Sunday 17 June 2018

The Prozacs - Outta My Face

  I've decided that next week's Just Some Punk Songs show (Tues 26th June) will feature the songs that have been most viewed on this blog during 2018. This way rather than me rounding up my favourite songs from the first half of the year it'll be your favourites. The bands that will be played are highly top secret at the moment although to tie in with today's update I'll let the cat out of the bag on one that has amassed enough views to feature. Stiletto Bomb. The Westfield Massachusetts pop punkers are sadly no longer a going concern but frontman J Prozac still has plenty of music left in him and today I'm bringing you a new song from his other band's upcoming split ep with Marko And The Bruisers.

  The Prozacs are no strangers to this blog so I don't really need to rewrite their history and personnel, if you missed previous updates on them and want to know more just check Facebook :

  And now to the new record. A heads up, if you want a copy of the 7" don't hang around. It'll be limited to 300 pressings, all on multi coloured vinyl, all unique variants and each copy will come with stickers and a digital copy. There's even an option where you can order an exclusive t shirt (a digital version of the whole record won't be available after the release so if you want the record you really need to act quickly). It's titled Massa Fuckin' Chusetts and it features 2 new songs from both bands. You can pre order it from Pop-A-Pill Records here (2 of the songs are available to stream now) :

  Whilst I'm not overly familiar with Marko And The Bruisers I enjoyed their side of the split enough to want to check out more of their pretty extensive looking back catalogue ( The Prozacs songs are all I'd expect them to be, plus more. Track 1 (The Ripper) is about London's most notorious serial killer "dead bodies in the street, this case is incomplete." Track 2, the one you'll find below, sees guest appearances by  Stiletto Bomb co vocalist (and mrs J Prozac) Andrea Lynn as well as Colin Moran (The Damaged), Rob Allen, Angelo Quaglia and Brian Brody. It starts up in classic Prozacs style before morphing into something a little harder hitting. Stiletto Bomb are no more but The Prozacs are as good as they've ever been. This is called Outta My Face....

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