Saturday 16 April 2022

The Red Bastards - Kids On Glue


  "The Red Bastards are a no nonsense punk rock band from Mid Wales. If you like your music hard and in your face with no bullshit, this is for you!"

  Thus goes the intro on The Red Bastards' Facebook page ( It goes on to tell us how they were formed during the pandemic and how their influences include the likes of The Misfits and Black Flag. They're a quartet (Niff, Cynrig, Matt & Harold) and their name and inspiration comes from a famous bunch of highwaymen who used to terrorise mid Wales.

  Their opening salvo came last year in the form of a Self Titled ep ( and they'll be back in the studio next weekend to finish off recording a debut album. 

  They've recently released a video for one of the tracks that'll feature on it, it's a tale of growing up on a diet of Evo Stik and Special Brew. It's called Kids On Glue... 

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