Saturday 18 May 2024

Ultimate Thunder - Change Yer Burger


  "If this isn’t the most immediate, exciting and original 2020’s slice of dance-punk since ‘Jobseeker’  and ‘We Live Here’  I don’t know what is…."

  Those are the words of Louder Than War writer and Facebook friend Ged Babey, when he talks about the song ( I'm posting today, in his review of Ultimate Thunder's new ep A Spider Will Come To Eat Your Flesh. He also bemoans the fact that pretty much no one else is bigging up what is a rather spiffing new release so I'm going to jump on the bandwagon.

  The band ( are from Leeds and feature a line up of Matthew Watson (vocals), Alex Sykes (keyboard), Scott Anderson (drums), John Densley (synths), Kenneth Stainburn (bass) & James Heselwood guitar/ production). They play a refreshing style of post punk that you can groove on down to. They're also a learning-disabled / neuro-divergent band.

  The ep's available on vinyl, cd and digital download from Easy Listening Records :

  If you fancy something a little more interesting than your run of the mill punk racket, check it out.

  This track is delightfully playful and it's called Change Yer Burger... 

Thursday 16 May 2024

Beige Banquet - Parasitic Energy


  Beige Banquet are a dark punk 5 piece based in London who feature a line up of Tom Brierley (Guitar, Vocals), Joe Munsey (Guitar), Danny Gillies (Bass), Ian Crafter (Drums) & Blake Carlson-Joshua (Percussion). They released a debut album at the start of 2021 titled Beta but I think it was only towards the end of October last year that I came across them. I notice on my Facebook feed I posted the song Animals and mentioned it was going down well with the listeners to the show. 

  That song was the first single to be taken from the latest album, Ornamental Hermit, which was released a couple of months ago. It's 10 tracks of lively post punk and it's available on vinyl, cd and digital download :

  The song I'm highlighting will give you a good idea of what to expect, it's called Parasitic Energy... 

Wednesday 15 May 2024

Fen Fen - FM


  Here's a band I've played on the show a couple of times recently, they're from Detroit, Michigan and they're called Fen Fen (

  They feature a line up of Luke Bonczyk (vocals), Josh Korf (drums),  Ben Taber (bass) & Jake Hill (guitar) and according to their Bandcamp page their music is the result of what happens when pent-up musicians form a band in a dystopian, pandemic-riddled world and ask an ICU nurse to "scream into this microphone."

 They've been around for a couple of years or so and have just released their debut full length album. It's titled National Threat and it effortlessly hits that punk rock sweet spot. There's no fucking about, no fat needs trimming. None of the 15 tracks head past the 2 minutes mark. Hold on to your hats, strap in and press play... 

  So many old school, hardcore punk ragers to choose from but I'm going with this. It's called FM... 

Tuesday 14 May 2024

Public House - Rich Cunt Party (Guest Review By Paul Austin)


Rich Cunt Party by PUBLIC HOUSE

  Review By Paul Austin at Revolt Into Style (

  This one popped up on my radar the other day and I was surprised that it wasn`t getting a bit more reaction. The reason I was surprised was the fact that the band is a sort of Aussie punk “supergroup.”

  Formed in 2023 In Victoria, Australia members include Wolfgang Buckley of STIFF RICHARDS, James McClurg of BLKLST, Brendan Stringer of cutters & Kalani Vozzo of Doe St.

 Ok lets talk about the debut track “Rich Cunt Party”, well it’s a blistering relentless tirade of punk rock energy with a buzzsaw guitar riff complemented by pounding drums and ferocious vocals, so go on and check it out. I hope it`s not just a one off release and there is more to come as it re-ignited my punk rock fire...

The rich cant party like the poor can party
cause the rich cant party with me
The rich cant party like the poor can party
cause the poor can party for free

At a dinner party with a bunch of nobodies i bet the suits 4 figure amounts

I dont wanna conversation thats another rotations talking to your bank account

Why would i need class when im smoking through glass licking whipper of your girlfriends ass

I dont need status when your off my planet and your rolls royce rockets gone crash

The rich cant party like the poor can party
cause the rich cant party with me
The rich cant party like the poor can party
cause the poor can party for free

I dont wanna do shots on best friends yacht, while your playing with your house of cards

Can i bum your dart can i steal your car can i crash through my backyard

I dont drink champaigne on a first class plane, i sink beers till i shit in my pants

I dont need somebody in a hotel lobby telling me i cant piss in their plants

The rich cant party like the poor can party
cause the rich cant party with me
The rich cant party like the poor can party
cause the poor can party for free

And they call their daddy when steaks are fatty cause they paid 60 dollars a piece

I eat old kebabs on a concrete slab with my last ten bucks for the week

And you dont call mum when your mates are scum cause shes never gonna drive you home

And you cant drink drive when you got no eyes and your keys are up someones nose

Monday 13 May 2024

Solomillo Wellington - Escoria humana


  Solomillo Wellington ( are from Barakaldo in Spain and their name translates into English as Beef Wellington. I've not come across them before though I believe they include members of Los Retumbes ( & Campamento Rumano ( 

  They've just released a debut, Self Titled ep on Family Spree Recordings which features a mouthwatering feast of 4 tracks of fast paced punk rock tuneage. You can get it on 7" vinyl and digital download here :

  This track is called Escoria Humana (Human Scum)...  

Sunday 12 May 2024

Chemical-X - Mawkish


  Chemical-X are a punk band from Bergen County, New Jersey who feature a line up of Adam Avila (vocals), Jaden Mangino (guitar), JC Baltodano (bass) & Scott Mangino (drums). 

  They've been showcasing their talents with the release of an album titled The Complete Collection which gathers together their music and is available here : 

  They've just released a video for a single from it which demonstrates their ability to write fast and catchy tunes. It's called Mawkish... 

Saturday 11 May 2024

The Peawees - Plastic Bullets


   No messing around today, just an instant toe tapping modern day rock n roll classic.

  Hailing from La Spezia, Italy, The Peawees ( have been around since 1995. They've built up a strong following over the years and those fans will no doubt be eagerly anticipating the release of a new album on September 6th. It'll be titled One Ride and it's going to be available via Wild Honey Records (Italy) as well as FOLC Records (Spain) and Spaghetty Town Records (North America).

  To get us in the mood they've just released a single, it's about "authenticity, the importance of staying true to yourself, and trusting your instincts: when you live life trying to be something you're not, you're just like a kid playing cowboys with toy guns and plastic bullets" and it's a catchy little devil. You can get it on 7" vinyl (magenta, white/marbled or black) or digital download here :

  It's called Plastic Bullets...

Whatever it takes So now you say goodbye to the role you played til you ran out of time now you're the winner of a gold box full of nails but you know you've got what it takes so Plastic Bullets x 2 Have you read the new tips in the magazine? How to feed your ego and your self esteem now you're the winner of a gold box full of nails but you know you've got what it takes so Plastic Bullets x 2 And you missed that train again Waiting for someone to tell you where to go And you missed that train again while you're trusting everybody but your gut Plastic Bullets

Thursday 9 May 2024

Slaughterhouse - State of Emergency


  Slaughterhouse ( are a punk band from the south bay of Los Angeles who've been around since 2017. Their line up features Meriel O’Connell (vocals), Eddie Cairns (bass), Taylor Ramirez (guitar) and Nick Aguilar (drums). They're starting to make some very big waves having shared a stage with the likes of Pennywise, Social Distortion, Adolescents, Dead Kennedys and Alkaline Trio and having their recent single Poison played on BBC Radio 1's Rock Show (and on the Just Some Punk Songs show!). 

  They've just returned with a cracking new single and it's only going to keep them on that upward trajectory. You can find it here : or here :

  To quote my good friend Ralph J Rivera, "They carry on the great tradition of female fronted LA bands mixing classic Hardcore with Death-Rock...Meriel handles the vocals like a banshee..."

  This is State Of Emergency...

all quiet on the street
creeping on your hands and knees
on open roads
cut me open watch me bleed
don't look you won't see it
waste on display
seems like hatred's never ending
watch in dismay

it's a state it's a state
it's a state of emergency
it's a state it's a state
it's a state it's a state
get away get away
it's a sate of emergency
get away get away
I want to get away

now we're living in a nightmare
I see the fire in the street
is there anybody out there?
don't try to hear me scream
I said we're living in a nightmare
I hear them whisper in my bead
is there anybody out there?
all quiet in my head

it's a state it's a state
it's a state of emergency
it's a state it's a state
it's a state it's a state
get away get away
it's a sate of emergency
get away get away
I want to get away

one step forward
ten steps back
come a little closer
panic attack

it's a state it's a state
it's a state of emergency
it's a state it's a state
it's a state it's a state
get away get away
it's a sate of emergency
get away get away
I want to get away

Wednesday 8 May 2024

Hemiptera - Notti Nere (Guest Review by Darren Bourne)


   There must be something in the water in Brighton, England. The home of one of the most influential
Crust Punk bands Fall of Efrafa, who still to this day, seem to have a huge cult following & Hemiptera
are heading in their footsteps, and doing a superb job.

  So, if you’re missing that style, and if you want some Melodic Anarchist crust with cello, then look no
further, because these are the new kids on the block & they’ve nailed that style & are making their
own waves. Songs that build up, and build up, then come crashing down & destroy anything in its
path, yet, leaving you going back for more.

  If you’re a fan of bands like Light Bearer, Cwill, Morrow, Ekkaia, Archivist & of course Fall of Efrafa,
then you may want to check these guys out, and some of the spoken word parts remind me of early
90’s French Emo (but in Italian) and for a Demo, the 5-track tape has come out great.

  The full Demo can be downloaded name your price here:

  They have some Demo tapes & shirts for sale over on their Bandcamp page & gigs planned, so go
check them out live, because these are good people, with good politics, and that’s just what I want
in my punk rock.

  And the stand out track for me is Notti Nere... 

Tuesday 7 May 2024

Personal Damage - Banned from Society


  Personal Damage are from Los Angeles and a couple of years ago I featured their cover of Peter Tosh's Steppin Razor (

  They return today as their 3rd ep, Violent Ritual, is getting a 7" vinyl release by Sorry State Records. It was originally self released on cassette but it's now being given a vinyl upgrade. 5 tracks in not much more than 5 minutes of 80's influenced US "snot-fueled, short-fast-and-loud hardcore punk."

  This is the closing track and it's the longest (though at 81 seconds it can hardly be accused of overstaying it's welcome!). It's an outcast anthem titled Banned From Society... 

Sunday 5 May 2024

Fast Blood - Sexual Healing


  Fast Blood ( are based in Newcastle Upon Tyne and they're just one of 24 bands that'll feature on this week's Just Some Punk Songs show (later today :

  They've been around since 2019, feature a line up of Abigail Barlow (vocals), Dave Hillier (guitar),   Kris Brunsden (bass & backing vocals) & Dave Allen (drums). They've just released a debut album titled Sunny Blunts. 

  It's a melodic joy of an album with strong songwriting and great tunes. A limited edition pressing of the LP will be available on coloured vinyl on 1st July 2024, released by Sangre Rapida Records. You can get the digital version here :

  This was one of the singles they made a video for (the other one is here :, it's called Sexual Healing... 

Saturday 4 May 2024

Valley Gals - Male Aggression



  Valley Gals are from Savannah, Georgia and they've just released a third album. Their previous releases were Real Rock (2019) and Snake Oil Salesman (2021)

    The new album's titled The Antagonist and it's available on vinyl and digital download from Graveface Records :                          

    It features some very decent tunes, my favourites on the album are both shouty and catchy such as this one. It's called Male Aggression... 

Friday 3 May 2024

Proud City Fathers - Brands


  So what have I been listening to this morning? Quite a few new releases actually but amongst them the excellent new album by London band Proud City Fathers (

  They've featured on here a couple of times previously so check out those posts for more info on them

  And to listen to their previous releases go here :

  Today they've released a new album titled Human Zoo. It's a dozen anarcho fueled punk tunes that are influenced by all your 80's faves but are topically on point. Straight from opening track Fake Toy Town you can tell that concerns from the 80's are still a worry in 2024 (we might have new builds but the local youths are still rejected). It's an album steeped in frustration and it deserves your ears. 

  It's available on vinyl, cd and digital download and with it being a Grow Your Own Records release you know you're getting a top notch package :

  A song I've picked out to highlight will have you bouncing around, it's called Brands... 

Wednesday 1 May 2024

Dirty Cheetah - Can't Sleep


  A 4th Just Some Punk Songs appearance today for "Montreal's fuel injected - high energy raw punk rock n' rollers" Dirty Cheetah (

  They've been releasing music since 2018 and you can check out their previous stuff here :

  I've managed to have a listen to their new ep Polite As Fuck and it's more of the impressive garage infused punk n roll goodness that we've come to expect from them. It's going to be available on all digital platforms this Friday so watch out for it. 

   I'll play a different song on next week's show but on here you're getting the one they've released a video for. Imagine desperate nights when there's not enough Pilsner in the fridge to put you to sleep so you start dreaming about the wrestling career you never had. This is called Can't Sleep... 

Sunday 28 April 2024

Fucking Angry - No Fun


  Fucking Angry ( are a fucking angry punk band from Bonn and Berlin. They've been around for over a decade, they released an album in 2015 titled Dancing In The Streets ( and they've just returned with a follow up titled ...Still Fucking Angry! It's a dozen energetic "songs about the dark moments in life, about our insatiable desire for higher, faster, further, about loss, about Nazi dirt on the streets and about how punk can finally become relevant again." 

  It's available on vinyl, cd and cassette :                                                      and you can stream it on Bandcamp :

  This song is called No Fun...



Saturday 27 April 2024

Silicone Values - GABBA Receptor


  One of my favourite UK bands over the last few years have been Bristol collective Silicone Values. They've released a string of extremely catchy singles, a number of which I've featured on here :

  I've always thought they didn't get the attention they deserved. Pretty much everyone on the chatroom for the Just Some Punk Songs shows that I've played them on has loved them but in general they've always seemed to go under the radar. Hopefully that's about to change with the release of How to survive when people don't like you and you don't like them.

  It's a 15 track album collated by Paris label sdz records which brings together those singles into one very tidy package. It's available on vinyl and digital download and I'm not exaggerating when I say it's essential listening. 

  I've got to admit that I'm a little confused as by by my reckoning, the 2020 single The Last Work Of Piss Artists b​/​w Just As Simple as That ( is missing but that's made up for with the inclusion of 3 songs I haven't heard before. 

  It's a truly great "greatest hits" comp so check it out. 

  This is one of those new tracks and it's as good if not better than anything the band have done thus far. It's called GABBA Receptor...

Friday 26 April 2024



  It was only a month ago since I featured shouty Glasgow punks Soapbox ( and their song Fascist Bob ( but they make a welcome return today with a track from their new ep. 

  The ep's called Hawd That and it's available from Bold Cut Records  (

  There's 3 tracks. Ya Da's about a chance encounter with a wee runt outside Lidl, Stiff Upper Lip is about the lack of equality in society whilst Meter Made deals with the energy companies coining it in whilst many of us sit around freezing our tatties off. 

  It's another great release by a top new band who've plenty to say (usually about the injustices of every day life). 

  This is Meter Made... 

Tuesday 23 April 2024

38 Coffin - Johnny Thunders


  38 Coffin ( are Lauren Goffin (vocals/guitar), Lindsay Scarey (bass), Andre McGuire (lead guitar) & Dain Hudson (drums). They're from Seattle and they're influenced by all your favourite surf rock, rockabilly & garage bands. 

  They've just released an album titled Leopard Spots which boasts 11 twangtastic batcave style garage punk tracks. Think The Cramps, The Munsters and haunted beaches and you won't be far off. It's available on coloured vinyl (ltd to 200 copies) and digital download :

  You'll be able to see them live next month if you're in Belgium or Germany...

  One of the highlights from a very enjoyable album is about New York guitarist/singer Johnny Thunders who you'll remember from the New York Dolls and later The Heartbreakers...

Friday 19 April 2024

I Will Take You Hunting - No Gods


  Scotland band I Will Take You Hunting ( impressed me a couple of years ago when they released their 2nd album Don't go to bed mad, stay up and fight all night, a song from which I highlighted here :

  Now they're back with album number 3 and it's another powerful sonic assault. It's titled Not Broken and it's available on vinyl from Last Night From Glasgow :

  It's described as "a fabulous blend of hardcore punk, electronic, indie rock, dance and hip hop. For fans of bands like Upchuck, Turnstile, IDLES and Viagra Boys" and I can't disagree with that. The line up of Dave Martin (guitars/drums/synths/shouting), Steve Simms (vocals/lyrics/ Melodies) and DJ Butterscotch (Scratching/Sampling) certainly know how to kick up a racket. 

  It's also available on cd and digital download :

  It's a band that are certainly still very much recognizable from the one that released those 2 earlier albums but the addition of DJ Butterscotch has added a little more playfulness to their sound. Case in point, check out No Gods... 

Monday 15 April 2024

Radium Dolls - I Think Your Boyfriend Likes Me Too


  Quite often on a Monday morning, choosing which song I feature is very easy. I just go with the one that was most popular on last night's show. I think it's fair to say that this week it was this one.

  Radium Dolls ( are a quartet from Brisbane who introduced themselves in 2020 with the Bel-Haven ep. You can find that and a couple more early singles here : 

  They returned last month with a debut album titled Legal Speed which is available on limited edition vinyl ( You can check it out (along with their more recent singles) here :

  It's an album that mixes Aussie punk with alt rock and it features some very fine (and catchy) tunes just like this one. A real mean tune, this is I Think Your Boyfriend Likes Me Too... 

Friday 12 April 2024

Neon Kittens - Don't Get Me Started


  Maybe you remember New Years Eve 2023. It was the 10th anniversary of Just Some Punk Songs and it was the day I first featured a song by York band Neon Kittens ( I commented; "they're a band that are unlikely to ever be part of the mainstream, they very much dance to their own beat." 
  Well that sentiment is front and center of the opening track of the band's new album. These are the lyrics : 

Don't even get me started on that you might never get me to stop don't get me started on that oh boy, you'd better not we are so underground that it's insane no one listens to us no one knows our name don't even say that to me you know that just pisses me off I'm looking through windows, opening doors and now I just need to stop we are so, underground that it's just mad gonna dig down deeper than we ever have

It pretty much sums up what it's like being outside the mainstream and it's a fine start to a very fine album. 

  The album's titled It's a NO Thing! It's 14 tracks of spoken word quirkiness and it's available from Metal Postcard Records...

  Hopefully songs like this will lead to at least a few more people knowing their name, this is Don't Get Me Started... 

Monday 8 April 2024

The Pill - Worms (Guest Review By Ralph J Rivera)


  The Pill ( from Frankfurt, Germany first appeared as a mystery. Out of nowhere their video for "Government Whore" dropped on Youtube. I was completely floored! Who were this band with this incredible singer. Try "Googling" The Pill LOL! Luckily a second video appeared for the song "Salaryman", just as blistering but with more structure. Now I did what I do best and dug deeper to find out they had an upcoming record coming out on "Sounds Of Subterrania" Records.

  Well yesterday it finally dropped and this is everything I thought it would be and more. Guitarists Phillip & Tobias, bassist Jan, drummer Sascha and the best female Punk singer in ages, the goddess Sam, have saved the world with this 10 song masterpiece called "Hollywood Smile". This my friends is why we still listen to Punk Rock.  

  They have a serious early Black Flag sound but with a more modern take on it. Kinda like another favorite band of mine The Side Eyes. Blasting right off with the opening cut "Switch" you're in for some Old School California Hardcore played by some German scene veterans.

  The 2 singles are included plus 8 new ones that slither around your brain and will have you shouting "I AM A GOD"!!! I am completely in love with their singer Sam who is like some broken fairy here to lure you into her world. Remember Katie Jane from "Daisy Chainsaw"? Yeah she's THAT kinda kool!

Since yesterday I've listened to this album six times already and this is hands down my pick for "Punk Rock Album Of The Year". I'd advise you to listen too :

  It's hard to pick a favorite song but for today I'm picking the rager "Worms". Pogo/Slam Accordingly!

Sunday 7 April 2024

Thought Control - Sick & Tired Of The Talking Heads


  Thought Control are a hardcore punk band from New Jersey who sprang to life in 2020 as the solo project of John K. He wrote and performed debut ep Shock To The System on his own but by 2022's PSYCHOS, MURDER, & RAPE RULE THE WORLD 7inch ep he'd recruited a full band line up. 

  You can check out those releases here : 

  The band are now back with a new 8 song ep (mini album?) on UK label Crew Cuts. It's titled Sick & Tired Of The Talking Heads and it takes no prisoners. It's tagged as "music to make you feel good about being pissed off to" and it's a blast. It's available on vinyl (250 x transparent yellow, 250 x black, 10 x test press) and digital download (although I'm assuming the price of the download will come down?)

  The band will be over in the UK for a few live dates later this month : 

  This is the title track... 

Saturday 6 April 2024

Jesse - Gone Fishing


  Can I take it as given that you all love Leatherface? Do we all agree that their 1991 album Mush is one of the greatest of all time? Good, then you'll also love today's song. 

  Jesse were a trio originally featuring Frankie Stubbs, Peter "Spud" Shields and Colin Cumpson (who was later replaced by Leighton Evans). They were active in the mid to late '90s and released a few eps and a self titled album on Rugger Bugger discs. 

  They don't get the recognition that Leatherface still do but they were bloody good and their reputation will only be enhanced by the new reissue of their complete discography on double vinyl lp by Little Rocket Records and Rad Girlfriend Records. I've long thought Frankie Stubbs was one of this country's greatest ever vocalists and this collection goes a long way towards proving that claim. 

  This song is a thing of beauty. It's called Gone Fishing...


Friday 5 April 2024

No Matter - Wart Hog


  No Matter ( are from Northern Ireland and they were previously on here a couple of years ago when I featured a track from their Bad Chemistry album ( 

  If you missed that album you can check it out here :              

  Today I'm posting one of the 2 songs they've contributed to a Ramones tribute compilation from Belfast's Time To Be Proud Records. The comp is titled Hey Ho Belfast Let's Go! and it also features a couple of tracks each from Goon Squad and Brian Young. You can find it here :

  Originally featuring on The Ramones 1984 album Too Tough To Die, this cover does the original proud. It's called Wart Hog... 

I shot some dope, I feel so sickIt's a sick world, sick, sick, sickDrugs and bitches and junkies and fagsArtificial phonies I hate it, hate it
Sick, sick, sick, it's the price I payIt's a sick world, what can I say?No such thing as an even breakThey steal, they cheat, they take-take-take
I want to puke, I can't sit stillJust shoot some dope and I feel illIt's a sick world, sick, sick, sickIt's a hopeless life, I hate it, hate it
It's a joke, it's a lie, it's a ripoff betIt's an outlaw life, we're a renegade bandDrugs and bitches and commies and queersArtificial phonies, I hate it, hate it

Monday 1 April 2024

CB KIddo - Running To you


  Some of you may remember Moncton garage punk outfit Phone Jerks. They featured on here a couple of times  /

  Amongst their line up were Tyler Boots (aka TJ Cabot and his wife Emily Williston. 

  Well, Emily is now back with a solo project called CB Kiddo. She released a Demo single a couple of weeks ago which I featured on last week's show (and which I was going to post on here but Josh over at Faster And Louder introduced us to first

  Anyway, patience is a virtue as Emily has just released a new single and if the demo was very good, this time around we're entering the realms of greatness.

  It's a couple of tracks of scuffed up catchy garage pop with one side being an original composition and the flip featuring a cover of The Forgotten Rebels' Tell Me You Love Me (it was on the band's 1982 album This Ain't Hollywood 

  I'll play the cover on next week's show but on here you're getting Running To You... 

Saturday 30 March 2024

Louis Lingg and the Bombs - Manspreading on the Metro


  Come the revolution, it's going to have a great soundtrack. Hopefully provided by Paris anarcho/techno punks Louis Lingg and the Bombs ( 

  They were a regular feature on Just Some Punk Songs a few years ago with this possibly being my favourite track by them 

  Are they still as good as they were back then? On the evidence of their new ep I'd have to give a resounding yes in reply.

  The ep's titled Can You Hear The Uproar? It's 3 new songs plus 3 instrumental versions. It's music to get your body moving and your mind working. It's the sound of a band channeling their anger in a direction that allows them to have a little more fun than many contemporary acts. Maybe think Chumbawamba mixed with Atari Teenage Riot? 

  This is the lead track, of which they say, "I wrote Manspreading on the Metro about my friend and Colleague Yves who committed suicide because of our director at work. This director lied to us and said he died in his sleep. His wife found out about the lie and told us that he committed suicide because of the director. What an absolute monster that man is. It was originally a grunge song but Octave rewrote it to make it a techno rock song." 

  It's called Manspreading on the Metro...

Verse 1 (He’s) Slouched on the subway Lazy, lack of poise I knew him from work That asshole from accounts He’s looking right through me (I) Think he might be dead No such luck Fucker just doesn’t care He fired my workmates (He) didn’t even blink (A) day of screams He didn’t even hear And now he manspreads A greasy metaphor Taking up space Close your fucking legs Close your fucking legs Prechorus Stop stop the spread! Chorus X2 Man (down) on the metro Legs spreading wide Why aie aie aie! Stabbed him with my stiletto Legs spreading wide Why aie aie aie! Verse 2 The day my friend died (A)Hopeless suicide (He) told us he passed Peaceful, in his sleep You fucking liar You grubby fucking suit Taking up space Close your fucking legs Close your fucking legs! Prechorus Hey dude! It’s rude! Two seats Stop stop the spread! Chorus Man (down) on the metro Legs spreading wide Why aie aie aie! Stabbed him with my stiletto Legs spreading wide Why aie aie aie!

Wednesday 27 March 2024

The Priceduifkes - Water Balloons To A Knife Fight


  It's been 7 years since The Priceduifkes ( last featured on here ( but they return today with a track from their very fine new album Dancing Dirty. 

  They're from Belgium, they've been together since 2003 and I always pronounce their name wrong when I play them on the show (apologies for that). I even made the same mistake on this week's show even though they pronounced it themselves at the end of the song I was playing!

  Anyway, the album, damn it's good. The opening track, Dancing Dirty, went down as well in the chatroom as anything I've played this year. Happily it's not the only gem in this musical treasure trove. It's out on Striped Music ( available on vinyl, cd and digital :

  To demonstrate how strong the album is, I'm highlighting one of the non singles. This is Water Balloons To A Knife Fight... 

Brought a water balloon to a knife fight
Guess I showed up the wrong night
The atmosphere was cooler when I was here in daylight
The wrong place at the wrong time
The story of my dumb life
Might be better to stay home to make sure that I survive
Brought a laser pen to a mud-catch
How long before they get mad
And throw me out of this place
So I miss out the big match
Why can’t I behave like I should
Fuck it, I wouldn’t if I could
I’m kind of a wannabe bad boy
Too good to be up to no good
There’s this difference between what I do and I say
It’s something I can’t help, happens every other day
But if I say tomorrow I will fuck things up
You bet I’ll fuck shit up
Brought my new girlfriend to the punk show
Good idea? I don’t think so
Shoved her in the pogo pit
And now her ribs are so sore
She said that I’m abnormal
I thought she meant adorable
Either way, it’s fine, she’s probably right but I don’t mind
And in the morning I feel quite alright
Start to think about what I did last night
Should I feel sorry, should I be ashamed
Forget it, I won’t have it
I’m feeling great today
Too good to be up to no good
Too bad, I’m better than all that

Tuesday 26 March 2024

DefektDefekt - RETCH


  Hailing from Bremen, DefektDefekt ( are a post punk trio who impressed me back in 2019 when they released a great album titled DEFEKT DEFEKT '79-'81 ( 

  5 years down the line and they're still impressing me. This time around it's by way of a new album, this one's called Aardvark and straight from the opening track you can hear those early 80's UK post punk influences front and centre. 

  The album's available on ltd edition vinyl and digital download from High Noon Records :

  The track I'm highlighting is a snappy little number titled Retch... 

Monday 25 March 2024

Manarovs - I Don't Wanna Kill For You (Tonight)


  Manarovs ( are a quartet of punk rock loving secret agents who are battling against invading aliens. Or something like that! They're from Savannah, Georgia and feature a line up of Captain P. (Bass/Vocals), Handsome Bill (Drums), Double-Oh Two-Names (Guitar/Vocals) and C.I.Dave K.G.Barker (Guitar). They've been engaged in their battle against aliens since 2021 and were introduced to the world via Just Some Punk Songs by way of this intergalactic message from Ralph J Rivera the following year :

  They return today with a track from their sophomore album Callsign: Proton. It's available on LP / CD from Mom's Basement Records and cassette on Memorable But Not Honorable Records. 

  And for digital downloads jump in your rocketship and blast off to Bandcamp :

  If Sci Fi themed pop punk is your thing you need to check these guys out. This track is called I Don't Wanna Kill For You (Tonight)...