Thursday 29 June 2023

Dead Sheeran - Johnson


  I got sent this song a couple of weeks ago but I've only just noticed it's been on Youtube for a few days so apologies for my tardiness and without further ado...

  Dead Sheeran ( needs no introduction to Just Some Punk Songs visitors, his humorous take downs of modern society have featured several times. He's back today with another satirical broadside, this time at one of this country's most divisive characters. 

  It's a song that details the downfall of our very own "Poundland Trump" and as you'll hear, it borrows the chorus to a golden era punk standard. It's a song that'll amuse and anger in equal measure. You can find it here :

  A reminder of what he done to us, this is Johnson...

Wednesday 28 June 2023

RUMKICKS - Drinking Everyday

  Oi! Oi! Oi! 

  A couple of years ago I featured a track from South Korean trio RUMKICKS ( and described them as "fucking wonderful"

  Now that "80 seconds of shouty joy" gets a new lease of life in a rerecorded version as part of the band's debut album. Titled 反骨 (which translates to English as Born Rude), the album is available on cd and digital download. You'll be able to pick up a copy of the cd if you catch the band on their tour of Europe & England this summer (a tour which sees them play the Rebellion Festival) and you can also get it here :

  It's a fun album that documents what they've been up to over the past 5 years. A mix of new tracks and new versions of fan favourites, its a breath of fresh air from one of the punk scene's most colourful acts. Press play, turn up the volume and have yourself a good pogo around your living room. 

  This is the opener, it's a song that pretty much says "fuck it...let's party!" It's called Drinking Everyday...

pour a drink and let me sink
( don’t know what to do)
The innocent childhood has passed.
( won’t let them come again)
Drinking fucked up everyday

Grab a beer and let me pay
(You must’ve had a hard day)
Not a joke, it’s no one’s fault
(Wish my life is joke)
Drinking fucked up everyday

Forget all the messes
(Alcohol save my life)
Its gonna be a whole new world
No need to feel guilty
(Drink as much as you want)
Hangover tomorrow but let’s have fun tonight

Drinking everyday
Drinking everyday
Drinking everyday
Drinking everyday

Tuesday 27 June 2023

Linda From Work - Wasting All My Time


  Today's song is more garage rock/alt rock than punk but it's well worth your attention. It's by a band from Seattle called Linda From Work ( who formed in 2018 and have a line up of Hillary Tusick (vocals/guitar), Sam Nowak (drums), Elliott Gregory (guitar) & Shayla Riday (bass). 

  They've been pitched as recommended if you like bands such as Veruca Salt, The Donnas & Yeah Yeah Yeahs and they've just released a new album titled The Night Is Short. There's a video for the lead single, Jealous, which is a fair representation of what the album offers up. You can check it out here :

  The album itself is available on cd and digital download :

  10 tracks of melodic rock music with powerful vocals and driving guitars, if I had to pick a song to highlight (and that's exactly what I have to do on this blog), I'd go with this. It's called Wasting All My Time... 

Monday 26 June 2023

Young Francis Hi Fi - Baby You're Braindead


  3 years ago I was introducing you to Young Frances Hi Fi (, a bubblegum punk band that had risen phoenix like from the ashes of Brighton hardcore punks Rotten Foxes ( Frontman Young Frances had released some kick ass solo music ( but the full band sound took things up a notch. And now we have a debut album on the horizon.

  It'll be titled The Young Generation, it's scheduled for an August 25th release on vinyl, cd and digital download via Dirty Water Records and you can get those pre orders in here :      

  Going off the evidence so far presented (the song you'll find at the bottom of this write up), we're going to be treated to one of the year's best power pop/pop punk long players. The album will also feature a different version of debut single I Wanna Hold You Tight (Tonite). With this release and the upcoming new album from Cyanide Pills, it looks as though it's gonna be a great summer.

  This is called Baby You're Braindead...

Sunday 25 June 2023

No Choice - Sites And Sounds


  I've just had a message from my friend Gary Hockney who's recommending a new album by a band from Cardiff that his old band played with way back in 1984. He tells me "they are still coming up with fresh sounding stuff and the lyrics are vital" so interest piqued I'm going to check them out...

  ...And now, after listening to the album, I can say I'm impressed. 

  They're called No Choice ( and a quick look at Discogs suggests they debuted in 1983 with an ep on Riot City Records called Sadist Dream (here's the title track Their releases seem to have been few and far between over the course of the last 40 years but they've just released album number 4. It's titled And Still Some Cannot See. It's available in pink vinyl and you can stream it on The Weird Beard Bandcamp page : 

  As Gary mentioned, the lyrics are deserving of a mention whilst musically the band are spot on. It's driving, melodic punk rock at it's finest. The song I'm going to highlight is a topical piece of observational social commentary. It's called Sites And Sounds...

Jousting tongues and boorish banter
Weekend tales allude to more.
Jonny stoops and does his laces as he's heard it all before
His hi viz strains as chest is pumped out, the air turns blue he's warming up, foreigners and bitches up next, that's it Jonny's had enough.
A site to behold, a one star comedy gold, opinions as facts now told from the tooled up tunnelled visionary. He won't let it go and now he stands all alone as two bob tin pots go yes he's so illuminating. This building stands on it's foundation, courtesy of many hands who's paths to this point all will vary, yes we are all immigrants.
A site to behold, a one star comedy gold, opinions as facts now told from the tooled up tunnelled visionary. He won't let it go so now he stands all alone as two bob tin pots go yes he's so illuminating. 

Saturday 24 June 2023

The Side Eyes - False World / Nothing to See (Guest Review By Ralph J Rivera)

  Okay I KNEW the new The Side Eyes album was gonna be great but "What's Your Problem?" Is Next Level GREAT! After their amazing debut album in 2017 ( I had this band on my radar for a very good reason. And that reason is Astrid McDonald! The daughter of 2 Rock Icons - Steve McDonald of Redd Kross and Charlotte Caffey of The Go-Go's!!! With that pedigree she was destined to be involved in music.

   And she chose Punk Rock! One of my favorite records they did was a split 45 with Redd Kross and each band covered a song by "The Eyes", Charlotte's first Punk band that were regulars at the legendary "Masque" club in L.A. BUT back to "What's Your Problem?". Released on June 23rd by "In The Red Records" ( this is 12 songs of Modern Day California Punk/Hardcore! Every tune rages with that West Coast full throttle sound but they also mix in JUST the right amount of Hardcore breakdowns. I'll credit that to the New Jersey transplants the Devine brothers Kevin & Chris. Relentlessly heavy guitar riffs and a rhythm section that knows just when to slow it down. Add in the fact that Astrid has now grown into the "front woman" role as one of the best in Punk/Hardcore.

  This album will literally melt your face right off your body! Hands down my pick for "Punk Album Of The Year"!!! You can listen here :

  Here's a really cool video of them doing TWO songs off the new record - "False World" + "Nothing To See"...

Friday 23 June 2023

The Government - Fight The Tide


"Nail yourself to this cross..."

  The Government are a punk rock trio from California who's line up features Ian (lead guitar/vocals/ bass), Taylor (drums/back-up vocals) & Justin (rhythm guitar/back-up vocals). 

  They recently released an ep titled Fight The Tide which boasts a quartet of 80's influenced US hardcore punk songs. It's available now on a very limited edition cassette (40 copies of which as I type this only 9 remain). 

  There'll be a 7" vinyl version upcoming via Vague Absolutes and if you want the digital download you can snap it up name your price here :

  The pick of the bunch is the title track, a fast paced, old school rocker with wall of sound guitars and a top vocal performance. It's called Fight The Tide...

Thursday 22 June 2023

BBQT - Stranded


  Baltimore glam rockers BBQT ( ( have been getting a few plays on recent Just Some Punk Songs shows. The reason being is that their new album, Dangerous Dame, is one of the best releases from the first half of 2023. 

  If you like your music rocking with plenty of attitude then it's an album you need to check out. It's the follow up to their 2018 debut Let's Go! and it takes everything that was great about that album and takes things to the next level. 

  It's available on various formats here : 

  They've just released a video for one of the tracks, it's called Stranded...

Tuesday 20 June 2023

Dogma - Disarm Or Die


  Dogma ( are the anarcho/peace punk band from Ottawa who graced Just Some Punk Songs a year ago with a track from their very fine Pils Sessions ep (

  They return today with equally as impressive new music from a 7 track ep titled Disarm Or Die. Again it's released on the consistently great Grow Your Own Records

  The lyrics tread a well worn path for this type of music but they're oft used themes for a reason. They're important tropes which deserve hammering home and vocalist Steph does a great job enunciating those words. Take for example the plea for a world without bombs, a world without borders, a world without hate, a world with no war. It's really not that much to ask for is it? 

 This is the title track, it offers up a stark choice. Disarm Or Die... 

Sunday 18 June 2023

Zero Again - Raped By The State


"Without permission they violate..." 

  So as I sit here typing this, it's early Sunday morning and I've just finished preparing the playlist for this week's Just Some Punk Songs show (it goes out later today at 8pm UK time As usual it's 20 plus new releases that span the punk genre and I'd highly recommend you check it out. The song I'm featuring on here today will be played and I'm sure it'll get the listeners in the chatroom bouncing off the walls! 

  Zero Again ( are a powerful anti fascist quartet featuring members from the south west of the UK. Their line up is Dean Evans (vocals), Paul Payne (guitar/backing vocals), Ian Glasper (bass) & Glenn Tew (drums). They've been around for a little more than 2 years, releasing a couple of blistering eps and a split 7" with Brighton D-Beat punks Ättestor. 

  Now they give the hardcore genre an adrenaline rush with the release of a debut album titled A Deep Appreciation of Suffering. It's 16 tracks of DIY piss and vinegar that begs to be played at ear melting volume. It's angry music aimed at deserving targets and it's available on vinyl from Sanctus Propaganda

  This is called Raped By The State... 

Friday 16 June 2023

Imploders - Deteriorating World


  How can I be happy in a world that's only getting fucking worse? 

  Fancy something fast, furious and first class? Then Toronto hardcore powerhouse Imploders are for you.

  Short songs attacked with an abundance of energy is very much the order of the day. The quartet first featured on here a couple of years ago with a track called Beatin' On The Brain  ( It's a song that reappears with a slightly more polished production job on the band's long awaited debut album. A self titled affair, it's a blast. 16 tracks of gut punch punk that has enough hooks to hang all your collection of hats on. It's an album that's earning them comparisons with genre greats such as Circle Jerks and Zero Boys. 

  It's available via Neon Taste Records (North America) and Static Shock (Europe/UK) on ltd edition vinyl or digital download : 

  It's pretty much drawing straws time when it come's to picking a song to highlight but I'm going to opt for the one that nails it's colours to the mast with a passionate and despairing opening line of "Future's looking bleak..." This is Deteriorating World... 

Wednesday 14 June 2023

Touch Excellent - Record


  Another exciting new band for you today. Touch Excellent are a young trio from Dublin featuring Lenny Hennessy (bass guitar/vocals), Ló Boyle (guitar/vocals) & Amber Excellent (drums). 

  As far as I'm aware, they've only released 2 songs thus far. Houses, which came out in February and dealt with the crises of homelessness, dereliction and emigration in Ireland. May saw a new song exploring the tension of depending on something while knowing it can hurt you with the lyrics using the hospital room to express this tension.

  Politically charged songs with a punked up backbeat, you can find them here :

  This is the latest release, it's called Record...

1, 2, 3, 4!

Knees to my chest
On the edge of the bed
Quick needle flick, make me numb
Count to three, what’s to come

What do you want
What are you looking for
Don’t wanna know, you’re the boss
You are right, I am wrong

I’m falling
Eyes closing

Come kick me out
Can’t get up, not right now
My heavy head feeling bruised
Staying still, thanking you

See inside me
123 123
Tell me that you’re here to help
Protect me from myself

Shock absorbing
Scars forming

Tuesday 13 June 2023

Making Friends - ATM


  Making Friends ( are a fast and fresh melodic skatepunk quartet from Brighton who play short songs. They've been drip feeding ep's (including a split ep with Nuneaton melodic punk rockers Shackleford) onto Bandcamp for a couple of years or so but are now turning their attention to the release of a debut album which will be titled Fine Dying. 

  Their music is quite poppy but as you'll hear on the song below it's fresh sounding and really rather infectious. I played it on this week's Just Some Punk Songs show and I wasn't the only person in the chatroom that drew comparisons to Aussie legends Frenzal Rhomb. 

  You can find it streaming here : 

  A tale of making do. Working hard, earning a pittance. Faking smiles and plodding on. This is called ATM...

Monday 12 June 2023

Chinese Junk - Electric Chair


  Back in March, I posted a song ( by trash luvin' Orpington trio Chinese Junk ( and told you it would be on an upcoming album via Big Neck Records titled Fly Spray. 

  I think it's well worthwhile getting the band back on here now that the album is out. Available on vinyl and digital download, it's a whole bunch of budget rock fun. 14 tracks of "snot and sarcasm" it's the sound of a band that would have graced Rip Off Records back in the day. Energy and enthusiasm are front and centre. Party on down to Bandcamp and check it out...

  This is the opening track, it's dumb, it's fun, it's called Electric Chair...

I don't wanna wanna say goodbye
I just wanna wanna see you fry
I wanna watch you shit your socks
I wanna wanna watch your eyeballs pop

I want you baby I want you
I want you in the electric chair

Eat your burger and eat your fries
It's gonna be your last meal alive
You're gonna pay for the things you do
Turn your body into super glue
Electric chair yeah yeah

Sunday 11 June 2023

CPU RAVE - Compressed (Guest Review By Ralph J Rivera)


  I've LOVED "Crust/Anarcho" Punk since I was a teenager many moons ago. The music & lyrics always spoke to me in a different way than other styles of Punk music. The one record that really made a mark on me was Disorder's "Distortion To Deafness" EP. Completely pushing the boundaries of "music" in general. Who would have thought those cider brained lunatics would have such a lasting impression on generations of kids.

   One of those bands is CPU RAVE from Montreal, Canada. Since 2018 they released a 7 song demo and an ep called "Mood Fucker". Then nothing.....until now! They're back with a brand new EP called "Coded Collapse". 

  5 brain melting new songs that pick up right where they left off. Ragu's guitar is turned up to 11 with maximum distortion and the rhythm section just push everything into the red. BUT you've never heard anything like their "singer" Mimi! She wails like an unhinged banshee and at times I don't even think she's saying words, just primal animal screams! This EP will cause you serious hearing and mental damage. I'm posting the lead off track "Compressed" just to set you up for what you're in for. ENJOY!

Saturday 10 June 2023

Lothario - Drunk Fuck


"Bored and horny getting dumber by the day..."

  Lothario is a new solo project from Annaliese Redlich, hailing from Naarm/Melbourne. She'll be releasing a debut album later this year and to give us an idea of what to expect we've been treated to a single featuring a couple of very cool songs.

  Drafting in Rob Craig (Buck Biloxi) on drums, the single mixes Killed By Death style attitude with the danceability of No Wave. As well as the punk and garage punk tags, the Bandcamp page also describes Lothario's style as fuck wave, gush wave & squirtcore. Pretty apt tagging. The single will be getting a 7" release via Goodbye Boozy Records soon but for now you can get the digital version here :

  Boasting a killer groove this is Drunk Fuck... 

Thursday 8 June 2023

Problem Patterns - Letter of Resignation


  Belfast quartet Problem Patterns (Beverley Boal, Bethany Crooks, Ciara King & Alanah Smith - are rapidly becoming one of my favourite bands. I've featured them on the show a couple of times (Y.A.W and Who Do We Not Save) and the listeners love them too. 

  This is their 1st appearance on here (not sure why it's taken so long). 

  They've just announced an album titled Blouse Club which will be out later this year via Alcopop Records. The new single (which you'll find below) will feature on it. It's the sound of a band with serious issues to discuss but who also want to have fun. The song has a great back best. The first few seconds of the drum intro made me want to shout Totally Wired and then the gnarly guitar started weaving it's magic. The vocals were the cherry on the top. It's a stylish fuck you from someone standing up for what they believe in. You can find it here (I recommend you acquaint yourselves with the band's back catalogue whilst you're there) :

  It's called Letter Of Resignation...

In this house there’s no room for debate
No place for the crooked who can’t be made straight
Who we are is not wrong just ‘cause you can’t relate
Your ‘loving the sinner’ still feels like hate

Look, your writings and traditions have always been viewed
In light of reason and experience - but of only a few
Why don’t we open it up?  What have you got to lose?
Can your superiority complex not handle the truth?

I’m standing up for who I believe in
Getting knocked back, say I’m acting the heathen
Life isn’t so black and white
Try keeping yourself right
I’m standing up for who I believe in
You can’t fire me I’m leaving, leaving

I’m the bad boy stumbling out to smoke
I stopped caring what you think of me long ago
I can’t go back to act in your performative show
I’ve got hundreds of suits but no place to go

I’m standing up for who I believe in
Getting knocked back, say I’m acting the heathen
Life isn’t so black and white
Try keeping yourself right
I’m standing up for who I believe in
You can’t fire me I’m leaving, leaving

You can’t fire me I’m leaving

Tear it all down
Tear it down and start again
Tear it all down, Tear it down
Tear it down and start again

I’m standing up for who I believe in
Getting knocked back, say I’m acting the heathen
Life isn’t so black and white
Try keeping yourself right
I’m standing up for who I believe in
You can’t fire me I’m leaving

Tuesday 6 June 2023

RATS NEST - A Family Portrait in Black and Gray


  I stumbled across today's song on a very fine compilation album from Inner Magic DIY, an outlet aimed at "giving a voice to LGBTQIA+ Intersectional BIPOC Multicultural Loud, proud, and punk AF artists from around the UK." The comp is titled Pride By The Seaside and features 24 bands, several who have featured on this blog (Pink Suits, Dinosaur Skull, Emily Flea, 51st State, Vampire Slumber Party, Mr. Wu's Pigs). Available on cd and digital download, you can find it here :

  Rats Nest ( are a trio, from Margate, who've a couple of eps on Bandcamp ( and who also have an album titled State of Suspicion on Spotify

  It looks like there's new music on the way in the form of an upcoming album. 

  The track you'll find below is from earlier this year ( and is the one from the Pride By The Seaside comp. It brings to mind bands like 4FT Fingers & The Mistakes etc. It's called A Family Portrait in Black and Gray... 

Tired of learning from your experience It's just your shameful mistakes I represent the sins, you had wished you'd made The smell of the street infect their sheets And I walk these streets every fucking week And every day I watch their couples play But it's a lie, it's a lie, I can see it fray I see the anger Oozing from my family portrait And I can see the cracks The cracks are on the frame I fear the future As the painting will fade like Dorian Gray I'll encapsulate it Keep our memories in a jar So I know that you'll be there And you know I won't be far I'll always be at the table I won't break this coat of arms Bounded by blood Has lost it's charm

Monday 5 June 2023

R.U.B - Good For Me


  R.U.B are a new band from Melbourne (Soph, Liv, Mark & Ryan) who play "90’s femme punk with a hardcore bite" and who announced themselves with the 3 songs that you can find on their Bandcamp page :

  Now, with all the pieces in place and live dates under their belts, they've treated us to a debut ep titled One Out. It's not made it to their Bandcamp yet but you can listen on Youtube :

  The 4 tracks have plenty of spit and snarl confirming that R.U.B are yet another hot new act riding the oh so prolific Australian punk production line. This is my pick of the bunch, it's a breakup song drenched in a fuck you attitude. It's called Good For Me...

Sunday 4 June 2023

Still Pretty - Lost Boys and Girls


  "Young Till I Die..."

  Still Pretty are a new hardcore quartet from Buffalo, New York, who feature a line up of Kristina Markey (vocals), Derek Dole (guitar), Travis Johnson (bass) & Eric Hughes (drums). They list amongst their influences the likes of 7 Seconds, Gorilla Biscuits and Kid Dynamite. 

  They've just released an energetic debut Self Titled ep which provides us with 6 great reasons why they're a band we should keep an eye on. Not sacrificing  melody at the alter of hardcore noise, they're exactly how this kind of band should be. They give us songs we can sing along to whilst jumping around. They've not played any gigs yet due to a recent hysterectomy undergone by vocalist Kristina but once they're out on the road they'll be leaving a lot of sweat soaked venues in their wake.

  The ep is available from Bankrupt Studios as a free download so go snap it up

  This is a definite highlight, it's about staying young, staying enthused and still loving the music scene. It's called Lost Boys and Girls... 

Saturday 3 June 2023

Buggin - Youth


  The Youth Will Have Their Say
  The Youth Will Lead The Way...

  Buggin are a fast rising hardcore punk quartet from Chicago who formed around 5 years ago and who feature a line up of Bryanna Bennett (vocals), Dewey Hendrik (bass), Peyton Roberts (guitar) and Michael Rasmussen (drums).

  They've released a Demo and a couple of eps ( and are now turning heads with their impressive debut album, Concrete Cowboys. Released on Flatspot Records, the album boasts a dozen short, sharp blasts of aggressive but accessible hardcore. You can get it on various coloured vinyl, cd or digital download :

  Sometimes I can find hardcore albums a little difficult to sit through, they can get a little samey. In this case however, it's no chore, it doesn't overstay it's welcome and more importantly it's very good. The song I'm highlighting is the closing track. It's both hard hitting and anthemic, it's called Youth... 

Friday 2 June 2023

Thatcher's Snatch - White Collar Man


  A band very much inspired by your favourite early 80's punk outfits on Just Some Punk Songs today. The song I'm posting reminding me very much, musically, of Tube Disasters by Flux Of Pink Indians (a song which not many others of that era bettered).

  Thatcher's Snatch are the wonderfully named quintet from Naam/Melbourne who featured on here early last year with a track from their cracking debut Self Titled ep (

  Tomorrow sees the release of the follow up, the White Collar Man ep, which will be available via Hardcore Victim Records

  It's an ep which vocalist Brownie suggests is their “Warhead (UK Subs) banger” (and I can hear that influence as much as the Flux one).

  Will it be as impressive as the debut? Going by the evidence of the title track, I'd say Hell Yeah! The band are promising "one ballad with basslines that duck and weave like Stacy Jones at the 2002 grand final and two raging tracks that give high nods to the glory days of Riot City, Clay records and other UK82 classics." 

  Not long to wait before we enjoy the full ep but to keep us going, here's White Collar Man... 

Thursday 1 June 2023

the gutters - pounds shillings and pence


  the gutters are a duo from Portland, Oregon, who despite hailing from that American hotbed of punk talent play "traditional English music." They play the kind of budget diy punk that would have been at home on the old Crass Bullshit Detector compilations. They look to have been releasing music since 2011 but as I know nothing about them I'll have to wing it. No idea where the singer originates from but that certainly doesn't sound like an American accent. 

  They've just released a new album titled Whatsisface which is a very fine listen. There's plenty of great tracks on there. what the fuck is a sweary, humorous tirade, are we the baddies is (presumably) inspired by the classic Mitchell and Webb comedy sketch ("what’s up with these uniforms they’ve got stars and we’ve got skulls which side of history are we on and who’s the fucking bogeyman") and app for that describes the typical week for your modern day wastrel.

  This track is about those that are more fortunate, and more twattish, than the majority. It's called pounds shillings and pence...

you wanna retire at age 34 move to the country never see the poor you gripe about lazy you never work a day you boss around a peasant and get your pay but pounds shillings and pence what about when its all spent always trying to build another fence and talk about the people in the tents someone embezzled my hedge fund so come and sleep with me in the hedge hon I’m saving up for a tent because i can’t afford no rent