Saturday 11 March 2023

Pleasants - Girl Like You


  A fun cover version today from a 'band' that've featured a couple of times on the show but who're making their first (hopefully of many) appearances on here. 

  Pleasants are a "cheap 'n' cheerful rocanrol" (one man) band from Perth (yeah, another one to come off the Aussie punk rock conveyor belt). The brainchild of Al Uminium (aka Alex Patching who's also in Aborted Tortoise and Ghoulies), this cover follows on from last October's Demo ep and is available name your price on Bandcamp.

  Originally a Number 1 UK hit single by The Troggs, this scuffs things up a little, adds a touch of synth and is really rather endearing. It's called Girl Like You...  

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  1. You should check out the Hotel Records label. Good bands.