Friday, 29 June 2018

Tumble Turn - Fishing For Carp


  I've actually done a little research for today's update, as I don't ever remember eating carp I've googled as to whether or not it's a tasty fish to eat. Supposedly carp are bottom feeders and are known as "trash" fish but if they come from clean water and are cooked properly they can be delicious. I'm guessing that Melbourne band Tumble Turn do their fishing in muddy water and don't put their catch straight from the water into ice (allowing the histamine levels to rise as the carp's body temperature heats up). Hopefully this update will not only help raise their profile but will also help them on their next angling trip.

  And now to the music. Tumble Turn are another humerous Australian punk band who remind me a little of The Chats (I have to be careful when comparing bands to The Chats as earlier this month I did the same with fellow Melbourne band Dole Cheque only for them to comment "piss off The Chats, we wrote songs about Centrelink 1st." This time round I've checked and I don't think either The Chats or Dole Cheque have sung about shitty tasting fish).

  They're a 4 piece with a line up of Nick Evangelou (hambuckers/vocals), Greg Steps (single-coils/vocals), Karl Huttenmeister (bass/vocals) and Trevor Bryan Cotton (drums/vocals). Aside from singing about fish they also sing about other everyday mundanities such as the hassle of trying to find a plumber on a sunday, tax avoidance, Australian hardware stores that have sausage sizzles and travelling to South Australia to cash in your empty tinnies. All humourous looks at life through the eyes of a bunch of Aussie slackers, all great fun. You can check out their new ep, Fishing For Carp, here :

  You can find more info on them here :

  This is the title track of the ep, Fishing For Carp....

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