bandcamp tags for You Embvrrvss Me include words such as Amyl, art, hardcore, defund the police, Idles and post-punk. I don't particularly think any of those tags on their own give you much idea of what to expect but maybe they coalesce to paint a picture. Topics explored are internet feuds, people who defend the police, masturbation, food, Limp Bizkit & does money = happiness. 

  It's available on vinyl from Cursed Blessings Records ( and as a name your price download :

  I don't usually use live videos to highlight the song of the day but I'll make an exception today as this is a great performance and a clear sound that isn't a million miles away from what you get on the ep. Recorded in the Sugar Shack Studios in London, Ontario, it's about wasting your time going to war with people online. It's called Arguing With Strvngers... 

Saturday, 17 September 2022

Long Knife - Scum


  This one will batter you senseless...

  Portland (Oregon) hardcore punk outfit Long Knife ( return to Just Some Punk Songs today with a choice cut from their brutal new album Curb Stomp Earth. (Their previous 2 appearances are here if you want to catch up

  Mixing 80's hardcore with flourishes of classic rock, they describe themselves as being akin to "Kiss playing Poison Idea, with a healthy amount of Japanese hardcore and even some British hardcore thrown in." As I mentioned above, they're pretty brutal BUT (and this is important) they incorporate enough melody and tunes into their ferocious noise to make it palatable to ears as delicate as mine (I'm not a massive fan of hardcore that eschews melody in favour of all out assault but these guys get the mix pretty much spot on). 

  The album kicks of with something sounding like a host of heavenly heralds welcoming us to the messiahs of hardcore punk but they soon leave the scene and let the mayhem ensue. From this moment on, it's a pedal to the metal, aural assault. The album's available on vinyl via Beach Impediment Records and Black Water Records as well as on digital download :

  I played the title track on a recent show, today I'll feature their new video. This is Scum... 

Friday, 16 September 2022

Avem - Just Like Me (Guest Review By Ralph J Rivera)


  Well once again Mick asks and I have to answer the call. There's been SO much great music coming out lately and most of the other reviewers have beaten me to the punch on getting out a solid writeup. But I think I got this one!

   Coming out on August 25th, Ontario Canada's bird loving Pop Punkers "Avem" ( finally dropped their highly anticipated full length "Three Birds Stoned" on Mom's Basement Records.

  These guys have been on my radar since 2018's "Sing Every Day" EP and there's just no denying their ability to write songs that will earworm into your head like that annoying woodpecker outside your window. I know the idea of a gimmick band can pigeon-hole you (pun intended) but personally I LOVE birds. I live on an island with TWO bird sanctuaries and get to watch some of these beautiful creatures on a daily basis.

  BUT - how is the music? Well it's next level Ramonescore with the standard Weasel/TBR influences but these guys are already on that level. Songs like "Mother Nature Really Sucks", "Pre-Suburban Paradise" and the video I'm posting "Just Like Me" spotlight a band already at the top of their game. I said it on my own site - this IS my pick for Pop Punk album of the year. Good luck getting these songs to leave the nest that is your brain!

  Just Like Me...

Thursday, 15 September 2022

Syndrome 81 - Vivre et mourir (Guest Review By Kevin McGovern)


    A big thank you today to Prostitutes frontman Kevin McGovern for recommending the new album by Brest (France) quintet Syndrome 81. Kevin featured on here earlier this month when I posted a track from his latest band, The Trouble Seekers' debut album

  It’s amazing how just sheer power and a few choice notes can turn an ordinary song into a brutal symphony. That’s exactly what Syndrome 81 ( does on their most recent LP Prisons Imaginaires. A neurotic Molotov cocktail of classic Oi! generously laced with the spidery sting of early 1980s UK post-punk. The spirited sounds of punk’s past have been modernized and the impact is intense.

  A few weeks ago I was really in the mood to hear some new music. I was burned out and nothing I had sounded good. It’s easy to feel that way when you’ve listened to your collection 10,000 times over. I’m a tough customer. When I’m on the prowl, I need something that will sucker punch my senses. I heard the band’s name mentioned various times in music discussion groups when someone was seeking out new bands to take a chance on. So I thought I’d give them a shot.

  Their LP immediately caught my attention in a way that most new punk doesn’t. The production is enormous, very clear, and very confident. It sucks you into a new dimension. The band’s playing is feverishly focused and tight. The power chords burn bright and the literate guitar leads dictate the mood. The haunting notes and echoey atmosphere create a new context for classic punk rock aggression. Vocal lines are shouted but then sung with intense melodic prowess. The combination of all these eclectic elements places you in the center of their unique universe. Syndrome 81 is definitely leaving their mark on the world. 

  Check out the first track on the album, “Vivre Et Mouri”. It’s a great representation of what this band is capable of...

Toujours en détresse Toujours la même poisse Toujours les mêmes rues dédale sans issue Toujours dans l’ivresse Toujours les mêmes nuits Toujours les mêmes rêves noyés dans la tise Vivre et mourir, vivre et mourir Vivre et mourir dans cette putain de France Vivre et mourir, vivre et mourir Vivre et mourir dans cette putain de France Toujours en échec Toujours la même merde Toujours les mêmes cordes enserrant nos cous Toujours prisonniers Toujours les mêmes chaînes Toujours les mêmes maîtres qui nous tiennent en laisse En laisse, en laisse pour le restant de nos vies Vivre et mourir, vivre et mourir Vivre et mourir dans cette putain de France Vivre et mourir, vivre et mourir Vivre et mourir dans cette putain de France Vivre et mourir, vivre et mourir Vivre et mourir, vivre et mourir Vivre et mourir dans cette putain de France

Wednesday, 14 September 2022

Protex - You Can Still Thrill Me


  "I used to lie awake at night thinking whatever happened to you..."

  When I wrote about SNAYX on here yesterday I mentioned that they were the type of fresh new band that's helping keep the punk genre healthy. There are plenty of older generation outfits still doing the same. One features today. 

  Protex ( formed in Belfast in 1978 and wrote one of my favourite ever songs (I featured it on here back in 2014 They released a handful of killer singles, signed to Polydor and supported the likes of The Boomtown Rats & Adam And The Ants. They also toured the States and Canada before splitting in 1981. 

  They'd recorded an album for Polydor but it wasn't released until 2010 when New York label Sing Sing Records unearthed the tapes and put it out on vinyl under the title Strange Obsessions. This led to original members Aidan Murtagh and David McMaster reforming the band and they're still going strong.

  Their new album is called Wicked Ways and it's like they've never been away. It's a dozen 3 minute(ish) pop punk gems by a band that have always been compared to fellow countrymen The Undertones and who probably always will be. With a current line up of Aidan Murtagh (vocals/guitar), Norman Boyd (guitar/backing vocals), John Rossi (bass/backing vocals) & Gordie Walker (drums) they've perfected the knack of blending together pop punk and power pop. The album's available on vinyl and digital download :

  Proving they've still got it, this is You Can Still Thrill Me...

Tuesday, 13 September 2022

SNAYX - Work


  When I played the new single by SNAYX ( on this week's Just Some Punk Songs show I mentioned to the listeners who were in the chatroom that they reminded me of Slaves. Another comparison that was thrown back at me was Kid Kapichi. I'm not going to argue with that. All 3 are examples of exciting, young bands that take the essence of golden era punk rock and add their own spin. They're the type of bands that'll keep the genre healthy. Punk's dead? Fuck you!  

  Pronounced Snakes, they're a Brighton based duo, Charlie Herridge (vocals/guitar) and Ollie Horner (bass/backing vocals) that are creating somewhat of a buzz. They've already attracted the attention of Radio 1 and their upward trajectory will only continue with the release of the aforementioned new single. 

  Available from Spotify, iTunes etc (, It's about having to join the rat race in order to pay the bills despite being totally unmotivated. It's an energetic 2 and a half minute fuck you to bosses and miderers everywhere. It's called work...

I said Oi, I get that feeling inside that I’m never enough, Teacher’s always on my back and it’s always so tough, Work, work, work, work, Just so I can get a job, Get a house, Get debt, And then never pay it off, I stand up, I sit down, I get told to shut up, I stand up, I sit down, I get told to shut up, I stand up, I sit down, I get told to shut up, I stand up, I sit down, I get told to shut up, Tell my boss it’s a no, I’m not doing that shift, I’m sleeping all day and then waking up at 6 Do this, Do that, I’m not working like a dog, For the minimum wage and the satisfaction, When the stress kicks in, I hardly ever sleep, I haven’t felt creative even once this week, I haven’t got the courage and I haven’t got the guts, But I’d rather be dead than let the debt pile up, I stand up, I sit down, I get told to shut up, I stand up, I sit down, I get told to shut up, I stand up, I sit down, I get told to shut up, I stand up, I stand up, I stand up, I stand up, I stand up, I sit down, I get told to shut up, I stand up, I sit down, I get told to shut up, I stand up, I stand up, I stand up, I stand up, I stand up, I sit down, I get told to shut up, No, no, no, Mr. Herridge, I’m afraid you’ve maxed your overdraft, And there’s nothing the bank can do, You what, I said there’s nothing the bank can do Mr. Herridge, I beg your pardon, I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to leave, Leave, I stand up, I sit down, I get told to shut up, I stand up, I sit down, I get told to shut up, I stand up, I sit down, I get told to shut up, I stand up, I stand up, I stand up, I stand up, I stand up, I sit down, I get told to shut up, I stand up, I sit down, I get told to shut up, I stand up, I stand up, I stand up, I stand up, I stand up, I sit down, I tell them to F*ck Off, So lazy, I’m lazy, I’m so lazy,

Monday, 12 September 2022

Chum Lord - I'm Terrible At This


  Chum Lord are a new rawk and roll outfit from Kent, Ohio who's line up is Stoney Toney (Guitar), Ryan Dunce (Bass) & Cold Cole Collins (Drums). I assume one of them is the vocalist! I also know pretty much nothing about them other than they have an Instagram page and that they introduced themselves in March by way of a debut 6 song Demo.

  A couple of those songs have been re recorded for their new ep and along with a bunch of new tracks are available here :

  If I say it's sloppy, old school punk rock by a band of delinquents who don't give a fuck I mean it as praise. There's songs about self loathing, Chuck Norris fighting the Vietnamese and a travelling man who you might be best off avoiding. It's a solid listen from a promising band.

  This track is probably my favourite, it's called I'm Terrible At This...

 You got me up
 On a Sunday night thinking of you
 Talking to me
 I don’t think you know what you do
 I'm such a loser I know it doesn’t mean a thing to you
 I’m such a loser I know it doesn’t mean a thing to you

 You got a boyfriend and he’s a lot cooler than me
 You got a boyfriend And he plays much better than me
 I just go on and on and on In my head
 Tossing and turning Baby I’m sweating bullets thinking in my bed

 I don’t know what you want
You want from me
You just want nothing but baby nothing ain’t never free
 I couldn’t make a move even if I tried