Monday 7 February 2022

The Courettes - So What


  Hey guys, The Courettes ( have a new single out on February 25th. It'll be on Damaged Goods Records and it features a track from their excellent Back In Mono album (Misfits and Freaks) and a new song (Killer Eyes). It'll be on ltd edition white vinyl and you can pre order it here :

  But this update isn't about that. 

  It's to highlight a song that features on a release on which The Courettes collaborate with Swiss garage punk trio The Jackets ( Titled Chaputa​!​'s Double Feature Vol​.​4, it's the latest instalment of a series of releases from Chaputa! Records. Both bands contribute a couple of songs each, both bands are on top form. Proving it's possible to sound simultaneously retro and cutting edge, it's a delight. You can get it on vinyl (2 x 7" with a gatefold sleeve) or digital download :

  From The Courettes, this is So What... 

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