Sunday 24 April 2022

The Darts - Shit Show


  So what's on this week's Just Some Punk Songs show you're no doubt all thinking. You aren't? Well I'm going to plug the show anyway as it's gonna be another unmissable hour's worth of killer new releases, including the song I'm featuring below. The show starts later today at 8pm (UK time) before getting played on various online radio stations around the globe and then getting uploaded to Mixcloud next Sunday. You can find more details here (please feel free to join the chatroom if you listen live as it's usually good fun in there) :

  The Darts ( are a garage punk band from Phoenix, Arizona who's tag line says "If Elvira & Wednesday Adams did shots of snake venom at a bachelorette party, that's The Darts." They've released a couple of Self Titled eps and 2 albums, Me. Ow. (2017) & I Like You But Not Like That (2019), and a single titled Subsonic Dream. They first featured on here in 2018 with a Christmas song and then returned with a song about a volatile relationship :

  They've just released a new ep titled Love Tsunami, the line up on it is Nicole Laurenne (vocals/farfisa), Meliza Jackson (guitars/vocals), Christina Nunez (bass/vocals) Etti Bowen (drums) & Gerald Schöenherr (theremin). It's 3 tracks of very fine 60's style garage goodness and it's available via Adrenalin Fix Music, Dirty Water Records, Beluga Records & Ghost Highway Recordings. Check it out...

  This is the middle track, it's really rather hypnotic. It's called Shit Show...

no horizontal lines no more entitled guys this is not what I signed up for done with the arrogance over the taste of it how did i build this mess what does it take to find action with piece of mind why is everybody spaced out everything’s a waste of time everything’s a straight line your outfit doesn’t look that hot i wanna drive fast i wanna outlast i wanna change up i wanna freak out 

this is a shit show a shitty shit show it’s just a shit show a shitty show and i’m out  

 get me on the freeway gimme all the lemonade i’ve had it to here with losers learn a couple big words that’s what all those books are for i’m done with writing lyrics for posers i wanna drive fast i wanna outlast i wanna change up i wanna freak out

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