Saturday 30 June 2018

BLURG! - Poser


  Well it's still very hot over here in the UK. Must be getting on for a week of unbroken blue skies with no end in sight and though that may be nothing to write home about for many of you, for us in the north west of England it's a bit of a rarity. To celebrate what's looking like a decent summer for once, today's update is a pop punk gem that's by a very promising new band and features a modern day king of pop punk on backing vocals and production duties.

  BLURG! are from Jacksonville, Florida (so I'm sure a week of cloudless skies is nothing unusual for them) and feature Alex (guitar/vocals), Skyfry (bass/backing vocals) and Jayson (drums/backing vocals). The pop punk legend who's recorded their new ep and who contributes backing vocals to a couple of tracks is non other than Queers frontman, Joe Queer.

 The ep is their debut (following on from last years demo and the introductory single, My Girlfriend Is Undead). It's titled Poser and it contains 6 tracks that would have gone down a storm back in the 90's when there were bands on every American street corner putting out this kind of Ramones/Queers/Weasel influenced music. Aside from zombie girlfriends, the lyrics are about the usual old school pop punk tropes such as posers, boredom and the terminally dumb. The sound (as you'd expect from a Joe Queer production) is spot on and the future looks bright. Definitely a band to check out if you're a fan of this kind of sound.

  This is the title track, it's called Poser....

I saw him walk around with a misfits shirt on 
I asked him where he bought it and he said Walmart
He doesn't know a thing about punk rock or its roots
So then he walks around just looking like a fool

He said he thinks they're lame
And punk rock is a shame
He also thinks he's cool but he's not

He's a poser
oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Friday 29 June 2018

Tumble Turn - Fishing For Carp


  I've actually done a little research for today's update, as I don't ever remember eating carp I've googled as to whether or not it's a tasty fish to eat. Supposedly carp are bottom feeders and are known as "trash" fish but if they come from clean water and are cooked properly they can be delicious. I'm guessing that Melbourne band Tumble Turn do their fishing in muddy water and don't put their catch straight from the water into ice (allowing the histamine levels to rise as the carp's body temperature heats up). Hopefully this update will not only help raise their profile but will also help them on their next angling trip.

  And now to the music. Tumble Turn are another humerous Australian punk band who remind me a little of The Chats (I have to be careful when comparing bands to The Chats as earlier this month I did the same with fellow Melbourne band Dole Cheque only for them to comment "piss off The Chats, we wrote songs about Centrelink 1st." This time round I've checked and I don't think either The Chats or Dole Cheque have sung about shitty tasting fish).

  They're a 4 piece with a line up of Nick Evangelou (hambuckers/vocals), Greg Steps (single-coils/vocals), Karl Huttenmeister (bass/vocals) and Trevor Bryan Cotton (drums/vocals). Aside from singing about fish they also sing about other everyday mundanities such as the hassle of trying to find a plumber on a sunday, tax avoidance, Australian hardware stores that have sausage sizzles and travelling to South Australia to cash in your empty tinnies. All humourous looks at life through the eyes of a bunch of Aussie slackers, all great fun. You can check out their new ep, Fishing For Carp, here :

  You can find more info on them here :

  This is the title track of the ep, Fishing For Carp....

Thursday 28 June 2018

The Terrorsurfs - Surf Burger


  Hotter than hell here today. The UK's been so hot this week that even Saddleworth Moor, usually a place shrouded in gloom and mist has seen fires breaking out everywhere. So I think all this sun is deserving of something appropriate, something like the surf sounds served up by The Terrorsurfs.

  The band hail from that famous beach resort of Birmingham! (I think the only previous UK surf band I've posted on here were The Atoms and they come from another place known for it's golden beaches and impressive waves.....Derby!!!). Anyway, their new album features a line up of El Guapo (guitar), TT Shaker (drums), Bamalam (bass) and The Reverend Tonto (more guitars) though tragically the drummer recently passed away after a hard fought battle with cancer.  According to Bandcamp, all members contribute various shouting, screaming, grunting & yelling but the order of the day is mainly instrumental, garage punk influenced surf tuneage. Members also play in a covers band called S Punk 7.

  El Guapo and TT Shaker released a couple of albums on Wild Records as The Terrorsaurs ( before expanding into the Terrorsurfs, moving to surf label Sharawaji Records and releasing firstly 2016's Zomboid Surf Attack album and then recent follow up Mutant Surfin' Trash. Check them out here :

  This is off the new album, perfect for this unusually hot summer, it's called Surf Burger....

Wednesday 27 June 2018

Spiritual Cramp - I Feel Bad Bein' Me


  Spiritual Cramp are from San Francisco's Bay Area and feature Michael Bingham (Creative Adult / Self Defence Family) on vocals. Also in the band are Michael Fenton (bass), Stewart Kuhlo (guitar), Jacob Breeze (guitar), Blaine Patrick (drums) and Max Wickham (tambourine).

  Their debut release was last year's Mass Hysteria ep which came out on React! Records and can be found here :

  They returned earlier this month with follow up, Police State. Another 4 tracks mixing up elements of punk, hardcore and reggae but this time around released by Deranged.....

  Their name is shared with a song by goth rock band Christian Death though comparisons with The Clash and Talking Heads are more the order of the day. The song you'll find below definitely channels the spirit of both London Calling and Psycho Killer.

  This is I Feel Bad Bein' Me....

I'm always walking into rooms full of people.
I'm always wondering if they see what I see.
I always wonder if they know what I'm thinking
I Feed Bad Bein' Me.

I want to come on like an earthquake.
Instead I come on like a headache.
Its not something I want everyone to see.
I Feel Bad Bein Me'.

Tuesday 26 June 2018

Real Sickies - Get Well Soon


  It's been over 3 years since Real Sickies last featured on Just Some Punk Songs ( The song I posted was called Go Away and there's a new version of it on their debut album. Before we get to that I'll just mention that they're from Edmonton (Canada) and they've a second new album pencilled in for later this year. More news will no doubt turn up here : 

  The line up of the band is Ben Disaster (vocals), Josh Gero (guitar/vocals), Todd Rocket (bass), Evan Hughes (guitar) and Rob Lawless (drums).

  So the album that came out earlier this month, it's titled Get Well Soon and it features 13 fun tracks. Pretty much every article I've seen compares the band with The Ramones and Teenage Head. I notice there's a Bandcamp tag that describes them as street pop, it's not a bad description. If you're looking for something to impress your neighbours with as it blasts from your open car windows this summer, you could do a lot worse. Check it out here :

  This is the title track, Get Well Soon....

Here we are, another manic Monday 
It’s getting hard to stay awake 
But every time we get away on the weekend 
Still I wish you’d go away 

Don’t know what you want 
But take it all 

Here we are, solitary confinement 
We keep puttin’ up walls 
Everything’s slipping out of alignment 
Can’t seem to get away at all 

Don’t know what you want 
But take it all 
Don’t know what you need 
But I’m beggin’ please… Just go 
I hope you get well soon 
I hope I get well soon


Monday 25 June 2018

Rabid Dogs - Hangin' Around


  I was listening to Wayne Elliott's excellent Pulsebeat show a few weeks ago (I've just checked and it was this show : and he played a band that was new to me called Rabid Dogs. Very impressive thought I. I'll definitely be getting them on the blog thought I.... And then I forgot. But after seeing them mentioned elsewhere they're back at the forefront of my mind and here they are for your listening pleasure.

  They're a 4 piece from Melbourne featuring Kate Curtis, Al Smith, Kerk Scotczer and Lee Parker. It's vocalist Kate's first band but the others have played in outfits such as Gentlemen, Geld, Kromosom, Miss Destiny, Teargas, Lakes and TOL (all of which are unknown to me).

  Back in January they released a S/T 7" ep on Aarght Records. 4 catchy garage  punk stompers, all of which would have been good enough to post at the bottom of this update. Don't take my word for it, go find out for yourselves....

  The lead track, No Fun, was already on Youtube so I thought I'd add the song I heard on Wayne's show (it deserves to be on there). This is Hangin' Around.... 

Sunday 24 June 2018

Just Some Punk Songs readers Top 20 songs of 2018 so far....


  Just a quick update to thank the half a million plus of you that have clicked on a Just Some Punk Songs page (or maybe the one of you that's clicked a hell of a lot!). Hopefully you've discovered some awesome music.

  There's been plenty of great new releases so far this year and I was going to put together a special show featuring my favourite songs from the first half of 2018. But then I decided to make it your chart instead. So on Tuesday (26th June) at 8pm (UK time) I'll be counting down the Top 20 songs that you guys have clicked on during the year. I've no idea how many updates have been read by those of you that go straight to the title page and scroll down through the entries but I can find counts of page's visited and can therefore put together a pretty accurate chart.

  So if you want an hour of great music (with all the added excitement of a countdown!) either tune in on Tuesday (feel free to come in the chatroom and say hi) or wait till next Sunday when I upload the saved version to Mixcloud and then listen at your convenience (The shows now air on Hong Kong station Radio Lantau on Thursdays and Sundays so I have to wait to upload them).

  It's your chart so you know it'll be good. Tell your friends and lets get some great new punk bands an audience.

  More details on the show (plus the link to where you can listen) here :

The Gakk - Side Of The Road

  "On a journey, destination unknown....."

  The Gakk are the Irish 5 piece from Dundalk who play melodic street punk and occasionally ska & reggae and who first featured on here 18 months ago with a song called Off The Fags & Booze :

  They're back today as they've just unleashed a single that's blazing a trail for their upcoming new album. The album is out later this week and is titled Take A Look Around... I'm confident it'll be a certifiable winner. They'll be launching it on Friday (June 29th) with one of their trademark energetic gigs, it's at The Stag's Head, Linenhall Street, Dundalk and it's free entry (making me sad I'm nowhere near Dundalk). More details of that gig, plus the one in Dublin on Sunday 1st July and their return to the Rebellion Festival in August, here :

  The single is name your price on Bandcamp :

  This is a topical song about the flood of refugees trying desperately to escape their war torn countries only to receive a less than warm welcome from certain supposedly civilised nations "who's gonna care for the warchild when nations give up hope?" It's titled Side Of The Road....

Saturday 23 June 2018

ILL - Bus Shelter


  Another smash with the folk in the chatroom for this week's Just Some Punk Songs show (the saved verion of the show will be uploaded to mixcloud tomorrow ) was Stuck On A Loop by Manchester feminist psych post punks ILL. It was a definite shoe in for posting on here but just to demonstrate to those lovely chatroom people that ILL are no one trick pony I've instead gone with another (equally wonderful) track from the new album.

  That new album is called We Are ILL, it came out last month on Box Records, it's been picking up plenty of rave reviews from proper reviewers and definitely deserves your attention. The band have been together since 2012, feature a line up on the album of Harri Shanahan (vocals/keys), Whitney Bluzma (vocals/bass/percussion), Fiona Ledgard (drums), Sadie Noble (vocals/ guitar/percussion/tapes) and Tamsin Middleton (vocals) and you can find it alongside their earlier singles & eps here :

  Colourful, inventive and really rather cool, We Are ILL should go down a storm with anyone who enjoyed the Lovely Eggs recent smash hit album. Check out more band info here :

  The song you'll find below is about a homeless woman who lives in a Manchester bus shelter, watching the people coming and going, invisible to all. Plenty of local bus destinations are mentioned and there's a brilliant referencing of a Fall classic. Love it!

  This is titled Bus Shelter.....

Friday 22 June 2018

Suspended GIRLS - Trance Ramone (kills POP PUNK)

  There's days when you want to drive down the motorway to work, pedal to the floor, with the car cd player blasting out some fast and furious, smash the state kind of punk rock. You fly past your fellow drivers with thoughts of injustice and insurgency rattling around your brain. And then there's other, more chilled out days when you want to take your time, gaze out at the (oh so familiar) scenery and listen to something fun. Today's song is in that latter category. Oh boy, is it in that latter category...

  Suspended Girls are a Ramones loving Japanese pop punk supergroup from Hiroshima & Aichi featuring members from bands such as Disgusteens, Nobodys, The Dudoos, So-Cho Pistons, Toy-Pooh-Dolls, Lifeball and Counterblow. Those members are  Naokidz, Kota Shimoji and Nasu Ramone.

  I first came across them last year when they contributed a cover of Been Too Long to the compilation A Tribute To Teenage Bottlerocket which came out on Dumb! Records. I think they've been together for around 3 years but have only recently released their debut album. It's titled Pop Punk Is Back! and it's available from Waterslide Records :

  Boss Tunage and Monster Zero have the cd too :

  As you might surmise from the title, the album is a blast of 90's influenced pop punk (that's proper pop punk, not the whiny boy band crap that often passes itself off as pop punk). It's fun, it's catchy and it's highly recommended.

  This is titled Trance Ramone (Kills POP PUNK)......

Thursday 21 June 2018

Radon - Just Want To Play Guitar


  There's some songs I can wholeheartedly empathize with, this is one of those....

  Radon are from Gainesville, Florida and formed back in 1990. They're a proper pop punk band ("playing punk rock lullabies for grumpy assholes") and helped blaze a trail for other local bands such as Less Than Jake and Hot Water Music. They've not been the most prolific of artists down the years but have still put out some great music. My first exposure to them was probably 15 or so years ago when I came across this cool song that's named after them ( Since then I'll admit to only venturing across them sporadically but their new album, More Of Their Lies is a definite winner and is getting me to thinking I should have paid more attention.

  More Of Their Lies is out on Eager Beaver Records and you can also find it digitally here :

  The song you'll find below went down very well when I played it on a recent Just Some Punk Songs show (There'll definitely be more from them on future shows) and when I shared it with mega cool veteran punk rocker J Prozac he said exactly what I'd been thinking, "Rad Tune! Very Bouncing Souls Sounding." I'm guessing Jay also empathizes very much with the song (and unlike me, he actually has a guitar!). This is Just Want To Play Guitar.....
Im not gonna go to work i just wanna play guitar
Im not gonna work i just wanna play guitar
Nothing’s wrong with me i just wanna play guitar
No there’s nothing wrong with me i just wanna play guitar
You’re sick of going to work. Your favorite club is now a Quiznos
You don't know what to do with your life. you’re headed for the big 5-0.
You see it outside, it's the key to life but you see them wash away. Wondering what you're gonna do with your life you're headed for the grave
Tell them all you're not gonna go to work you just wanna play guitar.
When i got home i locked the door like all those times i did before and Lyle Preslar played the fuel, Jeff Nelson lit the flame. Wondering what you're gonna do wondering what you're gonna say. You can see them all and say.


Wednesday 20 June 2018

Scary Women - Billie Boggs

"I might be hungry, I might be cold, it might be a shame but it isn't a crime..."

  Scary Women formed in 215, are from Lansing, Michigan and as well as playing searing rock n roll with a sinister edge they aim to celebrate strong females. With influences running all the way from Bikini Kill to Led Zeppelin (via the likes of Patti Smith, Husker Du, Guided By Voices etc....), they feature a line up of Jennifer Toms (bass/vocals), Amy Starr (guitar/vocals), Tammy Cook (guitar/vocals) and Joel Kuiper (drums).

  They seem to be gigging pretty much constantly and you can check out dates here :

  Intent on world domination, they released their debut, Self Titled album in March. It features 13 tracks of  riot grrrl type rock and is available digitally here :

   My pick of the bunch is a song about Joyce Patricia Brown. Better known as Billie Boggs, she was a homeless person who the city of New York attemped to force into a psychiatric treatment programme following then mayor Ed Koch's policy of removing mentally disturbed homeless people from the streets. You can read more about it here :

  This is Billie Boggs....

Tuesday 19 June 2018

Firecracker 500 - Red, White and You (Review By Dirk Ceustermans)

  Earlier this month Dirk Ceustermans (aka Zaphod Beeblebrox, host of the Zaphod's MediaMofos show) did a rather cool review of the new album by Lyon band DEFAITE. He returns today to give his thoughts on the new, Self Titled, album from Firecracker 500. You can find more band info here :

  In Zaphod's unique style, here's the review....

 Firecracker 500 - S/T (Hostage Records HR069, 2018)

  What's wrong with bands coming out with crazy names nowadays? Firecracker 500 brings to mind a Fiat Cinquecento stuffed with Chinese fireworks, driven by an old looney streetpunk chum, ready to set the scenery alight.

  And so does this slab of blue (saphire blue, mind!) wax, starting with 2 tracks that make even the best streetpunk bands wet their briefs. But this record thinks way more out of the box as loads of melody creeps in and Bartsch' brilliant vocals add lots of value to the melodies put together with real craftmanship.

  Hit after hit on this release, mid tempo arrangements spark and firecrack up the part of your braincell that is meant to be entertained. It doesn't stop, all songs are such a pleasure to explore, I'd name 'm all but if I must, "Rejects", "Chains",
"Evil Love", "2nd Chance" and the very touching "Change" that opens accoustic and where the lyrics start with "Change, not something that you should fear". This courageous 'side project' from McGahey, Bartsch, Tittle and Shears of Shattered Faith
fame lives up to these words.

  This modern day classic is definately one of the best Hostage releases to date! A bold statement, considering the top quality releases this label has come forth with. But the hostage crew couldn't have said it better themselves:  "Chains and change...The trappings of musical expectations has stiffled the sound expansions of many a fine punk band. You want to write an outside of the box record, one that shatters the faith of your accepted sound?... The chains that have held many a band are heavy.
The answer, the ol' new project personification...

  Brilliant release, a must listen.
Zaphod Approved.

  This is Red, White And You.... 

Monday 18 June 2018

Bamboo Vipers - Haunted House

  As Silver Boots, from their previous ep, pretty much blew the roof off regarding viewers to this blog you can imagine how excited I was when I was allowed to give the first play anywhere for the title track from Bamboo Vipers' upcoming new ep. It aired on yesterday's Just Some Punk Songs show and as I have to now wait a week before uploading the saved versions of the shows to Mixcloud (to allow them to be aired a couple of times on Hong Kong station Radio Lantau) I thought I'd better post the song on the blog today.

  The ep is titled Haunted House and it's "out soon" so keep an eye open for it      ( I'm sure Vipers frontman Shaun Morris will probably post news of it's release all over Facebook when it's released!).

  As you may recall from my Silver Boots write up (, the band are from Lymington, are veterans of the UK scene and, as the new ep will demonstrate, are going from strength to strength. You can get more info here :

  As mentioned, this is the title track from the ep and my first thought when listening was "it reminds me of The Men Who Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing." No bad thing in my book and another illustration of the band's versitility (don't forget, Silver Boots was a glam rock stomper that reminded me of Suzi Quatro). They're definitely one of the best UK bands around today. Dark arts in the basement, creaking signposts, a tug on the sleeve, strange things occuring and all of them bad, pumpkins, bubbling cauldrons and blood sucking vampires. This is Haunted House....

Sunday 17 June 2018

The Prozacs - Outta My Face

  I've decided that next week's Just Some Punk Songs show (Tues 26th June) will feature the songs that have been most viewed on this blog during 2018. This way rather than me rounding up my favourite songs from the first half of the year it'll be your favourites. The bands that will be played are highly top secret at the moment although to tie in with today's update I'll let the cat out of the bag on one that has amassed enough views to feature. Stiletto Bomb. The Westfield Massachusetts pop punkers are sadly no longer a going concern but frontman J Prozac still has plenty of music left in him and today I'm bringing you a new song from his other band's upcoming split ep with Marko And The Bruisers.

  The Prozacs are no strangers to this blog so I don't really need to rewrite their history and personnel, if you missed previous updates on them and want to know more just check Facebook :

  And now to the new record. A heads up, if you want a copy of the 7" don't hang around. It'll be limited to 300 pressings, all on multi coloured vinyl, all unique variants and each copy will come with stickers and a digital copy. There's even an option where you can order an exclusive t shirt (a digital version of the whole record won't be available after the release so if you want the record you really need to act quickly). It's titled Massa Fuckin' Chusetts and it features 2 new songs from both bands. You can pre order it from Pop-A-Pill Records here (2 of the songs are available to stream now) :

  Whilst I'm not overly familiar with Marko And The Bruisers I enjoyed their side of the split enough to want to check out more of their pretty extensive looking back catalogue ( The Prozacs songs are all I'd expect them to be, plus more. Track 1 (The Ripper) is about London's most notorious serial killer "dead bodies in the street, this case is incomplete." Track 2, the one you'll find below, sees guest appearances by  Stiletto Bomb co vocalist (and mrs J Prozac) Andrea Lynn as well as Colin Moran (The Damaged), Rob Allen, Angelo Quaglia and Brian Brody. It starts up in classic Prozacs style before morphing into something a little harder hitting. Stiletto Bomb are no more but The Prozacs are as good as they've ever been. This is called Outta My Face....

Saturday 16 June 2018

Morus - Codziennie


  Thanks to Paul Zapasnik for pointing me in the direction of Polish punk band Morus. They formed in 2012 in Warsaw and have undergone several name changes, released a couple of demos (2012 & 2016) and played numerous gigs (mainly squats and independent clubs in their native country). Now they've stepped things up a little with the release of their debut album.

  Titled Cialo Obce (it translates as foreign body), it's available from Rum Nation Records (Germany),  Unrest Records (Canada and Benelux), Iron Man Records (UK), Last Hour Records (USA) and Trujaca Fala (Poland). You can also find the digital version here :

  The music is angry and political but also poetic, it's fast and melodic and as frontwoman Nika says, "We put our hearts into it. It's honest, it's punk, the lyrics deal with important things, things that are difficult to deal with, stuff that hurts, rather sad and depressing..."

  Paul tells me that Nika is somewhat of a legend of the Polish punk scene. Also known as Dominika Domczyk, she was a member of Post Regiment ( back in the 90's and she's also currently in a band called Pochwalone (

  This is the opening track from the new album, this is titled Codziennie.....


nie będę bić brawa 
kiedy wszyscy klaszczą 
nie będę stać prosto 
gdy wszyscy na baczność 

nie przyjmuję reguł 
narzuconych przez ten układ 
sama sobie będę wyznaczać prawa   

wolę skoczyć na sam dół 
spalić za sobą mosty 
niż walić głową w mur 
w poczuciu bezradności 

i’m not going to put my hands together 
when everybody applauds 
i’m not going to stand straight 
when everybody stands to attention 

i don’t accept the rules 
forced by this pact 
i’m going to mark out my laws myself 

i'd rather jump down to the bottom 
burn the bridges behind 
than knock my head against the wall 
feeling helpless


I will not applaud 
when everyone applauds 
I will not stand straight 
when all the attention, 

do not accept the rules 
imposed by the system 
itself I will set the right   

will jump to the bottom 
to burn bridges 
than banging your head against a brick wall 
with a sense of helplessness 

and I'm not going to put my hands together 
when everybody applauds 
and I'm not going to stand straight 
when everybody stands this attention 

and do not accept the rules 
forced by this pact 
, and I'm going to mark out my laws myself 

, and I'd rather jump down to the bottom 
burn the bridges behind 
than knock my head against the wall 
feeling helpless

Friday 15 June 2018

Suckerpunch - Blue Pill Red Pill

  Another band from Birmingham today. Suckerpunch formed in late 2015 and have honed their skills with relentless gigging (their raucous live shows have earnt them a place on the bill at this year's Rebellion Festival). They're a 4 piece featuring Craig (bass/vocals), Todd (guitar/vocals), Rob (drums) and Neil (vocals/guitar). Their debut ep, Strong and Un-Stable came out last year...

You can get more info on them here :

  Today sees the release of their new ep, it's titled View From The Moodswings and it's available from Bunny Boiler Record.

  The ep consists of 3 tracks, the first of which is accompanied by the video you'll see below. An 80 second blast of what I presume is Matrix inspired punk "n" roll (Neo was offered the choice between blue and red pills, red would free him into the real world whilst blue would keep him in the more comfortable confines of the Matrix).

  The only choice you need to make is do you click on the video below. My advice is go for it. This is called Blue Pill Red Pill....

Thursday 14 June 2018

The Liarbilitys - Build More Prisons


  Richard Dick McLaughlin, Dominic Healy, Richard Martin, Phil Merriman and Ian Straughan are responsible for one of the best punk albums of the year so far. They make up Birmingham band The Liarbilitys (not to be confused with similarly spelt bands) and the album in question is called Antagonisms and boy is it good. You can listen to it on Spotify : 

  If the name sounds famliar, you may have caught them first time around (they formed in 2005 but imploded a couple of years later). They passed me by a decade or so ago but fortunately they reformed last year and I'm making up for my previous ignorance by playing the new album to death. You can get more info on them here :

  Their sound is good old fashioned punk rock. They aren't reinventing the wheel but when they write songs this good they don't need to. Antagonisms is one of those albums that doesn't really need much more said about it than "go check it out. now." Hopefully they'll be around for much longer than a couple of years this time round.

  This is Build More Prisons.....

Wednesday 13 June 2018

IDLES - Danny Nedelko

  I was in 2 minds whether or not to post today's song. You've quite possibly already heard it. It'll feature on bigger places than this blog (places with proper writers that can do it much more justice than I can), no doubt it'll get played on mainstream radio. Much better to post something by a more obscure band that could do with the exposure.... But I played it on yesterday's Just Some Punk Songs show and the chatroom folk loved it and I suppose there'll be some of my visitors that haven't heard it yet so what the hell (after all, yesterday's update featured a band from Peru and I'll try and remember to make tomorrow's equally as obscure). Today you're getting a killer song by IDLES.

  From Bristol and formed in 2012, the band line up with Joe Talbot (vocals), Adam Devonshire (bass/backing vocals), Mark Bowen (guitar/backing vocals), Lee Kiernan (rhythm guitar) and Jon Beavis (drums). Their first release was 2012's Welcome ep, it was followed by several eps and singles before they cemented their status as "one of the most exciting British bands right now" with their debut album Brutalism (2017). In August they'll be releasing follow up Joy As An Act Of Resistance. It'll be on Partisan Records and it's fair to say it's eagerly anticipated.

  You can find Brutalism and pre order the new album over on Bandcamp :

  In support of the album they'll be touring pretty much of the whole second half of 2018 (US, UK, Europe) and the lengthy gig list is on Facebook :

  The song you'll find below (the one that sent yesterday's chatroom into fits of rapture) is one of two that they've previewed from the album. Proving that the punk scene in 2018 is still capable as being as fresh and exciting as any genre of music, this is Danny Nedelko....

My blood brother is an Immigrant A beautiful immigrant My blood brother’s Freddie Mercury A Nigerian mother of three He’s made of bone He’s made of blood He’s made of flesh He’s made of love He’s made of you He’s made of me Unity Fear leads to panic Panic leads to pain Pain leads to anger Anger leads to hate Danny Nedelko My best friend is an alien My blood brother is a citizen He’s strong he’s earnest He’s innocent My blood brother is Malala A Polish butcher He’s Mo Farah He’s made of bone He’s made of blood He’s made of flesh He’s made of love He’s made of you He’s made of me Unity Fear leads to panic Panic leads to pain Pain leads to anger Anger leads to hate Danny Nedelko Danny Nedleko Community So fuck you Danny Nedelko Danny Nedelko

Tuesday 12 June 2018


photo : Junior R Tokumaru

  I think today's update features the first song I've posted from Peru. KILL AMIGO are from Lima and line up with Manuel Vela (guitar/vocals), Piero Paccini (guitar/vocals), Qenqo Larv (drums) and Rodrigo Gutierrez (bass). I only discovered them yesterday (thanks to Alvaro from the Cat Nouveau Radio Show) and know very little about them although they are on Facebook :

  Their music is tagged as garage punk and if you want to hear for yourselves what they sound like then check out Bandcamp as their releases (including debut album El Filin Ha Muerto) are name your price :
The album (released last year) was my first exposure to them and I look forward to giving it a proper listen. The song you're getting today (also on Bandcamp) though is a song that they recorded for the Dance To The Radio compilation Cartografia Fugaz.

  This song shares a name with ex member Bronto, who left the band and moved to Miami ("the only thing that motivates us is knowing that you will return").


Autocompasivo has sucumbido ante la ansiedad 
Todavía no has vivido, pero tú ya quieres más 
Ohhh ohhhh 
Viejo y aburrido todo sigue por aquí igual 
Lo único que nos motiva es saber que volverás 
Ooooh Ohhh x2 

El tiempo pasa rápido, pero a veces tan lento 
El tiempo pasa rápido, pero a veces tan lento

(Self-pitying you have succumbed to anxiety 
You have not lived yet, but you already want more 
Ohhh ohhhh 
Old and boring everything is still here 
The only thing that motivates us is knowing that you will return 
Ooooh Ohhh x2 

Time passes fast, but sometimes so slow 
The time it goes fast, but sometimes so slow)

Monday 11 June 2018

Idol Lips - Don't Need Your Love

  Idol Lips are the fastest and loudest punk rock band from Italy. They're from a town called Ceccano (in the province of  Frosinone, Lazio) and they play a kind of glam influenced punk n roll that's earned them comparisons with the likes of Johnny Thunders, New York Dolls and Dead Boys. Think big catchy tunes and plenty of swagger.

  The line up features Tony Volume (guitar/vocals), Vale Blade (guitar/backing vocals), Adrian Ics (bass) and Dee Blade (drums/backing vocals) and they're on Facebook here :

  They've just released their 3rd album (following 2006's Too Much For The City and 2011's Scene Repulisti). It's titled Street values and it's available now on vinyl from Wanda Records :

  You can find the digital version here :

  Bringing the sound of the 70's to a modern day audience, Idol Lips have brought us another 12 bubblegum rock party hits. This is one of them, it's called Don't Need Your Love. Prepare to be impressed....

Sunday 10 June 2018

Rash Decision - Medium Raw

  With the Just Some Punk Songs show and Wayne Elliott's Pulsebeat show both going out on Hong Kong station Radio Lantau, Wayne and myself compare playlists before the shows so we don't duplicate any of the songs. If there is anything in both, one of us will usually swap it although this week we had both included a song that neither of us wanted to leave out so it featured twice. Today's update is that song.

  If you want to check out the shows, I've just uploaded the latest Just Some Punk Songs here :

  Wayne will no doubt post the latest Pulsebeat sometime today here :

  And the song we both felt the need to play? It's taken from Karoshi which is the new album from Falmouth (UK) hardcore punks Rash Decision. The band formed in 2006, are influenced by the likes of Municipal Waste, Black Flag, Minor Threat, Zeke, Slayer etc and the line up features Dave Decision (lead vocals/guitar), Kev Cregan (bass/backing vocals), Simon J Sky (guitar/backing vocals) and Tom Candy (drums).

  You can get the vinyl version of the album here :

  The digital version is name your price on Bandcamp :

  The band are currently touring Europe and you can find the dates here :

  With pedal pressed firmly to the floor, the song rapidly pounds its way through 75 seconds of blisteringly intense hardcore before surprisingly meeting up with popular Irish chanteuse Enya as she travels the Orinoco Flow. Everyone sails away into the sunset. This is called Medium Flow....

Pulled out of nothing, my life starts now. 
Finally a chance not let you down. 
You think you have the knowledge not to fail. 
But that was all to no avail. 

You bleed and you blister in the blasting steam. 
You grow tired and sore and bitter and mean. 
You lose track of who you think you are. 
You cannot see through the scars. 
A masterclass in patience and a lesson learned in life. 
A year of suffering on the edge of a knife. 
You learn to live with the barage of cunts. 
Untill the breaking point when you're left with nuthin. 

Line is drawn. 
Cooked medium raw. 
Burned to a crisp. 

Forced to grind. 
Forced to die 
Fuck you all. 
A masterclass in patience and a lesson learned in life. 
A year of suffering on the edge of a knife. 
You learn to live with the barage of cunts. 
Untill the breaking point when you're left with nuthin. 

Sail away.

Saturday 9 June 2018

Tough Actin' Tinactins - Brain Fog


  It's been a while now but a few years back Kenny Joslen used to feature on this blog fairly regularly as a member of a number of bands with names such as Life On Mars, Murder Cow, Suburban Commandos etc. It seemed if a diy punk release came out of St Louis, Missouri that Kenny had something to do with it.

  Anyway, he's back with a new project. Calling himself Kenny Tinactin he plays guitar and contributes backing vocals and he's joined by Darren Tinactin (vocals/guitar), Sean Tinactin (drums/backing vocals) and Floyd Tinactin (bass/backing vocals). The band are from Alton (a city 15 miles north of St Louis) and they're called Tough Actin' Tinactins.

  A bit of research shows me that Tough Actin' Tinactin is so powerful it cures and prevents most athletes foot. Maybe this means exposure to the band's music will blast away any fungal infection of your ears? Surely no bad thing so make sure you play their song loud.

  So the song, it's the first single from their upcoming album. It's name your price on Bandcamp and it's not too great a departure from Kenny's previous releases. Good, rocking straight up punk with plenty of whoa whoas that would have fit right in on his Braindead Record label back in the day or on his current Murder Cow label (I'm not sure if this new album will be on there but I'll give you the link anyway just in case :

  You can get the single here, name your price.....

  It's called Brain Fog.....


Friday 8 June 2018

Dirt Royal - Glory Days


  Brighton band Dirt Royal formed in 2013 and I notice that back then they were describing themselves as a classic British blend of mod and punk, social commentary and social satire. It's a tag that still holds up well today. Many of the bands I feature on this blog would never get looked at twice by mainstream radio (a damning incitement on the state of mainstream radio in 2018 rather than the bands) but Dirt Royal write songs that would be equally at home on both underground scene and more populist outlets.

  A year ago, when I featured their excellent Waiting For The Radio single I commented how they were being highly praised by the likes of punk legends Mick Jones and Jimmy Pursey ( It's a dead cert their latest single will bring them plenty of new fans.

  The new single will be out on 7" vinyl on 15th June on Just Lust Records. It's a taster to whet your appetites for upcoming album Great Expectations. The album will be on Time For Action Records (as you may have noticed, not only are the band's releases cool as fuck, so are the names of the labels they come out on!). More details on the album plus tour dates (including "a night of pure energy" at Brighton's Rialto Theatre on Friday 22nd June)  will appear on Facebook so give them a like :

  They've just released a video for the single, as likely to appeal to those of us that were listening to music 40 years ago as it is to wow the new generation, this is one of those songs that should be a smash hit and no doubt back in the day would have been. It's called Glory Days....


Thursday 7 June 2018

The Wet Bandits - Veruca


  The Wet Bandits are a melodic punk band from Toronto who formed in 2015 and feature a line up of Dylan Ramstead (vocals/guitar), David Huzyk  (vocals/guitar) (both were members of The Gentlemen Thieves ), Derek Twigger (drums) and Trent White (bass/vocals).

  They released the Sound Waves ep in 2016 and followed it up with 7 track ep, I Hope You Hear This, in May of last 2017. They rounded off last year with a track called The Optimist. Their sound is pretty upbeat and catchy. A mix of pop punk and alt rock, their songs are easy to sing along to and their lyrics are well written :

You’re so much cooler than me, your hair’s so many colours You laughed when I called you my Ramona Flowers We spoke our own language in that cold nicotine cloud Can I see you again? Can I walk you back to your house? Well it’s too bad that in my head is the only place that you exist I made you up. Fictional love 

  I heard their new single last night, just after getting home from a late shift at work. I was chilling with a cold beer and as the song started in my headphones my first thought was Laura Jane Grace. I was immediately drawing comparisons with Against Me! at their most upbeat. Not that the other songs I've listened to by them sound particularly like Against Me! and not that the subject matter of the new single is overly upbeat. I liked it though, definitely one to play on the next Just Some Punk Songs show (as well as share here today). You can find it here :

  If you want to know more, give them a like....

  Anyway, the new single, it's very good and it's called Veruca....

Veruca, why are you so cold?
Will an apology come my way?
Well, I don't think that is something
That you could bring yourself to say

I Just want to dance,
But you just want to hate
And no amount of free nachos
Could ever make you forget all that heartbreak

Well, you say that I am guilty
Purely by association
Excuse me, I'm calling bullshit
Correlation's not causation

The girl who sickens me is at home sick,
While I'm at Homesick with the girl who's sick of me
You're pouring salt in these wounds that
You tore open originally

There are times when decisions just aren't mine to make
So instead, tell your friend to stop looking for love where she lost it in the first place
'Cause in the end, he's my friend, and I'd still buy those nachos
Every single fucking time


Wednesday 6 June 2018

The Phosphorus Bombs - A Bruise


  Yesterday we had Human Bombs so today I'm following that up with The Phosphorus bombs as the second part of an explosive one-two of punk rock goodness. 

  Hailing from Sydney, The Phosphorus Bombs are a 5 piece featuring Beef (guitar/backing vocals), Cheggs (drums), Harwood (guitar/backing vocals), Kearnes (vocals) and Rod (bass/backing vocals). Their influences include Bad Religion, Strung Out, Pennywise, Descendents, Propagandhi, Good Riddance, Ignite, Danzig era Misfits etc...

  They've built up a reputation an an impressive skate punk outfit with a couple of well received eps Chain Of Command (2015) and Barricade (2016) plus last year's blistering debut album Cancers. As the band's name would suggest, the songs are incendiary blasts of fierce, energetic punk rock. Short, explosive and sure to get you moving.

  You can get more info here :

  At the end of this month they'll be releasing a new ep, it'll be titled Blank Slates and was recorded by Frenzal Rhomb's Jay Whalley at The Pet Food Factory. As a taster they've released a single and as with all previous releases you can snap it up name your price on Bandcamp :

  One of the songs on the single is a rip roaring mash up of Bad Religion's I Want To Conquer The World and Modern Man. Below you'll find the title track, it's an unsolicited support of #metoo and it's called A Bruise....

This picture out of frame 
Step back dispute and mute, confusion sought without a name 
The guilt of never backing down 
Shoulders moulded to the sound 
Of voices, purple, black and blue 
Like a bruise 

And speak 
Louder still 
In borrowed space that time has yet to fill 

Yet this is what’s become 
When change recedes from what is needed 
Consolation to the numb 
So left exposed reclaim…the words by any other name 
Histories purple, black and blue 

Like a bruise 
And speak 
Louder still 
In borrowed space that time has yet to fill 
And seethe 
Honestly ’til 
You defend the space your lives are left to fill 

So bodies remember 
The time it takes for someone to believe 
The times you thought life’s better in defeat 
So bodies remember 

So bodies remember 
That lies support the barrier in-between 

Farewell to… 
The simpering remnants of shameful retreat 

So lead… 

So lead 
Bravely til you 
Defend your space with the lives you have rebuilt