Thursday 23 March 2023

Big Girls Blouse - I'm Scared of Men

(photo : @RosieSco)

  A new band to me with a song I stumbled across yesterday that made my ears prick up. They're called Big Girls Blouse (, they formed in October 2020 and they're from Glasgow.

  They've a new ep imminent titled Man Up and it's the 2nd single from it that'll you'll find below (the first one was titled Everybody Nearly Dies All The Time). Featuring a line up of Emmy Leishman (rhythm guitar/vocals), Ross Mills (lead guitar), Harrison Todd (bass) & Reece Craig (drums), they're one of those bands that when you scratch the surface possess a little more bite than you might think on first listen. 

  You can pre save the ep here :

  There's been plenty of songs recently (off the top of my head here's a couple I've posted on here about an issue that's been in the headlines, that of women not feeling safe whilst out alone and how men should be thoughtful and not do anything to cause them worry. This is another very good one. It's called I'm Scared Of Men... 

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