Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Duncan Reid and the Big Heads - First time (Live at Akkurat)


  Something of a classic for you today... 

  Hopefully you all know Duncan Reid, he was determined to make it as a footballer until he reached the age of 13 and discovered an old bass guitar in his dad's cupboard. A sliding door moment that changed his life and enriched ours. In 1976 he joined up with (ex London SS singer/guitarist) Matt Dangerfield, (ex Hollywood Brats keyboard player) Casino Steel, (guitarist) Honest John Plain and (drummer) Jack Black to form one of the eras best power pop/pop punk bands. They were of course The Boys. 

  After 35 years (on and off) he left the band during a tour of Japan and after releasing a solo album (Little Big Head) started using the name Duncan Reid And The Big Heads (https://www.facebook.com/groups/182913282466616) and continued putting out catchy as hell songs (this being one of his best : https://justsomepunksongs.blogspot.com/2020/05/duncan-reid-and-big-heads-to-live-or.html). 


  On April 23rd they'll be releasing a rather tasty live album. Recorded on 20 May 2018 at Restaurang Akkurat, Stockholm, by Jonathan Sandberg it'll serve as a reminder of what we've been missing during the last year in lockdown. Titled Live At Akkurat it's up for pre order here :  https://duncanreidandthebigheads.bandcamp.com/album/live-at-akkurat 

  The line up for the gig was Duncan Reid (Lead Vocals/Bass/Keys), Sophie Powers (Guitar/BVs/Keys), Nick Hughes (Guitar/BVs) & Karen Jones (Drums). On the evidence of the teaser track posted on Bandcamp and the video you'll find below, it's going to be just that little bit special so make sure you check it out. 

  Originally featuring on the 1977 debut album, The Boys and also released as a chart bothering single, this is the song that brings Live At Akkurat to a joyful climax (pretty apt given that it's about losing ones virginity!). It's called First Time... 

Monday, 12 April 2021

Bug Central - The Fires Began


  Bug Central are a 3 piece anarcho punk band from London who formed in 1996. They've just released a new 8 track 10" on Grow Your Own Records titled And The Fires Begin. It's just one of a trio of impressive new releases by the label (the others being a vinyl version of Pedagree Skum's 2013 Nightmares And Screams album and a repressing of The System's Dogs Of War ep) and you can get it on vinyl and cd here : https://anthraxuk.bandcamp.com/album/and-the-fires-began 

  It's a typical Grow Your Own Release, quality protest music covering subjects such as imperialism, part time veganism, economical war, Antifa etc etc etc.... I don't usually mention artwork but I will this time around, it's very striking. Horrifying but at the same time a thing of beauty. 

  This is the title track, it's called The Fires Began...

Your top politician is a rich politician So feel to relax, you’ve just been taxed We’re dying to live but life is a game And there’s no last name it’s a loaded game I looked in your eyes And they were as black as my heart I should’ve realised then This is not a good start And then the fires began And the government sang “We can do as we please” And the rich all agreed Stick figures on a suicide note From the privileged few With their hands on your throat Violent technology is your philosophy Warmonger, poor maker Not in my name I looked in your eyes And they were as black as my heart I should’ve realised then That we’re dead from the start Then the fires began And the government sang “We can do as we please” And the rich all agreed It’s economical war!

Sunday, 11 April 2021

Ravagers - Down That Road


  Ravagers (https://www.facebook.com/ravagersgang) are a street rock n roll band from the wastelands of Baltimore. I've played them on the show before but don't think I've had them on here so I'll rectify that today. 

  They've a new album on the way, it'll be titled Badlands and it's going to be out in September on Spaghetty Town Records (https://spaghettytownrecords.bigcartel.com/). They released a track from it last year called Nasty Night which was an anthemic ripper suggesting the album would be pretty damn special. Those high hopes have been raised even higher with the release of single number 2. 


  Accompanied with a recommendation to turn the volume up loud, it's a catchy rock n roll singalong that'll lodge itself firmly inside your brain. Think Animal Boy era Ramones crossed with Dead Boys and you won't be a million miles away. You can get both singles here :  https://ravagers.bandcamp.com/track/down-that-road

  Down That Road... 



  Most of the Spanish bands I've either posted on here recently or played on the show have seen me making comparisons with Accidente (Madrid's finest who you'll already be familiar with but just in case anyone's been living under a rock for the last few years... https://accidente.bandcamp.com/). The band I'm featuring today are a little lighter in tone, the pop sensibilities shine through a touch more but I'm still sticking them in the same ballpark. It's catchy punk music with Spanish lyrics sung by a very talented female vocalists.

  Lisasinson (https://www.facebook.com/lisasinsonm) is a graphic and musical project that started in November 2018 at the Fine Arts campus in Valencia, with Miriam (vocals and guitar), Mar (vocals and guitar), María (drums and backing vocals) and Paula (bass and backing vocals).  They've just released a new mini album titled Perdona Mamá. 9 infectious tracks of "youthfulness, spontaneity, rebelliousness and overflowing energy." It's out on Elefant Records (which gives me an excuse to compare it to the joyful exuberance of one of my favourite releases by that label  https://justsomepunksongs.blogspot.com/2014/03/juniper-moon-volveras.html). 

  It's available as a 10" Mini-LP (Ultra Transparent Vinyl Numbered Limited Edition of 500 copies) and digital download : https://lisasinson.bandcamp.com/album/perdona-mam 

  This track is titled Corazón...

No te reconozco cuando me miras así
Toda esta tristeza no me deja vivir
No sé cómo no te vi venir
Con esa cara de maniquí
Agujeros negros, quiero que te vayas de aquí

Porque casualmente he vuelto a verte por ahí
No pienso saludarte no te voy a sonreír
He inundado el país por ti
En las noticias ha vuelto a salir

Una explosión en mi corazón
Una explosión en mi corazón
Esta noche ha cambiado el tiempo
Tú no lo sabes pero ya estoy lejos

El día que explote bailarás sin sonreír
Ya no soy la misma, puedes irte a Pekín
Flota el polvo, en un rayo de luz
El sol en mi cuarto y ya no estás tú

Una explosión en mi corazón
Una explosión en mi corazón
Esta noche ha cambiado el tiempo
Tú no lo sabes pero ya estoy lejos

Una explosión en mi corazón
Una explosión en mi corazón
Una explosión en mi corazón
Una explosión en mi corazón

Saturday, 10 April 2021

Cockbox - Destroy Capitalism Before It Destroys You


  Cockbox (https://www.facebook.com/CockboxTheBand) are a 3 piece from Helsinki featuring a line up of Vee (lead vocals/guitar/percussions), Razze (backing vocals/bass) & Henri (drums). They formed in 2015, debuting with a 2019 single which paired covers of I Don't Adore The USA (Pelle Miljoona & N.U.S) and Last Rockers (Vice Squad). 

  They followed it in September of last year with an album titled Wake Up The Punk Rock Dead. 10 tracks on subjects such as Donald Trump, the objectifying of women, the overuse of plastic and they round things off with a Siouxsie And The Banshees cover. It's impressive fare and you should check it out. 

  The same goes for the ep September 2020 Morgue Sessions. This time around we get a take down of the dangerous president of Brazil (``Jair Bolsonaro spreads corona!´´ How much longer will this shit for brains, Trump's lap dog, capitalist rule Brazil ? His poor leadership qualitys can be compared to Trump... It is also mainly his fault that Covid has gone out of hand a long long time ago. So many new graves everyday... Down with Bolsonaro!! Throw his body to the anaconda!"). Another highlight is the song you'll find below which rails against the putting of profit before people and nature. I've already mentioned Siouxsie And The Banshees and Vice Squad and the band's sound is somewhat of an amalgamation of those two legendary acts (late 70's/early 80's inspired punk with an occasional hint of atmospheric goth). 

  You can get the ep name your price here : https://cockbox.bandcamp.com/album/september-2020-morgue-sessions

  This is Destroy Capitalism Before It Destroys You...

The world is coming to an end Because capitalism doesn't work Profit goes always before Nature, people and animals Why to save the people when I could make some money Destroy capitalism Before it destroys you Why should we have free healthcare Economy goes before human lives Solidarity is just a word Greedyness sounds better Fuck the human rights Money is all that counts

Thursday, 8 April 2021

Skinny Genes - Firing Squad


  Another excellent compilation album track for you today, if this doesn't perk your day up then you're beyond help! 

  The compilation is titled 44 Golden Greats! It's been put together by Worst Idea Records and it features (unsurprisingly) 44 tracks from the likes of The Raging Nathans, Hospital Job, Grim Deeds, The Ergs, Rockie Rochelle, Rev Norb, The Nerdy Jugheads etc etc etc... It's a tribute to Mutant Pop Records thus all the songs are covers. Bands covered include, amongst others, Boris The Sprinkler, After School Special, Dillinger Four, Sicko, Dirt Bike Annie and The Automatics (which is where the title of the comp comes from). All proceeds go to Kentucky Association of Sexual Assault Programs  https://www.kasap.org/

  You can get it here : https://worstidea.bandcamp.com/album/44-golden-greats (LIMITED-EDITION PHYSICAL RELEASE COMING VERY SOON!)

  The song that jumped out at me and which I'm highlighting today is by Skinny Genes. A new band to me, they're the solo project of Azeem Sajid from The Steinways and House Boat. You can hear more from them here : https://skinnygenes.bandcamp.com/ 

  The song they've made such a good job of covering was originally by Moral Crux and was on the Victim Of Hype ep (Mutant Pop 12). It freshens up the original, adds a sprinkling of The Ramones' classic She's The One and is truly wonderful. It's called Firing Squad... 

Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Emily Flea - Park Bench Creep


  Emily Condon was the vocalist with punk 3 piece The Fleas (https://thefleas1.bandcamp.com/) who I featured on here a couple of times a few years back   https://justsomepunksongs.blogspot.com/2016/08/the-fleas-heart-breaker.html   https://justsomepunksongs.blogspot.com/2018/12/the-fleas-phone-call.html. They were a good band and released a very enjoyable album on Grow Your Own Records titled A Flea In Your Ear   https://anthraxuk.bandcamp.com/album/the-fleas-a-flea-in-your-ear 

  More recently she's been going by the name Emily Flea (https://www.facebook.com/thefleas1) and broadcasting weekly livestreams. 

  She's back on here again today with a track that's one of the highlights of an impressive new compilation album titled Girls Are Loud Volume 2 which has been compiled by Punk 4 The Homeless. It boasts 22 songs by female fronted recording artists in solidarity with the girls at Hope Orphanage, Sierra Leone... all proceeds go to Hope Orphanage. 


  It's available on cd and as a digital download : https://punk4thehomeless.bandcamp.com/album/girls-are-loud-volume-2

  Emily's contribution sees her taking aim at lecherous guys who deserve "a fucking punch." It's called Park Bench Creep... 

The Missile Studs - Sooo Useless


  More cool new Aussie punk for you today courtesy of  Adelaide upstarts The Missile Studs (https://stampoutdisco.bandcamp.com/album/with-love-from-the-missile-studs). 

  They're "4 pieces of human trash making noise." They play "stupid music for stupid people" and they're a whole bunch of immature, dumb fun. Check out their Facebook page and you'll discover they boast an all star celebrity line up (or maybe they're just bullshitters!) I first came across them last year when they released a very good split album with Sydney's Thee Evil Twin (https://dirtyflairrecordcompany.bandcamp.com/album/10-piece-feed) but I missed debut lp Hey! We're The Missile Studs (which I'll be acquainting myself with later  (https://dirtyflairrecordcompany.bandcamp.com/album/hey-were-the-missile-studs). 

  Anyway, the new album is titled With Love From The Missile Studs and it's getting released on May 7th by Dirty Flair (Aus) and No Front Teeth (UK). Not sure how many of the dayglo yellow vinyl will be left over as there was only 50 pressed (available from Stamp Out Disco (https://stampoutdisco.bandcamp.com/album/with-love-from-the-missile-studs) but it's also on black and it's streaming now so hurry over this way...  https://dirtyflairrecordcompany.bandcamp.com/album/with-love-from-the-missile-studs

  3 of the tracks from the split album resurface along with a bunch of newbies including a rather good cover of a Buzzcocks classic. It's irreverent garage influenced punk that I'm sure you'll love as much as I do. Take a bow Australia, you're home to some killer bands. 

  This track is a fine example of what you can expect, it's called Sooo Useless... 

Monday, 5 April 2021

Boots On The Table - Sick Of Politics


  Left or right
  same old shite
  same old rhetoric
  I don't to hear it, I've had enough....

  Boots On The Table (https://www.facebook.com/BOOTS-on-the-TABLE-104895604671374) are a new street punk band with, from what I can make out, members from both Belfast and Toronto. They boast the vocal talents of Rob McLarnon, who you may know from Buck Eejit (https://buckeejit.bandcamp.com/). 

  I don't know anything else about them other than they've released a debut ep on cd ("5 killer choons for just £4 plus p&p. Contact the band page and we'll sort yiz out"). If you want to give it a listen go here : https://bootsonthetable.bandcamp.com/releases

  The Northern Ireland accented vocals prompt me to make comparisons with SLF and maybe Runnin' Riot. It's a very promising debut and I'm looking forward to hearing more. This track bemoans the calibre of politicians on both sides of the left/right divide and it's called Sick Of Politics...  

Play Dead - Skint


  Back to South London today to big up 3 teenagers (Joe Blair (Guitar & vocals), Ollie Clarke (Bass & backing vocals) & Louis Englefield (Drums)) from Herne Hill who recently released a belting debut ep titled Skint. They're called Play Dead and they've been making a few waves with airplay on both Radio 1 and 6 Music. 

  They introduced themselves last year with a track extolling the virtues of the Kent seaside town of Whitstable and I jumped on the bandwagon a few months later when I played Shaun on the show. Now that tale of the pint supping, fight starting van driver reappears on what's a fresh, fun ep. 

  A lazy comparison would be to call them the English Chats. I also hear shades of Manchester trio Aerial Salad. 5 tracks of punk tuneage fresh out of the garage, it's available via Blitzcat Records :  https://blitzcatrecords.com/  

  This is the title track, it's a problem most of us can sympathise with in these austere times, it's called Skint... 

Sunday, 4 April 2021

Slobheads - Rothman Blues


  Slobheads (https://www.facebook.com/slobheads) are a young trash punk duo from South West London featuring Harry Jarvis (guitar/vocals) and Macey Sherman (drums). They surfaced in 2017 with the Sod's Law ep and followed it up a year later with another called Neighbourhood Nasties. 2 guys with attitude that sing about getting drunk and political ideology that fall somewhere between Slaves and Cool Jerks. 

   And they've recently returned with a very fine new single about another of their vices, smoking. "It's about all the cravings, the poncing and begging for a snout when you run out but the possessiveness of having your own pack of cigarettes and not wanting to share with overs. knowing and feeling the effects of smoking but not having a caring in the world about the implications. its dirty and horrible but do we care enough to quit? Course not!" It's an unmistakably British bluesy stomp with gang vocals from Ross Brunton helping to give it a big, beefy singalong feel. Just one of 24 impressive new punk tracks on the Just Some Punk Songs show later today, you're all invited to join the chatroom and give feedback (https://www.facebook.com/events/118448970218498/). 

You can get it as a name your price download here : 

  It's called Rothman Blues...

Saturday, 3 April 2021

the SUCK - J Prozac On A BMX Bike


  the SUCK (https://www.facebook.com/StreetRockSUCK/) are a band that no one knows much about but who cares about details when they release such great music. They describe their sound as no bullshit street rock for fans of the Ramones, HEAD, The Vapids and NECK. They released a ST ep in 2018 and followed it up a year later with an album titled In-Cog-Neat-O                                                                (check 'em out here :   https://thesuckstreetrock.bandcamp.com/). 

  Now they're back with sophomore album, Boris Sprinkler (Boris The Sprinkler being the Green Bay, Wisconsin, punks who released a 1998 album titled Suck). It's 10 tracks of catchy as fuck pop punk. They sing about stuff like martini drinking secret agents, drinking, Dungeons and Dragons, 20 sided dice and... more drinking. Their influences are front and centre, it's fun, irreverent and you can find the various coloured vinyl versions over at Mom's Basement Records   https://momsbasementrecords.bigcartel.com/ 

  This is the closing track on the album and the most melodic. I'll be playing it on this week's Just Some Punk Songs show (Sunday 8pm UK time : https://www.facebook.com/events/118448970218498/) Possibly the biggest pop punk earworm of the year and namechecking one of the genre's nicest guys, this is J Prozac On A BMX Bike... 

Friday, 2 April 2021

Jackson Reid Briggs & The Heaters - If You Only Knew


  There's been some really great punk music coming out of Australia in recent times (but you already know that). A number of the more impressive bands are releasing albums that can certainly be tagged as punk rock but which will also find favour with an audience that enjoys driving, guitar led rock without considering themselves fans of the punk genre. I'm thinking in particular of the likes of Stiff Richards, Private Function and Civic, bands that have all been very successful in wowing both fans and critics with excellent recent releases. I think it's only right that Jackson Reid Briggs & The Heaters (https://www.facebook.com/jacksonreidbriggs) are mentioned in the same breath. 

  After a couple of years playing solo, Jackson Reid Briggs enlisted the services of a bunch of drinking buddies and released the 2015 7" Holding On/Burned It. Since then the Melbourne based outfit have been responsible for 5 very impressive full lengths, the latest of which, Waiting In A Corner, has just dropped. 

  Bookended by a couple of brief instrumentals (Intro & Outro), are 7 classy rockers that'll remind you of fellow countrymen The Saints and Radio Birdmen. It's an almost hypnotic barrage of wall of sound guitar work with Jackson's vocals being the icing on top of a very appetising cake. It's available now on vinyl (black or ltd edition white) and download from Legless Records  https://jacksonreidbriggs.bandcamp.com/album/waiting-in-a-corner 

  If  you're in the UK or Europe, Drunken Sailor Records (https://www.drunkensailorrecords.co.uk/) will be releasing it in a month. 

  This is If Only You Knew...