Wednesday 31 August 2022

Isolation - Reach Out


  One band that have been proving popular on recent Just Some Punk Songs shows (so popular I'll be featuring them again next week) have been Falmouth trio Isolation. They feature Charlie Murphy (who's band Freak Genes have just released a rather good new album called Hologram which you can get here : on guitar & vocals, Rob Camp on bass & vocals and Jo House on drums.

  One thing about featuring so many bands on here is that I'll start writing out an update and then realise I've featured them before. In this instance I posted a track by Isolation from their 2019 debut ep where I sounded pretty impressed

  If anything this new release is even better with several of the 5 tracks on offer vying for the title of "most impressive song." Whereas the Bandcamp tags for the debut ep were suggesting we were listening to dark punk and goth (my review mentioned I didn't entirely agree... "don't let that fool you into thinking they're serving up an atmospheric gloom fest"), this time around the tags are for hardcore punk and punk rock which I think is a bit nearer the mark but still not totally accurate. It is hard hitting but there's plenty of hooks for you to hitch your wagon too. It's one of my favourite eps of the year and it's available in 7" teal vinyl (ltd to 250 copies) from Crew Cuts Records :

  For the digital version head this way...

  So, my favourite track. Probably this. It's called Reach Out... 

Tuesday 30 August 2022

Reckling - Spitter


  Reckling ( are from Los Angeles and have just released their latest ep, Human Nature. They feature a line up of vocalist Kelsey Reckling who's ably backed by Max Kuehn (Fidlar), Erik Jimenez (Together Pangea) and Joey Mullen (Paramore). 

  The ep boasts 4 tracks of punked up alt rock including a lively version of the Bad Brains classic How Low Can A Punk Get. They released a proper video last month for one of those songs, In My Hair, and you can find that here :

  It's available as a limited edition 7" (100 copies) and digital download :

  The song I'm highlighting today is the opener. It originally appeared on their 2018 S/T album but returns with a beefed up production job. It's "literally about a girl spitting on me because she didn’t like me, but more generally, it’s about persevering through the difficult things in life. The song sorts through my own angry feelings that were brought on by somebody else’s misdirected emotions." It reminds me of the type of music Courtney Love was releasing back in the 90's with her very fine band Hole, it's called Spitter...

Monday 29 August 2022

The Galaxy Has Eyes - Lookin' at Tiddies


  The Galaxy Has Eyes ( are "An alt punk band influenced by classic punks and sci-fi horror with a dash of hard rock" from Telford, Pennsylvania, who feature a line up of Kyra Wagler (Singer/Songwriter), Charles Raffaele (Drummer), Nicholas Carbo (Guitarist) & Colin Gillis (Bassist/Songwriter). 

  I played one of the songs (Sitting Ducks) from their 7 track Self Titled ep on a recent Just Some Punk Songs show. You can get the ep here :

  Then I noticed they've got a new song on Youtube so that'll go into the playlist for next week's show and it'll also get shouted about on here. 

  It's got a classic 80's style punk vibe, on the evidence of this track I could easily envisage them sharing a stage with the likes of The Avengers or X in a sweaty fleapit in downtown Los Angeles. It's all snark and snarl, it's about being out on the town having fun but attracting unwanted attention. It's a song that'll make you want to investigate this band more.

  It's called Lookin' At Tiddies... 

Sunday 28 August 2022

Hedges - Ally


  The latest awesome new band off the Aussie conveyor belt of killer punk music? Meet Hedges.

  I know pretty much nothing about them except that they're a "3 piece garage punk band from Brisbane, Australia whose music is mostly about sex and the housing market."  Last December they poked their heads above the parapet with a single called No Parties which was a fantastic calling card about killjoy neighbours. 

  That song now graces a debut ep titled Super Ultra Mega Hedges. And super, ultra, mega it is!

  It kicks off in style with Beaches, a track about the housing market and aspiring to relocate to somewhere nicer. It's a monster of a song and it'll feature on this week's Just Some Punk Songs show. Next up is the track you'll find below, this one's about losing touch with your friends due to an over possessive partner. More girlfriend problems follow as we're introduced to Camilla whilst track 4 is about being way too drunk; so drunk you can't even text your friends to come take you home. 

  It's a brilliant debut. Snotty, packed with youthful exuberance and very catchy indeed. I look forward very much to hearing more. You can find it here : 

  This is Ally...

Ally gets me fucked up I'm thinking with two heads She gets me off and says I can't be out past ten I don't mind spending my time with her but I'm Starting to lose my head Cause my friends all pay me out and say I'm dead She's got me By the balls Please let go Ally please let go of my fucking balls Was meant to be a boys night Ally said I need to get my shit right Its alright, I'll go out next week Or maybe next month, if she lets me My friends say hey mate Haven't seen you since the start of the new year Well I say, fuck them They don't give me (emotional support like ally) She's got me By the balls Please let go Ally please let go of my fucking balls I'm whipped, and bored my nuts are sore Ally, I can't take no more I'm whipped and bored, I'm whipped and bored Ally please let go of my fucking balls She's got me By the balls Please let go Ally please let go of my fucking balls

Saturday 27 August 2022

Deathtraps - She Said


  Bringing us "the shitty sound of South Wales' steel towns", Deathtraps ( are the Newport band that I've previously described as playing "really, really, bloody good mutherfuckin' rock n roll."

  Their previous album, Stole Your Rock N Roll, was a modern day garage punk classic and I'm happy to say that the new one is equally as impressive. This time around their sound has been bolstered by the addition of  Johnny H Bomb on co production duties. We got a taste of what to expect with single Red Eyes Black Kisses ( and I'm happy to report the rest of the album is equally incendiary. 

  It's available on vinyl, cd and digital download :

  After a couple of listens, I'd say this is my early favourite, it's an energetic 3 minute blast of top notch, sleazy punk n roll. It's called She Said... 

Friday 26 August 2022

Bart And The Brats - Mental Case


  Bart And The Brats ( return today with a track from their very impressive new Self Titled album. Hailing from La Rochelle in France and fronted by Bart De Vraantijk (a veteran rocker with bands such as Janitors, Pneumonias, Wild Zeros, Skeptics & Teenage Hearts), they've once again come up trumps with a collection of songs that the press release tells us is a mash up of Ramones, Zeros, Kids and Sham 69 style punk rock. 

  The album's been given a vinyl release by No Front Teeth Records (UK) and Big Neck Records (US) and it's also on Bandcamp as a digital download. 

  11 original compositions and a pumped up cover of the Misfits' classic Static Age, it's a must hear album for all those of us that love KBD/garage/punk n roll type music. It's authentically trashy, the production manages to sound top notch without polishing away the rough edges. Check it out.

  I'll play a different track on this week's Just Some Punk Songs show but for today you're getting Mental Case... 

Monday 22 August 2022

The Sorels - Love Your Rock n' Roll


  I've got to be honest, I can't remember exactly what the folk in the chatroom said about today's song when I played it on the Just Some Punk Songs show yesterday (I was a bit pissed after watching a rather fun day of football!) but I know they were very impressed. 

  The Sorels ( are a three piece glam rock 'n' roll group from Winnipeg, Manitoba who featured on here last year with their Spring Break single (

  They return today with the title track to their upcoming ep. Lining up with Jo Jo Rodriguez (Vocals/ Bass/Sax), Jennifer Alexander (Guitar) & Jill Lynott (Drums/Vocals), this is a band that you can't help falling in love with. They take you back in time to an era just before the dawn of punk rock where glam, glitter and shiny platform boots ruled the roost. If there's any justice, they'll have a massive hit on their hands. The ep will be on Reta Records and you can pre order it here :

  This is Love Your Rock n' Roll... 

Saturday 20 August 2022

Newtown Aces - You're Not My God


  "This song deals with my feelings about organised Christian religion and how it has failed to give us a world we can look up to.  Obsessed with money, power and control it has allowed rampant capitalism and warmongering to normalise poverty and greed."

  A slow burning song today from London post-punk duo Newtown Aces ( Lining up with Barny Smyth (punk poet and bass player/guitarist) and Dist (producer/guitarist), they previously featured on here with a track from their excellent debut album The Future Sound Of Punk (

  They've a new mini album out later this year which will be called English Mutineer. In the run up to the release they'll be teasing out a song a month, the first of which, (The Failure Of The) Power Of Man ( was played on a recent Just Some Punk Songs show. Teaser track number 2 will be going up on Spotify on September 2nd ( but you can check out the video now. 

  This is a duo that have something intelligent to say and who's sound is a little more refined than the usual 3 chord thrash. They rely on building an atmosphere to draw the listener in. They probably won't be bouncing around the stage at your local dive bar but they're no less powerful for that. 

  Immerse yourselves, this is You're Not My God...

Wednesday 17 August 2022

Celebration Summer - Fraud


  Celebration Summer ( are from Washington D.C. and feature a line up of Greg Raelson (bass), Glenn Boysko (drums), Dan Hauser (guitar) and Nate Falger (vocals/guitar). They play the kind of melodic punk rock that often leads to them being compared with the likes of Husker Du, Leatherface, Samiam, Hot Water Music etc.

  They've been around for a couple of years or so, I first came across them when I heard the Against The Gun ep and as impressive as that was, the couple of teaser tracks they've released for upcoming album Patience in Presence suggests they've stepped things up another notch. 

  The album will be available on September 23rd from A-F Records on various coloured vinyl and you can get pre orders in now. The label describe it thus; "progressive songs capturing the struggles of modern life in Trump/post-Trump-era America with a pounding rhythm section, punctuated by Boysko’s intricate drumming and Raelson’s melodic bass while incorporating Hauser’s driving guitars and Falger’s poignant lyricism, visceral vocal stylings, and angular guitar structure."                           

  It's also available on vinyl & cd from Shield Recordings :

  The first single from it was Disconnected (I'll play it on this week's Just Some Punk Songs show) and you can find that here :

  The song you'll find below is the band doing what they do best. It's a look at power, corruption and lies with a video that features a number of politicians that even I as a Brit recognise as dodgy shysters. It's called Fraud... 

Tuesday 16 August 2022

Baby Mullet - Not Your Toy


  Baby Mullet ( are three piece female fronted rock band from Naarm/Melbourne who've just released their first sex tape. 

  Now before you start searching furtively around the seedier reaches of the internet can I just mention that it's not a proper sex tape with sweaty bodies and lots of moaning and groaning. It's actually a new ep titled My First Sex Tape. It's still good enough to turn you on though! 


  It's a fun ep from yet another Aussie band that are demanding your attention. They've just supported Amyl And The Sniffers and the ep will only gain them even more fans. It's available as a limited run of 55 translucent pink cassettes and a name your price digital download from Cow Tool Records :

  This is the lead track. It's a message to boys with bad intentions. It's called Not Your Toy...

Monday 15 August 2022

The Papashangos - Keep Calm!


  Today's song came out a couple of months ago. It's by a band that are in a particularly prolific phase at the moment and have put out a couple more releases since (including a memorial ep as a tribute to founding member Dessie Shango who sadly passed away recently). 

  The Papashangos ( are from Bolton and describe themselves as bringing "punk rock mayhem, straight from the garage, with a delicious tinge of seedy horror..." They've been around for about 5 years and are a self confessed weird and raw unholy mess. I think it's fair to say they don't take things too seriously. 

  Their first studio ep, 2018's Just The Tip, saw them singing about how wearing a poncho makes them smile (and how they get off their tits on happiness), how eating people is wrong and overindulging down the boozer. The release I'm concentrating on today sees them trading in the same humorous vein. It's titled Ain't Gonna W​*​*​k No More and it's dedicated to ex-masturbators everywhere. 

  As well as promising Jesus that you'll stop pulling yourself off, the ep also advises you to get out and enjoy your lives rather than sit around on the sofa watching X Factor and it rails against bosses that treat workers like slaves. You can get the ep on cd or digital download :

  The closing song was one that went down well on this week's Just Some Punk Songs show and it's a sweary retort to those who suggest we Keep Calm!...

Saturday 13 August 2022

Future Suck - Hold Me Back


  Future Suck ( are a 5 piece from Melbourne (yeah, another killer Australian band. Just hand over the award for the winner of the "Most exciting country for new punk rock music" competition, no one else is coming close). 

  They've been around since 2019 and line up with George, Carl, Kayley, Grace & Rhys who also feature in a number of other bands such as Blonde Revolver, Super X, Carpet Burn and The Brakes. Mixing old school punk, hardcore & rock 'n' roll they've just followed up their Demo cassette (check it out here : with a debut album. 

  It's titled Simulation and it's 11 tracks of "furious rock and roll for furious people." It's an upgrade from the demo, it's a little more polished but it doesn't sacrifice any of that eps energy for slightly glossier production. If you like your music fast, loud and shouty then this is for you. It's available on black or red vinyl and as a digital download :

  This song is "about finally giving up on something that you’ve been pouring yourself into that isn’t worth your time." It's called Hold Me Back... 

Tuesday 9 August 2022

Mannequin Death Squad - Super Mental Psycho (Guest Review By Steve Simms)


   Mick Fletcher has kindly asked me, to review Mannequin Death Squad's (MDS) ( new single “Super Mental Psycho” for his blog, and so here we go. Bare in mind, this is a first for me.

  Who am I? - My name is Steve Simms and I sing for, I Will Take You Hunting (IWTYH) 

  My band, is supporting this Australian punk rock duo in Inverness at the Tooth & Claw, Inverness, this weekend (Friday 12th August).

  I will start by saying that the tune is a belter and ripples with a confidence and musical sensibility, reminiscent of Hole /Paramore and Shirley Mansun (Garbage). I would also add that they make a hell of a sound for a 2 piece. Elena Velisnky & Daniel Cohn (aka El & Dan) take turns about, on drums / guitar / vocal duties. El is smashing it, into the net on this track.

  El’s bratty vocal swoons and snarls throughout the length of the track. El sure can sing. There is a depth and clarity to the performance / songwriting / mix, which lifts it above the standard pop / punk outfit. They are more likely to crossover into the mainstream then most punks.

  The track starts with a crazed / distressed EL on the phone to Dan, and launches into a groove that fools you into thinking its gonna be a standard affair. Then the tune gets choppy and angry (your gonna be pumped up in the moshpit) and the hooks keep coming. The song drops down in the middle 8, which just pulls you further in, and then it gallops off again. Great guitar sound and driving drums. 3 minutes well spent.

  I am uncertain whether they have a record labels support (I think possibly not). They have had the help of Australian producer Mark Opitz (INXS, Cold Chisel, Divinyls) on their previous output and that shows in the quality of the track. The video for “Super Mental Psycho” shows 2 musicians very much immersed in the moment and enjoying themselves. I have done a quick trawl through their back catalogue and it sounds consistently good.

  As music is more often about image these days, I would say that MDS have that too, and the kids are gonna love ‘em! Hey, us older kids love ‘em too!

  MDS are doing it? They are on tour, and making their way around the world sharing their sound. I wish them the very best. I reckon we are gonna hear a lot more from Mannequin Death Squad.  We are looking forward to sharing a stage with MDS.

  You can get the single, and their earlier releases, here :

  Super Mental Psycho...

I know I'm losing control
I'm super mental psycho
I can't stop breaking the rules
I'm only playing

Make me say the things you won't say
Make me say the things you won't

Is anybody gonna answer my calls?
I'm feeling funny and I hate all my clothes
I hate the feeling of love
I love the feeling of love

Make me say the things you won't say
Make me say the things you won't

Seems like I'm going nowhere
Seems like we're going nowhere

Is it ever gonna be okay?
Sniffing lavender everyday
Looking like I don't care

Monday 8 August 2022

Tite Nauts - Antifas On Your Lawn


  Here's a fun little song which went down well in the chatroom when I played it on this week's Just Some Punk Songs show. It's by a band that's new to me from Chico, California. They're called Tite Nauts ( and they line up with Robin (Vocals), Nate (Drums), Josh (Guitar) & Greg (Bass). According to Bandcamp, Robin and Josh were in Black Fork whilst Nate was a member of Giant Haystacks (though I've not had the pleasure of those bands). They're described as playing grungy punk that sounds like The Avengers merged with L7 with more than a hint of the new wave of British heavy metal. 

  They've just released a debut album, it's titled Denim & Smoke and it's available as a cassette and digital download via Dirt Cult Records of Portland, Oregon (a damn fine label that I'm sure you're all familiar with).

  It's 10 tracks, highlights include Gender Reveal, Calling In Dead and Die (So That We Can Breathe) but if pushed I'd say my favourite is Antifas On Your Lawn...

Sunday 7 August 2022

Barry - No More Boys


  Something a little bit different today.

  Barry ( are a 4 piece from London. None of the band members are called Barry. They're called Helen, Mark, Kathy & Bart. According to their Bandcamp page they're a queercore band. They're also fun and seem to have a happy knack of writing songs that stick in your head.


  They recently released a single called Neolithic Homosex. It's 2 tracks of the kind of music that used to be performed by bands who wore t shirts saying Twee As Fuck and who "woke up every morning to the sound of Sarah records on a compilation tape her friend had sent to her from Paris."

  The A side is a perfectly fine song about gay sex in the age of the cavemen (and cave women) but it's the cute as fuck flip side that's got me smitten. 

  You can get the red vinyl 7" or the name your price download here...

  A breakup song that'll break your heart whilst simultaneously make you feel all warm and fuzzy, this is No More Boys... 


Friday 5 August 2022

The Uglies - Pyramid


  The Uglies ( are from Adelaide and previously featured on here 5 years ago with a track from their debut album Keeping Up With The Uglies

  They return today with the second single from an upcoming album which will be titled PLANET UGLIES and which will be released on October 14th. The first of those teaser tracks came out in June, it was a fast paced punk stomper called Wish My Life Was A Movie and you can check out the video here :

  The new song is equally as catchy and deals with the subject of the fraudulent system of making money based on recruiting an ever-increasing number of "investors." Based on what we've now heard, I'm predicting the album is going to be very fine indeed. You can get both singles as "name your price downloads : 

  Climb the ladder, there's money at the top. 

  This is Pyramid...

Wednesday 3 August 2022

Rites Of Hadda - Agenda Gender Bender


  It's been a few years since London anarcho-witchpunks Rites Of Hadda ( last featured on here ( As with many bands, they were side lined by the pandemic, but they're back refreshed and better than ever. 

  They'll be one of many great acts gracing Blackpool this weekend at the Rebellion Festival and to coincide with that appearance they've just released a new single. Recorded, produced and mastered by John Youens (who regularly features on here with his band Slow Faction), it's a double A side of sax, drag and rock n roll that'll engage both your mind and your feet. It's out now on Horn & Hoof Records and you can grab it as a name your price download here :

  The Debt is 5 and a half minutes of atmospheric introspection whilst the flip side is a more sprightly  affair that'll have the hordes at the RIS/After Dark (Arena) stage at Blackpool dancing with wild abandon. 

  If you want an idea of what the band are like live then check out the song on this live video :

  It's called Agenda Gender Bender...

Intellectually terrorise us who know our truth Swan over here your privilege so uncouth For folk that prize my genitals so highly You showed us yours, missed the point entirely I can see clearly your unwashed agenda And I'm a fucked up agender gender bender Don't try and stop it, there's no way to defend ya You know our existence is here to end ya! Must we endure your snotty expressions Do we judge all women by Myra's indiscretions? And as you deny your murderous duplicity Don't you weaponise my lived authenticity! I can see clearly your unwashed agenda And I'm a fucked up agender gender bender Don't try and stop it, there's no way to defend ya We know our existence is here to end ya!