Friday 15 April 2022

Boilermaker - Boys In Blue


  I don't think I've posted much street punk recently but one band I always look forward to hearing new music by are Darlington based Boilermaker ( They seem to be a band that pop up on various bills around the country and who return every 2 to 3 years with a quality new album but in my opinion they should be higher profile. They formed in 2016 and featured on here pretty much straight away ( I mentioned at the time that they featured members of bands such as Last Rough Cause & Gimp Fist and that their line up is Max Turnbull (vocals), Phil Coates (guitar), Mike Robson (drums) and Steve Addison (bass).


  The debut album, Shop Floor, was followed by Kill Or Create and now they've just released another bunch of working class anthems in the form of Job And Knock (the term job and knock means being paid a day’s wage for doing a specific job, regardless of the time taken – an incentive to the hourly-paid to get a job done quickly: finish the job and knock off). You can get the album on cd from the band via Facebook for £12.

    They've released a teaser track from it, it's called Boys In Blue...

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