Saturday 31 December 2016

Yorkshire Rats - Alone Together

  Yorkshire Rats were formed in 2004 by ex Abrasive Wheels guitarist Don Mercy. They released the Lawful Civil Rights 7" & an ep and supported Rancid before going on an extended hiatus in 2007. Fast forward a few years and 2015 saw them release an album on Indelirium Records called Sea Of Souls and earlier this year there was the Trouble City ep. You can check out those last 2 here :

  Currently lining up with Don Mercy (who is now lead vocalist replacing original singer Sean Brewin) are Matt Lee (lead guitar), Josh Clarke (bass) and Chris Furness (drums). They've recently announced there'll be a new single coming out on 10th January on Northern Ruff Records. They've already done a video for it.

    This is Alone Together.....

Friday 30 December 2016

Top 10 Songs Chosen By Jeremy Ampe (SongPreserve) 

  SongPreserve is a new site that's building up an excellent archive of out of print punk, hardcore and indie music and they're encouraging you to download it for free and to share these previously hard to find gems. Today, the man behind the site, Jeremy Ampe, has selected his 10 favourite songs that have been added to the collection thus far. A self confesseed music nerd, Jeremy's embarking on a labour of love which will eventually become a must visit musical treasure trove. As well as adding comments to his selections, he's also added links so you can easily locate the songs.

  Many thanks Jeremy, over to you....... is a site we started to archive out of print Punk, Hardcore and Indie music. It's myself (Jeremy Ampe), Matt Frederick and whoever else we talk into helping dig this music up. So much of it is in boxes of tapes and stacks of records that are a basement cleaning away from disappearing and the little bit that's shared online is spread across blogs, band sites and Bandcamp pages. I started a similar project with a friend focused on our home town scene of Milwaukee that's archived over 450 releases and people get lost exploring from band to band for hours. That's the experience we're looking to create here for music from any scene. It should feel like digging through a friend's record collection.

Everything is shared by the band with their approval. Our general approach is that nothing is too obscure because as music nerds we know someone, somewhere is looking for your bands demo tape because it means something to them and we want them to find it. You also have a lot of great independent labels going out of business. A few of the releases will be reissued elsewhere but a bulk of them will be gone. We want to create a space for all of those to live together. If you have music you'd like to add to the archive please get in touch

Here are 10 of my favorite tracks from the site so far.

 1)  BIG RIG - Expansive Heart (1994)
Big Rig is best known as being Jesse Micheals' first band after Operation Ivy but members also went on to Screw 32 and Pitch Black. Musically Big Rig is more of a precursor to those bands and Jesse's future projects like Common Riders and Classics of Love than it is a look back. 

 2)  ARM - Astrolab (2003)
Arm is a band from Minneapolis that played with a bunch of bands that I like but I hadn't actually heard them until we got this release for the site. I've been making up for lost time by listening to it a lot since then. It's mathy post hardcore that still has plenty of hardcore in it. So good.

 3)  DEMISE - It's All Lies (1991)
Demise were a hardcore band from Milwaukee that played with bands like Filth, Spitboy and Econochrist. For me they bridged the gap between 80s and 90s hardcore.

 4)  DOGS ON ICE - Bucs (1994)
This came out on John Yates' Dekota Records. John Yates is one of my graphic design heroes for his work with Dead Kennedys and Alternative Tentacles as well as his own labels Allied and Dekota. Dogs on Ice are from Florida but this track sounds like the kind of melodic hardcore you'd hear out of Chicago in the vein of Naked Raygun. Plus I love Joe Popp's gruff vocals. He's still traveling around the US and Europe making music.

 5)  8 BARK - Sit & Spin (1991)
Douglas from 8 Bark also ran Underdog Records which captured the variety of music coming out of Chicago in the 80s and 90s from hardcore to pop-punk to emo. The start of this track is one of my favorites. My description won't do it justice. Give it a listen.

 6)  GAUGE - Flognoth (1993)
Gauge had a strong D.C. influence but became a huge influence themselves particularly in the Midwest and their home town of Chicago. Unfortunately, they broke up in 1994 around the time bands similar bands from the area like Cap n' Jazz and Braid started getting recognition outside of that scene. There is a documentary called Gauge:153 that you can stream free online that tells their story really well.

 7)  MIJ - Algia Butterfly (1995)
I loved MIJ because this band grew with each other really well. They started in high school playing hardcore and release by release it got more melodic. I think every step in their evolution was still called some sort Emo because it was the 90s and that's what everything was was being called. After MIJ Jeff continued as a singer songwriter and released three albums on Kill Rock Stars before his untimely passing in 2009. This song and album is my favorite as it captures the band blending soft and pretty with loud and noisy in a way that feels just right to me.

 8)  NUISANCE - Nicotine (1991)
Larry Livermore calls this album "One of the greatest Lookout Records releases." They didn't have the pop-punk sound that made Lookout famous with bands like Green Day, Screeching Weasel and The Mr.T Experience. Instead they're a great example of the wide range of sounds that made Lookout an interesting label to follow. Nuisance is often called "County Punk" which is a completely accurate description.


 9)  ZIPGUN - Together Dumb (1992)
Zipgun were a punk band from Seattle during the height of the grunge era. This is a band I was lucky enough to get exposed to early in their career. Together Dumb is an essential Punk love song and I personally put it many mix tapes back in the day.

10)  SUPPORTING ACTRESS - Desi Arnez (1997)
This is another great band I hadn't heard until we got it to put on the site but I've listened to it a lot since I got my hands on it. They played jazzy post-hardcore which I'm a sucker for. Most of the band went on to form Inlantic which is instrumental, more experimental and also quite good. That's also up on Song Preserve and worth a listen.

Bonus : RHYTHM CHICKEN - Live At National Liquor Bar
Razorcake columnist and drummer Rhythm Chicken is known for showing up (mostly uninvited) and playing drums until he is chased out. He's played bathrooms, bars, abandoned zoos, on top of a train and to passing cars by the side of the road in Los Angeles. The only thing that could make any of that weirder would be recording it and putting it on a 7" so he did.

Thursday 29 December 2016

Wrong Again - Serenity

  Wrong Again are a melodic punk 3 piece from Belgorod, Russia who's line up comprises of Mighty D (guitar/vocals), Roma Wreckman (bass/vocals) and Ilya (drums). Mighty may be known to some of you regular visitors as a member of The Dumbheads (they recently featured on the Teenage Bottlerocket tribute album :, whilst Roma has a solo project which you can check out here :

  They've just released a 6 track ep on Hypodermic Records called Serenity from which I've posted the title track below. The songs touch on the subjects of unrequited love, politics, sweetness & light, the dark depths of a human soul and how to cope with all that. One for those of you that were brought up on a diet of late 90's emo tinged punk, you can check it out (along with previous releases Afraid Of Being Wrong and Cloud 9) here :

  This is Serenity......

Wasting days, but not smiles 
You get jobs, we find style 
Find ourselves in the beat 
Of pulsating city's streets 
Can't turn back, no return 
I don't really wanna go home 
Wherever I may roam 

Wasting days, but not smiles 
You get jobs, we find style 
Find ourselves in the beat 
Of pulsating city's streets 
Can't turn back, no return 
I don't really wanna go home 
Won't ever go home 


Oh, midnight comforts me 
Fills my heart with serenity 
When there is nowhere to go 
I know the place where I belong 
Midnight, comfort me 
Please fill me with serenity 
And I'd be happy, oh yeah 

Wasting days, but not smiles 
You get jobs, we get fired 
We're at ease with misery 
Giving us serenity 
I won't turn back, won't return 
And there's no place like home 
I wander on my own 


Wednesday 28 December 2016

The Top 50 Songs Of 2016

  The last couple of years have ended with Just Some Punk Songs posting a chart of the Top 30 songs of the year. This time round there's going to be a top 50 in order to try and reflect the vast number of great releases from 2016 (and even after choosing 50 I've still omitted so much great music so sorry to anyone who missed the cut). As always, there's a limit of one song per artist, the chart has been chosen by me and isn't based on page views. Thanks to everyone who's released great music this year and made updating this blog such a delight. All the songs featured below were new releases in 2016 except number 9 which I think originally first came out in 2014 but featured on a new 2016 album and number 3 which I think first came out in the 80's but was rereleased this year and is so good I sneaked it in.

  Can I also thank Jonny Boots for the awesome artwork at the top of the page.

  I'll post the link to all the songs so you can check them out. The Top 20 featured in a Just Some Punk Songs special show last night and the saved version of that show is here :

  I get a little frustrated at the number of people that wallow in the late 70's and early 80's. Punk was never intended to be a nostalgia trip, it was exciting, relevant and a breath of fresh air. In my opinion it still is. Hopefully this Top 50 will feature plenty of excellent bands for you to get your teeth into but it's only a small fraction of what's happening out there. Go find your own favourites and support a scene that's as healthy as it's been for years.


50) The Angry Agenda - It's Alright

49)  SUBURBAN HOMES - Small Town Boredom

48)  THE REBEL SPELL - Solemn Eyes

47) BOILERMAKER - Weekend Millionaire

46)  TVTV - I'm Trouble

45)  HEXEN - Love Your Way

44)  RED LIGHT REBELS - Kryptonite

43)  DD OWEN - I Shoulda Been Aborted

42)  HOOLIGAN CROONERS - From Paradise To Halfway

41)  EVACUATE - Evacuate

40)  NOI!SE - Dull The Pain


38)  PRIMETIME - Dumbhead

37)  PALE LIPS - Mary-Lou Sniffin' Glue

36)  PARDON US - Fumin'

35)  NASTY RUMOURS - Because Of You

34)  THE PROZACS - The Ones


32)  THE UNCOUTH - Jonesy's War

31)  UK SUBS - I Don't Care

30)  EK DECAY - The Collective

29)  D-LIBERATE - Widespread Panic

28)  POSERS - (Just Another) Protest Song

27)  SLOW FACTION - Woody Guthrie

26)  THE LIPPIES - Walking On Fences

25)  ANTAGONIZERS ATL - Bad Situation

24)  CONTROL - Punk Life

23)  CRACKED UP - Cracked Up

22)  WONK UNIT - Old Man

21)  VISTA BLUE - Jamie Lee

20)  POX - Yes Man

19)  WOLF BITES BOY - The Way We Were

18)  ENEMIES OF PROMISE - Know Your Shame

17)  THE SCUMBRIANS - Throw Em Away

16)  MARTHA - Ice Cream And Sunscreen

15)  LOST RIOTS - Die Alone

14)  KILL THE COLOSSI - Fuck The Taxman

13)  G.L.O.S.S. - Trans Day Of Revenge

12)  LUCKY MALICE - Side By Side

11)  HARD LEFT - Economy

10)  AUTOPSY BOYS - Totally Obsessed With You

 9)  BAD BREEDING - Burn This Flag

 8)  DARK THOUGHTS - No More Soul

 7)  GOOD THROB - The Queen Sucks Nazi Cock

 6)  THE DOMESTICS - Spit On Your Flag

 5)  MODERN TRIBES - Pam Beesly

 4)  TV CRIME - Hooligans 

 3)  3D - 2 Segundos

 2)  TAKERS & USERS - The Neurotics Were Right

 1)  ACCIDENTE - La Revuelta Real

Tuesday 27 December 2016

Komplikations - Stress

  I preiously featured Belgian elektrorockers Komplikations a couple of years ago when I posted one of their early songs ( Today they return with a track from their new 12" Humans.

  Scheduled for Febuary, Rockstar Records will be releasing a red vinyl version  or you can check out the name your price digital download here :

  The band comprises Alen Micuglian (vocals), Synth Lio (synth) and Ben Plastic (drums). The song I'm posting is about something that effects many of us in these austere times. With no money to pay the bills, no idea of what to do and a world spinning too fast, this is Stress.....

Monday 26 December 2016

The Angry Agenda - It's Alright


  The Angry Agenda are from Watford and released their debut album, Here Comes Trouble, in 2011. You can check it out here :

  2015 saw Randale Records put out a split ep called Together We Stand which as well as The Angry Agenda also featured a track each by Control, Mouthguard and Riots. Earlier this year, Randale also released the follow up to Here Comes Trouble. Titled Society, it's a mixture of Oi and Rock and it's been picking up some deservedly positive press.

  The album's title is apt as this time round vocalist/songwriter Nick shines a light on various aspects of modern life, whether it be community spirit, what's happened to this green and pleasant land or raising a glass to the memory of departed friends.

  The song I've posted below could possibly have been from the pen of a young Paul Weller. When life is hard, don't give up, it's all swings and roundabouts. It's Alright......

Saturday 24 December 2016

The Dollyrots - All I Want for Christmas is You

  It's Christmas Day, I hope you're all enjoying yourselves, I suppose I better wish you all a Merry Christmas and post something festive.

  The Dollyrots are a female fronted rock n roll band from Los Angeles featuring Kelly Ogden (vocals/bass) and Luis Cabezas (guitar/vocals).  They've been releasing music for over 15 years and you can check out their Bandcamp page here :

  The latest of those releases is a cover of the 1994 Mariah Carey smash, All I Want For Christmas Is You. It's available name your price on Bandcamp and you can watch the video below.

  Pencilled in for March 2017 is studio album number 6, it's going to be titled Whiplash Splash so watch out for it.

  All I Want For Christmas Is You.....

Nachthexen - Ring Ring

"please leave your message after the tone......"  

  Nachthexen are a female fronted synth punk band from Sheffield featuring Emma Thacker (vocals), Donna (synth), Fiona (bass) and Olga Rienda (drums). They take their name from the German nickname for the women military aviators of the 558th Night Bomber Regiment (later known as the 46th "Taman" Guards Night Bomber Aviation Regiment) of the Soviet Air Forces. The English translation is Night Witches.

  Last year saw them release the name your price ep titled The Other. They followed it up last April with a s/t 7" ep on Kids Of The Lughole Records. (Just a quick note, Kids Of The Lughole have put out some of 2016's coolest music, this blog has already featured Sievehead, Clean Shirts and Detergents but there's others that are definitely worth checking out : ).

  You can find Nachthexen's music here :

  Back when I was at school, the likes of Cabaret Voltaire and The Human League were pioneering synth punk and like Nachthexen, both were from Sheffield. Upholding that city's fine tradition of this kind of music, from the s/t ep, this is Ring Ring.....

Coming soon.......

  Don't miss the Just Some Punk Songs round up of the best music from 2016. On Tuesday 27th Devember the Top 20 songs of the year will be broadcast on a special Just Some Punk Songs show. It'll air at 8pm (GMT) and you're all welcome to join in the fun in the chatroom if you want to agree (or more probably) disagree with the choices. It'll be a bit like John Peel's Festive 50 but with a pretty useless dj and only 20 songs but at least they'll all be punk songs.

  This will help you find the link to that show.....

  The following day, Weds 28th, will see the posting of the Just Some Punk Songs Official Top 50 of 2016. The last couple of years there's been a Top 30 but there were so many great releases in 2016 that even a Top 50 won't fit everything in but I'll be giving it a go.

  For those that missed them, these were the previous charts :

2015  top 30 :

2014 top 30 :

  Please feel free to post your own favourite songs in the comments section.  Thanks for viewing Just Some Punk Songs (there's been a quarter of a million page views since the Blog started up, hopefully you've all discovered some great music). Have a Merry Christmas guys

Friday 23 December 2016

Glenn Robinson - Don't Want To Go

  A big thank you to Ramone To The Bone head honcho Mark Ramohn today, for several years now RTTB Records have been releasing Ramones influenced old school pop punk compilations showcasing the music of bands from all corners of the globe. Marc also does his best to stream as many great new releases as he can get his hands on. His latest love letter to the scene is a massive 59 track tribute album to Teenage Bottlerocket. Not only does it feature totally radical music, there's also superb cover art courtesy of the mega talented Ole O'Brian. Oh, and did I mention it's all name your price! Go snap it up here : and whilst your there check out some of the other RTTB releases.

  Earlier this year it looked as though Ramone To The Bone was no more. Marc was seriously ill and not only did it seem the label was a gonna, it looked like he was too. Fortunately not only for Marc but for the pop punk world his health improved and he rapidly returned to doing what he does best. As he's doing this to promote music as opposed to make money, RTTB have paid for 15,000 free downloads so hopefully everyone who wants the comp can grab it for free.

  Selecting a song for this update was far from easy as there's plenty to choose from but as I've already featured several of the bands involved (Prozacs, Batfoot, The 99ers, Kobanes, The Decline, Silver Foxes etc etc etc...) I decided I wanted to go with someone different. I'd not heard much by Glenn Robinson but I was mightily impressed with the Desk Job ep that came out earlier this year so I wasn't surprised to discover that his contribution was a grade A winner.

  From Rhode Island, he's "been having fun making music since '97". You can check out his Bandcamp page here (I need to listen to more of the releases on there myself) :

  This is Don't Want To Go......

Thursday 22 December 2016

Gouge Away - Wildflowers

  Credit where credit's due, my thanks go out to former Dr And The Crippens' bassist Wayne Elliott who throughout 2016 has been responsible for introducing me to some great music via his Pulsebeat show. Several of those songs have appeared on this blog and today I'm posting one that he played on the latest show. Yesterday he broadcast part one of a 2 part round up of his favourite records of the year and the track he ended with is the one you will find below. If you want to listen to the full show click this link :

  Gouge Away are Christina, Mick, Tommy and Zack, they're from Ft Lauderdale, Florida and they formed in 2013. They play female fronted hardcore punk, they've toured with the likes of G.L.O.S.S., Touche Amore, Ceremony and Soul Glo (next April they'll be supporting Paint It Black) and back in February they released their debut album (on Eighty-Sixed Records). It's titled , Dies and you can check it out on Bandcamp....

  The final track from the album, this is Wildflowers.....

We’ve got a problem. We’re stomping on each other’s heads, climbing and clawing to the top of a mountain, do we even care for claiming? We’ve got a problem. We’ve found ourselves in a ring, fighting a fight that we’re all losing and we didn’t ask for this match. We have built up internalized hate. And if we could dig to the bottom we would find that it needs uprooting. So dig. We’re running a race that no one is winning. Panting and tiring ourselves out. You’ve got to be sick of this, too. So dig. Eradicate. Eliminate Eradicate. Eliminate. It’s not a contest when we’re just fighting to exist. Resistance is stronger together. Don’t step back, don’t step aside, step up. It’s not a contest when we’re just fighting to exist. Voices are louder together. Don’t step back, don’t step aside, step up. Weeds are just plants out of place, With no need to invade if embraced.Aren’t you sick of this too? Thicker skin when we have eachother’s backs Aren’t you sick of this too? Wounds mend stronger when we heal together 


Wednesday 21 December 2016

The Briggs - Control Alt-Right Delete


  The Briggs are from Los Angeles and formed in 1999. Originally called I Decline they became The Briggs in 2001. They released 4 albums (Is This What You Believe, Numbers, Back To Higher Ground and Come All You Madmen) before taking a break. In 2012 they resurfaced with a song called Panic and 2015 saw them release a self titled ep. Frontman Joey Briggs (LaRocca) also has a number of releases and you can check those out here :

  Now there's a new song that Joey wrote due to his concern about the rise of the right wing and the growing hatred and suspicion of outsiders. Featuring a line up comprising of Joey on vocals and percussion, Jason LaRocca (guitar/back ups/ percussion) and Derik Envy (bass), this is Control Alt-Right Delete.....

I can't believe this is happening 
We can't take 3 steps back 
But that seems to be the case 
it's sure hard to ignore when it's thrown in your face 
So you think this is the definition of an American 
Where the fuck have you been, tell me, where have you been 

I say, fuck these Alt-Right pricks 
Who the fuck do they think they are 
We can't claim this is our land 
When we ourselves are immigrants 

Ihr sagt nun Sieg Heil 
(You guys now say Sieg Heil) 
Ja, ich lach' mich tot 
(I'm laughing my head off) 
Ihr versteht nicht was ihr sagt 
(You you don't understand what you're saying) 
Wenn es das Reich noch gäbe, wäre es nach euch auf der Jagt 
(If there still was a Reich, you'd be the ones they'd come after) 
Ihr seid nicht das Herrenvolk 
(You're not the "Master Race") 
Ihr seid Outback, white trash hillbillies in suits 
This place don't belong only to you, it don't belong me or you 

Fuck you Nazi pricks 
Who the fuck do you think you are 
We can't claim this is our land 
When we ourselves are immigrants 

I can't believe this is happening 
We're so off track 
Now we've got law and order 
at imaginary borders 
it's time to move forward 
not 80 years back

Tuesday 20 December 2016

The Cundeez - Gangs o Dundee


  One from a few years ago today. The Cundeez are a working class punk band from the streets of Dundee. With their broad accents and occasional use of bagpipes they're an authentically gritty Scottish treat that should go down well with those that think bands like The Real McKenzies are slightly too polished and maybe not genuinely Celts.

  They've been together for around a decade, originally they were best known for re writing punk classics for their local football team, Dundee United. With frontman Gary Robertson also being a poet and published author it was only a matter of time before the football songs took a back seat to gritty socio and political themes. 2017 will see them release new album Teckle And Hide.

  The song I'm posting below featured on 2010's debut album, Cundee Radio and is a pounding look at the tribal goings on in their city. It's all police sirens and Oi Oi Oi chants and it's really rather good. This is Gangs O Dundee.....

Monday 19 December 2016

Pale Kids - Sick (For a While)

  Pale kids are from Durham and are a 4 piece (David, Andrew, Kate and Joe) indie pop-punk band. They've released a song called Stuck Here, an ep called Home By Nine and a split ep with Molar. All are available here :

  Catholic and queer, they aren't the typical punk band that'll you'll find on this blog (there's a very marked difference between the song I'm posting today and the one from yesterday!). What they are is quirky, jangly, poppy, punky and pretty damn catchy.

  The video (below) was directed by Nathan Stephens-Griffin from fellow Durham pop punkas Martha, the song is called Sick (For a While) and it appeared last March on the Home By Nine ep.....

Sunday 18 December 2016

Oi Polloi - The Face



  A new video today from Scottish Anarcho-Punks Oi Polloi that calls for the rising tide of facism to be rebuffed with a kick in it's snarling, hateful face. Comments that the lyrical content on this song is less cerebral and more primitive than is the norm for the band is agreed with to a point but it's pointed out that violent confrontation is only one part of a multi pronged attack aimed at rebutting the current rise of the far right. As they comment, instead of encouraging nazi boneheads be kicked in the face, they could just have easily have said "the rising tide of xenophobia and increased far-right agitation necessitates a unified and comprehensive antifascist physical response." Whichever way they put it, they've got their message across and the addition of a powerful video helps emphasise things nicely.

  As you'll probably know, Oi Polloi began life in Edinburgh in 1981 as an Oi! band but over time have become classed more as anarcho-punk, supporting direct action on environmental issues, hunting, racism, sexism, homophobia, facism and imperialism. There's been numerous line up changes down the years with vocalist Deek Allen being the only constant. Earlier this year they released the Saorsa album from which today's song is taken (it also features on the No One Is Illegal split ep with Anti-Bastard). You can get more info here :

   Hitting out at right wing bullshit and mixing footage from movies such as Imperium and V For Vendetta with real life footage, this is The Face.....

Come on!

Nazi bonehead on the street - you think you are the master race
But antifascists put you on the deck and they're kicking you in the face

Kicking you in the face! Kicking you in the face!
In the face! The face! The face!

Sick of your rightwing bullshit - it's a fuckin' disgrace
So now the vegan boots rain in - kicking you in the face

Kicking you in the face! Kicking you in the face!
In the face! The face! The face!

Come on!

Fascism is a fuckin' disease we must unite to erase
Listen to our antifascist prog oi kicking you in the face

Kicking you in the face! Kicking you in the face!
In the face! The face! The face! The face!

Saturday 17 December 2016

Pizza Tramp - CCTV


  Fancy something loud, fast and very energetic? Read on.....

  Influenced by the likes of Black Flag, Minor Threat, Dead Kennedys, Sex Pistols etc, Pizza Tramp are a hard hitting Welsh band featurung three guys who go by the names Sean Two Cabs (bass/growling), Jimmy No Whammy (guitar/howling) and Danny Bang Bang (drums). They formed in 2014 and whilst taking occasional breaks from drinking, smoking and eating pizza they've managed to record a few killer records, you can check them out here : They also now have a website :

  Their latest release is the album Blowing Chunks which surfaced last month on TNS Records (home of Just Some Punk Songs' favourites Wonk Unit and Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man). It rattles headlong through 14 tracks of blistering punk rock in little more than the blink of an eye. If you love your music to beat you to a pulp but still to have hooks and melody then you'll probably already be familiar with Pizza Tramp, if you haven't yet stumbled upon them then it's your lucky day. This is CCTV......

Know what you think before you thunk it 
Tom Cruise is outside the door 
You know it's poison but still drunk it 
Game's not begun they know the score 

Hacked phones and Facebook and sattelites and CCTV 

That private message well they read it 
You said that something was the bomb 
They checked your mail because you said it 
But seem to miss what's really wrong 

Ladies and gentlemen, keep your tinfoil hats firmly in place 
They can take a cockshot through your pocket, and you wouldn't even know it 
Like the rats they're everywhere 
Smile for the fucking camera

Friday 16 December 2016

Top 10 Songs Chosen By Kev Mak (Hateful)

  Another Top 10 selection today, this time from Hateful (and Ex Distorted Truth/Oi Palloi) drummer Kev Mak. From Scotland, Hateful formed back in 2002 and are still going strong. They released one of 2016's best albums, Noize From The Streets. I featured a song from it here :

  For more info on Hateful click here :

  Thanks Kev, over to you.....

 1)  SEX PISTOLS - Anarchy In The UK

 2)  THE CLASH - Straight To Hell

 3)  THE WHO - Love, Reign O'er Me

 4)  DAVID BOWIE - Life On Mars

 5)  JOHNNY THUNDERS - You Can't Put Your Arms Round A Memory

 6)  DAVID BOWIE - Heroes

 7)  THE KINKS - Celluloid Heroes 


 9)  OASIS - Falling Down

10)  SLADE - She Did It To Me

Thursday 15 December 2016

Kill The Colossi - Fuck The Taxman


  A few weeks ago I was minding my own business when I was slapped around the chops by a song that I needed to share with you immediately. I didn't get round to sharing it though as I quickly discovered that the band had a new single coming out soon so I decided to wait and see if it was going to be as good as the song I'd just been so excited about. Happily the wait was worthwhile.

  Kill The Colossi got together last year and are from Bournemouth. The line up features Tyrone Moll (vocals/guitar), Adam Storey (guitar/vocals), Rowan Miles (bass) and ex-Gonads drummer Steve Higgins. Influenced by the likes of The Clash, Rancid, The Beat, Tsunami Bomb, Killing Joke, The Specials etc, they're on Never Be Quiet Records (a label that also boasts a couple of other bands to grace this blog, fellow south coast punks The Mistakes and The Crash Landings).

  In July of this year they released their debut, self titled ep (the song from it which I initially intended to feature was For Honour) and you can find it here : You can also find more info here :

  Now they're back with a brand new single and accompanying video. Confirming their status as one of the best new bands around, this is Fuck The Taxman.....

Wednesday 14 December 2016

The System - Killer Coppers


  Anti government. Anti religion. Anti facist. Anti war. The System have been kicking against the pricks since 1980. They list the bands that they like as Crass, Flux Of Pink Indians, Anthrax, The Mob, Subhumans, Andy T, Motorhead, Poison Girls etc. Their new latest album is called Slave To The Machine and it contains songs with titles such as We're Still Struggling, War And Money, Defiance And Resistance and Consumerism. If you aren't familiar with the band, I think you now have some idea what you're in for when you listen to the song I've posted below. It's exactly what you'll be expecting but better.

  On last night's Just Some Punk Songs show, I invited some of the listeners to choose their favourite songs of 2016, the show went down a storm with the people in the chatroom and one of the highlights was a song by The System. Thanks to John Copeland for choosing it. (The show's saved here if anyone's interested :

  You can check out the album on Bandcamp or if you want the vinyl version it's available on Grow Your Own Records.

  This is Killer Coppers......

Tuesday 13 December 2016

Out Of School - Skating Troubles

  A band I know very little about today with a song I've been meaning to post for a while. Our Of School are a hardcore punk band from Jerez, Andalusia (Spain). The line up features Guille (drums), Paco (bass), Sergio (guitar) and Isaac (vocals).

  Despite being Spanish they sound as though they could very easily have been hanging round empty swimming pools and skate parks in 80's California. They released a 5 track self titled ep in August and you can snap it up free here : 

  Aside from that I know nothing so I'll just leave you with a song. This is Skating Troubles.....

My problems fade away (OH OH) 
my duties dissapear (OH OH) 
forgetting all this shit 
it’s skating troubles 

My parents set me up (OH OH) 
with their ideal lives (BUT NOW) 
i’m grinding fucking lies 
it’s skating troubles 


Ditching school with our boards, just listen to some fucking punk rock you fools. The kids will have their say man, skateboard anarchy strikes back. Skating parents and teachers shit, fuck them all, we are the fucking angry youth right now. Its our time, come and join us we will not be alone, never take off your shoes and keep your pride up, fuck sake don’t you already see it

Monday 12 December 2016

Top 10 songs chosen by Jacqueline "Vir" Ess (Hexen)

photo by  Beltza Fotografía

  You'll have possibly noticed the recent update featuring Bilbao Oi band Hexen (you can check them out here : It received so many views that I thought there must be a decent sized fanbase out there for them so I asked singer Vir if she would contribute a Top 10 list. Happily an eclectic top 10 quickly winged it's way back to me and so here it is, enjoy.....


 2)  THE MEDITATORS - Look Who A Bust Style

 3)  FLEETWOOD MAC- Seven Wonders

 4)  THE DICKIES - Booby Trap

 5)  BOHSE ONKELZ - Erinnerungen

 6)  COCK SPARRER - I Feel A Death Coming On

 7)  SECRET AFFAIR - Glory Boys

 8)  THE GITS - Kings And Queens

 9)  MEATLOAF - Paradise By The Dashboard Light

10)  STRAW DOGS - Cheap Imitations