Monday 18 April 2022

Jon Spencer & the HITmakers - Junk Man


  So we all know Jon Spencer, yeah? The American singer, composer and guitarist, who's been involved in multiple musical acts, such as Pussy Galore, Boss Hog, Heavy Trash and The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.

  Well I have to admit, I don't really. I've heard of Pussy Galore, I've even heard their music though if pushed I wouldn't be able to name any songs of theirs. I've certainly heard of Jon Spencer Blues Explosion though as I'm not really a fan of blues music I've never felt the need to check them out (which is unfair of me as I don't even know if they play blues music). 

  But maybe I need to acquaint myself with him. Especially after hearing a recent single from his new band Jon Spencer & The HITmakers ( It wasn't what I was expecting. It features a great synth riff courtesy of Sam Coomes from Portland indie band Quasi. It's trashy budget rock straight out of the garage next door to where The Fall rehearsed some of their more inventive tunes. 

  If, like me, you've never really paid much attention before, maybe it's worth our while checking out the new album, it's called Spencer Gets It Lit and it's available on coloured vinyl, cd and digital download. I'm going to have a listen now.

  This was the first single from the album, it's called Junk Man...

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