Saturday 2 June 2018

Please Stop! - Positive Attitude

  Please Stop! are the Minnesota band that appeared on here last year following the release of their No Front Teeth Records 7" Power Suit And Dead Bodies ( It featured 8 blistering in your face, hardcore punk hand grenades. Fans will be pleased to learn that debut album, Built To Die, is pretty much more of the same.

  Again on No Front Teeth, the album features 11 tracks.  Furious brevity is still the name of the game (the album is available on a limited edition 7" with a frosted transparent cover). StaySee's distinctive vocals are still at the forefront, the lyrics still appear to be about "real life horror" whilst Danimal (guitar), Cheetah (bass) and Reckless Jane Danger (drums) attack their instruments with pleasingly wreckless abandon. You can check it out here :

  They've a couple of record release shows coming up and you can find more info here :

  This is the opening song, it's called Positive Attitude....

dirty kitchen,broken dishes on a tile floor
you got the trees but they're rotten inside
the clothes! the hallway's a mess
it's alright, its okay
keep a positive attitude baby
I don't know what you mean
sagging eyelids
gray grey hair cover it up
you got the means to make illusion but
the makeup still runs cuz it's not waterproof

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