Saturday 30 September 2017

Bratakus - No More Love Songs


  Bratakus are a vegan/straight edge riot grrrl punk band from the north of Scotland comprising of 2 sisters, Breagha Cuinn (guitar/vocals) and Onnagh Cuinn (bass) plus a drum machine. They list amongst their influences the likes of The Distillers, Bikini Kill, Alkaline Trio, Ramones, Minor Threat, Reagan Youth and Quarantine.

  Last year they released debut ep Gigantopithecus, on Screaming Babies Reords and they recently returned with debut album Target Grrrl. It contains 10 tracks of "distortion driven break-neck riot grrrl sounds" and you can check it out here : If you want it on vinyl or cd then go here : You may have caught them recently at the Rebellion Festival.

  From the album, this is No More Love Songs....

 Verse 1: 
I'm so bored, yeah, I'm so bored, 
This is getting so absurd, 
No more love songs for Christ's sake, 
I'm falling asleep while I'm standing awake. 

No more love songs x6 
No more love songs before you make me laugh, 
No more love songs before you make me cry, 
No more love songs before you make me scream, 
No more love songs before you make me die. 

Verse 2: 
I'm asleep, yeah, I'm asleep, 
Wake me when there's something unique, 
No more love songs for Christ's sake, 
This is more than I can take. 

No more love songs x6 

No more love songs before you make me laugh, 
No more love songs before you make me cry, 
No more love songs before you make me scream, 
No more love songs before you make me die. 

No more love songs, I think we've got it by now x3 
No. More. Love. Songs.


Friday 29 September 2017

Rundown Kreeps - Me and Jay in Space


  This week started with a special Just Some Punk Songs show featuring an hour of vintage ska and reggae ( and then yesterday the blog showcased a melding of ska with oi from excellent German band Arthur And The Spooners so what better way to round it off with some upbeat ska punkabilly from Los Angeles.

  Rundown Kreeps formed in 2009 and are a trio featuring Richard Lamas (guitar/vocals), Steven Lamas (drums/vocals) and Anthony Melendez (bass/vocals). Their influences include Streetlight Manifesto, Big D And The Kids Table, Operation Ivy, The Descendents etc. They've played several large festivals alongside bands such as Big Reel Fish, TSOL, The Toasters, The Dickies, Voodoo Glow Skulls, The Weirdos....

  Their debut release was 2015's Breaking The Routine ep and they recently returned with debut album Illside Village. They're currently unsigned and have self released the album, you can find it on iTunes, Spotify etc as well as Bandcamp (both cd & digital)....
  If you like your punk music to bring a smile to your face whilst simultaneously causing your feet to move then Rundown Kreeps may well be the band for you. This is Me And Jay In Space....


Thursday 28 September 2017

Arthur and the Spooners - No punkrock in my car


  Arthur And The Spooners are a 5 piece band from Berlin who's music incorporates elements of reggae, ska, oi, rhythm and a touch of hardcore. All of these compononents coalesce to produce a sound that's not only fun but is as catchy as hell. Amongst their influences they list a wide range of artists including The Specials, Cock Sparrer, The Business, Judge Dredd, Peter & The Test Tube Babies, Bruce Springsteen etc....

  Their 2009 album All Spooned Up was released by Contra Records and now they return with follow up, Skinhead Spoonstomp. It's a collaborative release from Contra and German label Steeltown Records and you can check it out here : You may find some of the songs familiar.....

   If you're a fan of Vanilla Muffins, you may recognise this. No Punkrock In My Car....

Wednesday 27 September 2017

Dead Hero - Otro Dia


  Dead Hero are from Bogota, Colombia and are influenced largely by the 80's UK and French oi scenes. They released a demo tape titled Seguimos En Pie (We're Still Standing) in 2015 and followed it later that year with the Antisocial 12" which was a split album with fellow Bogota band Secta (with whom they share several members).

  Earlier this month they returned to self release a cassette album titled La Vida Continua (Life Goes On). With excellent female vocals courtesy of Paula Suarez and more than able backing from Daniel Puentes (guitar), Luigi Ortiz (bass) and Santiago Gonzalez (drums) this is a release you should definitely check out. You can stream it here :

  This song is called Otro Dia (Another Day)......

Y Te levantas un día más 
Todos te dicen lo que tienes que hacer 
Imaginas lo que pasará 
Y sacas fuerzas para poderlo evitar 

No te interesa saber de nadie 
Otro día perdido esta 
No te interesa saber de nadie 
Y Sabes que nunca te importará 

Esperas que la noche llegue 
y Olvidar lo que pasó 
Al otro día luchar para despertar 

La rabia se apodera de ti 
Cuando los días grises están 
Madrugar a trabajar  
sientes  una  fatiga mental 
Quieres irte y desaparecer 
Otra semana  pérdida  esta 
Cuando vas a dormir 
Piensas que las cosas cambiarán. 

Esperas que la noche llegue y 
Olvidas lo que pasó 
Al otro día luchar para despertar 

Cansado de lo que pasas a diario 
Eres joven y solo quieres diversión 
Cansado de lo que pasas a diario 
Eres joven y solo quieres diversión

If Google translate is to be believed :

And you wake up one more day 
Everybody tell you what you have to do 
Imagine what will happen 
And you draw strength to be able to avoid It 

does not interest you to know anybody 
Another day lost this 
You do not care to know about anyone 
And You know that you will never mind You 

wait for the night arrive 
and Forget what happened 
The other day fight to wake 

The rage takes over you 
When the gray days are 
Madruga to work  
you feel a mental fatigue 
You want to leave and disappear 
Another week loss this 
When you go to sleep 
You think that things will change. 

You wait for the night to come and 
forget what happened 
The next day fight to wake up 

Tired of what you spend every day 
You're young and you just want fun 
Tired of what you spend every day 
You're young and you just want fun

Tuesday 26 September 2017

Radio Buzzkills - I Wanna Kick Trump in the Face

  When Donald Trump was elected POTUS it was said that it would result in there being plenty of great music (it's just a shame he seems to want to bring the world to the brink of world war 3 whilst driving a wedge between the various different races & sexual orientations at home). He's becoming a bit of an easy target for disgruntled musicians to take aim at but I suppose it's only to be expected when he continually insists on painting a giant bullseye on his own back. Anyway, today you're getting another Trump bashing song.

  The Radio Buzzkills are from St Louis, Missouri and can be bracketed into the same category of old school, pop punk as the likes of The Queers, Screeching Weasel, The Parasites, The Manges and of course the pioneers of the field, The Ramones. They previously appeared on this blog with the Red Dawn inspired song Wolverines which was taken from 2016's The Quick And The Cheap ep ( Now they're back....

  Lining up with Zac Leonard (vocals), Jesse "Buzzkill" Abshier (guitar/vocals), GG Donahue (guitar/vocals), Jen "Buzzkill" Farrell (bass/vocals) and Matt Timson (drums/vocals) they've recorded a new album, Get Fired, which they'll be releasing  in January. They had 2 songs left over so they took a day to record them live and they've just been released as a single on Milksop Records. It's titled Can't Be Killed and as well as the Trump bashing A side you also get a great cover of a Prozacs classic (which I'll play on next week's Just Some Punk Songs show). You can d/l the single name your price here :

  Also on the horizon, again on Milksop Records, is a split 7" with Chicago band The Hypnic Jerks.

  If you find a song about a twitter obsessed, China harassing, woman molester who has tiny baby hands offensive then possibly this won't be your cup of tea. Otherwise enjoy. I Wanna Kick Trump In The Face....

Monday 25 September 2017

Against the Odds - From the Kids

  Against The Odds are a melodic hardcore punk band from Novi Sad, Serbia. They formed in 2011 and released their debut album, Let Friends Be Friends, in 2015. Since then they've parted ways with their drummer and since replacing him with Pavel have now got the sound they've been looking for. The rest of the band is Jovan Slijepčević (vocals), Nina Zvezdin (guitar), Ognjen Arđelan (guitar/vocals) and Marko Ranisavljev (bass/vocals).

  They've just released a new ep titled 11th Hour and you can get it (as well as their album) name your price on Bandcamp....

  The ep contains 5 tracks, one of which they've made a video for. This is From The Kids.....

All that we have done here 
with broken strings and healthy minds 
Smashing into pieces 
with a drop of dirty dye 

Don’t pull out the bricks 
from the walls we watched you build 
While we are still bleeding for 
the legacy of what you used to be 

This was made for all of us 
No one should be on the outside looking in 
It’s for the kids from the kids 
Just leave your ego at the door 

This was made for all of us 
No one should be on the outside looking in 
It’s for the kids from the kids 
Just leave your ego at the door 

And if you need a reminder, 
we’ll strike the match to light the fuse 

It’s from the kids for the kids 
Don’t let it be last call

Sunday 24 September 2017

Cheap Perfume - It's Okay (To Punch Nazis)


  Cheap Perfume are a feminist punk rock band who formed in Colorado in 2015 and who's line up features Jane No (vocals), Stephanie Byrne (vocals/guitar), Dave "Hot Dave" Grimm (drums) and Geoff Brent (bass). They released their debut album, Nailed It, in Nov 2016 and they sing about subjects such as women's rights, equality, sex, relationships, violence and politics.

  Earlier this month they released a new single which deals with the rise of the alt right, how they're emboldened by the bully in the White House and how even though violence is wrong, it's ok to confront fascists with direct action. It was inspired by events in Charlottesville and the punching of white nationalist Richard Spencer.  The song also wonders how it's possible for the US to elect a rapist rather than a woman. You can find both album and single here : All proceeds from the single will be donated to the Heather Heyer foundation.

  This is It's Ok (To Punch Nazis).....

Our fear has made us gullible 
A bully rose to take control 
And now they're yelling "off with their heads!" 
We've been through this, we ended it 
Or so we thought, it had been fought 
It's like an army back from the dead 

The racists got a PR firm 
Hired men in fancy shirts 
But have the same ideology 
We've had to say a lot of stuff we thought was fucking obvious like 

Never thought that it would happen but now look where we are 
We'd rather have a rapist than a woman in power 
When we got complacent in defending our rights 
The nazis changed their names and they're called the alt right 

Death to white supremacists 
Like Milo Yiannopoulos 
Homophobes and hatred they spread 
Let's get intersectional 
Basic human rights for all 
We won't stop till fascism's dead 

Terrorize the red pill plague 
Poison all the KKK 
And piss on your ideology 
We've had to say a lot of stuff we thought was fucking obvious like 

Never thought that it would happen but now look where we are 
We'd rather have a rapist than a woman in power 
When we got complacent in defending our rights 
The nazis changed their names and they're called the alt right [x3]


Saturday 23 September 2017

Warm Needles - All I've Ever Wanted


  Forming in 2011, Warm Needles are from Long Island, New York and line up with Andy Strebel (guitar/vocals), Dave Bowden (bass/vocals) and Gerge Malone (drums). Malone has previously featured in bands such as Get Bent, Beak Lizzy, Creepy Crawlers and Jonesin' and replaces Michael Santa Maria following his move to Florida.

  Their first release was 2011's The Band Records A Demo and they've since put out a number of ep's, splits, a compilation of early material and the Inconsolable album. You can find them all name your price on Bandcamp....

  This autumn will see them release a new ep titled No Friends No Enemies. It's pencilled in for October 5th and will be available on Tour Van Records and Different Kitchen Records. You can check out a song from it now, this is called All I've Ever Wanted.....

Shaking in my shoes All I’ve ever wanted It would mean a lot to me It would mean a lot to me Frozen to the bone All I’ve ever wanted It would mean a lot to me It would mean a lot to me I want to know what real fear feels like Not just some empty threat I want to know how fragile life is So I know that I’m prepared Living with a purpose All I’ve ever wanted It would mean a lot to me It would mean a lot to me Feeling like I’m worthy All I’ve ever wanted It would mean a lot to me It would mean a lot to me I want to know what real fear feels like Not just some empty threat I want to know how fragile life is So I know that I’m prepared

Friday 22 September 2017

Los Lunes - Bruce Campbell


  I'm pretty sure that this is the first appearance on Just Some Punk Songs of a band from Uruguay. Los Lunes are from Montevideo and seem to have been releasing music since 2013. That year saw a collection of demos plus a split ep with Mexican band Maledukados. In 2015 they released the Mondo Mongo ep and the following year came the Funcion Trasnoche (Function Afternoon?) single. They returned earlier this month with single Bruce Snider. It contains 2 new tracks, Your Girlfriend Looks Like Dee Snider/Bruce Campbell and the cover features an amalgamation of the faces of the Twisted Sister frontman with the Evil Dead actor. They name their influences as being The Ramones, Queers and Screeching Weasel and they sing about stuff like camp Crystal Lake and Revenge Of The Nerds. If this sounds like your kind of thing their music is available name your price on Bandcamp....

  They're a trio featuring Rodrigo Melian (guitar/vocals), Christian Amaro (drums) and Martin Napalm (bass/vocals).

  This is their new video, it's short and sweet and titled Bruce Campbell....

Thursday 21 September 2017

Amyl and The Sniffers - 70's Street Munchies


  Amyl And The Sniffers are from St Kilda, Melbourne and despite only being together for around 18 months have already released a couple of very decent eps and are a band I'm excited to see how they progress.

  Their debut ep was Giddy Up and it features 4 tracks, my favourites being Mandalay and Stole My Push Bike. Ep2 is titled Big Attraction and came out last February. This time around there's 6 tracks and in my opinion it's a step up from the debut (good as that was). Both are name your price on Bandcamp so if you're a fan of female fronted punk that combines attitude, sexiness and fun then don't hesitate to check them out.....

  The focal point of the band is frontwoman Amy Taylor but she's ably backed up by Dec Martens (guitar), Bryce Wilson (drums) and Fergus Romer (bass). Amy also features on a new video by Cosmic Psychos ( and both bands will be gigging together in November (check dates here : .  Amyl And The Sniffers will also be supporting Foo Fighters and Weezer in Adelaide on January 23rd.

  On Tuesday's Just Some Punk Songs show, I played them and they went down a storm with the folk in the chatroom. They were just one of a number of hot new Australian punk bands on the show and if you want to have a listen it's saved here :

  Not easy to pick a favourite song to highlight as Big Attraction contains a number of contenders for that honour but I'm going with 70's Street Munchies....


Wednesday 20 September 2017

7 Years Bad Luck - No Control


  7 Years Bad Luck are a long running band from Austria (Saalfelden/Innsbruck) who's line up features Tambus (vocals/drums), Andy (vocals/bass) and Giorgio (guitar/vocals). They play catchy, melodic pop punk which should appeal to fans of The Descendents, Alkaline Trio, Jawbreaker, Screeching Weasel etc....

  Last month saw the release of their new album Great, Big, Nothing. It's available from Monster Zero Records and NoReason Records and you can also find it on Bandcamp :

  Below you'll find a video for the opening song on the album, it's called No Control.....

she slams the door and leaves you standing in the rain another night gone bad, to you it's all the same left your car running in the parking lot, better watch your step today, you're feeling old there's no control you're like a blur, don't have the time to make amends i guess it doesn't make a difference in the end you take one step forward, ten steps back, i'd laugh, but i have issues of my own there's no control and wherever you go you're always late you’re trying so hard to compensate no matter what you think no matter what you do your life is just a one man show your life is just a one man show this is your last chance to take control

Tuesday 19 September 2017

Vista Blue - Girl Who Can Curl

  Anyone who regularly visits this blog will be familiar with Nashville power pop outfit Vista Blue. They've featured plenty of times over the last few years and they return today with a song from a new split ep they've released on their own Radiant Radish label in collaboration with The Zambonis.

  Formed in 1991, The Zambonis always record songs about hockey whilst many of Vista Blue's are baseball themed, this time around though they're both taking on curling. The ep's called Songs About Curling and it's a celebration of the 2018 Winter Olympics. You can pre order the 7" vinyl here :

  Those who prefer digital should head this way.....

  There's 2 songs from each band, The Zambonis take a laid back almost country approach with Sweep Me Over The Hogline whilst Curling Girl is not only the cutest girl in town but she likes both hockey and The Ramones. No wonder they love her! Vista Blue pick up the pace with the 60's smash hit that never was, Curling All Around The USA and they round off an excellent ep with the song you'll find below.

  If there's any bands around at the moment that are catchier than Vista Blue, please let me know. This is Girl Who Can Curl....

Monday 18 September 2017

Fresh - Bible Camp


  Fresh are from London, they formed in 2015 and they're a bit punky, a bit indie, a bit bloody good. Some of their songs are acoustic, some are a little bit noisier than that. They write about subjects such as depression, sexuality, exams and bible camp! Their frontwoman, Kathryn Woods, has a great voice. So check them out.

  May 2015 saw them release debut ep, Gewingchum, whilst the follow up, These Things Are Not That Fun, appeared later that year. Now on Specialist Subject Records, they recently released their self titled debut album and it's been the subject of a number of very positive reviews. Deceptively sweet tunes with bite are very much order of the day, lend them your ears....

  This is the shortest song on the album (I'll play a longer one on tomorrow's Just Some Punk Songs show, it's called Bible Camp.....

Sunday 17 September 2017

PedAgree Skum - Assisted Suicide

   PedAgree Skum are an old school punk band from Stoke On Trent who formed in 2010 when a couple of friends, Katie "Phoenix" Dodd (vocals) and Rich Gulag got together with a notebook, pen and an old acoustic guitar and started writing songs. Several line up changes later those 2 founder members remain, along with drummer Muff Hollis and Dayle Denton (bass).

  Their music is often political in content, their lyrics deal with issues such as greed, individuality, police brutality etc. Comparisons can be drawn with bands such as Zounds, Anthrax and Rudimentary Peni.

  They recently released a new single and you can find it, along with their earlier material, over on Bandcamp : They've also contributed a song called Stronger to the Rebel Songs From A Prison Planet compilation. The comp features several bands that have appeared on this blog and is name your price here :

  Is it right to set someone free when their body fails, when they're in constant pain and when their dignity is gone? Should people have the right to choose when they want their life to end? This is Assisted Suicide.....

Saturday 16 September 2017

The Riptides - Beam Me Up

  The Riptides are the Canadian pop punk band from Ottawa who previously appeared on this blog with the rather wonderful Shit Outta Luck ( That classic slice of Ramones/Beach Boys inspired punk tunage was the closing track on their excellent 2009 album Tales From Planet Earth. Since then they've released a few eps, including splits with bands such as The Queers, The Dwarves, The Apers and The Connection. Now they return with a new 18 track album called Canadian Graffiti. You can get it on vinyl from Something To Do Records ( or it's available, along with their earlier stuff, over on Bandcamp :

  Lining up with Andy Vandal (vocals), Bob Goblin (bass/vocals), Doug Vermin (guitar/vocals), Corey Omega (guitar/vocals) and Dan Lumley (drums) the band have made one of the best pop punk albums of 2017 (The gauntlet has been thrown down to The Lillingtons). It's been 8 years since Tales From Planet Earth but they haven't missed a beat, look up the word catchy in the dictionary and you'll find a picture of The Riptides!

  I could have pretty much highlighted any of the tracks but as someone's already stuck one up on Youtube (and as regular readers will have noticed, I'm a sucker for sci fi themed pop punk songs) I'll go with that. This is Beam Me Up....

beam me up
take me far from here
beam me up
my mission's no longer clear
'cause i don't wanna see you crying
as i head to outer space
but i just can't keep lying
and pretend i get this place, anymore

beam me up
get me off this rock
beam me up
i'll hang with mr spock
because everything they're saying
makes me want to shake my head
the politics they're playing
makes me fear the road ahead
beam me up and take me far from here
ooh baby, beam me up
and take me away from here

cause i don't want to see you crying
as i head to outer space
but i just can't keep lying
and pretend i get this place
beam me up and take me far from here
ooh baby, beam me up
and take me away from here...... 

Friday 15 September 2017

Young Offenders - Wasting Time


  Young Offenders are a three piece from Adelaide featuring  Kyle Landman (vocals/guitar), Anthony Katern (bass) and Leigh Shags (drums). They've been releasing their punk and reggae influenced music since 2013 and you can download it name your price on Bandcamp : 

  They managed to get themselves noticed a couple of years ago by the Joe Strummer Foundation and this resulted in them getting a slot at this year's Glastonbury Festival. They also managed to fit in several European dates whilst they were over here.

  The song you'll see below is their most recent single, it came out in February and as with their earlier releases it's available name your price. This is really rather good, it's called Wasting Time but you certainly won't be wasting yours by checking it out....

The woman on the TV 
Telling me just what i need 
Telling me just what to buy 
You can't get in to my mind 

Credit cards are in the red 
Do not let them in your head 
Buy one buy one get one free 
Satisfaction guaranteed 

I'm just wasting time 
Thinking about you 

Pirate radio station plays 
Propaganda air waves 
You must dance now to this song 
The same beat as the last one 

But the captain says it's cool 
So I guess it must be true 
Buy one buy one get one free 
Satisfaction guaranteed 

I'm just wasting time 
Thinking about you 
And all the little things you do



Thursday 14 September 2017

Round Eye - Billy


  Round Eye are an "experimental freak punk outfit" who formed in 2012 and are based in Shanghai. Influenced by bands and artists such as The Stooges, Captain Beefheart, John Coltrane etc their current line up features Chachy (guitar vocals), Livio (bass/vocals), Gil (guitar), Jimmy Jack (drums), Mac (tenor sax) and Robert "Gomey" Gomez (tenor sax).

  They've had an interesting existence so far, as well as touring globally and sharing a stage with the likes of Mike Watt & The Missing Men, Fleshtones, D.O.A., MDC, Paul Collins Beat etc etc etc they've also been banned from performing by the Chinese Ministry Of Culture, been the only rock band to film a video in North Korea and recorded with (Black Flag's) Greg Ginn, lo fi legensd R Stevie Moore and saxophonist Steve Mackay (Stooges/Violent Femmes....his last recordings before he passed away).

  Their most recent album came out in April on Sudden Death Records and is titled Monster Vision. It's a touch more experimental than your typical Just Some Punk Songs fare but if you're looking for something a little different then this could well be for you. Razorcake described it as the bastard offspring of The Butthole Surfers and The Fall but you can make up your own minds....

  Taken from Monster Vision, this is called Billy.....

Wednesday 13 September 2017

Oi Polloi - Donald Trump Fuck You

  Scottish anarcho-punks Oi Polloi return to the blog today with a new single. They previously featured late last year with a song from their excellent Saorsa album, this time around it's the current POTUS that's the object of their vilification.

  Vinyl junkies will possibly be interested in the coloured 7"s that are available from Urinal Vinyl Records. There's patriotic red, white and blue splattered versions and you can order them here :

  The message is simple, the video is excellent. This is Donald Trump Fuck You....

Tuesday 12 September 2017

Kitchen People - Hologram

  Formed in 2014, Kitchen People are an Australian garage synth quintet from Perth featuring Jake Suriano (guitar/vocals), Charles Wickham (guitar), Vincent Buchanan-Simpson (synth/vocals), Tom Cahill (drums) and Alec Thomas (bass/vocals).

  They introduced themselves with a demo in 2014 whilst they were still a 3 piece. Over the course of the last 3 years they've expanded to their current line up and released an EP, a debut S/T album and then earlier this year a sophomore album, Trendoid. You can get Trendoid via Ooops Baby Records or digitally from Bandcamp :  

  The song I'm posting below is the final one on the album. From what I can make out it's about Stephen Hawking's desire to be a hologram? With a sound not a million miles away from fellow Aussies Ausmuteants, it's catchy and it's fun so give it a listen. This is Hologram.....

Monday 11 September 2017

Launch Control - Mayday


  Launch Control are a 3 piece punk band from Reading featuring Seb Olrog (drums), Alex J (guitar/vocals) and Lee Switzer (bass/vocals). They list amongst their influences the likes of Rise Against, Bad Religion, MXPX, Iron Maiden Anti-Flag etc.

  Forming in 2012, they write energetic songs with a message. They've released a bunch of eps and songs, including the recent Mayday ep which features the song you'll find below, and you can check them out here :

  After promoting them as an energetic punk band, it's possibly strange to be highlight a song that's both slow paced and acoustic but the title track of the ep is my favourite from it. It's the sound of the band lamenting the current state of the country they've grown up in as the UK is voluntarily isolating itself. This Is Mayday.....

Drifting flotsam
Ostracized by
Foolish greed
And the lies it buys
Tried the patience
Of neighbouring nations
The blind follows
The blind ambition

Half were mis-sold their voice
Half were shouted down
We were all sold out
(Mayday, Mayday)

Dumped like jetsam
Redundant ballast
These gullible shills
Filled with small minded malice
Purpose served
Served up as oblations
To media moguls
And ghost corporations

Half found Stockholm syndrome
Half found out too late
We were all taken

So Mayday, Mayday
We're lost at sea
We'll prove our independence
By dying alone 


Sunday 10 September 2017

Grand Collapse - Though Bloodshot & Blurry


  Grand Collapse are a hardcore punk band from Cardiff who formed in 2011 and who line up Calvin Sewell (vocals), Jon Powell (guitar), David Thomas (bass) and Glenn Tew (drums).

  Their first release was 2013's s/t ep and it was followed a year later with debut album Far From The Callous Crowd. Artcore Fanzine released a split 7" ep with Oi Polloi in 2015 before they returned earlier this year with new album Along The Dew. It's available on cd from TNS Records (UK) and Ruin Nation (Europe) or as a name your price download here :

  They're touring the UK next month and you can check details here :

  The song I've posted below also features on the excellent Common Ground 2017 compilation which is available name your price but from which all money made will go to various good causes. As well as Grand Collapse the compilation also features a number of other great bands that have previously featured on this blog (Burning Flag, Danger!man, Natterers, Grit, 2 Sick Monkeys, Warwound, Atterkop, Pizzatramp etc) and is well worth supporting.

    What better way to wake you up on a Sunday morning than this adrenaline fuelled blast, this is Though Bloodshot & Blurry....

Spun out, anaesthetised, waiting for the gloom to set. Brown bottles fill the grubby floor next to the bodies that exhale in unison. I wipe my eyes so I can see; though bloodshot and blurry they still beam. These aches and pains are brief but they can't shape what we have seen. Running low on fumes, but high on speed, we load in and back out hoping somehow we could move on forever and not reach the end. We say bye to our new friends who’ve restored our faith simply by giving a fuck. Then it’s on to the next one where it's more of the same; determination, resolution, grit, and there was me thinking we were dead and gone. I guess I was wrong. Though worn out and weary we’d rather be stuck in this tin can than doing something we couldn’t care less about and wasting time button bashing, metal bending, changing barrels, crushing limes. Set it up. Roll it out... Inspired, we ride on ‘all through the night’. Zeke blaring loudly with no end in sight. Armed with new found resolve. Stirred with fury and rage. Determined, without remorse for tyrant or foe, the dealers of hate. Headache subsided, eyes clearing up. Load in avoided, what a stroke of luck. And when asked about it there aint much to say. I guess you had to be there to find it all funny. Running. Fuming.

Saturday 9 September 2017

Mob Mentality - Carry On Tradition

  Pennsylvania oi! band Mob Mentality featured on here earlier this year with a track from their impressive debut ep No Honour, No Guts, No Glory (name your price for that ep here : Lining up with Hooligan 77 frontman Dan Hooligan on vocals, Skip (guitar), J.B. (guitar), Vince (bass) and Conor (drums), they haven't let the grass grow under their boots. Their debut album, 14 tracks of what will undoubtedly be top notch street anthems, is in the can and ready to be unleashed on an ever expanding audience who are currently being treated to a golden era of new oi music.

  Check out their Facebook page to keep up to date on the release date :

  One thing I have noticed about the oi! scene is that it's got very political. There seems to be plenty of left wing vs right wing confrontations taking place. Unfortunately there also seem to be far too many bands that aren't interested in the political infighting that are getting dragged into it either because they are apolitical or because they may have once shared a stage with a band that someone considers (rightly or wrongly) to be ideologically suspect. Mob Mentality's first release from the album is a timely call to stand together, to break the barriers and to return to the days when the oi movement shared a beating heart. Topical and with a great sing a long chorus, I'm salivating at the prospect of the full length.

  This is Carry On Tradition....

Friday 8 September 2017

Brain Ape - Extra-Tourette'strial

(Gregory Hesse-Wagner photography)

  London scratch rockers Brain Ape have previously featured on here a couple of times with the songs Blonde Hair Blue Eyed Boy and Give Me My P45. The last time I wrote about them I mentioned that they'd have an album out later this year so I suppose later this year has arrived as the album is now out. It's called Auslander and it's available on cd from Schlimbum Records or as a name your price download :

  Scratch rock, for those that are new to the band, is an amalgamation of stoner rock, grunge & punk. Bands they often draw comparisons with seem to be Queens Of The Stone Age and Nirvana and it's the latter of those that the song you'll find below reminds me of with the grunge rock guitars and shouty vocals.

  This is Extra-Tourette'strial.....


Thursday 7 September 2017

Matilda's Scoundrels - Bow To The Powers


  The latest Just Some Punk Songs show aired last Sunday evening and I think it's fair to say it went down well with the chatroom regulars. I think it's also fair to say that the most popular song of the evening was by Hastings folk punk outfit Martha's Scoundrels.

  Formed in 2014 they line up with Thomas Quinn (mandolin/vocals), Jason Stirling (acoustic guitar/tin whistle/banjo/vocals), Jens-Peter Jensen (accordion/vocals), Dan Flanagan (guitar), James Baughurst (bass) and Jon Gosling (drums). They released debut ep Beasts In Disguise early in 2015 and have been pretty prolific since with a number of eps, a split with The Barracks and the Crowleys Curse 7" plus new album (out 8th Sept on TNS Records) As The Tide Turns.

  You can check out their earlier releases as well as preview the new album over on Bandcamp :

  They've plenty of gigs lined up throughout the remainder of 2017 and you can get details here :

  Anyway, back to the song that went down a storm on Sunday's show (you can listen to the show here if you missed it :, this is Bow To The Powers.....

Wednesday 6 September 2017

Morgellons - Black Dog


  Morgellons are a 4 piece post punk band based in London who formed in 2011 and take their name from a rather nasty sounding disorder characterized by rashes and itching that feels like insects are moving around under the skin.

  The line up of the band is Vincent Mahone (vocals), Mark Geraghty (bass), Josh Pinto (guitar) and Mannie Zerafa (drums). They list amongst their influences The Stooges, Joy Division, Magazine and Wire. Their first album was 2014's The Memory Of Echoes and they recently returned with a self titled follow up which is available from Flicknife Records and on Bandcamp :

   In a couple of days (Fri 8th Sept) they'll be sharing a stage with the likes of Tom Robinson, Eddie And The Hot Rods, Jilted John and Menace at the Undercover Festival in Margate. You can get more details on this and other gigs here :

  The song below is the lead track on the new album, it's about depression and it's called Black Dog....

Tuesday 5 September 2017

Boots N All - Fill Ya Boots

  Boots N All are an English Oi!/punk band from Warminster who's self released Live For Oi! album I was late discovering but which has become a firm favourite. It's streaming on Bandcamp if you want to check it out (you should).....

  They've recently returned with follow up Fill Ya Boots. Out now on Sunny Bastards it features versions of several of the tracks off Live For Oi! as well as a number of brand new tunes. The few songs that I've heard thus far suggest the album is a belter.

  They went down a storm at the recent Rebellion Festival and have several gigs lined up in support of the new record including this month's appearance at the Punk & Oi! Charity Bash in Darlington on a superb bill alongside the likes of The Glory, Top Dog, Tear Up, Brassknuckle etc plus their first Scottish show and a gig in Plymouth with The Ejected, Arch Rivals and more. You can get details here :

  The song posted below is the title track from the album and gives you a fair idea of just how catchy these guys are. Proper working class Oi! I'll give it a play on today's Just Some Punk Songs show alongside a bunch of other great new releases (8pm Uk time :

  This is Fill Ya Boots.....

Monday 4 September 2017

Anticitizen - Bricks Not Ballots

  Anticitizen are a hardcore anarcho band from Hackettstown (New Jersey) and Washington playing incendiary punk rock burning a hole through the police state one Molotov at a time. They're a 3 piece featuring C.G. Vyle (guitar/vocals), Michael Kadeem (bass) and Chris Leaning (drums).

  Their first release was 2013's Trash Live album which as the title suggests was recorded live at The Trash Bar. They also released a song called Toil And Labor and a bootleg album before resurfacing a couple of months back with Promo 2017. It features two tracks of raw, in your face punk rock and you can find it here :

  It's also available on the Rebel Songs From A Prison Planet compilation :

  When democracy only applies to those that scheme, you need an alternative way to get your voice heard. This is Bricks Not Ballots.....

Has the red, white, and blue got you by the throat? 
Are you gasping for air? They’re demanding your vote 
Is the pig pen loose with punitive power? 
While the witches watch from their ivory tower? 

Bricks not ballots X2 
Has the lump in your throat got you fearful and callous? 
Bricks not Ballots X2 
They’ve stolen your voice, power unchallenged! 

Democracy applies to those that scheme 
They promise to restore your American dream 
Force-fed the illusion of freedom of choice 
We’re separate not equal don’t you wish you had a voice? 

Bricks not ballots X2 
Has the lump in your throat got you fearful and callous? 
Bricks not Ballots X2 
They’ve stolen your voice, power unchallenged!

Sunday 3 September 2017

Slow Faction - Under Heavy Manners

  Slow Faction are the '77 era influenced punk 4 piece who's This Machine Kills Fascists ep was so good it not only spawned a song (Woody Guthrie) that graced the upper reaches of the Just Some Punk Songs best of 2016 chart, I also bought the t shirt!

  They're a band that's been getting better with every release so it's not surprising that I reacted with excitement to the news of a new ep. I remember a couple of the tracks from this release surfacing a couple of years back in demo form but now they're back fully formed on the excellent 6 track Under Heavy Manners ep. The cd is due out on the 1st October but if you head on over to Bandcamp you can find the digital version available name your price. Whilst you're there make sure you also snap up their other releases, all of them are highly recommended....

  Lining up with John Youens (guitar/vocals), Lee Peterson (rhythm guitar), Umbi Liszka (bass) and Kit Gould (drums), they've a few hometown gigs arranged and you can check out details here :

  The ep features more of the same top quality Clash inspired tunes we've come to expect, with intelligent lyrical commentary on governments waging war for profit, zero hour contracts & offshore tax havens, the way religion is perverted to promote hatred and the subjugation of the masses.

  This is the title track, Under Heavy Manners....