Wednesday 23 February 2022

The Nilz - So!


The Nilz ( are the "4 scruffy Irish purveyors of Punk Rock entertainment" from Dublin who featured on here last September with Ginger Jesus, a song that I said would feature on an upcoming album titled Unicorn Hardspots. I predicted the album would be somewhat of a banger and now that it's released I can confirm I was spot on. 
  It's a raucous affair. 13 tracks of shouty punk rock bursting with energy, this is a band that don't seem to have many quiet, introspective moments. They just seem to want to batter you into submission and I can't fault them for that. 

  You can get the album on vinyl, cd or digital download from Rotator Vinyl :

  I played one high spot, Get In The Van, on a recent show so here's another. This is called So!... 

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