Saturday 30 April 2022

Crisis Man - Who?


  Crisis Man are a hard hitting punk band from Santa Rosa, California, who include Ceremony vocalist Ross Farrar alongside Bee Wright from Acrylics (Guitar), Jess Sylvester (Bass) & Nick Vicario from Autistic Youth (Drums). I came across them when they released their 2018 ep The Myth Of Moderation (I missed the previous year's S/T debut ep). 

  They've recently released their debut album, Asleep In America. It's available as a digital download 

  If vinyl is your thing or you're in Europe then you'll want to check out Erste Theke Tontraeger

It's 9 blistering, fat free, hardcore punk bangers commenting on the political landscape of their homeland. The label rather nicely sums things up as the sound of standing barefoot in the garage and watching all your stepdad’s power tools on the shelves gradually rattling to the floor. Titles such as Flag Of Dread, Police Injustice & Gov't Spending give you an idea of the lyrical content, the band members soundtrack their grievances with a suitably vicious backbeat. You'll be impressed, check it out. 

  This track is called Who?

Wednesday 27 April 2022

Dead Objectives - Illfare State


  Dead Objectives ( are a dark punk band from Manchester who last appeared on here in 2016 with a song called Holy War  ( 

  They return today with one of the tracks from their impressive new double A sided single.

  As you may know, The National Health Service was founded on the 5th of July 1948 by the Labour government who's Minister Of Health,  Aneurin Bevan, proposed that each resident of the UK would be signed up to a specific General Practice (GP) as the point of entry into the system and would have access to all medical, dental and nursing care they needed without having to pay for it at the time. 

  The Conservative Party, led by Winston Churchill, voted against the introduction of the NHS a staggering 21 times. Churchill believed that the NHS was a "first step to turn Britain into a National Socialist economy." Don't forget that at the time the German Nazi party were officially called National Socialists! 

  Anyway, thankfully the NHS was established and has become our most treasured institution, despite the Torys continually seeking to undermine and dismantle it. 

  You can get the Dead Objectives single (which is from an upcoming new album) here :

This track covers how the privatisation of the service was set out in 1988 when Margaret Thatcher's advisors John Redwood and Oliver Letwin wrote Britain's Biggest Enterprise: Ideas for Radical Reform of the NHS. Since that point, the rest is history. 'Illfare State' looks into a brief history of how it came to be and more importantly, how it could end...

A utopian wool-gatherer, that’s what you call me for unchaining the world that lay shackled before me. For giving a fuck about the people who die, for your insatiable greed, your sadistic reform. “It never worked” you said, as you sharpened your knives. Taking your cuts, you cooked up PFI. To bankrupt the service, the IEA lied, to benefit the companies you run on the side. Oh, how the venal wasted, corrupt and sold by weight, our nurtured institution. Privatization causes deaths. Virgin Health, Bupa and Care UK, made our NHS what it is today; a sabotaged shell of their illfare-state. Behind Portland house MP’s scratched out it’s fate. What isn’t surprising when you look at the facts is that the people in charge then turned out to be backed, by the same fucking companies that won the contracts. Britain's deadly disease is class. It was 1942, in the midst of the war. Frost set in on the factory floors, soldiers and workers fought for their rights, to put an end to the poverty imposed on the poor. The NHS was not some gift from above, it was conceived in the suffering, the tears and the blood, of the people who believed that mortality rate should not be set by the money we make!

Tuesday 26 April 2022

Viagra Boys - Ain't No Thief


  Yesterday I posted one of the most popular songs that I played on this week's show. It went down a storm in the chatroom but I'd say that there was another song that went down even better. This one...

  I probably don't really need to introduce Viagra Boys (, they're the Stockholm post punk band who formed in 2015 and seem to be on a very rapid upward trajectory. Both their albums (Street Worms & Welfare Jazz) were excellent listens and hopes for their third, Cave World, are very high indeed. Especially now we've heard one of the tracks from it. It's due out on July 8th and you can pre order it here :

  A dancefloor stomper dripping in attitude and humour, this is a prime example of how to stoke up anticipation for a new lp, it's called Ain't No Thief... 

I showed up to the party in my favorite coat
On the back was an image of a shrimp on a boat
When you saw what I was wearin', you got real upset
And said, "That's the jacket that I got from my grandma"
Oh, well, I promise I ain't seen you before
And maybe your grandma had bought a couple more
And maybe I helped her at the grocery store
And she gave it to me as a gift
Uh, so quit bitchin', motherfucker

I went out on the porch to light a cigarette
I had six or seven lighters in my left pocket
I took out the one that said, "Shrimp City Beach, 1993"
And you told me, that's where you had your birthday party
And that the lighters were given as gifts
But I was there, too
Just dippin' my toes down on the beach, man
And I had that lighter specifically made for me, motherfucker, huh

I ain't no thief
He ain't no thief
I ain't no thief
He ain't no thief
I said, I ain't no thief
He ain't no thief
But, he got the same stuff

Huh, I said, I ain't no thief (He's got the same stuff)
He ain't no thief
I ain't no thief
He ain't no thief
I said, I ain't no thief
He ain't no thief
But, he got the same stuff

We just got the same stuff

I said, we got
We got the same stuff, man
I ain't no thief
We just happen to have the same stuff, motherfucker, ooh

I recall buyin' this
I recall buyin' this exact lighter when I was 15 years old
My grandpappy gave it to me as a present
Because I had just finished Boy Scout trainin'
And he was so proud of me, that he decided
To create this lighter in the exact same image of yours

I said, I ain't no thief
I ain't no thief
I said, I ain't no thief
I ain't no thief
We just, oh

Oh, I said, I ain't no thief
I ain't no thief
I said, I ain't no thief
I ain't no thief
We just got the same stuff

Enjoy the music on your radio
I found this jacket right outside your store

Monday 25 April 2022

The Courettes - Salta Il Ramo


  Without a doubt, one of the most popular songs I played on yesterday's Just Some Punk Songs show was the new single by Danish/Brazilian husband and wife duo, The Courettes ( Comments included "Twangtastic!", "Magic" and "I like this band and this is one of their best songs." I'm not sure though if anyone noticed it was an Italian language version of a song of theirs which went down equally as well when I played it last year (

  It's just one of the tracks on the single, the flip side being a version of Won't Let You Go (another favourite of theirs which I also featured on here :

  To sum up, it's a brilliant single from one of the best bands around and it features Italian language versions of 2 of their best songs. It was released on 7" vinyl to coincide with their southern European tour and with the recent Record Store Day. It looks as though the vinyl version is already sold out though it's available digitally here :

  Still hopping the twig, this is Salta Il Ramo... 

Sunday 24 April 2022

The Darts - Shit Show


  So what's on this week's Just Some Punk Songs show you're no doubt all thinking. You aren't? Well I'm going to plug the show anyway as it's gonna be another unmissable hour's worth of killer new releases, including the song I'm featuring below. The show starts later today at 8pm (UK time) before getting played on various online radio stations around the globe and then getting uploaded to Mixcloud next Sunday. You can find more details here (please feel free to join the chatroom if you listen live as it's usually good fun in there) :

  The Darts ( are a garage punk band from Phoenix, Arizona who's tag line says "If Elvira & Wednesday Adams did shots of snake venom at a bachelorette party, that's The Darts." They've released a couple of Self Titled eps and 2 albums, Me. Ow. (2017) & I Like You But Not Like That (2019), and a single titled Subsonic Dream. They first featured on here in 2018 with a Christmas song and then returned with a song about a volatile relationship :

  They've just released a new ep titled Love Tsunami, the line up on it is Nicole Laurenne (vocals/farfisa), Meliza Jackson (guitars/vocals), Christina Nunez (bass/vocals) Etti Bowen (drums) & Gerald Schöenherr (theremin). It's 3 tracks of very fine 60's style garage goodness and it's available via Adrenalin Fix Music, Dirty Water Records, Beluga Records & Ghost Highway Recordings. Check it out...

  This is the middle track, it's really rather hypnotic. It's called Shit Show...

no horizontal lines no more entitled guys this is not what I signed up for done with the arrogance over the taste of it how did i build this mess what does it take to find action with piece of mind why is everybody spaced out everything’s a waste of time everything’s a straight line your outfit doesn’t look that hot i wanna drive fast i wanna outlast i wanna change up i wanna freak out 

this is a shit show a shitty shit show it’s just a shit show a shitty show and i’m out  

 get me on the freeway gimme all the lemonade i’ve had it to here with losers learn a couple big words that’s what all those books are for i’m done with writing lyrics for posers i wanna drive fast i wanna outlast i wanna change up i wanna freak out

Saturday 23 April 2022

Crime Of Passing - Midnight Underground


  How best to describe today's song? Coldwave? Post-punk? Goth? I don't suppose it matters too much, just sit back and enjoy something nice and atmospheric, something that sounds very modern but also manages to take you back to the days when you were curled up in bed listening to the John Peel show. 

  Crime Of Passing are a 5 piece (Andie Luman, Brad Kennedy, Dakota Carlyle, Dylan McCartney, Sam Souders) from Cincinnati, Ohio, who formed in 2016 and have released the odd demo and ep but have only just got round to releasing their debut album. The album's Self Titled and boasts 8 very enjoyable tracks (or 9 if you want to include the mid point Interlude). I can hear influences from Siouxsie And The Banshees, Xmal Deutschland, Ötzi etc, I can hear a very good band.

 It's out on Future Shock Recordings and you can get it on pearly vinyl, black vinyl, cassette or name your price download...

  This is Midnight Underground... 

Friday 22 April 2022

The Hazmats - Empty Rooms


  The Hazmats are from London and feature members of Chubby And The Gang (, Game ( and Big Cheese ( but whilst those bands play hard hitting variations on the hardcore punk and oi genres, The Hazmats are an entirely different proposition altogether. They're kinder on your eardrums. They're more akin with the kind of bands that used to be corralled together under the jangle pop label than anything the various members have done previously (although granted, Chubby And The Gang aren't adverse to mixing their albums up by adding the occasional gentler track). Don't think I'm saying they're veering towards the twee end of the indie pop spectrum, I'm not, they're a little heavier than that but they still manage to have a similar melodic infectiousness. 

  They've just released their debut single. It's available as a one off pressing on 7" white vinyl (ltd to 300 copies) via Static Shock Records and as a digital download :

  Close your eyes, imagine you're in 1986, click play. This is Empty Rooms... 

Wednesday 20 April 2022

The Sentence - Rise Up


  Back in 2018 The Sentence ( first featured on this blog. They're a quintet with members from Burnley & Blackburn who's line up is Spike (Bass), Ged  (Drums), Steve (Guitar), Watty (Vocals) and Andy (Guitar). They've appeared a couple of times since and are back today with the lead track from their new ep.


  The ep's titled Dead On The Outside and it features 5 classic sounding punk rock anthems during it's 18 minute runtime. The songs are impressive and they benefit from a decent production job which gives it a big sound but doesn't smooth out any of the rough edges. Lyrics touch upon the political and the personal with one of the highlights being their love letter to the punk rock scene (there's a video for this song here : 

  The ep's available on cd and digital download :

  Another highlight, this song has a great, nagging guitar line and is about how it's time to fight back against those who'll accept no blame for fucking up our once great nation. It's called Rise Up...

Monday 18 April 2022

Jon Spencer & the HITmakers - Junk Man


  So we all know Jon Spencer, yeah? The American singer, composer and guitarist, who's been involved in multiple musical acts, such as Pussy Galore, Boss Hog, Heavy Trash and The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.

  Well I have to admit, I don't really. I've heard of Pussy Galore, I've even heard their music though if pushed I wouldn't be able to name any songs of theirs. I've certainly heard of Jon Spencer Blues Explosion though as I'm not really a fan of blues music I've never felt the need to check them out (which is unfair of me as I don't even know if they play blues music). 

  But maybe I need to acquaint myself with him. Especially after hearing a recent single from his new band Jon Spencer & The HITmakers ( It wasn't what I was expecting. It features a great synth riff courtesy of Sam Coomes from Portland indie band Quasi. It's trashy budget rock straight out of the garage next door to where The Fall rehearsed some of their more inventive tunes. 

  If, like me, you've never really paid much attention before, maybe it's worth our while checking out the new album, it's called Spencer Gets It Lit and it's available on coloured vinyl, cd and digital download. I'm going to have a listen now.

  This was the first single from the album, it's called Junk Man...

Saturday 16 April 2022

The Red Bastards - Kids On Glue


  "The Red Bastards are a no nonsense punk rock band from Mid Wales. If you like your music hard and in your face with no bullshit, this is for you!"

  Thus goes the intro on The Red Bastards' Facebook page ( It goes on to tell us how they were formed during the pandemic and how their influences include the likes of The Misfits and Black Flag. They're a quartet (Niff, Cynrig, Matt & Harold) and their name and inspiration comes from a famous bunch of highwaymen who used to terrorise mid Wales.

  Their opening salvo came last year in the form of a Self Titled ep ( and they'll be back in the studio next weekend to finish off recording a debut album. 

  They've recently released a video for one of the tracks that'll feature on it, it's a tale of growing up on a diet of Evo Stik and Special Brew. It's called Kids On Glue... 

Friday 15 April 2022

Boilermaker - Boys In Blue


  I don't think I've posted much street punk recently but one band I always look forward to hearing new music by are Darlington based Boilermaker ( They seem to be a band that pop up on various bills around the country and who return every 2 to 3 years with a quality new album but in my opinion they should be higher profile. They formed in 2016 and featured on here pretty much straight away ( I mentioned at the time that they featured members of bands such as Last Rough Cause & Gimp Fist and that their line up is Max Turnbull (vocals), Phil Coates (guitar), Mike Robson (drums) and Steve Addison (bass).


  The debut album, Shop Floor, was followed by Kill Or Create and now they've just released another bunch of working class anthems in the form of Job And Knock (the term job and knock means being paid a day’s wage for doing a specific job, regardless of the time taken – an incentive to the hourly-paid to get a job done quickly: finish the job and knock off). You can get the album on cd from the band via Facebook for £12.

    They've released a teaser track from it, it's called Boys In Blue...

Thursday 14 April 2022

Peace De Résistance - We Got The Right To Be Healthy


   A rather cool song today by Peace De Résistance, a solo project from Moses Brown who you may know from Texas punk outfits Institute ( and Glue (

  In 2020 Moses introduced his solo project by way of a 6 track cassette titled Hedgemakers. It was recorded at home during the Covid lockdown and was somewhat of a departure from his previous work. 

  Now there's a debut album, it's titled Bits And Pieces and it builds on the sound of  Hedgemakers to produce what is described as demented glam rock. Influences mentioned include David Bowie, Lou Reed & Iggy Pop. 

  It kicks off in style with a track called Boston Dynamics about police regimes that need reform and money blown on military toys. It's got an earworm horn (at least I think it's a horn?) back beat and plenty of handclaps. It's immediately familiar and at the same time very fresh. The next track sounds as though it's got cowbell (please be cowbell, don't let me be wrong on all these instruments!) and is equally as catchy. Things continue in a similar laid back and inventive fashion and the whole thing coalesces into a very enjoyable whole. 

  I recommend you check it out for yourself, it's available on vinyl or as a digital download : 

  The song I'm highlighting reminds me a little of Ceremony by New Order in places, it's called We Got The Right To Be Healthy... 


Wednesday 13 April 2022

Vile Assembly - Company Policy


  A song that's possibly as topical today as it's ever been. 

  Liverpool's Vile Assembly ( return to Just Some Punk Songs with a blistering attack on the wealth disparity between the haves and the have nots and the lengths that the rich will go to in order to keep the downtrodden underfoot. Vocalist Paul Mason is on top form as he wails "You've got to pay your subscriptions, treat it like an insurance payment, pay to the rich, before you can legally rob the poor." As I'm sure a certain Mr Sunak and his wife will attest, you don't have to break the law, you  just have to know how to get around it. It's a rich man's world baby! 

  The song is just one of the highlights off a new album called Songs For The Disquiet. It's a suitably politicised record by a band that are self proclaimed whistle-blowers on the unjust society. It's an album that comments on fake news egging us on, about the rich using the police to quell discontent and how the ruling classes are sailing this ship. It's a carefully considered treatise on society, a society in which those at the top will go to any extremes to stay there. 

  You can check out the album here :

  This track is called Company Policy... 

Tuesday 12 April 2022

Sniff - Namaste The Fuck Away From Me


  Today, a song that's really grown on me during the last week or so. 

  First things first, what the hell does Namaste mean? Is it just me that didn't have a clue? 

  A quick spot of googling reveals it directly translates as  "the divine in me bows to the divine in you." It's a traditional Hindu greeting and it's the common greeting in yoga, a gesture to send a message of peaceful spirituality to the universe in the hopes of receiving a positive message back.

  So now you know.

  Next up, Sniff ( are the indie-punk project of Alex Smith (from Falmouth band Bobby Funk ). You may recall there was a debut Self Titled ep released last year, a song from which featured on this blog (


  Now there's a follow up. It's called Another EP, and it's equally enjoyable. It's a modern take on the genre, it's energetic, catchy and fun. It's a shouty, fresh sounding sound that'll go down well with fans of bands like Slaves. The ep's available on limited edition green/glitter cassette (though with only 20 copies produced you better be quick) and as a name your price download from Dead Invoices Records :

  This is the lead track, it's a blast. It's called Namaste The Fuck Away From Me... 

Monday 11 April 2022

Omega Tribe - Shit


  Another winner from Grow Your Own Records today.

  Omega Tribe ( formed way back in 1981 (originally as Deadly Game before changing their name) in Barnet and were one of the numerous anarcho punk bands associated with Crass Records (their first ep, Angry Songs, was on that label and was co produced by Penny Rimbaud and they also appeared on the Bullshit Detector, Volume 2 compilation). They split in 1988 before reforming in 2016 (there'd been a faint flickering of life in 1995 when they played a guest spot at Vi Subversa's 60th Birthday Bash at London's Astoria 2).

  They've just released a new album titled New Peace Movement and it's very good indeed. It starts off with the title track, a tuneful introduction to an album that dials down the ferocity from their early material but features well thought out lyrics that show the band's ideals are still the same. They've always been a highly capable bunch of musicians and this is highlighted more than ever this time around. 

  Early highlight Better Man is about how difficult it can be to turn the other cheek ("a better man than me would find forgiveness in his heart"). The next track, Sorry, is about being unable to carry on with a long term relationship. Later on they're opining how everybody needs a home, a place to call their own...everybody has the right to live in peace. It's a statement that stands up all the more given the millions of extra refugees caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine (I'm not sure it was their intention to write about refugees on this song but it's what I take from it).

  It's an album that could only have been released by a band that have experienced long lives. It's a band that's growing old and are more world weary and resigned than before but the anger still simmers below the surface. It's a beautiful album about things that aren't beautiful. It's available on cd and digital download and you should check it out :   

  This song is about religion and about believing whatever story works for you. Just don't build oppression on fairy tales. It's called Shit...

Sunday 10 April 2022

Romero - Talk About It


  Back in 2020 I posted a song by Melbourne quintet Romero ( called Troublemaker ( I mentioned how their debut single Honey was a power pop classic and was pleased that this follow up meant they wouldn't go down as one hit wonders. Today I'm even happier to announce that at the very least they'll be forever known as that band who released one of the best debut albums in many a moon.

  The album is called Turn It On! and if you thought those early singles were great then you'll be overjoyed to learn that the album features both plus another 9 tracks that are right up there with them. It's honestly like a greatest hits album where catchy as hell earworm follows catchy as hell earworm. It's an album that has no filler. Alanna Oliver has such a great voice and in Adam Johnstone (Guitar), Fergus Sinclair (Guitar), Justin Tawil (Bass) & Dave Johnstone (Drums & Keys) she's receives more than able backing. The album mirrors the rollercoaster of life, "revealing stories of personal striving, restarting, mulling-over the unsaid, resisting control, deteriorating relationships, the emotional throes of uncertainty and celebrating growth through all such experiences."


  It's available on vinyl (translucent red or black) or digital download :

  This is the opening track, it's called Talk About It... 

This conversation’s worth a celebration
Hip hip hooray to only yesterday If all it does is cause you pain or feel ashamed I’m so surprised when you say This ringing in my ears is crazy talk Before I go to school or when I walk If all it does is cause you pain or feel ashamed I’m so surprised when you say Do ya wanna talk about it Do ya wanna talk about it Do ya wanna talk about it Do ya wanna Do ya wanna talk about it This ringing in my ears is crazy talk Before I go to school or when I walk If all it does is cause you pain or feel ashamed I'm so surprised when you say Do ya wanna talk about it Do ya wanna talk about it Do ya wanna talk about it Do ya wanna talk about it

Friday 8 April 2022

AVENUES - Straight Jacket


  Sometimes, all you want is to stumble across a good old fashioned, catchy as hell punk rock tune. This Is one of those...

  AVENUES ( are from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and they formed back in 2006. Towards the end of last year they released an album titled We're Doomed. I missed it then but am making up for lost time by listening (and enjoying a lot) as I type out these words.


  11 tracks of punk rock tuneage that's full of melody. It'll have you singing along but it has a little more bite than most pop punk. Strong backing vocals are the order of the day (Whoa....Whoa!). There's no great message being imparted, it's just a band writing fun anthems. It's available on cd and digital download...

  I particularly enjoyed the portrait painted of a girl in a leather straight jacket robbing liquor stores and dancing to The Queers. This is Straight Jacket... 

Thursday 7 April 2022

Fights And Fires - Up, Down, Labour, Conservative, A, B, Start


  Although I don't remember hearing them before, Worcester based quintet Fights And Fires ( have been around since 2008. They list amongst their influences the likes of The Bronx, Rocket From The Crypt, Status Quo, Thin Lizzy, Polar Bear Club & Can’t Swim. 

  Their most recent release is an ep titled Future Plans And The Things That Ruin Them. It's pitched as an ep of hope and finding a better way. It features 5 tracks of melodic hardcore on subjects such as losing your job, struggling to carry on when you're down & stuck in a rut and the difficulties of starting over. They seem to be a band who cope with the harsh realities of everyday life by getting their thoughts out in their lyrics. You can find the ep here :

  This is my favourite track, it's about a failed system and history repeating itself. It's a band telling us that even though we've been failed, don't fail ourselves. It's one of those tracks that you want to listen closely to the lyrics. It's also got a great title. It's called Up, Down, Labour, Conservative, A, B, Start...

Tuesday 5 April 2022

The Pleasure Dome - Chaos Chaos Revolution


  The Pleasure Dome ( are from Bristol, they've been together since 2019 and they feature a line up of Bobby Spender (Guitar/Vocals), Loz Fancourt (Bass), Harrison Newman (Guitar) & and Bert Elvin (Drums). They've been drip feed releasing a number of tracks online, one of which (Do You Know Better) featured in the Just Some Punk Songs Top 100 songs of 2021. Now they're back with a debut 4 track ep.

  It's called Chaos Chaos Revolution and after listening to it I think it's fair to say that it confirms that Idles aren't the only rock band from Bristol worth your time. They're a band that will appeal to grizzled old punks like myself and to the new kids on the block. On this ep they discuss "the political landscape, overcoming mental health issues and austerity hit small towns." 

  So I'd already heard and loved Do You Know Better, now I'm happy to say that the rest of the ep lives up to that high standard. All the tracks are quite lengthy which gives them room to breath but happily the energy levels never flag. You can get the ep on a couple of limited edition cassettes or as a digital download :

 This is the title track, it's called Chaos Chaos Revolution...

Teenage girls got to make the right decision Teenage boys got to make the right decision Take a razor blade to the blister and you keep on walking The world is a frightening place to play Chaos chaos revolution (Take it) Teenage girls got to stand by their decision Teenage boys got to stand by their decision Don’t take a knife to a gun fight You've got to keep on walking The world is a violent place to play today Chaos chaos revolution (Take it) Teenage girls got to fight for their decision Teenage boys got to fight for their decision Raise a fist against injustice Because on the march you keep on walking The world is a frightening place but it’s yours to take today ok Chaos chaos revolution (Take it) Teenage girls helping teenage boys and Teenage boys helping teenage girls and Teenage girls helping teenage boys and Teenage boys helping teenage girls

The Hallingtons - Becky's On E


  It's been quiet on here for the last few days due to a workman cutting through a cable up the road and the ensuing power cut causing a surge which blew my pc's power pack. All sorted now though and back with a top tune. 

  It's a song from Hop Til' You Drop, the debut album by Ramones worshippers The Hallingtons ( They're not a new band, they've released a number of eps and featured on this blog 3 times previously. This however is their first long player and just like those previous releases, it's a blast. The band are from Oslo and the line up is Mikel (bass/vocals), Jørgen (guitar/vocals) and Tor (drums/vocals).

  13 pop punk cuts about Godzilla, girls, UFO's...If you like this kind of pop punk, you'll be adding the album to your favourites list. You can get it on very limited white vinyl from Monster Zero Records (as I type this there's only 9 copies left so be quick) 

  Or you can get the digital version here :

  Impossible to select a favourite so I'll go with a song that's dumb, fun and very infectious. This is Becky's On E...