Saturday 13 August 2022

Future Suck - Hold Me Back


  Future Suck ( are a 5 piece from Melbourne (yeah, another killer Australian band. Just hand over the award for the winner of the "Most exciting country for new punk rock music" competition, no one else is coming close). 

  They've been around since 2019 and line up with George, Carl, Kayley, Grace & Rhys who also feature in a number of other bands such as Blonde Revolver, Super X, Carpet Burn and The Brakes. Mixing old school punk, hardcore & rock 'n' roll they've just followed up their Demo cassette (check it out here : with a debut album. 

  It's titled Simulation and it's 11 tracks of "furious rock and roll for furious people." It's an upgrade from the demo, it's a little more polished but it doesn't sacrifice any of that eps energy for slightly glossier production. If you like your music fast, loud and shouty then this is for you. It's available on black or red vinyl and as a digital download :

  This song is "about finally giving up on something that you’ve been pouring yourself into that isn’t worth your time." It's called Hold Me Back... 

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