Tuesday, 9 August 2022

Mannequin Death Squad - Super Mental Psycho (Guest Review By Steve Simms)


   Mick Fletcher has kindly asked me, to review Mannequin Death Squad's (MDS) (https://www.facebook.com/mannequindeathsquad) new single “Super Mental Psycho” for his blog, and so here we go. Bare in mind, this is a first for me.

  Who am I? - My name is Steve Simms and I sing for, I Will Take You Hunting (IWTYH) 

  My band, is supporting this Australian punk rock duo in Inverness at the Tooth & Claw, Inverness, this weekend (Friday 12th August).

  I will start by saying that the tune is a belter and ripples with a confidence and musical sensibility, reminiscent of Hole /Paramore and Shirley Mansun (Garbage). I would also add that they make a hell of a sound for a 2 piece. Elena Velisnky & Daniel Cohn (aka El & Dan) take turns about, on drums / guitar / vocal duties. El is smashing it, into the net on this track.

  El’s bratty vocal swoons and snarls throughout the length of the track. El sure can sing. There is a depth and clarity to the performance / songwriting / mix, which lifts it above the standard pop / punk outfit. They are more likely to crossover into the mainstream then most punks.

  The track starts with a crazed / distressed EL on the phone to Dan, and launches into a groove that fools you into thinking its gonna be a standard affair. Then the tune gets choppy and angry (your gonna be pumped up in the moshpit) and the hooks keep coming. The song drops down in the middle 8, which just pulls you further in, and then it gallops off again. Great guitar sound and driving drums. 3 minutes well spent.

  I am uncertain whether they have a record labels support (I think possibly not). They have had the help of Australian producer Mark Opitz (INXS, Cold Chisel, Divinyls) on their previous output and that shows in the quality of the track. The video for “Super Mental Psycho” shows 2 musicians very much immersed in the moment and enjoying themselves. I have done a quick trawl through their back catalogue and it sounds consistently good.

  As music is more often about image these days, I would say that MDS have that too, and the kids are gonna love ‘em! Hey, us older kids love ‘em too!

  MDS are doing it? They are on tour, and making their way around the world sharing their sound. I wish them the very best. I reckon we are gonna hear a lot more from Mannequin Death Squad.  We are looking forward to sharing a stage with MDS.

  You can get the single, and their earlier releases, here :  https://mannequindeathsquad.bandcamp.com/track/super-mental-psycho

  Super Mental Psycho...

I know I'm losing control
I'm super mental psycho
I can't stop breaking the rules
I'm only playing

Make me say the things you won't say
Make me say the things you won't

Is anybody gonna answer my calls?
I'm feeling funny and I hate all my clothes
I hate the feeling of love
I love the feeling of love

Make me say the things you won't say
Make me say the things you won't

Seems like I'm going nowhere
Seems like we're going nowhere

Is it ever gonna be okay?
Sniffing lavender everyday
Looking like I don't care

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