Saturday, 17 April 2021

OC Rippers - Heart To Heart (Guest Review By Ralph J Rivera)


  Another one of Ralph's enthusiastic recommendations today. As he admits, this time around he's biased as he's known the members of the band for decades but I've listened to the album to make sure he's not just palming us off with any old crap and I can confirm he's spot on. It's great... 

Okay so this is actually my first ever biased review. I've known the guys in this band for DECADES. Can't even tell you how many times I've seen their guitar player Johny's old band "Dead Heroes" back in the the day. Their singer went on to front one of the biggest bands in Punk Rock but that's Jersey History.

Now speaking of that let me introduce to you THE best band that's come out of the Jersey Shore since "Night Birds". OC Rippers have a pedigree that runs a mile long... As long as the influences they've all absorbed. They just dropped their statement to the World called "Wasteland Blues" and you all need to listen up!

After dropping two amazing demos and a teaser EP this is the culmination of YEARS of experience. This band can do the slow burn jams ("Brats" & "Feed Me") along with the balls out rockers ("Born In Waco" & "Just Gotta Run"). I know we all LOVE comparisons so let me give you this - If you were to take the best elements of the MC5 and combined that with the total recklessness of the Candy Snatchers you would have this beast of a band! Do yourself a favour if you LOVE Rock & Roll as much as OC Rippers and I do - Hit that Bandcamp link and prepared to hear REAL 2021 MUSIC!

My choice for best song off this masterpiece is "Heart To Heart". A TRUE NJ statement!

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