Thursday 16 March 2023

Rum Lads - Blunt Truth Trauma


Drink their tears like Beaujolais...

  Not an awful lot to say about today's song that I've not said several times previously about Richie Tyler-Young's work. The working class mouthpiece is again sharing his world view with anyone who'll listen, speaking up for those that struggle to be heard and firing a broadside across the bows of many a deserving target.

  Except now instead of Rum Lad, we have Rum Lads (, a full band experience and all the better for it. Based in Sheffield, Richie's acerbic commentary is fleshed out by genre veterans guitarist Newts Newton (Angelic Upstarts), drummer Jim The Fin (Propane 4) and bassist Si-Cadelic (Corporal Bones). 

  Their debut album is out now, it's titled Noise Terrorists and it's available to pre order on vinyl here :

  It's one of those albums that you could highlight any of the songs so I'll just pick one at random. This is called Blunt Truth Trauma...

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