Monday, 19 December 2022

The Human Error - News At Ten


  I'm sure the more mature visitors to this blog can just about remember back in time to the late 70's when this new thing called punk rock reared it's oh so beautiful head and every town, city and street corner seemed to give birth to a fresh faced bunch of youngsters who maybe lacked the musical talent of the generation they sought to replace but who brought with them an enthusiasm and a passion that endeared them to those of us that were hungering for something just that little more exciting than had previously been on offer. Those bands picked up their newly acquired instruments and learnt to play them as they were going along. Quite a few of them are still with us today. 

  One band who would have been perfectly at home on the streets and in the flea pits of the West Midlands back then are The Human Error ( They're a young trio, Joe Ree (Vocals/Guitar), Joe Brown (Bass) & Adam Welsh (Drums) who I've featured a couple of times recently and who've just released a debut Self Titled album. Both songs I've had on here, Fractured Britain & Ozone Park, are on it. They're accompanied by another 8 tracks (one of which is a very spirited Buzzcocks cover) that suggest this is a band to watch out for, a band that's only going to get better. 

  Like those 3 chord wonders wowing a generation long before these guys were born, this is a band who deal in no frills, old school punk rock but who do it well and who have the potential to be one of the bands at the forefront of the genre as the usual Rebellion Festival staples begin to hand over the torch. You can find the album here :

  This song is called The News At 10... 

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