Friday 22 June 2018

Suspended GIRLS - Trance Ramone (kills POP PUNK)

  There's days when you want to drive down the motorway to work, pedal to the floor, with the car cd player blasting out some fast and furious, smash the state kind of punk rock. You fly past your fellow drivers with thoughts of injustice and insurgency rattling around your brain. And then there's other, more chilled out days when you want to take your time, gaze out at the (oh so familiar) scenery and listen to something fun. Today's song is in that latter category. Oh boy, is it in that latter category...

  Suspended Girls are a Ramones loving Japanese pop punk supergroup from Hiroshima & Aichi featuring members from bands such as Disgusteens, Nobodys, The Dudoos, So-Cho Pistons, Toy-Pooh-Dolls, Lifeball and Counterblow. Those members are  Naokidz, Kota Shimoji and Nasu Ramone.

  I first came across them last year when they contributed a cover of Been Too Long to the compilation A Tribute To Teenage Bottlerocket which came out on Dumb! Records. I think they've been together for around 3 years but have only recently released their debut album. It's titled Pop Punk Is Back! and it's available from Waterslide Records :

  Boss Tunage and Monster Zero have the cd too :

  As you might surmise from the title, the album is a blast of 90's influenced pop punk (that's proper pop punk, not the whiny boy band crap that often passes itself off as pop punk). It's fun, it's catchy and it's highly recommended.

  This is titled Trance Ramone (Kills POP PUNK)......

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