Wednesday 29 March 2023

Chinese Junk - Plastic Surgery Accident


  Chinese Junk ( are a trio from Orpington who line up with Ben Nuthink (vocals/bass), Steve Legend (backing vocals/guitar) & Mat Random (drums).  They featured on here a couple of years ago ( and return today with one of the teaser tracks from their upcoming debut album. 

  Titled Fly Spray, the album will be a collection of trashy fun, budget punk delights. Recorded with Daz Reject on drums (his last recording before leaving the band), it'll be released on June 9th on limited edition white vinyl via Big Neck Records : 

  One of 3 tracks streaming on the Bandcamp link, this is a lively song about the perils of cosmetic surgery. It's called Plastic Surgery Accident...

She was sweet and she was nice
Till she went under the knife
I don't think it's gonna work
Now she looks like Mickey Rourke
She's a plastic surgery accident

I don't wanna have to kiss
A girl that looks like a fish
She's a plastic surgery accident

I dug her, now I'm not so sure
Now she looks like Doug McClure
What's she gonna get done nest
Her nose, cheekbones or chest
Oh yeah

Your guess is anyone's guess
What she sees is what she gets
Oh yeah
And she's fucked

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