Thursday 22 December 2022

Rivalry - Satellite


What was so sweat, now seems so sour...

  What do you get if you lock members of Blitz, Down and Outs & Ducking Punches in a recording studio together? 

  Something pretty damn special.

  Featuring the combined talents of Neil Mclennan, Mark Magill and Pete Wright, Rivalry ( are an exciting new melodic punk "supergroup" who'll be releasing a debut album next year on Brassneck Records and Fixing A Hole (Japan). 

  To let us know what to expect (to be honest, it's pretty much exactly what I was expecting) they've just released a debut single. You can grab it from Spotify

  If you're familiar with the band member's previous work you probably aren't even still reading, you'll have clicked play and be enjoying the music. I don't blame you. This is Satellite...

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